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The open hate campaign against Ahmadis reached new heights even innocent children was not spared. 6 Ahmadis murdered and 31 survived assassination attempts of because of their faith.

After the promulgation of 1984 anti Ahmadiyya Ordinance 210 Ahmadis have been murdered because of their faith. There are 1008 cases pending in various courts throughout Pakistan.

In 2011 the Pakistani Urdu press continued the publication of baseless news stories. During the year more than 1173 news stories on baseless propaganda against Ahmadis were published.

Jama’at Ahmadiyya has published the report on persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan and the press report for 2011 about Pakistani Urdu press propaganda against Ahmadis.

Rabwah (Press Release): Jama’at Ahmadiyya Pakistan has released the persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan report for 2011. The spokes person for Jama’at Ahmadiyya Pakistan Mr. Saleem ud Din said “there was an open hate campaign against Ahmadis in Pakistan and young children studying in nursery grade classes were not even spared from this horrific discrimination and hatred”. Six Ahmadis lost their lives because of the fact that they were Ahmadis and more than 20 were targets of assassination attempts. Mr. Saleem ud Din also informed that hate filled posters; stickers, fliers and calendars were openly distributed across Pakistan. He specifically mentioned the hate campaigns faced by the Ahmadis in Faisalabad where fliers and leaflets were openly distributed calling anyone to kill Ahmadis in open. The government and security agencies failed to take any concrete action against such actions. Punishing the culprits behind these leaflets and hate material is a far cry.

The extremists have increased efforts to isolate the community and the campaign to encourage people to boycott Ahmadis and Ahmadi products was also a major issue. Expelling children from educational institutions also increased where young kids studying in nursery level classes were not spared. Ahmadis children faced expulsion from schools or outright refusal by the educational institutions to admit them. The government seemed to succumb under the pressure from extremists and decided to look other way while these acts of hate and terror were carried out.

All the acts perpetrated after the 1984 Anti Ahmadiyya Ordinance are against the fundamentals of the constitution of Pakistan. The post 1984 era for Ahmadis is marked by an increasingly difficult period for Ahmadis. Mr. Saleem ud Din urged the government to consider these Ahmadiyya specific laws and ensure that Ahmadis in Pakistan are given equal rights as any other citizen. Ahmadis are facing legal, social, cultural and political discrimination because of these laws and these are against the very base of our society where equal rights of individual are prime. Mr. Saleem ud Din said “there has been 210 deaths after the imposition of these discriminatory laws in 1984, 254 assassination attempts on various Ahmadis, 23 Ahmadi places of worship were demolished and 28 were sealed by the administration. 16 places of worship were forcefully taken over, 29 graves of deceased Ahmadis were opened and desecrated and 57 Ahmadis were refused burial in common graveyard.

Mr. Saleem ud Din further added that during 2011 Ahmadis were not allowed to build place of worship anywhere in Pakistan. At many places police forcefully stopped the construction of places of worship. As a matter of fact according to the constitution of Pakistan every citizen is free to practice their faith and build their places of worship. Just because of prejudice Ahmadi businesses are targeted and Ahmadi officials in government and private sector are victimised.

According to Saleem ud Din in 2011 as well, Ahmadis were not allowed to hold any convention in their centre Rabwah, where 95% population belongs to Ahmadiyya community. Sports events were not spared either and the community was not allowed to hold any type of sports events openly. On the other hand those against the Jama’at Ahmadiyya were given a free hand to hold rallies whenever, wherever and however they want. They were also given a free hand to abuse and slander revered Ahmadi figures.

The spokes person of Jama’at Ahmadiyya Pakistan called upon the moderate and conscious circles of Pakistani community to urge the government to take affective measures to curtail the prejudice on the basis of faith so that Pakistan could be rid of sectarianism and prejudice and Pakistan could become a prosperous and peaceful country.###

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