Politics of persecution – 2012

A rabid rally in Lahore

Shalamar Town, Lahore; April 21, 2012:  Opponents of Ahmadiyyat held a big conference here after a great deal of publicity over the preceding month through banners, advertisements and stickers.

It started after the sunset prayers. Approximately 7000 attended the rally. It lasted until 3.30 a.m. A large number of mullas addressed the audience one after the other and attempted to outdo others in slander and provocation. The rally was supported by Sheikh Raheel Asghar an MNA of the ruling PML(N) party. The JUI(F) also provided active assistance.

The mullas used very foul language against the founder of the Ahmadiyya community. They repeatedly termed Ahmadis wajib-ul-qatl (must be killed). Anti-Ahmadi slogans were raised and sectarian literature was distributed.

Almost the entire proceedings violated the law of the land. The police and officials of agencies were present. However, the higher policy was obvious: Ignore the law, if Ahmadis are targeted.

The mullas were unabashedly political as well in their speeches. In their press handout they mentioned the statements that: “None will be permitted to succeed in the conspiracy to restore NATO supply line. It is a duty of the government to shoot down drones. Parliamentary efforts will continue to impose Islam. Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri should be released forthwith.” The Nawa-i-Waqt; April 23, 2012

Following mullas addressed the conference: Abdul Majeed, Allah Wasaya, Zawwar Bahadur (JUP), Amjad Khan, Farid Piracha (JI), Zubair Zaheer, Fazlur Rahim, Hanif Jallandhri, Zahid ur Rashidi, Ajmal Qadri, Abdul Rauf Farooqi, Alam Tariq, Ziaullah Bokhari, Ismail Shujabadi, Abdul Shakoor Haqqani, Javaid ur Rahman Akhtar, Kafayatullah, Muhammad Hassan, Salman Gilani, Aziz ur Rehman Sani, Qasim Gujjar, Usman Qureshi, Ismail Muhammad, Ziaul Hassan Shah and Usman Rizwan.     The daily Jang, Lahore; April 24, 2012


Still more malevolence

The Punjab has been ruled by PML (N) for the last four years. Mr. Shahbaz Sharif was the Chief Minister. The PML (N) is known for its pro-mulla political posture. The senior leadership of this party has been seen acting chum with extremist mullas whose parties have been banned for terrorist activities.

The Muslim League in the Punjab has a history of close relationship with Islamist clerics. In 1953, while in power in the Punjab, its chief minister Mr. Daultana actively supported the clerics in their violent agitation against the Ahmadis; it resulted in grave deterioration of law and order to the extent that martial law (first ever in Pakistan) had to be declared. As a result the Muslim League ministry and Mr. Daultana were booted out.

The Muslim League in the Punjab has failed to learn from history. On assuming power again in 2008, its government sponsored, funded and organized an ‘End of the Prophethood’ conference in Lahore in 2009 in the grand royal mosque in Lahore. Participating mullas indulged in profuse sectarian rhetoric.

On account of not-so-discreet anti-Ahmadiyya policy of the provincial government, the administration and the police indulge in hostile conduct in situations and issues concerning Ahmadis. Terrorists chose Lahore for their major attack on Ahmadi worshipers in 2010 and succeeded in killing 86 of them while the security forces, although present at the scene of the crime, put up no resistance to the terrorists.

The attitude of the rulers and the officials has affected everyday life of the Ahmadis in the province in general, and Lahore in particular. Every month numerous incidents that happened in this capital are reported in monthly reports. A few for the month of November only are briefly related below.

A dishonest blame

Karim Park; November 1, 2012:       The principal of Farooqia Girls High School took disciplinary action against the school canteen contractor. He, in turn, approached the activists of Jamaat Islami and Sunni Tehrik for support, with the accusation that the principal Ms. Aasama Farooqi committed blasphemy in a pamphlet. The mullas took out a big procession and mounted an attack on the school. They claimed that the ‘blasphemer’ principal was a Qadiani (which she is surely not). An Ahmadi family however resides next to the school and the mullas assembled in front of their residence. This family spent a wakeful night in great fear.

Where even death becomes a problem

Baghbanpura; November 6, 2012:    Anti-Ahmadi activists have adopted the practice of taking photos or producing videos of places and events in which Ahmadis are involved and then presenting these to officials to book them in police cases, etc. For instance:

Mrs. Sindhi died in Baghbanpura. Her relatives planned to bury her in Ahmadiyya graveyard in Handu Gujjar at 10 p.m. They tried to keep this information confidential but the opponents came to know of it somehow. So, approximately 30 mullas assembled in the vicinity of their home at about 10 p.m. They were led by one Tuti, who is a brother of mulla Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi a well-known cleric intimate with high officials in Pakistan. Tuti was armed with a camera and seemed to be prepared to push for an FIR with the police.

The bereaved family came to know of this. They decided to postpone the burial. They took care not to offer the funeral prayers at home, instead took the dead body to the graveyard the next day before sunrise, offered the last rites there and performed the burial. This spared them the mischief of the religious thugs.

Serious threat to the freedom to practice the religion of one’s choice

Wahdat Colony:         Four bearded youth, 25 to 30 years old, who belonged to the banned Jamaat Dawa, but professed for convenience to be from the Khatme Nabuwwat Centre, visited the police station and demanded that an FIR be registered against Ahmadis who like Muslims, indulged in sacrificing animals on the festival of Eid-ul-Adha. They claimed that they had the required proofs in the form of photos, videos and written reports etc.

