1- Religiously Motivated Murders

Religiously motivated murders


Assassination of Ahmadis has become a norm with anti-Ahmadi mullas. Since the promulgation of Ahmadi-specific Ordinance XX, they have murdered hundreds of Ahmadi Muslims for their faith.

Mullas declare openly on stage and in the media that Ahmadis are apostates and Zindique (heretics) and the punishment of apostasy is death according to their corrupt understanding of Shariah. The authorities take no action against these apostles of hate and violence.

The mulla plans these murders, and hires assassins to do the job. He assures the assassins that as the target is an Ahmadi, they will come to no harm. There, he is right, as ninety-five percent of Ahmadi murders remain unsolved. The assassins who undertook the carnage at the Ahmadiyya mosque in Mong in 2005 were eventually arrested and the authorities asserted that they were the actual culprits, but the Anti-terrorism Court acquitted them.

Target-killing has been the more preferred and periodic activity. However, on May 28, 2010 terrorists tasked by these murderous lunatics killed 86 Ahmadis in a twin attack on Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore. This betrays a quantum escalation in the murder policy, as thereby they have co-opted the Taliban to indulge in massacres.

(Note: The descriptive reports in this section are taken (as they were) from the monthly and annual reports of the times in which these incidents happened. Murders prior to 1987 are not described on this site.)

List of Ahmadis murdered for their faith