Severe threats (1998 – 2002)



Threats to community office-bearer

Saddowala, district Narowal; January 5, 2002: Mr. Mumtaz Ahmad Bhatti, a school teacher, is the president of local Ahmadiyya community in Saddowala. Here two Ahmadis were murdered

earlier on September 11, 2001 by religious terrorists. Mr Bhatti received threats to his life by post. The terrorist was bold enough to write his name. Translation of his letter is given below:

Mirzai teacher,

We learnt from father of Mehfooz that you people went to Rabwah. I have told him to rest assured that we will kill all four of you brothers. Our both crusaders will be released.

Teacher, I tell you that we are Mujahideen; whatever we say, we accomplish. We had told the man from Ghatialian that he would not live to attend the next court hearing; and then everyone saw that he did not. (This refers to another Ahmadi who was murdered after warning).

You people may go anywhere in Pakistan, we shall not rest till you are done away with as until you are not finished with, our crusader will not be released. Teacher, I have conveyed you what I needed to convey.

I am,

A Mujahid of Islam

Abu Zar, alias Lala.

This letter caused great consternation in the targeted family. Noor Mohammad, a terrorist closely linked with Abu Zar had  been released by the court on bail, while efforts were going on for the release of the second detainee. The four brothers felt that their lives were gravely threatened.


Mischief at Kanj Road

Kanj Road, district Narowal: Dr Riaz, an Ahmadi of Kanj Road reported in January that he faced violence from one Tufail Khan, a religious extremists. Tufail, accompanied by vandals created a nasty scene at Dr Riaz’s house and hurled threats that he will murder him. A few days later, he intercepted Dr Zafar, a son of Dr Riaz and beat him up. Dr Zafar was rescued by some of those present nearby. Tufail Khan has continued with his threatening behavior. His targeted Ahmadis remained worried.


Threat to the life of Ahmadi elder

Khanewal:       Mr Naeemullah Khan, President of the Ahmadiyya Community, district Khanewal received the following threat in a letter in June:

Qadiani President of Khanewal,

–                      It was a long wait before we got the permission concerning you.

–                      The hour is now at hand; we are going to meet you soon.

–                      …………………

–                      Be mindful of your movements from today onward. We shall meet you anytime in the open. Finalize your affairs at the earliest. In case you undertake any reaction, you will see the slaughter of your children with your own eyes.

–                      Wait and see when the bell will ring. We shall call you a day before the encounter. Wait for that.


After due deliberations, Ahmadi elders of the city advised Mr Khan to leave the city for a while along with his family. A few days later, a non-Ahmadi neighbor, Sheikh Nazir received a threatening letter. The letter accused him of having social relations with Mr Khan. It mentioned that Khan had left for Rawalpindi where he was being tracked by two of their colleagues who will target his car any day. Sheikh Nazir was advised to keep away from Khan, otherwise to remain ready to face consequences. “The bullet cannot distinguish between a Muslim and an infidel”, they wrote.


Also at Mirpur Khas

Mirpur Khas (Sind): Dr Abdul Halim, a local Ahmadi, received the following note at his clinic in June:

“Message to a Qadiani,

I am leaving behind a newspaper article, “True story of a false prophet”…..Please read it at least three times…….you ought to recant, and also guide your kith and kin to the right path. You people assemble in your Centre/place of worship every Friday. Be on guard, as the Khatame Nabuwwat (zealots) are busy finalizing their devastating plan, and Inshallah they will surely succeed.

You might wonder as to my identity. I am a humble worker of Sipah Sahaba. The police are already looking for me – why should’nt I die having accomplished something worthwhile. I am eighteen years old.”

Threats in District Badin

Tando Bago, district Badin: A threat letter jointly addressed to the following was received by Mr Salim, an Ahmadi of Tando Bhago:

Rafiq; Ch. Salim; Khizar; Mir Arbab, Haji Ranjaro; Darya Khan

The letter’s excerpts are translated below:

Mir Arbab, come over quickly to Shadi Larje; you need not bring along your coffin…..As for Darya Khan, we shall tie up his legs before pouring bullets into him…..We shall spare none of those listed below…..We, shall begin initially with Chaudhry (Salim) Mirza……..We shall destroy entire Shadi Larje. etc, etc.