They claimed that their group comprised as many as 400 university students. They seemed to know the history of anti-Ahmadi agitations in 1953, 1974 and 1984. They made out that they were not violent but intended to pursue Qadianis through law. “We want to bar them from Friday congregational prayers by providing pictorial evidence of their worship. We shall pursue them from their place of worship to their home to confirm their identities and addresses”, they explained. “We shall thus force them to abandon Islamic worship,” they bragged.

The SHO refused to register a criminal case. One hopes he would not wilt if the attempts are repeated by the activists more vigorously. These bigots managed to deny a number of Ahmadis their right to sacrifice animals on Eid – and they did that with the help of the Punjab Police.

Freedom to worship at risk

Rahmanpura: In view of the difficulties in having a proper mosque/place of worship, local Ahmadis assemble here in an Ahmadi’s home for prayers. It is a three-storied building owned by him. Two Ahmadi families reside in two upper floors, while the owner lives on the ground floor. He has permitted local Ahmadis, who are only a few in numbers, to offer their prayers in one of his living rooms. There is no inconvenience involved to anyone else. However, anti-Ahmadi activists have reported to the police of this arrangement and asked for action.

Ahmadis met an appropriate high official and intimated to him that there was no problem, any complaint is malafide and fabricated. The incident caused concern and stress to the peaceful worshipers.

Brief but perturbing reports from various neighbourhoods

Civil Lines; January 7, 2012:            A Khatme Nabuwwat conference was held here on January 27, 2012. This conference was advertised through handbills. Ahmadis were advised by their community leaders to remain at home as a precaution.

Muslim Park, Singhpura; January 24, 2012:           A conference on “Namus Risalatsa (honour of the Prophetsa) and fitna Qadianiat (mischief of Qadianis)” was held in the local mosque. Only Deobandis participated in it. This conference was advertised through leaflets. Shop-keepers displayed these in their shops.

Shezan factory; February 3, 2012:                Two mullas came to the gate of the Shezan factory at the time of Friday prayers. They told the gate keeper that they wanted to say Friday prayer and meet the Ahmadiyya missionary there. The guard denied them the entry despite their insistence. The security supervisor sent a man to discreetly assess their motives. He heard them saying on their mobile phone, “This time he (the Ahmadi missionary) escaped; we’ll see to him next time.”

Batapur; February 5, 2012:   A conference was held in Taje Darul Anbiya mosque on the occasion of 12 Rabiul Awwal. A mulla of the Khatme Nabuwwat faction was invited to the occasion. He incited the public against the Ahmadiyya community and openly called for their murder. He said, “Can’t we kill Qadianis/Mirzais with a knife, a dagger, a bullet? Can’t we emulate Mumtaz Qadri? Can’t we embrace death for the sake of Muhammadsa? Can’t we embrace death after killing any of them?”

A number of armed men were on duty outside the mosque at this occasion.

Defence; February 5, 2012:               Two mullas on a motorcycle attempted entry in the Ahmadiyya mosque. The guard on duty stopped them. They pretended as if they had taken the turn mistakenly. They turned around and stopped on the roadside as if their vehicle had run short of gasoline. They dragged their motorcycle to a nearby gas station. Both of them wore a beard, and Khatme Nabuwwat sticker was pasted on their motor-bike.

Iqbal Town; February 9, 2012:         A group of a dozen mullas came to the residence of Mr. Arif Tanveer. They told him harshly to remove the tiles of Bismilla (In the name of Allah) and MashAllah (What God wills) from outside his house. They declared this display illegal and threatened him of action if he would not remove them within 24 hours. They said, “Our youth do not tolerate that Bismilla or MashAllah be written on your house.” They departed threatening a follow-up visit.

Mr. Tanveer removed those tiles himself to avoid the confrontation.

Jahman; February 10, 2012:            A mulla from the local mosque is regularly provoking the public against the Ahmadiyya community in Friday sermons for the past three weeks. He said, “Any business dealing with Qadianis/Mirzais is forbidden. One who will deal with them will himself become a kafir (infidel). One who will interact with them socially, his Nikah (marriage) would stand dissolved.”

Consequently, some people in the area developed social hostility to Ahmadis. 

March 2012:   Encouraged by their success in the twin attack of May 28, 2010, the extremists seem to plan other attacks on mosques. The evidence:

  1. A suspicious-looking car passed by the Ahmadiyya mosque in Islam Pura, Lahore on March 2, 2012 at the time of Friday prayers. A mulla was sitting on the front seat wearing a white turban; he was accompanied by two others.  The car entered a house a few yards away from the mosque and took one man on board from there. They passed by the mosque again, slowed down in front of the mosque, reccyed it, and then picked up speed to depart. The police on duty also noted the movements of this suspect vehicle; however they did not stop the car to question the occupants as to their business.
  2. Eight mullas came to the Ahmadiyya mosque in Sultan Pura, Lahore on March 10, 2012 at the time of evening prayers. They stayed in front of the mosque for some time and talked on a mobile phone about the mosque. An Ahmadi youth on duty stood near them and overheard their conversation.
  3. Two youth on a motorcycle arrived in front of the Ahmadiyya mosque in Kot Lakhpat after the evening prayers on March 8, 2012. They stayed there for some time, reccyed the mosque and remained busy in talking over a mobile phone. Thereafter they left the scene. They were in their twenties and looked suspicious.

