10- Burial Problems, Graveyards

Burial problems, and graveyards

Ahmadis have been normally buried in common graveyards since the community came into being in the late nineteenth century. The Ordinance XX of 1984 does not require separate graveyards for Ahmadis. But the mullas found the post-ordinance environment very favorable to agitate on this issue to claim victory after victory for their hateful agenda.

The mulla’s argument, although false, is very simple, and the Muslim masses dare not contest it. He tells them that Ahmadis, being infidels and unclean, if buried in their graveyards, pollute and desecrate them; as such they cause great torture and suffering to the Muslim dead who feel afflicted as if they were in hell. He agitates his flock to become violent, if necessary, to ensure that the Ahmadi dead are disinterred. Usually, authorities, even though unwilling, give in to pressure from the mulla and join him in compelling Ahmadis to undertake the greatly painful and tormenting exercise of disinterment. Often the issue may be raised prior to the burial, and it becomes doubly distressing for the near and dear ones to find a new burial ground for the dead whose departure has already afflicted them.

Till the end of 2010, 29 cases of exhumation had been reported, while 51 Ahmadi dead had been denied burial in common graveyards.

The mulla knows that graveyards are a sensitive location. After 1984, Ahmadis have developed their separate graveyards in a number of cities and towns. The mulla and his acolytes often indulge in desecrating these places to hurt Ahmadis.


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