Plight of Rabwah (2016)

Plight of Rabwah



A hideous, unwarranted and unlawful raid on Ahmadiyya central Offices in Rabwah

First ever such action; indicative of still more persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan

The PML-N government in the Punjab scored another ‘first ever’ by mounting an armed police raid in the name of counter-terrorism on the Ahmadiyya central offices in Pakistan. Nearly everyone who matters in the field of law and order knows very well that Ahmadis have remained strongly committed since their inception to oppose militancy in the name of religion. Still the CTD went ahead with nod from the top. The strong ties between the governing party and the mulla defy rational analysis. The raid brought little credit to the rulers; instead it manifested how unscrupulous authorities can commit great wrongs in the name of right.

This happened on December 5, 2016. Essential details are available in section Administration and Police of Persecution Archives 2016.

 Mullas gang up against Rabwah family and employ police support

Rabwah:  September 22, 2016:  While resisting a dreadful case of social harassment, an Ahmadi family was swooped on by a gang of mullas; this resulted in a quarrel in which the police did the mullas’ bid who enlisted help of a politically powerful mulla, Ilyas Chinioti, a PML (N) MPA. The police booked 5 named Ahmadis and unabashedly another 55 as unnamed.

Briefly, Mr. Rashid Ahmad Butt’s family was harassed for three days when someone would throw in a written message for their daughter. Surveillance was activated to catch the culprit. On September 22, 2016 the team discovered him when he threw in a note. The note demanded: Million rupees, or marriage, or bullet – a pistol bullet was enclosed for effect. The man was one Zeeshan Ahmad Butt who had quit the Jamaat sometimes back. When the team tried to seize him, he ran and entered his home which was nearby. There, he telephoned mulla Usama Rahim of Nasirabad (approximately 5 kilometers away) and sought his help. The mulla arrived in company; one of those had donned a veil. Mulla Usama is primarily a criminal, a delinquent who is thriving on making mischief in Rabwah. He and his men had indulged in a quarrel there a few days earlier as well, and the police were informed of their mischief but they took no action against him.

This time again, Usama and his team indulged in bad-mouthing the Ahmadis, started making a video and became violent. The Ahmadis defended themselves. The police and some senior citizens present there prevented escalation, and the two sides came to no serious physical harm. The police required both the parties to report to the police station in the evening.

The mullas accompanied by approximately 30 men arrived at the police station; so did 25 Ahmadis. Ahmadis put in a written complaint for registration of a counter FIR.

At this stage, Mulla Ilyas Chinioti, the PML (N)-MPA from Chiniot accompanied by a large number of supporters arrived at the police station and intervened. The DSP also arrived and the issue, which essentially was of law and order, became political and religious. Ahmadis were, of course, worsened. Their counter FIR was not entertained by the police, instead they detained all the 25 members of the visiting Ahmadi delegation, and told them to present the five named accused, if they wanted these 25 to be released. As for the counter FIR, Ahmadis were told to approach the DPO. The mullah’s complaint had already been registered and followed-up.

The Ahmadi delegation was released after the 5 named accused had presented themselves. A judge sent them to judicial custody. On September 26, they were sent to the prison in Jhang.

The vernacular  press, as usual, printed the mulla’s version – mostly fabricated and false.

The harassed Ahmadi family had to shift elsewhere to avoid continued harassment.

Anti-Ahmadiyya conference in Rabwah

Rabwah; April 26, 2016:        Mulla Usama Raheem held an anti-Ahmadiyya Khatme Nabuwwat conference in Rabwah. He is running a madrassa here after the death of his father Qari Hadi. Usama is residing in Naseer Abad, a part of Rabwah. He is in league with Hasan Muawiya of Lahore; both create mischief for Ahmadis, off and on. Usama held this conference to that end. It started at 14:40 and ended at 20:00. Approximately 50 men participated in it.

Mullas who addressed the conference and spread communal hate against Ahmadis included Maulvi Ilyas Chinioti (MPA of PML-N), Maulvi Muhammad Umair, Hafiz Zubair Advocate, Muhammad Adil of Karachi, Maulvi Shamsuddin and Tahir Abdul Razzaq of Lahore. They all indulged in hate speech and used foul language against the elders of the Ahmadiyya community. Hafiz Zubair advocate demanded that the government implement the anti-Ahmadiyya ordinance of 26 April, 1984 most effectively; he urged a boycott of ‘Qadianis’ and of their enterprises and products. Similarly Maulvi Tahir Abdul Razzaq demanded that the government remove caps from the heads of Qadianis, have their beards shaved off and remove copies of the Holy Quran from their homes.

