12- Plight of Rabwah

Plight of Rabwah

Rabwah, now officially named Chenab Nagar, is the center of the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan. As such it is frontally exposed to the anti-Ahmadi pressure of the state and the mullah since 1974. Prior to the promulgation of Ahmadi-specific laws, it was the global center of Ahmadiyyat. Now it is a national center only, and the main target of sectarian prejudice and policy. Mullas assemble here a number of times annually and hold provocative and slanderous conferences and rallies. Hundreds of its residents have suffered prosecution in courts for years. In 1989, the entire population of Rabwah was booked in an FIR under the Ahmadi-specific law. The Ahmadiyya press at Rabwah suffered a direct attack from authorities when its printer and publisher were maliciously charged under the anti-terrorism law. Democratic rights are denied to Ahmadis who have no representation in the local Union Council. As such, the civic conditions are in a deplorable state. The situation is so bad that even the otherwise hostile Urdu press considers it essential reporting. For instance, in 2006:

  • “Chenab Nagar: Citizens deprived of drops of drinking water. Woman and children have to fetch water from faraway locations in buckets.”

The daily Pakistan, Lahore; May 23, 2006

  • “Chenab Nagar: Government T.I. College, once a great college of the country, is now at the verge of collapse as the building of the college has been declared dangerous.”

The daily Nation, Lahore; February 4, 2006

  • “The walls and doors (dar-o-diwar) of Chenab Nagar will bang with the shouts of Khatme Nabuwwat on September 7. Qari Shabbir Usmani and other leaders address press conference.”

The daily Pakistan, Lahore; August 29, 2006

These and under-mentioned stories spread over the years give an idea of the prevailing pressure cooker situation of Rabwah.

Officially, they now call this town Chenab Nagar. It is the only town in Pakistan whose name has been changed against the wishes of its residents.

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