Present day Mullaism in Pakistan – a sample for archives

Present day Mullaism in Pakistan – a sample for archives

Lahore; June 29, 2019:          It is of historic value to have something on record in archives that is demonstrative of the state of an institution in a particular area and time. A recent news report in the daily Jinnah of Lahore on June 29, 2019 should meet this futuristic need, as it sums up a leading mulla’s response to a foreign report on human rights situation in Pakistan. We translate it below from the vernacular original:

US agenda on freedom of religion and freedom of expression is opposed to the Quran (teachings)

None may be given license in Pakistan to indulge in blasphemy: Dr Ashraf Asif Jalali.

Lahore (General Reporter):  A big Huquq Mustafa (pbuh) conference was held in Jame Masjid Raza e Mujtaba in support of the defense of PPC 295-C (the blasphemy law) and to resist American interference in Pakistan (affairs). It was held under the auspices of Tehrik Labbaik Ya Rasululla (TLP) and Tehrik Siraat Mustaqueem (TSM).

Addressing the conference Dr Muhammad Ashraf Asif Jalali, the Chief of TLP and TSM said: “American agenda on freedom of religion and freedom of expression is opposed (mutaasaadim) to the Quran. There is no room for that in Pakistan. Even in Europe, there are restrictions on freedom of expression in civilizational interests (mufaadaat), but the US is propagating freedom in the face of (threats to) Islamic sacrosancts. This is hypocrisy. American Secretary of State’s demand that Pakistan should do more in the religion domain amounts to playing with the pious sentiments of Pakistani people. The demand to release more than 40 persons penalized for blasphemy amounts to expression of no-confidence in Pakistani courts. None may be given license to indulge in Blasphemy in Pakistan. It is (however) distressing (Almiyyah) that India and China have rejected the American report calling it interference in internal affairs of their country.

This mulla, who calls himself a Doctor, is now holding the portfolios of Allama Rizvi and Pir Afzal Qadri who were detained in the recent past for declaring Supreme Court judges Wajib ul Qatl. The TLP they lead indulged in extensive violent agitation in November 2017 on anti-Ahmadiyya agenda. Dr Jalali’s statement reflects TLP’s (a Barelvi party) policy on human rights, freedom of belief, as also on national and international politics. On his quoting the Quran, a savant remarked: This mulla has little understanding of the Quranic teachings.

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