18- Action Against Press and Publications

Restrictions on Press & Publications etc.

General Zia, the author of Ordinance XX, was conscious of the importance of publications for a religious community. So he issued a special amendment to the “West Pakistan Press and Publications Ordinance 1963” that its provisions would cover all publications that “are of the nature referred to in Section 298A, Section 298B or Section 298C of the Penal Code.” Thus with one sweep, he struck at the entire material in print that contained the Ahmadiyya doctrine. During his regime and the ones that have followed, Ahmadiyya press has faced great hardships, and the editors, printers and publishers have been exposed to arrests and prosecution on an unprecedented scale. Unfortunately, the situation has not changed in a meaningful way ever since.

Attack on Ahmadiyya Press

Criminal cases registered against Ahmadiyya periodicals and the daily Alfazl

FIR Tando Adam dated 5 Jan 06

The Ahmadiyya literature probscribed

FIR against Ahmadi Pressmen

Home Secretary Punjab’s letter

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