Ordeal of a new Ahmadi continues

Follow-up report from Pir Mahal, Punjab

Pir Mahal; District Toba Tek Singh, September 2019:   We reported in our last month’s report that Mr. Muhammad Anwar Shehzad and his family joined Ahmadiyyat in July 2019. His brother came to know of his belief shift, and he informed his parents and other relatives about it. They imposed a social boycott on Mr. Shehzad. He runs a tandoor (clay oven for making bread) near the courts and the police station. The news of his shift reached courts’ employees and the area mosque too. So, Mr. Shehzad had to pack up his business in the face of severe opposition.

On August 23 at about 10 p.m. some masked men attacked his home. His family locked themselves in a room for safety. The attackers bad-mouthed Mr. Shehzad and scuffled with him. At the time of the attack, his TV was tuned to an Ahmadiyya channel, so the attackers smashed the TV and its dish antenna. On leaving they threatened to burn down his house if he did not recant.

After August 23 the social blockade became tighter.  The Shehzad family was refused milk for their kids. His non-Ahmadi relatives along with their women attacked them in their home. Shehzad and his wife were badly injured in this attack. Mrs. Shehzad was bleeding in the head when a friend took them to doctor for first aid.

The victims are steadfast in their new resolve, nevertheless.

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