Ahmadis and their mosque threatened

Rahim Yar Khan:        This city is a violent place, as for Ahmadis are concerned. Here, religious extremists murdered a well-known Ahmadi doctor, Dr Rashid Ahmad, in November 2002. Recently they vandalized the local Ahmadiyya mosque. Miscreants threw paint at the gate of the mosque in an effort to damage the signboard showing that it was Ahmadiyya place of worship. Subsequently, they sent a note of great threat to the worshippers. Its translation is given below:


Dogs, If you persist in naming your house of disbelief in similar words to those of Muslims’, and if you do not shift it away from the vicinity of our mosque by Eid-ul-Adha, our volunteers will treat you and your house of disbelief the same way as your dog Dr Rashid.

Dogs, we are fans of the Prophet, and

Quran is our constitution

The Prophet is our leader

Jihad is our way

And      Martyrdom is our wish.

We are slaves, we are slaves, we are slaves of the Prophet. We accept even death in our submission to the Prophet.                                  Issued by: The Fans of the Prophet



Threats to life and property

‘Threats’ are an age-old tool to discomfort a target. He never knows if the threat is empty or real. The uncertainty makes him restless and worried. Ahmadis often receive threats, some of these have resulted in murders in the past. Threats are usually reported to authorities who rarely follow them up with investigation or action. Addressees of threats are often deeply affected by them; they have to take precautionary measures in addition to living with fear and uncertainty of their threatened situation.


Open invitation to sectarian cleansing

Goth Mehr Boota, Mirpur Khas, Sind: In the month of February, extremist religious elements distributed a highly incendiary anti-Ahmadiyya leaflet in which Muslims were urged to undertake widespread killing of Ahmadis. The administration took no disciplinary against the instigators. Translation of the original is given below:

So said the Guide         – 786  –        No Prophet after me

Operation  Qadianiyyat

Self-respecting Muslims of Goth Mehr Boota- RISE

As you know, Qadianis are residing in your village since long. They now openly preach their creed. They are our enemies and of our faith; they have no right to live.

O sleeping youth of the Muslim Umma- Rise and protect your Religion, and cleanse your village of the cursed presence of Qadianis   (Protectors of Faith)

Extremists issue ultimatum

Chak 23 DNB, District Bahawalpur: In the month of March members of the local Ahmadiyya Community received a Warning leaflet. Its original is placed here while the translation is given below:

WORNING (sic)                                                          Information

EXP: DATE     12 MARCH 2001

ALL Ahmadis are warned that:

You are to vacate this village by March 12, otherwise the whole settlement will go up in smoke. We have already received many complaints about you people. Now you even preach. This time your settlement will be destroyed, no matter what. It has been fully established that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a liar, cunning and an agent of the British. And all you people, according to Islam, must be put to death. Muslim brothers who reside in this Mirzai village are advised not to come out of their homes at 11.30 p.m. on March 12 so that none of our brothers is hurt by the rain of bullets and mortar shells. Not all the soldiers of Islam have yet become martyrs; some are still alive. Someday, we are going to Inshallah destroy RABWAH as well the same way as your village.


Ahmadis reported the threat to the police who took some protective measures. The terrorists did not show up on March 12. However, they wrote a few letters to Ahmadis who received them by post on March 14. The village chief, Mohammad Jamil (a non-Ahmadi) also received a letter; it contained the following instructions:   (Translation)

“Numberdar Mohammad Jamil is directed that he is to prepare a list of all Ahmadis and post the same at his gate or at school or at village notice board. Village folk are to be advised the following so that our (Muslim) brothers remain safe; when they hear the shots they should adopt the following security measures:

1.         No Brother is to come out. Those who are out should please go back in.

2.       Take special care of children who should not come out in the courtyards.

3.       Stuff the ears of younger children with cotton.

4.     The sick should sip water at frequent intervals. They should also stuff their ears with cotton.

5.      If a sister feels a heart problem or fainting, she should drink water and stay in bed.

By adapting these measures you can ensure your own safety and that of your children.

As for Ahmadis, they were told the following:

WORNING (sic)         AND             LAST  WORNING

All Ahmadis were warned earlier but they took no notice. During our visit, we noted that our Muslim brothers have their houses adjacent to Ahmadis’. Destruction of Ahmadis’ houses could result in damage to Muslims’ houses, therefore we have decided to make changes to our plans of the Night Operation. Now, we plan to make surprise attacks at night. The so-called Ahmadi mosques will be demolished, Inshallah. We shall be armed with dynamite, gun powder, anti-personnel bombs, hand grenades, mortars, AK 74s and klashenkofs. We shall all be armed with all these weapons. We are telling all this, so that none should complain of the surprise and death without warning. Although, a single bullet should suffice for an Ahmadi, we intend to shoot and follow it up with slaughter.



