PPP’s human rights cell condemns attack on Ahmedis

The PPP’s human rights cell has strongly condemned the mob attack on an Ahmedi’s home, killing innocent women and children in Gujranwala and called upon the government to make special efforts to protect the Ahmedi community as they face persecution. “The mob attack shows utter failure of the law enforcement agencies to protect the vulnerable families under attack. We would also like to know what action has been taken so far against the murderers and mobsters,” asked Nafisa Shah, Central Coordinator of the cell. An equally horrific episode of some mobsters celebrating following the torching of homes shows how extremist violence has made inroads into society at large. This is equally condemnable and merits punishment according to the law.
“The Ahmedi’s of Pakistan have been facing persecution for years but there is a culture of silence and collusion that has led to the failure of the law enforcement agencies to act against those who commit offences against the community. The Ahmedi’s have faced persecution for practicing their religion. They have been ostracised and have faced hate crime with impunity. We demand strict action by the government to catch the culprits, besides taking steps to protect the Ahmedis. Further, the parliament should examine ways and means to prevent misuse of the blasphemy laws,” said Nafisa.

Source: http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/national/01-Aug-2014/ppp-s-human-rights-cell-condemns-attack-on-ahmedis

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