Religiously Motivated Murders – 1998



Mr. Mohammad Ayub Azam at Wah Cantt

Mr. Mohammad Ayub Azam was murdered at Wah Cantt on 7 July. He was walking back home at about 2100hr when he was intercepted by three men close to his home. They asked him his name and whether he was an Ahmadi. To the latter part of the question he replied in the affirmative. At this they fired at him twice and fled from the scene of crime. Mr. Azam was rushed to the hospital where he died within an hour. No arrest has been made.


Malik Naseer Ahmad of Vehari

Malik Naseer Ahmad, President of the Ahmadiyya Community Vehari, Punjab was shot dead in the early hours of the morning of 4 August when he went to the mosque to offer his prayers. He drove to the mosque; after parking when he walked to the mosque, assailants opened fire at him. He was hit in the chest, fell down and died. When other worshippers arrived they identified the victim. No arrest has been made todate.

Almost a year earlier his predecessor, Mr. Ateeq Bajwa, was also murdered. He was killed in broad daylight by a pillion rider, who pumped 18 bullets in his body.


Mr. Nazir Ahmad Bugghio at Nawabshah, Sindh

Mr. Nazir Ahmad Bugghio, a teacher by profession, was murdered at about 0620 hrs on 10 October 1998 at Nawabshah, Sind. Someone knocked at his door at the early hour. Thinking that it could be a beggar, Mr. Nazir took out some money, opened the door and offered it to him. The visiting bearded mullah took out his pistol, fired two shots at him from point blank range and fled. The police have not found the murderer, although leads are available.


Malik Ejaz Ahmad at Wazirabad

Malik Ejaz Ahmad fell victim to an assassin’s bullets at Wazirabad in the forenoon on 1 December 1998. He was 50.

Malik Ejaz was at his Cement Depot when a visitor asked him if he was Malik Ejaz. He replied in the affirmative. At this, the visitor took out his revolver, fired three shots at him and fled. He was given a chase by an employee who managed to grab him at a distance of one furlong. The killer was handed over to the police.

It may be mentioned that Malik Ejaz Ahmad belonged to the same twin village of Dhoneki-Dhoenki, where Mr. Nazir Ahmad, another Ahmadi, was murdered last year in October. The assassins were arrested. Had the government punished them and allowed the law to take its just and expeditious course, the murder of Malik Ejaz could have been avoided. It is learnt that the murderer, Imran Jaffri, is a member of the Majlis Tahaffuz Khatame Nabuwwat. It is the same organization on whose Advisory Council sit VIPs like President Tarar and Minister Raja Zafarul Haque, according to its General Secretary, Maulvi Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti.


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