15- Denial of Political Rights

Denial of Political Rights


General Zia-ul-Haq, in addition to his other disservices to the nation, imposed the system of Separate Electorates in 1983 through the 8th Amendment to the 1973 constitution. Those who claim to be Muslims have to sign a certificate of faith in ‘the end of Prophethood’ and deny the veracity of the holy founder of Ahmadiyyat. This certificate was deliberately designed by the government to ensure that Ahmadis opt out of the electoral process. That was achieved, and Ahmadis have remained excluded from mainstream politics for decades.

The above certification was imposed not only for participation in elections at national level but also at the lowest level for elections at the local union council level. Ahmadis thus are not represented even in the town council of Rabwah, where they are 95% of the population.

Goaded by the international community General Musharraf decided to abolish the Separate Electorates and announced restoration of Joint Electorates in 2002. However, only a few weeks later, urged by the mullas, he issued a special order, the Chief Executive Order No. 15 of 2002, whereby a separate ‘supplementary list of voters’ was created for Ahmadis to be included therein as ‘non-Muslims’. “Status of Ahmadis etc. is to remain unchanged,” ordered the shifty general.

The political exclusion of Ahmadis from the national scene has facilitated the mullas and the politicians to keep the lid on the pressure cooker of violation of human and fundamental rights of Ahmadis.

Ahmadis and Elections in Pakistan

Joint Declaration under chairmanship of the Chief Minister Punjab – July 1, 2009



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