Press Release: 3 Ahmadis belonging to the same family were attacked in Karachi.

Press Section                                                                       Nazarat UmurAama

12-10-2015                                                      Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan Rabwah


3 Ahmadis belonging to the same family were attacked in Karachi.

Vandals cannot make Ahmadis frightened: Spokesman of Jamat Ahmadiyya

Chenab Nagar/Rabwah (PR) 3 members of Ahmadiyya community belonging to the same family were attacked yesterday on 11th October, 2015. As a result, two of them became seriously injured. According to the details, resident of Gulshan Iqbal Karachi, Saleem Rafaqat along with his 2 nephews were coming back to the home on the car after offering Isha prayers at Ahmadiyya worship place. 2 unknown persons standing near the gate of house opened up fire on them. They were shifted to hospital soon after the attack. 2 bullets hit the shoulder and back bone of Salim Rafaqat respectively. One bullet crossed the head of his nephew, Moaaz Ahmad who was discharged by the doctors after providing first aid. Shahmir Ahmad is still in critical condition due to the bullet struck in his stomach and remained on ventilator in ICU. Keep in mind that Ahmadi young man, Nauman Najam was also the victim of sectarian killing on 21st March.

Spokesman of Ahmadiyya community, Saleem Uddin has expressed his grief and sorrow over the incident and said that literature based on hatred against Ahmadiyya community is being published and distributed continuously. It has become the great danger for the lives of Ahmadis. It was clearly mentioned in National Action Plan that action will be taken against literature and speech promoting hatred. But it is sorry to say that extremists are making negative propagandas against Ahmadis. Terrorists take great advantage of these propagandas and play with the lives of Ahmadis. He demanded authorities to arrest unknown attackers on urgent basis and punish them in accordance with the law.    ###

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