SECOND EDITORIAL: Saudi Arabia’s ‘cleansing’

Daily Times
Thursday, January 11, 2007

According to a report, the Saudi government has arrested more than 100 Qadianis allegedly involved in ‘illegal activities’ in Jeddah. (Illegal here might mean simply ‘praying’.) A ‘trained group’ — office-bearers of the Qadiani Jama’at Jeddah — is accused of preaching Qadiani beliefs in and around the city. The ‘hard-working’ Saudi intelligence agencies arrested 45 people not from secret underground cells or hideouts but when they were offering prayers openly some days ago. Interestingly, a majority of the arrested people are from India.

Until now, the Qadiani ‘problem’ has been a Pakistani problem. The community was excommunicated in Pakistan by amending the 1973 Constitution. Thus, if a Qadiani says the kalima now he can be arrested. Pakistani passports categorise them as non-Muslims, but if someone were to ask Pakistan about the Qadiani religion, it would have a hard time proving how a Qadiani is a not a Muslim in Pakistan but is one in India. Pakistan excludes its non-Muslims, India does not exclude any Indian national. Therefore the Saudis have no way of knowing that an Indian Muslim is a Qadiani or not. For years it banned the Shias of Iran from doing Hajj. Now it is preening itself for catching a few Indians who are Muslims in their own country. This is ominous. Having declared the Shias as infidels, and warned that it may intervene in Iraq on the side of the Sunni minority which is infested with Al Qaeda, is Saudi Arabia now getting ready for ‘Islamic cleansing’ all over the globe? *

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