Persecution of Ahmadis: Who are the true Muslims in Pakistan anyway?

Imagine if in your country, you had to get a simple errand done like getting your passport renewed. Seems simple enough. Instead you were handed a document to sign where you had to declare that whatever you believed in was incorrect and false.

You were not to call yourself a Muslim, a Christian, etc. If you signed it, only then would you be allowed to renew your passport. If you didn’t, you would be jotted down as an unbeliever. Someone else (a government) here was dictating what you could believe in or not. You were not given the choice to decide for yourself.

I am pretty sure if something like this happened to Muslims in other countries; having to declare what they believe, to be even questionable let alone false; they would have at the very least, broken a few dozen houses to make sure their voices were heard.

And yet this happens to Ahmadis day in day out every single day. They are not allowed to call themselves Muslims. They have to sign a paper declaring their belief to be false. This is not limited to bigotry at just human level. By law, they are not considered Muslims. In most other countries, they are Muslims, just not in Pakistan.

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