The management of the mosque went into a higher state of defensive readiness.

Township; March 4, 2012: An offensive youth living on rent in front of the house of Mr. Karimur Rahman Sanori, Ahmadi tried to disturb the peace. He, along with his colleagues, sought a scuffle with Mr. Sanori for no reason, attempted entry into his house, and smashed the window pane of his house.

The other neighbourers helped Mr. Sanori and called the police, thereafter they took to heels.

It is worth noting that a Khatme Nabuwwat conference was held in this area a day earlier. Mullas had indulged in hate propaganda and provoked the public against the Ahmadiyya community. This incident was obviously a consequence of the conference.

Rachna Town; March 5, 2012:         Mr. Zahid Anwar, a non-Ahmadi nephew of Ch. Bashir Ahmad, Ahmadi was killed on March 5, 2012.

Mr. Bashir Ahmad, an official of a local Ahmadiyya community was attacked subsequently on September 7, 2011. He was hit by several shots but luckily survived after a major surgical operation.

Mr. Ahmad’s nephew Mr. Zahid Anwar who was a non-Ahmadi got an FIR registered at that occasion as complainant. Mr. Anwar was attacked on March 5, 2011. He was hit by four bullets and stabbed. He was taken to the hospital in emergency but he did not survive. Although a non-Ahmadi, he was kind and sympathetic to Ahmadis in trouble.

The sectarian bigots made him pay for his humane and caring ways.

Mustafa Town; March 5, 2012:         Approximately 20 mullas gathered in front of the house of Mr. Muhammad Ishaq at about 9 a.m. They banged at the door, pelted stones inside the house and tried to break down the main gate. Mr. Ishaq informed the police. They arrived in time and asked the intruders the purpose of their visit. They told the police that they had come to remove the decoration frame on which Ayatul Kursi (A verse of the Holy Quran) was displayed. The police rebuked the miscreants and told them to desist from such activity.

The local colony administration also paid a visit to Mr. Ishaq. The president of the administration supported Mr. Ishaq and advised him to hand over the frame of Ayatul Kursi to him to defuse the situation. Mr. Ishaq complied. The removal of the Quranic verse calmed down the mullas.

Gulshan Ravi; March 24, 2012:        Mr. Naeem Ahmad is the only Ahmadi living in this area with his family. Someone threw a threatening note on his roof; it conveyed:

Leave Qadianiat (Ahmadiyyat), otherwise you will be killed

Iqbal Town; March 26, 2012:            Mr. Nazimuddin, an Ahmadi lives in Iqbal Town, Lahore. His wife went to the bazaar to buy some garments. She went into a shop; its keeper looked like a mulla. She herself was wearing a veil. The shopkeeper assessed her denominational identity. He asked her about her sect and told her that the shop next door was that of a Mirzai (Ahmadi) and Mirzai women often go to that shop. He also used bad language against Ahmadis. She replied him appropriately and left the shop. The mulla vented his anger that was perhaps caused by business competition.

Larex Colony, Shahdara; March 30, 2012:  Mr. Atif Sharif S/O Mr. Sharif Ahmad Dogar was returning home on March 30, 2012 when four armed mullas stopped him and threatened to kill him. “Go away and don’t look back or you’ll be shot”, they told him.

Baghbanpura, Lahore; April 8, 2012:          An anti-Ahmadiyya conference was held in front of the Ahmadiyya mosque in Baghbanpura, Lahore. As usual, obnoxious language was used against the Ahmadiyya community; the audiences were urged to kill Ahmadis. The meeting was advertised through anti-Ahmadiyya posters. The participants numbered approximately 70.

Gulberg; April 19, 2012:        Two Ahmadi women went to Gulberg market for shopping. There, a shopkeeper in a mulla garb recognized them as Ahmadis by their Burqa (Islamic covering over the clothes). He said in a loud voice to irk them; “Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a good man; he did a good deed by declaring Mirzais (Ahmadis) non-Muslim. We should pray for him.”

Allama Iqbal Town; April 26, 2012: Two men went to the bookshop of an Ahmadi in Allama Iqbal Town. They told him to stop selling Islamic books, the Holy Quran and stickers of Quranic verses. They threatened him with grave consequences in case of non-compliance. The Ahmadi shopkeeper had to remove the stickers and hid the Islamic books.

Ravi Park; April 28, 2012:     An anti-Ahmadiyya Khatme Nabuwwat conference was held in the Bhati Gate area. It began at 9 p.m. and lasted until 3 a.m. Maulvi Azizur Rahman Thani and Hamid Baloch spoke abuse against the Ahmadiyya community and agitated the audience. The participants numbered approximately 150 men, the majority of whom were madrassa students.

Baghbanpura; April 2012:                The Shezan company is owned by Ahmadis. Mullas are very active against it. This year the Lahore Bar Association imposed a ban on Shezan drinks in the premises of the courts. SMSs against Shezan were frequently circulated. One such SMS received by Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmad, an Ahmadi, was as follows:

“The proprietor of Shezan, Shah Nawaz, a dog, translated the Holy Quran in 40 languages and spread them all over the world. Therein he interpolated the name of Muhammadsa with the name of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (sic). He asserted that this money had come from the pockets of the Muslims. Just think, lest this flavor of a few moments might not deprive us from drinking at the Hoze Kausar (the holy fountain in paradise) from the hands of the Holy Prophetsa. Boycott Shezan products and prove your Islamic credentials.”