The daily Mashriq of Lahore, printed the following headline statement on June 30, 2015:

“Hateful speeches totally unacceptable: Shahbaz Sharif, the CM.”

Anti-Ahmadiyya conference in Rabwah

September 7, 2016:     Mullas hold rallies and conferences on September 7 to commemorate the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan. This amendment was implemented by the Zulfiqar Bhutto government in 1974, through which Ahmadis were declared not-Muslims. This amendment opened the gate of persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan.

Mullas now hold a special conference every year in Rabwah – the centre of the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan, where Ahmadis are more than 95% of the population. Mullas come from far and wide to hurl abuses against the residents of the town and the persons they respect. Every year authorities allow and facilitate this conference in Rabwah despite request from Ahmadiyya headquarters to disallow this provocative conference in their town.

This year again Ahmadiyya central office wrote to the authorities to disallow this conference. “There is high probability that the rally would affect this town’s law and order, especially when the general situation in the country is already not satisfactory,” they wrote, in addition to a mention of the routine provocative and incendiary nature of this gathering and its proceedings. Authorities paid no heed to the Ahmadiyya application and allowed the mullas to hold this sectarian conference despite the policy initiative required vide the National Action Plan.

On the other hand when Ahmadis request permission to hold their traditional conference in their own centre, the authorities do not even acknowledge the receipt of the application.

This conference was held in Rabwah on September 7, 2016 in two main sessions. The first session started at 15:00 and ended at 17:00. Maulvis Muhammad Yusuf Farooqi, Mumtaz Ahmad Awan both from Lahore, Shuaib Ahmad Khan from Mianwali and Freed Ahmad Paracha (Deputy Amir of JI) addressed the audience and used hostile language against Ahmadis.

The second session started at 21:00 and lasted until 03:30 the next day. Following mullas spoke in this session: Maulvi Hafeez Makki of Saudi Arabia, Javed Qasuri of Lahore, Abdul Majid of Gujranwala, Ilyas Chinioti (MPA of PML-N), Ataul Muhaiman Bukhari, Muhammad Riaz Gujrati, Hafiz Allah Yar, Samiullah, Shahbaz Ahmad Gujjar of Jhang, Abdul Qayyum, Shahbaz Rasul and Shafa‘at Rasul Qadri. All the above mullas spoke against the Ahmadiyya community, asked them to accept Islam, and called them rebels against the state.

The conference proceedings were reported by the vernacular press. Some statements of speakers are reproduced below from these dailies.

Maulvi Abdul Hafeez Makki (of Makka in Saudi Arabia) presided over the last session and said, “ … Qadianis have deceived the Muslim world…. Qadianis have done irreparable damage to Islam and the country, and are busy today to turn it into a failed state.” The daily Islam; September 9, 2016

Mufti Muhammad Tayyab said, “… Qadianiat is not a religion, it is the name of a terrorist organization; the centre of terrorism is Chenab Nagar (Rabwah).” The daily Islam; September 9, 2016

Abdul Rauf Qasmi said, “There are only two courses open to Qadianis: Accept Islam and become our brothers or accept your constitutional status.” The daily Islam; September 9, 2016

Fareed Ahmad Paracha, Deputy Amir of JI said, “…Rebels of the country should be dealt with firmly (referring to Ahmadis)…. Allama Iqbal was the first to propose to declare Qadianis as non-Muslims and Quad-i-Azam supported it (sic). … There is a need to show the difference between Jihad and terrorism….” The daily Nawa-i-Waqt; September 8, 2016. Mr. Paracha attributed his lie to the Quaid-e-Azam, obviously following his mentor Maududi’s fatwa that a lie in support of Faith is obligatory (Wajib) at times.

