Politics of Persecution – 2006


Politics and the ‘hypocrite’ mullah

Subsequent to the passage of Women Protection Bill and the resulting political turbulence, the President talked tough and candid about political clerics. The daily Jang, Lahore of December 6, 2006 quoted the President as: “Opponents of the Women Protection Bill are Munafiq (hypocrites)”. The word munafiq in Islamic terminology has a very strong connotation. The next day the daily Express quoted him as: “Religious ignorant are on the rise. They even rule in one province.” Musharraf.  He said: ‘Moderate and enlightened forces should win against these religious types whom I consider ignorant(Jahil); these religious ignorants should drop to the same level where they existed in the past. They were never more than three or four percent. Now they number 17 or 18 percent in Assemblies; and they rule in one province. They deserve to be defeated so that they revert to their earlier standing…’.

The mullah is not taking it passively. Dr Israr Ahmad, a leading cleric from Lahore was quick to retort: “ Opponents of Women Protection Bill are not hypocrites. Those who legislate in violence of the Quran are Kafir, Munafiq, Zalim and Fasiq(infidels, hypocrites, wrongdoers and transgressors)”. The daily Express of December 7, 2006.

Of late, mullahs have formed a Majlis Tahaffuz Hudoodullah (Association for the

Protection of Allah’s Hudood). They have a reason to choose this title. Many years ago, they formed a Majlis TahaffuzKhatme Nabuwwat (Association for the protection of the End of Prophethood). Under this title they posed their activities as ‘religious’ and enjoyed great freedom from all accountability and even support from the authorities. They violated the law of the land openly and nobody touched them. Early this year, subsequent to the Danish cartoons they found it convenient to form Majlis Tahaffuz Namus Risalat, and undertook agitation, riots and destruction of property. Now on the same note, they have formed the Majlis Tahaffuz Hudoodullah. The specter of Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat is back again, but in a different garb. Mullah Zahid-ur Rashdi was quite explicit in his column in the daily Pakistan of December 4, 2006 in which he was of the opinion: “ Maulana Qari Muhammad Hanif Jalandhari, the Head Nazim of Wafaq ul Madaras Arabia, Pakistan is very active in this field (of Majlis Tahaffuz Hudoodullah) and I think that his line of action will enable him to unite all the religious factions and have them out on the streets (for agitation) the same way as the Tehrik Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat”.

The mullah was adopted by the state more than 30 years ago, and was pampered all along. The spoilt kid is now grown up to full maturity, and his guardian has only itself to blame for his outrageous conduct.


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