Sabzazar; April 2012: Mr. Waqas Ahmad, an Ahmadi worked in a multi-national company. Some mulla-type colleagues worked with him. When they learnt of Mr. Waqas’s faith, they started conveying serious threats to him. They also intercepted him on the way to his home, assaulted him and beat him up. Mr. Ahmad consequently had to migrate to another city. He lost his job for his faith. His children remained in Lahore. His brother lodged an FIR with the local police on his behalf.

Raiwind; April 2012:  Ahmadis are facing a social boycott in Raiwind, Lahore. Raiwind is the headquarters of the Tableeghi Jamaat, which poses to be a peaceful organization, but provides seed personnel to all, including banned organizations. Raiwind is also a home to scores of madrassahs.

A longtime friend of an Ahmadi family stopped meeting them after receiving grave threats from mullas. “Mullas have a list of all the Ahmadis living here and their addresses,” he intimated.

Defense; May 10, 2012:         Mr. Shahid Iqbal and Mr. Zahid Iqbal received threatening letters on their business addresses. Obnoxious language was used therein against the Ahmadiyya community. These were posted from the post office of Iqbal Town, Lahore. A similar letter was received by Sheikh Basharat Ahmad who has already left Pakistan and settled abroad. Other such threats were sent through phone and mobile text messages.

Wahdat Colony; May 13, 2012:         An Ahmadi was standing in front of his house when a man approached and asked him about the Ahmadiyya mosque. He mentioned that there was a playground beside it. The Ahmadi asked him the reason for his inquiry; he did not answer and departed.

The next day on May 14, 2012 a van was found parked in the southern street of the Ahmadiyya mosque. Five armed Pakhtuns were sitting in it. The windows of the van were black. One of them jumped down when an Ahmadi youth passed by. He asked him about the Ahmadiyya mosque. The youth avoided the question. The man then asked him about the playground (near the mosque), which was told to him. At this one of them proceeded to the ground, from there he went towards Iqbal Town.

The police were informed of this incident.

Rahmanpura, Lahore; May 27, 2012:          Mr. Ahmad Aziz, an Ahmadi youth was a member of the club, Dragon Charts learning martial arts there for the last two years. Five unknown men came to his club on May 27, 2012 and asked his instructor about him. They said, “A Qadiani youth comes here. His name is Ahmad. You are teaching him all this; tomorrow he will stand up against us.” On enquiry they told him that they had come from Johar Town. They also accused Mr. Ahmad of preaching Ahmadiyyat in the club, and threatened action.

Mr. Ahmad was on leave that day. The next day his instructor told him of the hostile visitors. Mr. Ahmad asked him to produce the boy to whom he had preached. The instructor said the visitors would return in a few days. At this Mr. Ahmad’s family stopped him from going to the club, to avoid any harm.

Wahdat Colony; May 27, 2012:         Mr. Abdul Waheed Sindhu, an opponent of the Ahmadiyya community, resides near the Ahmadiyya mosque here. He is the president of a trust committee of the locality. He was noticed making recce of the Ahmadiyya mosque. He held a meeting at his house and invited some goons of the locality. This meeting was attended by 60 men including 10 mullas. They discussed a complete boycott of Ahmadis. Later they also distributed anti-Ahmadiyya pamphlets. Mr. Sindhu belongs to the Ahle Sunnat group. He holds such meetings frequently to incite the public against Ahmadis.

Tajpura; May 28, 2012:         Mr. Munir Ahmad, an Ahmadi pensioner from the Army is living in Tajpura, Lahore. His two sons Mr. Munawwar Ahmad and Mr. Anees Ahmad were killed in the twin attacks on the Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore on May 28, 2010.

Some unknown men dropped a threatening letter at his house on May 28, 2012, exactly two years after the martyrdom of his sons. It conveyed:

“Qadianis (Ahmadis) are infidels. One who maintains relations with them is also an infidel. Today on May 28, we are very happy that we killed your people in Garhi Shahu and Model Town. Now it is your turn, and wherever you go, we will locate you. It is difficult to escape us. We have an eye on all of you and your children.”

He received another threatening letter, which conveyed:

“Qadianis, Mirzais are the worst people. They should be taken to task. They should be isolated. Now all of you in the family should be taken to task.  Be ready in the next few days; anything can happen. You will not be spared.”

Dehli Gate, Lahore; May 29, 2012:   Opponents of the Ahmadiyya community took out a procession in the market of Qila Gujar Singh, Dehli Gate at about 6 p.m. They badmouthed against the Ahmadiyya community and called Ahmadis Wajib-ul-Qatl (must be killed) and urged the public to implement a complete social boycott against Ahmadis. They repeated this demand several times on sound amplifiers. They made two rounds of the market before dispersal. The situation there became worse for Ahmadis after the event.

Allama Iqbal Town; June 3, 2012:               There is a group of about 20 mullas who go to different areas and look for Ahmadis’ houses. When they find one they provoke the public against the occupants and declare them Wajib-ul-Qatl (must be killed). Sometimes they stop in front of an Ahmadi’s house and urge him to go to the mosque with them and say prayers with them or threaten him to leave the house.

