Religiously motivated murders – 2015

Religiously motivated murders


Mr. Nauman Najam

Ahmadi murdered for faith

Malir, Karachi; March 21, 2015:                  An Ahmadi youth, Mr Nauman Najam was shot dead in Karachi at about 8 p.m. in his shop by unidentified killers. Earlier in 1974 anti-Ahmadi riots in Gujranwala, three of his elders, the grandfather and two uncles were killed on one day by the mob.

The Ahmadiyya head office issued the following press release:

A 30-year old Ahmadi, Nauman Najam, shot dead because of his faith

Faith based hate crimes against Ahmadis will not deter them from practicing their faith: Saleemuddin

Rabwah (PR): A 30 year old Ahmadi Nauman Najam was shot dead by unknown assailants in Malir area of Karachi on the evening of 21 March 2015. Unknown gunmen entered the computer hardware store owned by Nauman Najam and opened fire at him. Najam received five gun shots and died on his way to hospital.

He was a decent and law-abiding citizen who was liked by everyone who knew him. His life stands in stark contrast to the cowardice of sectarian hate-mongers. His killers clearly came with one motive and that was to kill him because of his faith, as he had no animosity with anyone or had any political association.

The spokesperson of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at in Pakistan Saleemuddin said, “This death because of a callous attack on an innocent man is saddening but not surprising as with discriminatory laws present in Pakistan every Ahmadi’s life is in danger. It has been highlighted many times that the situation for Ahmadis in Pakistan is worsening with every passing day, and during last year 11 Ahmadis were killed because of their faith. Hate mongering and hate crimes against Ahmadis show no signs of abating. On the other hand the government has made tall claims to curb hate speech but on the ground hate material is openly published and distributed with impunity.”

Mr Saleemuddin also said, “We will not be cowed by extremists and they will only strengthen the resolve of Ahmadis to practice their faith. Unfortunately, the authorities have never taken any measures to prevent the spread of hate. It is important to note that since the promulgation of Ahmadi-specific laws in Pakistan, 250 Ahmadis have been killed for their faith.”

It is high time for the government to take action against the perpetrators of such hate crimes if it is serious to rid this country of this menace. All words are hollow if not backed up by strong action.

 Another Ahmadi killed for his faith

                                                   Mr. Ikram Ullah

The bereaved family includes one widow, one daughter aged 5 years and a son aged 18 months.Taunsa Sharif; District DG Khan; August 19, 2015:           Mr. Ikram Ullah, a 37 years old Ahmadi was murdered in his medical store. Four unidentified men came on two motorcycles, stopped in front of his store and opened fire at him. Several bullets hit him including one in the head, and he died on the spot. The killers raised slogans at the spot and cheered that they had dispatched an infidel to hell.

Mr. Ikram Ullah was an active member of the local Ahmadiyya community. He was a very noble person who had no personal vendetta with anyone.

It is relevant that almost a month earlier some terrorists attempted, unsuccessfully, to attack Ahmadi worshippers in the local mosque. This resulted in injuries to a constable on duty. The police arrested some suspects in follow-up sweeps. A criminal case was registered against the attackers. Mr. Ikramullah was an important witness for the prosecution.

Spokesman of the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan, Mr. Saleemuddin strongly condemned this tragic incident and expressed his grief and sorrow. He said that continuous hateful propaganda against Ahmadis all over the country is the primary reason of such incidents. He said that according to the National Action Plan effective action was to be taken against all promoters of hate, but mullas freely indulge in hateful and vicious propaganda against Ahmadis in rallies that are authorized by the administration. He demanded early arrest of the killers of Mr. Ikram Ullah and the delivery of justice.

Acquittal of accused declared guilty of murder

Multan:           Five years ago an Ahmadi couple Dr Naureen Shiraz and Dr Shiraz A Bajwa were found tortured and suffocated to death by assailants at their residence in Wapda Colony, Multan.

The police, after investigation, detained three accused and put them up for trial in an anti-terrorism court. The court found them guilty and awarded death sentence to two of them and life imprisonment to the third.

The accused appealed to the high court against the verdict, and the judge Mr. Qazi Amin acquitted all three of them.

These three and a fourth were also accused of murder of another Ahmadi Mr. Ata ul Karim in Multan. A special court found them guilty and sentenced one of them to death and the other three to imprisonment for life.

As a result of these trials and appeals, one of the accused Mr. Talha got acquitted in both the cases.

It appears that this gang had taken upon itself elimination of prominent Ahmadis in Multan; the police did well in busting it – despite a pro-gang judge in the high court.