Qari Shabbir Ahmad Usmani said, “… We cannot get rid of this so-called war on terrorism unless we shed off American slavery… If the government implements Islamic system in the country, peace will automatically follow. … We’ll leave no stone unturned in chasing Qadianiat in the whole world….” The daily Nawa-i-Waqt; September 8, 2016

Ahmad Shuaib Khan of Mianwali said, “ … In order to support the British agenda Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani claimed the false prophethood and strove to dampen the Jihadi sentiment and urge for freedom among Muslims…” The daily Nawa-i-Waqt; September 8, 2016

Haji Meraj Qureshi said, “… If Muslims keep on showing such unity, the day will come soon when Qadianiat and their sympathizers would be wiped away….” The daily Nawa-i-Waqt; September 8, 2016

Mufti Qureshi said, “Pakistan is like a mosque to us; its protection is our duty.” The daily Nawa-i-Waqt; September 8, 2016

Following resolutions were adopted in the conference, inter alia. Their verbosity has been abridged to save space:

  • Qadianis are busy in anti-lslam and anti-Pakistan manipulations and are contriving to impose their effectiveness in the government. Their activities should be banned, and they should be removed from all key posts.
  • Entry of religion should be added to the computerized national identity card or change the colour of the ID cards for Muslims to ensure indication of the religious difference according to the constitutional requirement (sic).
  • The Qadiani printing press in Chenab Nagar should be sealed.
  • Qadiani TV channel (MTA) is spreading disorder and mischief and blaspheming Islamic beliefs. Government should ban its reception as also the publication of Qadiani magazines and periodicals.
  • Quranic verses should be erased from all the worship places of Qadianis as these mislead common Muslims and are in clear violation of the anti-Ahmadiyya ordinance.
  • Sharia penalty for apostasy (death!) should be imposed as per recommendations of the CII.
  • Sharia should be imposed in this country that came into existence in the name of Islam.
  • Government should include chapters and lessons on Khatme Nabuwwat in the education syllabi throughout the country. The syllabus should be Islamic and in accord with the Constitution, rather than secular.
  • Qadiani endowments should be taken over by the government, as in case of other non-Muslims.
  • Anti-Ahmadiyya ordinance should be implemented vigorously and Qadianis should be stopped from posing as Muslims.
  • Government should take notice of Qadianis’ unlawful activities and make them abide by the law and stop them from injuring religious feelings of Muslims.

According to the press reports more than a thousand security personnel plus hundreds of volunteers performed security duty.

Following points are also derived from the press release provided to the media by the conference management:

  1. Volunteers stayed in trenches (morcha zan) in the field of duty to serve the participants of the conference.
  2. The last session was presided over by ‘Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki ( from Makka in Saudi Arabia), the Great Sheikh and a great spiritual personality of the Islamic world.’ (Note: He carries the petro-dollars.)
  3. Javed Qasuri, the Deputy Amir of Jamaat Islami Punjab said that Jihad is the (true) spirit of Islam. It is the honour of Islam, and Jihad will continue till the morn of the Doomsday.

 Still another anti-Ahmadiyya conference in Rabwah

Rabwah (Chenab Nagar); October 27-28, 2015:      A two-day Khatme Nabuwwat conference was allowed and facilitated by the authorities to be held in the Ahmadiyya headquarters town despite a request by Ahmadis to the administration to disallow this provocative conference in their town where 95% of the residents are Ahmadis and they are not allowed to hold their own conferences here.

The event was attended predominantly by men from outside Rabwah, and the crowd was a potential threat to the law and order of this town. Civic life was seriously disturbed. Shops remained closed and students could not go to schools. Ahmadi women were advised to stay at home.

The opening session of the conference was held in the Muslim Colony, Rabwah on Thursday, 27 October 2016.

Around 300-350 people attended the first session. The session was chaired by Mulla Aziz Ahmad of Kundian Sharif, Mianwali. As usual, the mullas used foul language against the Ahmadiyya community.

Mulla Shifaullah of Bhakkar said: ‘It is the duty of all Muslims to courageously fight against the enemies of Islam. Our Prophet is the last Prophet. His traitors today are the Qadianis. We will crush the Qadianis all over the world. If someone tries to rob the Holy Prophet (PBUH) of his prophethood, we will make every sacrifice to protect it’.

Mulla Abdus Sattar of Hafiz Abad said: ‘Pakistan parliament declared the Mirza to be a Kafir and a deceiver. We are thankful to the government of that time’.

Mulla Abid Haqqani of Peshawar used foul language against the Ahmadiyya community and its Founder, inciting people to violence against it.