This group came to the house of Mr. Nasimuddin. He was not at home at the time. They talked to his wife and asserted, “You are infidels and a minority. You should not keep Quranic verses in your homes,” referring to a framed Ayatul Kursi (a Quranic verse) hanging inside the gate. The mullas wanted to enter the house to dismantle it. Mrs. Nasimuddin did not permit them and handed over that frame to the mullas herself. She told the mullas, “God, the Knower of the unseen, knows how greatly we love the words of God. Our lives are ready for sacrifice in His way. You people do not know what is inside our hearts.”

The mullas unabashedly took away the frame.

Singhpura; June 6, 2012:      An anti-Ahmadiyya Khatme Nabuwwat conference was held here by Mufti Muhammad Hasan. It is noteworthy that this conference was held in a Government Girls High School. It was attended by approximately 200 men. The venue of the conference was decorated by anti-Ahmadiyya banners. Stalls were set up for the participants where anti-Ahmadiyya literature, pamphlets and CDs were displayed for distribution and sale. A number of mullas addressed the audience. Mufti Muhammad Hasan used offensive language against the Ahmadiyya community. He said, “Qadiani are our enemies and enemies of Islam, it is the worst cult, boycott them, … They are infidels, we will throw them out from here, we will kill all of them. Cooperate with us, … they are Wajib-ul-Qatl (must be killed)…”

This conference lasted until 2 a.m. The speakers tried hard to provoke the audience against the Ahmadiyya community.

Baghbanpura; June 26, 2012:          A youth named Chand tried to kill Mr. Rizwan Ahmad S/O Mr. Gulzar Ahmad on religious grounds. Mr. Rizwan luckily survived this attack.

An opponent of Ahmadiyyat, Pervez told Chand, a dull-witted fellow, that killing Rizwan, a Qadiani would bring him great reward in the hereafter. At this, Chand intercepted Rizwan on his way home, abused him and pulled out a knife to attack him. Rizwan was rescued by some neighbouring shopkeepers. Details are available in chapter 4 of Annual Report 2012.

Green Town; June 2012:       Green Town is one of the hot spots in Lahore for Ahmadis. Their opponents created hue and cry and succeeded in dismantling a decorative plate with MashAllah (What God wills) engraved on it from the house of an Ahmadi, Rana Iqbal, sometimes ago. Some Ahmadis went to the police station to make their statements, where a number of madrassa students and mullas gathered outside. The sub-inspector told Ahmadis later that mullas had accused the administration of the Ahmadiyya mosque in Township of writing blasphemous words in the washroom of the non-Ahmadiyya mosque in Block 4, Sector A-II. The sub-inspector refused to register the fabricated FIR. This saved Ahmadis from stressful and wasteful defense.

Civil Lines; July 20, 2012:     Sheikh Anwarul Haq, Ahmadi is a resident of the Civil Lines and runs two shops, Fakhar Electronics and National Electronics on Link McLeod Rd. Three boys entered his shop on July 20, 2012 at 8 p.m. pretending to buy some electronic item. One of them hurriedly pasted an anti-Ahmadiyya hateful sticker on an electric oven on display, and the three fled thereafter on a motorbike. The sticker was published by an organization, “Tanzeem Mirzai Mukao” (Organization to Exterminate Ahmadis). The sticker carried a very hateful message against the leaders of the Ahmadiyya community.

Shalimar Town; July 29, 2012:         Mr. Sardar Ali resides in Baghbanpura, Lahore and runs a medical store in Shalimar Town. A sub-inspector of police came to his shop on July 29, 2012 and searched his shop. He told Mr. Ali to report to the police station at 4 p.m. Mr. Ali went there with his son and younger brother. He was told that a mulla Hasan Muaawiya alias Tuti (brother of Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi) had lodged a complaint against him that there were stickers of Quranic verses pasted in his shop in violation of the law. Mr. Ali had already removed those stickers from his shop. This settled the issue.

At 11 p.m. a mulla Saadul Abideen came to his shop again to re-check if all was to his satisfaction.

It is learnt that mullas are conducting reconnaissance of the Ahmadiyya businesses.

Gulshan Ravi; July 31, 2012:            Mr. Maqsood Ahmad, Ahmadi lives here. Some opponents of the Ahmadiyya community came on motorbikes to the house of Mr. Ahmad. They pasted an offensive sticker on the gate of his house, fired four or five revolver-shots in the air and departed. Mr. Ahmad came out of his house after their departure and recovered four empty bullet-shells from there.

Sabza Zar; July 2012:            A few mullas came to the house of Mr. Rasheed Ahmad Javed and handed an invitation card to a women’s meeting of Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat. Mr. Javed’s father took the card without any comment. The mullas told the gentleman to ensure the ladies’ participation in the meeting and asserted, “We want to cleanse Pakistan of Mirzais; you should participate in this noble cause.”

Anti-Ahmadi gossip has become common here in the bazaar and markets. A group of men assemble in the main park of this area and speak venomously against the Ahmadiyya community.

Lahore; July 2012:     Opponents of the Ahmadiyya community published an 8-page pamphlet titled: “My acceptance of Islam – A lightening strike on Mirzaiat” by Irfan Mahmood Barq.