Ahmadis, Just consider:

Till when the police and the Army will protect you? We are not afraid of such so-called police and army that provide protection to infidels.


Wait for the Islamic Mujahideen. Wait for the commandos that have been specially trained against Ahmadis. Be ready to die. We shall, Inshallah, come any night. Wait for the wrath of God. Our next target is Rabwah, Inshallah.


Ahmadis reported the threats to authorities, provided them copies of the letters received, and requested for protection. Naturally, they were very worried.


Murder plan comes to light

District Toba Tek Singh: The SHO of police station Gojrah sent for Mr Muhammad Sharif, an Ahmadi of village Chak 281/G.B. on March 20, 2001 and formally informed him that he faced a probability of murder by an extremist organization. Sharif is a goldsmith by profession and a well-known Ahmadi in the area. The SHO told him that a ‘proclaimed offender’ Tanwir, alias Tanni had been apprehended, and he had admitted that he intended to murder him (Sharif).

A few days later, on April 2, 2001 Mr Sarwar, the inspector incharge of the police post conveyed to Mr Sharif that as the organization to which Tanni belonged (Sipah Sahaba) planned to murder him, he should take necessary security measures, arrange a guard and protect himself. The police issued a Report No. 3 dated Daily Log, March 20, 2001 to show that appropriate action had been taken.


Threat to life

Skardu; August 2001: Mr. Tariq Alvi, an Ahmadi youth, is an employee at Skardu Airport. He is the only Ahmadi working there, and a few Ahmadi-bashers have come to know of his identity. They are now after his blood and have made life extremely difficult for him. They have threatened him of murder unless he recants his religious affiliation. They burnt a book and reported to the police that Tariq had set the Holy Quran on fire. It was with great difficulty that Tariq escaped being charged under PPC 295B, for which the prescribed  sentence is life imprisonment. The airport authorities know about his situation and have provided him a measure of support, but in case the activists become serious to do him physical harm, there is little the authorities could do to save him. The police, however, is in a position to take preventive action, but they showed little interest.

Mr. Tariq and his wife got very worried about his well-being, even life.


Ahmadis denied a normal life

Sargodha; August 2001: Ahmadis in Sargodha town and district continue to face great difficulties at the hands of fundamentalist elements. Mr. Abdul Aziz, a young man decided to join the Ahmadiyya Community. This infuriated the local mullah and his credulous followers. On August 15, approximately 40 of them assembled together and in a violent mood proceeded to Mr. Aziz`s residence. Aziz`s brother responded to the doorbell, and returned inside to inform Aziz of the callers and their ugly disposition. Aziz decided to jump over the rear wall of the house to escape. The mob stayed on at the location of his house for almost three hours and dealt harshly with Aziz`s father. They urged him to stop all dealings with his son who had turned an infidel. A few of them carried out a forced search of the house to locate their target. They issued a threat to his father that if Aziz does not recant on oath, they will register a criminal case against him with the police.

Another Ahmadi, Atiq Ahmad who resides in the same locality was also issued threats. He decided to go away to his home village to avoid harm.

Another Ahmadi young man, the son of Rana Abdul Ghaffar Khan, was also issued a threat by extremists.


Threat to Ahmadiyya mosques

District Bahawalpur: Two mullas visited village Chak Murad No 161 on January 10, 2001. They arrived on a Suzuki jeep Regd. No: BRG-992. They visited the local Ahmadiyya mosque and sent for the Ahmadi imam. They told him to demolish the minaret and the niche of the mosque within two days or face consequences. They threatened that the demolition would otherwise be undertaken by mullas themselves. One of the mullas was Muhammad Ishaque from Bahawalpur and the other one had come from Hasilpur. Two days later, one of them delivered Friday sermon in the village and spoke spitting fire against Ahmadis, and spread hatred. These mullas visited Chak 192/Murad and 183/Murad subsequently and repeated their performance and threats there as well.

Ahmadis felt very disturbed and contacted the authorities personally as well as in writing, for whatever it was worth.