Mulla Muhammad Ali of Muzaffarabad said: ‘The Qadianis are a sect who misguides others. They try to convert Muslim youth to Qadianism by offering women, land and immigration abroad. Farther the Muslims are from Qadianis, safer they will be’. He also used extremely foul language against the founder of the Ahmadiyya community and instigated the public against Ahmadis.

Qari Jalil Ahmad also vituperated against the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Community and used foul language against the community. The audience shouted slogans against Ahmadis during the speeches.

The second session began at 1:50 PM. Approximately 7000-7500 people were present. The first speech of the second session was made by mulla Azmatullah of Bannu. He spoke ill of the founder of the Ahmadiyya community and used obnoxious language about him.

Mulla Saifur Rahman Arain of Hyderabad said: ‘We Muslims will strive to eliminate the Qadiani sect from all over the world. We, the ulema, will not rest until the Qadiani mischief is uprooted’.

Mulla Abdul Qayyum Haqqani of Okara severely criticized Ahmadiyyat and demanded that the Ahmadis serving in civil and military institutions should be removed. He incited the public against Ahmadis.

Mulla Muhammad Ashraf of Sialkot said: ‘The Qadiani mischief is spreading fast. Every worker of the Khatm-e-Nubuwwat is obliged to courageously confront this mischief. Qadianis were planted by the British, who created this sect to weaken the Muslims and to that end provided them every help. Qadiani Dajjals are Kafirs, apostates and out of the pale of Islam.’

The third session started at 8:20 PM and ended at 3:30 AM. Approximately 9000-9500 people attended this session. The session was chaired by mulla Aziz Ahmad, Deputy Amir International Majlis Tahaffuz Khatam-e-Nabuwwat.

Mulla Azizur Rahman of Hazara said: ‘We all have to protect the prophethood of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). We will launch jihad against every such person who will try to rob the Holy Prophet (PBUH) of his prophethood. Qadianis want disturbance and disorder in the country. They are at the back of all acts of terrorism perpetrated in Pakistan.’

Mulla Amjad Khan of Kohat, addressing General Rahil Sharif, Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff, said: ‘We are with you. We also will fight against the rebels who have rebelled against the Faith. You may tell the non-Muslims that we have not manufactured the atomic bomb only to showcase it.’

Mulla Noor Muhammad of Sargodha told the audience to boycott products manufactured by Ahmadis.

Liaqat Ali Baloch, General Secretary Jamaat-e-Islami, said: ‘Non-Muslims call Muslims terrorists; that is a lie. The non-Muslims first print blasphemous material that compels us to wage jihad against them. Qadianis are agents of Israel, USA, Germany and India. They are at the back of all the acts of terrorism perpetrated in our country. They can never be loyal to Khatm-e-Nubuwwat and Pakistan.’

Mulla Rizwan Aziz of Sargodha said: ‘The Qadianis were begotten by the Satan. One must not do any business with them. They are false in their claims and are apostates. We ought to boycott the products manufactured by them.’

Syed Sikandar Shah of Karachi said: ‘The Qadiani mischief was planted by the British. The Qadianis consider Qadian to be at par with Makka and Madina. From Qadian, this mischief has now spread to all parts of the world.’

Mufti Muhammad Hussain of Lahore said: ‘Echoing the evil purposes and propaganda of the foreign NGOs, the Qadianis are opposed to the hanging of any blasphemer of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). They are strengthening themselves. It is the duty of all Muslims to chase them all over the world.’

The participants kept shouting anti-Ahmadiyya slogans during the proceedings.

The fourth session began at 10:20 AM and ended at 1:00 PM. It was chaired by Mulla Aziz Ahmad, Deputy Amir International Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat.

During this session, mulla Mukhtar Ahmad of Tharparkar, Sindh, said: ‘The [Pakistan] Army protects Pakistan’s geographical boundaries, while the madrassas protect its ideological frontiers. The Qadianis are working for the British, who give them pounds to malign Pakistan. It is an historical achievement of the [Pakistan] parliament to declare the Qadianis to be non-Muslims. There is a need to strictly monitor those Qadianis who hold dual nationality.’

Mulla Muhammad Hanif Jalandhari of Wifaq-ul-Madaris al-Arabia Multan, said: ‘No power in the world can eliminate our madrassas. The government forbade our madrassas to collect skins [of sacrificial animals]; it should now be careful about its own skin. We reject the laws regarding madrassas, made under the National Action Plan. Whenever Pakistan faced a bad time, it was maulvis and madrassas who made sacrifices. Otherwise, some people flee to London and others to Jeddah. Even today, Maulvi Fazlur Rahman is engaged in protecting the government. I therefore tell them to have some shame. The mischief of Mirzaiat was also a creation of the West.’