It carries a mostly fictitious story of Mr. Barq who professed to be a former Ahmadi who recanted after due research. He narrates a fabricated but highly emotional story of the recantation of his late mother. He claims that she recanted on her death bed and confided (only) to him that she had become a Muslim and told him exclusively that her funeral rights should be performed by Muslims.

The entire pamphlet has been obviously drafted by some professional agitator as it lists the oft-repeated allegations against Ahmadiyya theology. The pamphlet urges the readers (though indirectly) to put the Ahmadis to sword, ‘in the tradition of (Abu Bakr) Siddique.’

The address of publishers and their phone numbers are given in bold at the end of the pamphlet:

Anjuman Muhibban Khatme Nabuwwat, Kot Abdul Malik

0333-4664080, 0300-4856384, 0341-4040568

Wahdat Colony; July 2012:   The opponents of Ahmadiyya community formed an association in the area in league with PML (N). Mr. Abdul Waheed Sindhu, a staunch anti-Ahmadi, is its president. They demanded that except for Ahmadis of Wahdat Colony, none else from other nearby localities may offer Friday prayers in the local Ahmadiyya place of worship.

Baghbanpura, Shalimar Town and Township; August 2012: Anti-Ahmadiyya activism increased visibly in these areas, this month. Anti-Ahmadi stickers were pasted at various locations. The people were provoked through speeches and sermons. The mosques in which these sermons were delivered are as follows:

1) Allama Ihsan Ilahi Zaheer Hospital mosque in Ghore Shah Darbar Road, 2) Masjid Ahle Hadith Chowk Shuwala, Ghore Shah, 3) Jamia Farooqia Rizvania “Barelvi Maslik” Ghore Shah, 4) Masjid Taqwa “Deobandi Firqa” Ghore Shah Road, 5) Jamia Naeemia Bhogiwal Branch Jamia Naeemia Garhi Shahu, 6) Jamia Ashrafia Bhogiwal, Ferozpur Road, 7) Jamia Masjid Muslim Park and Masjid Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat “Barelvi” Chowk Shuwala, Ghore Shah Road, and 8) Masjid Jhanda Chowk “Barelvi Maslik” Baghbanpura.

Baghbanpura; August 2012:               The opponents of the Ahmadiyya community here distributed a booklet, “Dawate Fikr aur Ansarullah” on September 3, 2012. Mulla Ibtisam Ilahi Zaheer a staunch anti-Ahmadi delivered the Friday sermon in the Ahle Hadith mosque adjacent to the hospital. The topic of his sermon was, “Why the Qadianis are not Muslim?” His scheduled Friday sermon was greatly publicized in the area through banners and posters. Mulla Zaheer used foul language against the Ahmadiyya community and provoked the worshippers against Ahmadis.

Lahore; August 2012: Some men came looking for Mr. Basharat Ahmad, Ahmadi, whose son Mr. Muzaffar Ahmad had captured a terrorist during the attacks on Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore in 2010. They were riding a black car. The police took no action to ensure safety of the prime witnesses of the massacre of Ahmadis, and of members of their families.

Johar Town; September 7, 2012:        A Khatme Nabuwwat conference was held in the mosque Kanzul Ummal of Sector B-1, Johar Town. Mullas from different locations participated in this conference.

A procession comprising approximately 60 motorcycles and a few cars was led by mulla Shabeer of the mosque Jamia Aloom Islamia Hanfia of Sector A-II, Township. This procession stopped in front of Ahmadis’ houses, used foul language and raised anti-Ahmadiyya slogans. It also stopped in front of the Ahmadiyya mosque in the Township, and raised slogans. Thereafter it went to the venue of the conference in Johar Town. The authorities made no effort to disperse this sectarian rally.

Allama Iqbal Town; September, 2012: An Ahmadi youth married a girl from a non-Ahmadi family with her father’s permission, after she had joined the Ahmadiyya community. Still a criminal case was registered against him and his mother, brother etc. under the anti-Ahmadi laws. His brother was arrested. The groom had to leave the country to avoid arrest. Details of this case are available in Chapter 5 of Annual Report 2012.

Rachna Town; December 7, 2012:   The police attempted to arrest four terrorists from a gas station in Rachna Town. Two of them succeeded in making good their escape, while two were captured. Subsequently it was learnt that fire arms and explosives were recovered from them. They had plans to target Ahmadiyya mosques, a source disclosed. These men are residents of this town. A few other residents have fled the neighbourhood, while the police have detained some suspects.

Ferozwala Annex Colony; December 8, 2012:  Anti-Ahmadi extremist elements held a rally in the local mosque after the night prayers (Isha). They used sound amplifiers and agitated the audience greatly. They indulged in very foul language against Ahmadis. One of these speakers posed to be a former Ahmadi, now turned a Mujahid of Khatme Nabuwwat.

Sabzazar; December 12, 2012:          A police van came over to the residence of Mr. Mansur Ahmad, an Ahmadi resident of Sabzazar, at about 11 p.m. The policemen told Mr. Ahmad to take off the tiled plate of Masha Allah (as willed by God) from the exterior of the house. Mr. Ahmad refused to do that. At this the police decided to undertake the sacrilege themselves. They broke up the tiled plate and took away the pieces with them. Obviously they did that in compliance with some mulla’s demand.