A dreadful warning

Lahore: Ahmadis, all over Pakistan, continue to receive threatening calls and letters. Threat-launchers consider themselves immune from any criminal proceedings against them by authorities. Their assumption is based on firm ground; they have never been taken to task even when they boldly print their addresses on threatening leaflets and letters. Such a letter was sent recently by the Office of Anti-Qadiani Movement, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore, to the Ahmadiyya Community, Rehmanpura, Lahore. Some excerpts:

Evil and Cursed Qadianis,

May harm come your way, and God’s curse and punishment fall upon you.

…………By God, your entire network and your individuals are on our hit list. One bomber’s grenade will suffice to obliterate you……………the one you believe to be a Prophet of God was the worst dog in universe.

…………God has given us sufficient power to destroy you all within one hour. We shall turn you into hashed meat………

By God’s grace, our agents are always present in your meetings, programs and conferences. We know your movements by the minute……We know where your children go for schooling……We know your plans and evil designs…………We know you inside out……..Now we say: Well if you court death, go your way; but do bear in mind your awful and dark ending when you will be riddled with bullets and your children will be made orphans, and your houses will be razed to the ground by grenade attacks. If you care for your well-being, you have a choice – accept Islam or flee from this neighborhood………..We shall prove ourselves to be the stalwarts that your seven generations will remember us. We shall Inshallah take such action that no trace will be left of you. We shall raid your locations in a manner that even Jews, your patrons, will tremble…………..We shall prove ourselves so valiant as to dispatch you in no time. You will be buried alive.

We have proven our military grit in the face of powerful enemies – you are nothing; no, you are less than the dirt on our soles. God is with us. We are supported by Lashkar Taiba, Jaish Muhammad, Harkat ul Mujahideen, Harkat ul Jihad Islami, Jamiatul Mujahideen, Al Badr Mujahideen, Tehrik al Mujahideen, Al Barq Mujahideen, Gorilla Action Tanzeem, Sipah Sahaba, Lashkar Jhangvi, JUI, Khatme Nabuwwat, International Khatme Nabuwwat Tehrik.

SOBs, Pimps:  We have written you before also, but you have not desisted. Soon, misfortune will strike you and you will suffer a major calamity………..In the near future, Inshaallah, you will be burnt alive.     DANGER

Severer insults have not been included in excerpts give above.


Another ‘Worning’

District Bahawalpur; November 2001: Religious extremists, subsequent to the massacre in the Bahawalpur Church, are now threatening Ahmadis of the same dose of terrorism. Ahmadis of Chak No 23/DNB, District Bahawalpur, received a threatening note in Urdu by mail, during November. Its translation is given below:


WORNING  (sic)

N  O  T  I  C  E

All Ahmadis are hereby told to vacate this village, otherwise they will meet the same fate as the other religious group in Bahawalpur. All Ahmadis have been warned twice before as well but they have failed to respond. We will act this time. It is confirmed that you people are liars and cheats. Muslim brethren residing in the village inhabited by Mirzais are requested not to come out when bullets are being sprayed lest they get hurt. Don’t take it as a mere threat that nothing will happen. Your days have been numbered. After November 9.


Threats to life

Tando Ghulam Ali, District Badin: Ahmadi–bashers in District Badin started sending threatening notes to leading Ahmadis of Tando Ghulam Ali in January. Three Ahmadis received death threats during the month. The notes were signed under a pseudo name. It appears that the plot was orchestrated by a superior who is well-versed in English, because the Notes in Urdu carry additional brief notation in English: (Warning – 3 days only). The threats were menacingly worded. One of the Notes is translated below:

Munawwar, Qadiani Infidel,

You should carefully note that if you want to join Muhammadan Community, the door is open. This door of Muhammad was never shut, nor it ever will shut. However, if you decide to die as an Ahmadi infidel, it is up to you. You are given three days to accept Islam. Thus, you will enter the paradise, and we shall gain salvation; otherwise your death will be our salvation. By God’s command, you will be dispatched to hell.

(Warning 3 Days)                                                                                            Signature

Allaho Tiger





Threat of Murder

Naseer Ahmad Waraich an Ahmadi teacher at Dera Ghazi Khan received a phone call on February 23, 2001 at 20:25. The caller, who attempted a change in his natural voice, threatened Mr Waraich with murder. When Mr Waraich hung up, the caller called again. Mr Wariach asked a colleague to reply, but the caller, realizing that it was someone else this time, decided to keep quiet and said nothing.