The fifth session began at 2:00 PM and ended at 4:30 PM in the afternoon. This session was attended by 8000-8500 people. It was chaired in turn by Maulvi Nasir-ud-Din Khakwani of Multan and Syed Suleiman Banori of Karachi.

During his speech, Mulla Azizur Rahman Jalandhari of Multan said: ‘God has tasked the ulema to eliminate the Qadiani mischief. The Qadianis have become divided into many groups, and we are witnessing their decline with our own eyes’.

Mulla Mahmood Ahmad Soomro of Larkana said: ‘Qadianism was planted by the British with the aim to spread disunity among the Muslims. Therefore, keep yourselves away from the Qadianis’.

Dr Mahmood-ul- Hasan Arif of Lahore said: ‘Abu Bakr Khuda Baksh who is a DIG Police, inflicted great wrongs upon the Muslims during his tenure as SP Police in Khushab. The present DPO of Khushab is also a Qadiani. He should immediately be transferred from there and all Qadianis working at key posts in the government should also be removed from their jobs.’ (Note: Arif uses Khatme Nabuwwat platform to harass and abuse government officials who do not comply with mullas’ demands.)

Mulla Samiullah of Peshawar said: ‘The deniers of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat are increasing in number. Whenever the deniers [of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat] face a difficult time, apostates from the world over unite to help them.’

 A few other highlights of the conference

(The following reports are made from the dailies Jang, Khabrain, Express, and Insaf of 28 and 29 October 2016.)

  • Mulla Muhammad Islam Shujaabadi welcomed the inclusion of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat narrative in the text books, undertaken by the government of Khyber Pakhtunkha.
  • Speakers demanded that the government should undertake officially the propagation of ‘end of prophethood’ abroad.
  • High level security was provided to the conference. The venue was surrounded by security personnel.
  • Mulla Amjad Qadri said that (Ahmadi) Dr. Salam had stolen national atomic secrets and passed these on to his western patrons.
  • It was claimed that this year too (the criminals of) the Fourth Schedule and the banned organizations and those (mullas) forbidden to enter the district were not present in the conference.
  • Qari Hanif Jallandhry said that judged from his writings, Mirza Qadiani was not even a normal and a decent person.
  • Liaqat Baloch (of JI) said that the government decision to hang Mumtaz Qadri was against the sentiments of the Muslim Umma. Also, the rulers are hesitant to hang the ‘cursed Aasia’, only to please their western masters.
  • Mullas Noor Hazarvi suggested that Qadianis, in opposing their constitutional non-Muslim minority status, are guilty of acting like ‘rebels at war’.
  • Pir Shakoor Naqshbandi stated that the deniers of Khatme Nabuwwat and blasphemers are products of night clubs.
  • The speakers demanded that the affidavit concerning faith in the End of Prophethood should be made compulsory in all educational institutions all over the country.
  • Syed Zia Bokhari said, ‘We’ll sacrifice our lives in defense of Pakistan and Islam.’
  • Mulla Zaheer said that Mr. Bhutto’s decision to declare Qadianis non-Muslims is beyond our capacity to praise him.
  • Their press release stated that hundreds of thousands of participants who had come from all over the country, shouted various slogans. (In fact, less that 10,000 attended the rally.)
  • Mulla Haqqani said that just like the faith in End of Prophethood, it is obligatory to believe in the life and descent of Jesus (from the sky).
  • Some of the speakers indulged in the ongoing national politics and internal affairs.

 Some of the resolutions passed by the conference

  • Sharia punishment for apostasy (death!) should be enforced in the country.
  • Religion column should be added to the National Identity Card so that it is easy for common man to differentiate between a Muslim and a non-Muslim.
  • Speakers demanded that the ‘accursed Aasia’ (Christian woman accused of blasphemy) should be hanged immediately.
  • The affidavit of Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat should be included in the admission forms of educational institutes.

This conference was highly advertised in the vernacular press. Some newspapers even printed special anti-Ahmadiyya editions in this regard e.g. the daily Insaf, Lahore; October 28, 2016.