4- Mosques under Attack, and Worship Denied

Mosques under attack, and worship denied


Those who drafted the anti-Ahmadiyya Ordinance XX were mindful of the importance of places of worship for Ahmadis, so Ahmadiyya mosques received a special mention in the law. Ahmadis were forbidden from calling their mosques a Masjid, the Arabic for an Islamic place of worship.


The opponents of Ahmadiyyat are relentless in their campaign against Ahmadiyya mosques and centers of worship. In this they are supported often by the police and the administration. As a result they have demolished a number of mosques, had dozens sealed by the authorities, set many on fire, occupied some others by force, and obstructed the construction of many more. On June 6, 2008, a contingent of police blasted away the under-construction Ahmadiyya place of worship with explosives in Bhabhra Heelan, district Kotli in Azad Kashmir.


Magistrates and police take it very lightly to seal an Ahmadiyya mosque or close down a center of worship. There have been numerous cases of attacks on worshippers that resulted in death or injuries. The twin attack on Lahore mosques on May 28, 2010 resulted in 86 deaths and over 120 injured. Attacks on Ahmadiyya freedom of worship are often supported by the police and even by the judiciary.