Problems in Education (2016)

Problems in education


 Expulsion of Ahmadi children from school

Attock: Ahmadis of Attock in northern Punjab have been targeted in the recent past in many ways. Two Ahmadis were killed there for their faith. Two Ahmadi lecturers were fired from their jobs in a college. The latest enormity is expulsion of two Ahmadi children from their school. One, Muhammad Ibtisam was in the Prep class while his brother Basal Ahmad was a student of class III in Sir Syed Public School. The principal issued the orders on October 15, 2016.

Sir Syed was a great Muslim educationist in India in the 19th century; he established esteemed Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College in Aligarh in 1875. He would have surely disapproved of the action perpetrated by the principal of a school carrying his name.

Grave threat to an Ahmadi educationist

Mong, District Mandi Bahauddin; January 20, 2016:         Syed Sadiq Ahamd Sherazi owns here Sherazi Junior Model Middle School that enjoys very good reputation in the area. This school is serving the local people for the last 26 years. Syed Sherazi is also the president of the local Ahmadiyya community.

A woman in burqa (Islamic covering) came to his house and knocked at the door. When a boy opened the door she handed him a written note and went away. The note had the following message (translation):

“Salaamu Alaikum. Tomorrow there is a function in your school. Mr. Shah (Syed Sherazi), come there well prepared to die. We warned you before, but you did not take it seriously. Tomorrow we will keep our word. You have forgotten the October incident; we will remind you of that tomorrow. See you tomorrow. (In the protection of Allah)

The punishment of a blasphemer – Chop his head off the body


A lover of the Prophet (PBUH)”

Professor faces hostility at college

Jhang; May 2016:      Professor Mian Munawar Ahmad has been facing hostility for his Ahmadi belief for a long time in the local college. He is in charge of the General and Modern Physics Laboratory for the last 15 years and is an expert in his field. The principal of the college is under the influence of anti-Ahmadiyya elements and intends to make a junior professor in charge of the lab instead. This junior has little experience of such lab work. Anti-Ahmadiyya staff is striving to get Mian Ahmad transferred from the college. The atmosphere at the college is very tense for Professor Ahmad. The stress is taking its toll. He has to remain on guard in the face of prevailing hostility.

Problem in education

Kot Lakhpat, Lahore; March, 2016:             Mr. Mahir Ahmad, Ahmadi was studying in a local college in Lahore. He became victim of religious activism when some of his friends came to know of his religious identity. They invited him to a meeting but Mahir did not go. One of Mahir’s friends informed him that they intended to harm him. Mahir also received threatening calls from an unknown caller. The caller was traced to be an acquaintance of his father’s friend.

The situation was assessed to be worrisome, so Mahir had to leave his home and had to move elsewhere. His family was advised to exercise great caution.