6- Destruction of Property

Destruction of property

Anti-Ahmadi clerics and fanatics are well aware of the Pakistani state’s self-imposed and deliberate policy to deny human rights to Ahmadis. This translates into a lack of protection to an Ahmadi’s person and property. Some law-enforcement agencies look the other way when Ahmadis are under attack, and even act in collaboration with the attackers.

Mullas know the constitutional position and the mischief potential of anti-Ahmadi laws. Over a period of almost a quarter of a century they have become skilled in using the law to undertake law-and-order excesses in collaboration with politicians. For example, in 1974, rioters undertook extensive loot and arson of Ahmadiyya properties in Sargodha while the provincial chief minister, Mr. Hanif Ramay, was present in the town. Anti-Ahmadiyya riots in Nankana and Chak Sikandar in the Punjab in 1989 resulted in great damage to the properties owned by local Ahmadis. At Jhando Sahi, Sialkot, they precipitated a big riot in June 2006 and got away with it scot-free. Not even one of the riot-leaders or rioters spent a day in detention, while two of the victims had to spend weeks in prison. The latter were still happy, because they were acquitted from the initial charge of life-imprisonment on fabricated charge of defiling the Holy Quran.

Incidents mentioned below are only a few of the many that got reported to the central office of the community. The list otherwise is much longer.