Pakistan: not a country for minorities

The state cannot side with the extremists and continue to ignore the minorities and most importantly cannot afford to become part of any propaganda aimed at the destruction of minorities.

Pakistan is not a country for many. You should not stay here if you think rationally, if you are liberal in your religious ideas, if you are pluralistic, if you believe in freedom of expression, if you are poor and if you belong to any of the communities, groups, belief systems or nationalities that are not welcome in Pakistan. More importantly, if you are living abroad as a Pakistani immigrant belonging to a minority group, you should never think about returning to Pakistan and that too with a humane mission in mind. Dr Qamar Ali Mehdi, 51, was a Pakistani Canadian, practicing medicine in Canada for the last 10 years. He recently came to Pakistan to volunteer for one of the best cardiac hospitals in the country, Tahir Heart Institute, located in Rabwah, the centre point for people belonging to the Ahmedi community. He too was an Ahmedi, who had moved to Canada about a decade ago. Yet, he came back, with a humane mission in his mind, i.e. to treat and help the poor people of Pakistan. His mission was not limited to his community members but to all Pakistanis who visited Tahir Heart Institute for treatment.

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