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02-11-2013                                                      Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan Rabwah

Press Release

The third member of a family was target-killed due to difference of faith

After son in law and son the 70 years old Mr. Bashir Ahmad Kiyani became the victim of barbarous killers

The murders of innocent Ahmadis in an area of Karachi is a big question mark: Spokesman Jamaat Ahmadiyya

Chenab Nagar: (PR) Mr. Bashir Ahmad Kiyani, 70 years old was murdered due to religious hatred in Karachi. According to details Mr. Bashir Ahmad Kiyani and an Ahmadi child was going to the Ahmadiyya worship place “Baitul Hamd” when unknown assailants opened fire on both of them. Mr. Bashir received one bullet in his temple and two bullets in his chest while the child was hit by one bullet in his leg. They were immediately shifted to the nearest hospital. Mr. Kiyani succumbed to the injuries while the small child got stable. He is survived by a widow and five children. His body was brought to Rabwah where a great number of citizens attended funeral prayers.

Mr. Kiyani was having a good fame in the locality and had no personal vendetta with anyone. He was killed just for being an Ahmadi. It is worth noting that Mr. Kiyani’s son in law Mr. Zahur Ahmad Kiyani and son, Mr. Ijaz Ahmad Kiyani were killed subsequently on August 21 and September 18 for their Ahmadiyya faith.

Mr. Saleemuddin, the spokesman of Jamaat Ahmadiyya expressed great sorrow and sadness and said that the third member of same family was killed in a locality which shows that an organized group is target-killing Ahmadis. These sacrifices are further strengthening our morale. Opponents could not weaken the faith of any Ahmadi nor could such terrorism force any Ahmadi to lose his faith.

Mr. Saleemuddin said, the decrees of Ahmadis being Wajibul Qatl (must be killed) are being issued in conferences held in the sacred of Khatme Nabuwwat openly. The opponents further publish and distribute hate literature in public in which they are provoked to boycott Ahmadis and even to kill them but the governmental authorities are not paying any heed to it. The innocent Ahmadis are losing their lives due to this negligence. The brutal murderers should be arrested and punished according to the law, he demanded.



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