8- Difficulties in employment, business

Difficulties in employment, business

Ahmadis have a reputation of being hard working, honest and educated people. As such, in the nascent years of Pakistan they did well in business, services and employment. The clerics, who led the anti-Ahmadiyya agitation, targeted them in this sector as well. They found willing co-operation in the public sector from officials. As such, Ahmadi intake reduced to a trickle in government jobs. Those who were already in service hit a glass ceiling in their careers. Many of them were encouraged to resign.

In the business sector, the mullas agitated and urged the bazaar and public to boycott Ahmadiyya businesses. They issued a fatwa that all dealings with Ahmadis were haram (forbidden by Sharia). At times they arranged attacks on Ahmadi-owned businesses. A persistent campaign goes on against some leading products produced by Ahmadi manufacturers, such as Shezan.

All this precipitated a great deal of hardship for Ahmadis in general and Ahmadi businessmen in particular. The drive, however, goes on unabated, as will be assessed from some of the incidents described below.

A brief on Difficulties in Employment, Business for Ahmadis in Pakistan 

Part-list of Ahmadis who lost their jobs for their faith

Part-list of Ahmadis who lost their jobs for their faith