‘Threats’ are a favorite tool of religious extremists. It is effective even when not converted to action. The victim remains ever apprehensive against the eventuality of the threat being carried out. Ahmadis are made to live in fear through threats; as it is not so rare that these are put into effect. Till today 56 Ahmadis have been murdered only for their faith. Some stories  regarding threats are given here.


Precarious Living in Bahawalpur

Only three Ahmadi households exist in Chak 22, District Bahawalpur, but the militants of Sipah Sahaba have noticed them and are making strenuous efforts to intimidate and dislodge them. Sometimes back, an armed terrorist of Sipah Sahabah visited the residence of Mr Faiz Ahmad, Ahmadi, entered his house and conveyed to the residents that Maulana Azam Tariq, the Amir of SSP had ordered the murder of Mohammad Sharif, the local Ahmadi President and his nephew, Zafrullah Khan. He also threatened that Ahmadi houses will be put to torch. He used slander and blasphemy against the holy personages of Ahmadiyya Community. This uninvited and unwelcome guest would not leave and stayed for over two hours. He then left, and threatened to come again. Two days later, he revisited. He was armed as before. He intimated that he had already murdered 3 or 4 persons. He demanded that their annex be made available to them for an open general meeting to be addressed by their maulvis. He threatened that in case Ahmadis did not recant, they would be murdered.

Local Ahmadis informed their community officials at Bahawalpur of the ugly visits. Subsequently, the DIG, the DSP and the Inspector of police were informed. The police advised the Ahmadis to arrange armed escorts for self-protection and to regularly shift their sleeping locations.

These Ahmadi families were understandably very worried.


Violence Preached from the Mosques

At Gulistan Jauhar, Karachi, Imams of the mosque at City Villas and the mosque at Gul Houses embarked upon active and violent propaganda against Ahmadis. On May 5, the former declared that Qadianis were liable to be killed for their beliefs, as also those who joined them. The latter urged his flock on May 6 to take up Jihad against Ahmadis and declared that in near future a few funerals will come forth from Decent Houses (where Ahmadis reside).


A Threat in Writing

Dr Noor A Fazli, an Ahmadi homeopath of Nawan Kot, district Sheikhupura, received the following threat in Urdu script:



‘Dr Fazli, you have become an apostate; no salvation thus is available to you. And your apostasy is of little loss to us; you are a cancer that is spreading far and wide. Remember, we shall cleanse the area soon of your foul presence. We are keeping a track of you, and you will disappear soon. Only God knows, which Muslim Ghazi is going to get this credit.

‘ If cancer appears on a body, it becomes necessary to chop off that part to save the body. If you do not want to die a dog’s death, you will have to recant from Mirzaism and join Islam. Only then we shall spare you, otherwise we shall dispatch even your children to hell. You have gone blind in your greed for wealth.

‘ We swear by God that undoubtedly you are like a cancer. And cancer is an incurable disease. According to the Islamic procedure, we give you three days to reconsider and recant, otherwise dogs will eat your corpse and the earth will reject it. We shall burn your home……….’.

The threat could be real or otherwise, but few would like to face this haunting uncertainty.


The Rogues of Jhelum

A bearded man approached Sethi Tauseef Ahmad (Ahmadi) at his shop in Peco Centre on July 15, 2000 and told him rather firmly, “The Kalima (Islamic creed) and other Arabic writings displayed in your shops incite me. Take them off or you will be yourself responsible for the consequences.” Having conveyed his threat, he left. After about half an hour, he came again accompanied by another bearded fellow. The two allowed the Ahmadi 30 minutes to do as directed. He returned an hour later accompanied by another person and ordered Mr Ahmad that nothing concerning Allah should be found written in his shop. Mr Ahmad took off the displays and handed them over to the proprietor of Waqas Jewelers, who took them and displayed them in his own shop. The intruders spoke to a few other traders in the Center also and told them to have nothing to do with Ahmad. Haji Iqbal, who is the owner of the Center, did not like their intrusion and had an argument with them. Five days later, someone stole Mr Ahmad’s bicycle from the Center. Sometimes back the owner of the Center had got the office occupied by the Sipah Sahaba vacated from the Center. This could be a reaction to that move.