It is relevant that the law does not forbid Ahmadis the display of writings in Arabic script.

Iqbal Town; November/December 2012:                  One Waqas Ahmad had filed an application with the police to register a criminal case against Mr. Wasim Ahmad, Ahmadi for undertaking sacrifice of an animal at the occasion of the festival of Eid ul Azha.

Now, a police official conveyed to Mr. Wasim Ahmad a message from this shady complainant: Waqas is now ready to withdraw his complaint if he is paid his expenses by the accused.

It seems that Waqas Ahmad ran from pillar to post in the judicial and police offices, spent time, money and effort in pursuit of his unworthy cause, but made little headway on account of it being unwarranted. He should have been ashamed of his scheme; instead he expects to be paid for his failure. NO WAY.

Sabzazar; December 2012:    Mr. Rashid Mahmud Kahlon, an Ahmadi elder of the local community received a threat letter from one A. Amjad advocate (Extract):

“Two maulvis approached me and conveyed about you that you call yourself a Musulman and your wife and daughter-in-law teach the recitation of the Quran to Muslim children. You and your son remain active. This caused great anger among those present in the mosque and they decided that your case would be forwarded to the Mansura Centre (of Jamaat Islami, in Lahore) so as to have a criminal case registered against you under religious laws, by Liaquat Baloch so as to deny you the possibility of release on bail. I obtained your address with great difficulty. I am one of the members of this committee and warn you sympathetically to take care.”

A few other Ahmadis of Sabzazar also received threat letters. This man, Amjad the advocate, had met Mr. Kahlon earlier; now he has written to him.

Garhi Shahu; December 18, 2012:  Mulla Imran wrote a complaint to Police Station Garhi Shahu that there is a marble plate affixed in the house of Mr. Abid Nasim Chughtai, a ‘Qadiani’, on which attributes of God are inscribed; this amounts to defiling them, the plate should be removed. He supported his application with a video and pictures taken with his cell-phone.

The SHO of P.S. Garhi Shahu visited the Ahmadiyya office the next day, met an official and told him to have the plate at Mr. Chughtai’s home covered up. “We Ahmadis have great respect for God’s attributes; we cannot even contemplate effacing or covering them up,” the official told the SHO.

It is surprising that an SHO in Lahore is so prompt to attend to an absurd demand of a mulla, while generally it is not easy to get an SHO moving even after a murder. It is obvious that the SHO is sure that he is responding to the policy emanating from the Chief Minister’s office.

This narrative has become rather long, although it is still not comprehensive; a great deal is left unreported. What went on in Lahore this year could find a place in some book of “world records” if it recorded violations of human rights and freedom of religion in cities.



A minister in the Punjab and Blasphemy

Lahore; January 7, 2012:      It is appropriate to place on record the views of a PML(N) minister of the Punjab government, expressed in the provincial Assembly. The Express Tribune of January 7, 2012 filed the following report (excerpts):

Planning and Development Minister Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor on Friday said that peace and order in the province could not be guaranteed if blasphemy against the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) continued. He said the faithful would not always wait for court orders in such case.

Ghafoor suggested that the minority members should wait until the court decided Aasia Bibi’s fate. He said, “If blasphemers continue, the society will produce another Ghazi Ilmuddin Shaheed.”

Earlier, Muhammad Ilyas Chinioti, a PML-N MPA from Jhang, during the debate over law and order situation, also said that minorities should refrain from discussing Aasia Bibi’s case, till the court hearing her appeal gave its final verdict.

He was referring to a speech by Mali Perviz Rafique, an MPA on a reserve seat, on Thursday, in which he had expressed his reservations over the insecurity minority citizens in Punjab faced. He had also spoken in support of Aasia Bibi.

Rafique had demanded that the government do more to provide security to the minorities and their worship places. He had also appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan to act against the clerics who were publically supporting Mumtaz Qadri, the self-confessed killer of former Punjab governor Salman Taseer. Rafique regretted that Qadri was given ‘protocol’ in jail, while Aasia Bibi’s life was in the ‘barrack’.

Several minority members protested against Chinioti, a son of Maulana Manzoor Chinioti, a Tehreek-i-Khatme Nabuwat leader, and also sought to speak on a point of order. It was then that the speaker gave the floor to Ghafoor.

MPA Najmi Saleem condemned the minister’s statement and accused the Punjab government of discrimination against minorities. She said that while minority members respected the court, the PML-N did not.

“It’s strange that the honourable Muslim minister is talking about killing people, though his religion prohibits killings of innocent people,” she said.


Major terror strikes during Shahbaz regime

Lahore:           The daily The Nation published a report by Ashraf Javed in its issue of July 14, 2012, under the above title. This report lists all the major strikes undertaken by terrorists in the Punjab since March 2009. Its opening paragraphs highlight the role of the Punjab Police in dealing with these strikes. Extracts:

LAHORE – Many may not believe it, but the fact remains that the police in the largest province have badly failed to unearth the militants involved in dozens of acts of terrorism across Punjab during the current tenure of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

According to data collected from different sources, no less than 915 people including security personnel and civilians have been killed in terror strikes, which have taken place in the Punjab province since 2009.

A total of 137 people, including 110 civilians, 19 security forces personnel and eight militants, were killed in 20 separate incidents in 2011, as compared with 316 people in 2010 and 422 killed in 2009, reflecting a significant decrease in fatalities.

