Prayer centre sealed by authorities

Prayer centre sealed by authorities

Lahore; July-August 2019:  Ahmadiyya community in Model Town Lahore has a prayer centre in General Hospital area. The local Ahmadiyya community had already applied for its registration. A section of locals are opposed to Ahmadis’ congregation at the centre for worship. Recently officials of Special Police Branch visited the site and inspected it. Some locals gathered outside the prayer centre and insisted on not allowing Ahmadis to worship there.

DSP called Ahmadis on August 1, 2019 and told Ahmadis to stop worship there until an NOC is obtained from the DC office. He also urged Ahmadis to remove the Kalima and the niche from the prayer centre as he thought these are not allowed to Ahmadis. Ahmadis told him that they would not remove the Kalima but would not resist the authorities if they did that.  He told Ahmadis to write an affidavit of compliance, but Ahmadis asked for some time to consider.

On August 2, 2019 Ahmadis were called again to the police station and told to sign an agreement. Ahmadis had to comply.

Ahmadis approached higher authorities for help, but on August 6, 2019 the police sealed the prayer centre under the pressure of mullas. They say that it has been sealed to defuse the dispute to reach an amicable solution. This is a bogus excuse as on numerous such occasions, the sealing of Ahmadiyya worship places has resulted in permanent closure.

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