Religiously Motivated Murders – 2007



Mr. Muhammad Ashraf of Mandi Bahauddin

Seerah, District Mandi Bahauddin; March 1, 2007: Mr. Muhammad Ashraf, an Ahmadi was shot dead by an assailant, while having breakfast at about 08:00 at a restaurant. He died on the spot.

Later, the murderer ASI Riaz Gondal, surrendered before Qadirabad police. The Police Station House Officer Nazir Ahmad said that the ASI told the police that he killed Ashraf for changing his faith from a Sunni Muslim to an Ahmadi, according to the Daily Times of March 2. Later, Riaz told media men at the police station that he had done nothing wrong and applied Islamic law that prescribed death for apostasy (the daily Dawn, Lahore; March 2, 2007).

Mr. Ashraf joined the Ahmadiyya Community some years ago. He was a practicing Ahmadi. He had kept his conversion secret initially, but had disclosed it three or four years ago. Some villagers did not like his exercise of freedom of faith, and the local mullahs opposed him fiercely. They delivered hostile sermons against him and the authorities took no action against their sectarian ferocity. A week ago, at the occasion of the wedding of his niece, the opposition enforced his social boycott, and made it a hot issue. The ASI decided to summarily implement the mullah’s Shariah all by himself.

The victim was married, and is survived by his widow and three daughters. The family has lost its head and bread winner.

Fifteen months earlier, some assailants attacked an Ahmadiyya mosque in the same district, killing eight worshippers and injuring twenty more.


Chaudhry Habibullah Sial of Qasur

Adda Nur Pur Nehr, District Qasur: Chaudhry Habibullah Sial was found murdered at his home on the morning of April 8, 2007. He was 82.

Mr. Sial’s home was used as a prayers centre also by Ahmadis. He was a practicing Ahmadi. The locality is partly inhabited by activists of banned organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Dawat-o-Irshad. They occasionally agitated against Ahmadiyyat. On March 23, 2007 they set on fire the prayer mats of Ahmadis.

The dead body of Chaudhry Sial was found tied up with a string around his legs. His arms had also been tied up behind the back. Some blood had visibly oozed out of his nostrils and ears. The killers banded his face tightly with an apron. The post-mortem indicated that his death could have occurred through suffocation.

Mr. Sial was a respectable old man with very good reputation. He was pious, generous to the poor and helpful to the needy. He spent little on himself, but was free-handed to the under-privileged. May his soul rest in peace.


Dr Hameedullah of Karachi

Dr Hameedullah of Steel Town, Karachi was murdered on the night of 20/21 September 2007. He left his clinic at about 10:30 p.m. but did not make it to his next appointment, so a search was launched. His car was located the next day as it was fitted with a ‘tracker’. The doctor had been abducted and then shot dead. There was no demand of a ransom etc from his abductors.

The good doctor is survived by his widow, two sons and two daughters. He was 55. In the past he had served in West Africa for nine years with an Ahmadiyya charitable organization. In Karachi, he served as president of the local community at Landhi, and was before his death a secretary of the Jamaat at Steel Town.

His funeral was attended by a large number, and he was buried at the Ahmadiyya graveyard in Karachi.

It is relevant to mention that the abductors let go the driver of the doctor on being told that he was not an Ahmadi. This proves the assumption that the assassins were out to kill the doctor only for his faith.


Professor Dr. Mobashir Ahmad of Karachi

Professor Dr. Mobashir Ahmad of Clifton was shot dead by unknown assailants in the evening, outside his clinic on September 26, 2007. Dr Ahmad arrived at the clinic in Manzoor Colony at about 19:30. Two persons who were already there waiting for him opened fire at him. He was shot in the head and the neck. His brother who was attending to the pharmacy next door came out and drove him to Jinnah Hospital, where he was declared dead after an examination.

Dr. Mobashir Ahmad is survived by his widow, a son and three daughters who are all still students at colleges/school. He was 52.

The deceased also worked as a social worker. He extended special attention and care to the poor. He was friendly and kind, and enjoyed a good reputation. He was Principal of the College of Nursing and also worked as a professor doctor in Jinnah Hospital.

It is relevant to mention that his nephew, Sheikh Rafiq Ahmad  was also murdered at the same location last year for his faith, again by unknown assailants.

His funeral service was attended by non-Ahmadi colleagues as well as Ahmadis. He was buried at the Ahmadiyya graveyard, Bagh-e-Ahmad.

The daily Dawn, Jang and Express of Karachi reported on October 8, 2007 that the police arrested two men suspected to be involved in several cases of kidnapping and murder including that of a Protocol Officer (a Shia) to the Prime Minister and Dr Hameedullah, Ahmadi. The accused belong to Jaish Muhammad and Sipah Sahaba organizations that indulge in sectarian and terrorist activities. They received training in Wana, according to the police. The accused told the police that Ahmadis and Shias were on their hit list.


Mr Humayan Waqar of Sheikhupura

Sheikhupura: December 7, 2007: Mr Humayan Waqar, an Ahmadi trader was shot dead by an unknown assassin at about 22:30 at his garments store in the Stadium.

It is learnt that Mr Waqar was in company of his two non-Ahmadi friends at his store at closing hours of the business when a Punjabi-looking youth came to his shop and showed interest in buying a pair of trousers. He went away, only to return a few minutes later. He entered the shop and fired two pistol shots at Waqar, and escaped. It is not known who and how many accompanied him and facilitated his escape. Soon afterwards, the owner of a nearby burger shop arranged his transfer to a hospital where Mr Waqar was declared dead after half an hour.

The deceased had no personal quarrel with any one. He had received threats to his life in the preceding weeks. It appears that religious bigots planned the murder.

His funeral was attended by a local MPA and a number of non-Ahmadis.

Mr. Waqar was an office-bearer of the local Ahmadiyya Youth. He enjoyed good reputation.

He is the 87th Ahmadi murdered for his faith since 1984. It is a common practice with mullas to openly declare Ahmadis Wajib ul Qatl (those who must be killed). The Urdu press gives publicity to such views. The government takes no action against the mulla and the press guilty of promoting criminal conduct; this results in such wanton murders.


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