The police have registered the cases after each incident and launched the investigations, but failed to arrest any of the terrorists or their mastermind since 2009.

Sources revealed that the intelligence agencies, however, captured a few men involved in the bombings or major terror attacks. The intelligence agencies after completing their investigations handed over the arrested terrorists to the police for further interrogations.

P.S.     It is common knowledge that almost all these terrorists belong to and are tasked by so-called islamist parties, groups and organizations, some of these banned. Ahmadis have repeatedly experienced that the police when approached by the extremist elements always yielded to their demands against Ahmadiyya right to freedom of faith. The demolition of minarets of the Ahmadiyya mosque in Kharian by the police is the most recent case. As early as April 2009 the government of Punjab sponsored, funded and held an anti-Ahmadiyya Khatme Nabuwwat Conference in the Badshahi Mosque, Lahore. The Punjab Police, whatever their professional reputation is quick in assessing the trends, wishes and needs of their political masters. The Punjab Counter Terrorism Department reported ‘de-radicalization’ and ‘rehabilitation of 300 ex-members of banned outfits’ (The daily Dawn, Lahore; July 24, 2012). Terrorist outfits in the Punjab are indeed fortunate to have a very kind and caring government in Lahore.


A Khatme Nabuwwat mulla is officially appointed Coordinator (Advisor) by the PML government in Punjab

Faisalabad:     The daily Aman, Faisalabad published a big ad on August 8, 2012 by a self-proclaimed social and political leader Mahmud Ejaz, congratulating Sahibzadah Zahid Mahmud Qasmi, secretary general of the International Khatme Nabuwwat Movement, Pakistan on his appointment as Coordinator (Advisor) of Religious Affairs of the  Government of the Punjab. This post is equivalent to that of a provincial minister. This calls for a comment, as the sole aim of a Khatme Nabuwwat organization in Pakistan is to wipe out Ahmadiyyat.

This mulla is a general secretary of the International Khatme Nabuwwat (End of Prophethood) Movement that was led in the past by mulla Manzoor Chinioti who is remembered for his statement: “If two fish indulge in a fight at the bottom of the sea, there must be a Qadiani hand in it.” Chinioti accused the Ahmadi Khalifatul Masih IV of the murder of mulla Aslam Qureshi after the latter’s disappearance. Chinioti offered that he should be hanged in a square if that was found to be untrue. A few years later Qureshi turned up from his self-imposed exile in Iran. Manzoor Chinioti did not know where to hide. After his death, his son mulla Ilyas Chinioti, a member of JUI assumed the leadership of this Khatme Nabuwwat Movement.

Mulla Ilyas Chinioti switched over to PML(N) after 2008 elections in which he was elected as an MPA. Obviously, in the Punjab, it was more profitable to be in the PML (N) than in JUI. Thereafter he indulged in power politics and scandalous deals as an MPA of the ruling party. The daily Jinnah printed a story with the following headlines on July 23, 2010:

Lahore High Court orders 6848 Kanals of Chiniot land not to be leased (to anyone) but should be used for tree plantation by the Forest Department.

MPA Maulana Ilyas Chinioti had recommended to the DCO to lease this land to his father-in-law , brother-in-law (hamzulf) and personal servant.

The daily Khabrain reported Ilyas Chinioti’s statement recently on July 3, 2012:

The US aims at civil war in Pakistan through getting the Qadianis declared as Muslims.

Maulana Ilyas Chinioti, the Amir of International Khatme Nabuwwat has stated that Qadianis are agents of the US and the UK; and they work to promote the interest of these powers.

Mulla Qasimi the general secretary of this Deobandi organization tries to excel the absurdities of his Amir. He was quoted by the daily Nawa-i-Waqt on April 21, 2012 as:

“There are hidden hands in the organized conspiracy whereby electric outages are inflicted (on people) at the prayer-times, particularly the Friday prayers. The Jews, Hindus and Qadianis are involved in this. He stated that important decisions will be made in the leaders’ meeting of the Pakistan Defense Council (Difae Pakistan Council).”

It is noteworthy that the PML (N) selected this sectarian mulla to be their Advisor on Religious Affairs. In February this year the Mutahidda Ulema Board, a provincial body in the field of religious affairs, contrived a ban on the monthly Misbah, the Ahmadi women’s magazine and the Ahmadiyya daily Al-Fazl. However, PML (N) has a different face for the media and the outside world, as the daily Dawn reported in a headline on May 5, 2011: “CM (Punjab) wants genie of extremism bottled.”


Former prime minister hobnobs with clerics

Golra, Islamabad; August 25, 2012:  Mullas held a Tajdar Khatme Nabuwwat Conference in Golra, a small town on the outskirts of Islamabad. Mr. Yusuf Raza Gilani, the former prime minister, thought it politically advantageous to speak about the End of Prophethood and be seen in company of clerics. The mullas uttered a great deal of foul language against the Ahmadiyya community. Mr. Gilani also joined the chorus and claimed credit for the PPP to have piloted Amendment II to the Constitution that imposed non-Muslim status on Ahmadis. He failed to mention that this intervention in the religious affairs of the people of Pakistan was further built upon by the dictator Zia ul Haq who sent Mr. Bhutto, the author of Amendment II to the gallows.

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