Post-election harassment of Ahmadi leadership

Post-election harassment of Ahmadi leadership

Rabwah:         Elections for the national and provincial assemblies were held on July 25, 2018. These were based on ‘joint electorate’ system; however Ahmadis were made an exception in that a separate voting list was prepared for them. Also, the voter form carried a space and a sworn affidavit whereby they would have to disassociate themselves from their Holy Prophet (peace be on him). This is unacceptable to them. Accordingly, these elections were boycotted by Ahmadis and an announcement to that effect was published in two newspapers.

Over this, Ahmadi-bashers moved writs in various courts accusing Ahmadis of ‘treason’ against the Constitution.

A writ petition was made in the court of Session Judge Lahore. The court dismissed it.

Another writ was moved against Ahmadi Director of Public Affairs and also the Director General, in the court of Addl. Session Judge (ASJ) Lalian. The court directed the police to report on the issue. The police did not support the author, so this case was also dismissed.

The petitioner thereafter appealed to Lahore High Court against the decision of the ASJ. A single judge upheld his decision. The petitioner challenged this decision in Intra-Court appeal of LHC. He named the Ahmadi leader, ASJ Lalian, DSP Chenab Nagar, SHO Chenab Nagar, and Chief Editor daily Abtak as respondents. The case was heard on April 4, 2019. The court dismissed the appeal, in view of the police report, ASJ Lalian verdict and the judgment of the single judge LHC.

To be an Ahmadi and live in peace in Pakistan, his own motherland, is not facile.

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