Instigation to Violence

An anti-Ahmadiyya poster was pasted on walls in Kasran, District Attock. Its language was highly provocative and arousing. It mentioned:

“…….Qadianism is a disease whose cure is only death. PPC 295C of the anti-Ahmadiyya Ordinance (stet) makes it obligatory that all Mirzais must be killed. If we cannot murder them, we can at least impose a complete boycott against them…. We shall destroy all their dish antennas with our hands…. Let’s all unite and eliminate the evil of Mirzais from our entire area.”

Ahmadis had to take care and step up their security measures in response to this threat of violence.


An Ahmadi on Hit List

Mr. Ijaz Mahmood, an office-holder of the local Ahmadi Community at Mandi Bahauddin was conveyed on telephone in November 2000 that he was on the hit-list of anti-Ahmadi activists. The caller stated that this was no empty threat; murder would definitely take place. The police were informed who investigated the matter actively. A few days later the extremists called again and used the same language. The police offered help in providing guards. It was politely refused, as it could be more of a problem than real help.


Freedom of Religion !

Mr Ghulam Rasul Alavi, a teacher of Drot, District Chakwal now working at Wah, joined Ahmadiyyat in 1995. His family continues to live in the ancestral village of Drot. In the month of August 2000, Mr Alavi went to his village to meet his family. The village chief came to know of his presence and sent a dozen men to threaten him. They told him that that was the last night he could spend at home. “Do not be seen here after 7 a.m,” they threatened. Alvi knew that the authorities and the police would not help him, so he left his home in the morning. His family was in tears.

Two weeks later, his uncle along with two mullas of the Khatame Nabuwwat Organization visited Mr Alavi at Wah. They gave him a notice of three days to recant, otherwise to be prepared to face the penalty of an apostate (death). They told him that he was delinked from his entire family, including his wife, children and parents, and that his wife was now free to marry elsewhere. They warned him not to correspond with them.

A few days later, two officials of the district Ahmadiyya Community went to see Mr Alavi’s family at the village. The family told them that all mail addressed to them was  intercepted and opened by unauthorized persons prior to delivery to them. A fortnight earlier, Mr Alavi’s children were forbidden by the extremists to go to school. The local Mufti had issued the Fatwa that Alavi deserved to be killed for his apostasy, and his family should suffer a complete social boycott. The family advised the visitors to go back, otherwise they could come to harm, as the fundamentalists would soon come there to inquire as to who was visiting. Accordingly, they departed after making arrangements for the next rendezvous at some other location.




Threats are a favourite tool with opponents of Ahmadiyyat. Some threats are followed up by action and some are not; however, these always indicate their will and wish, and keep Ahmadis in a state of uncertainty and fear. Some such incidents are mentioned below.


Mr. N. A. Riaz, Ahmadi, while in the bazaar, was invited by one Naseer, proprietor of Shangri-La Press to sit with him. Naseer asked him in a friendly manner some questions, but then exposed his real self by telling him, ‘Riaz, I am warning you to desist from your activities, otherwise, by God, you will be murdered; I know all the details of your daily moves; It will not take long and you will meet your end.’ When Mr. Riaz opened his month to reply to the threat, Naseer hit him in the face and cut his lower lip that started bleeding. Mr. Riaz departed, washed his face in a nearby restaurant, and returned home.

Naseer is an office-bearer of the District Khatme Nabuwwat and has been involved previously in such incidents against some other Ahmadis as well. He has also been instrumental in getting registered criminal cases under religious laws against Ahmadis.

Moro, Sind

Mr. Muhammad Abbas, of Moro was targeted by the opposition for his Ahmadiyya activities. In January, he received a threat to his life through a letter written in Sindhi language. Its translation in English is produced below:

Abbas Qadiani,

We have exercised restraint for long but you are exceeding your limits every day. First you targeted the Chandio tribe, and now you are enticing the people of Moro and its suburbs. This is the final warning to you. If you desist, it will be good for you; otherwise the entire Muslim Umma has already given a Fatwa for your death. All apostates are liable to be killed, and you are also outside the pale of Islam.

You will be finished in a manner that dogs will eat your dead body. You should get the message.

You are warned again to desist from preaching your Qadianism.

Model Colony

Mr. Kamran, a young man decided to join the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in January. He started offering his congregational prayers with Ahmadis. One early morning when he was proceeding to the Ahmadiyya Mosque to offer his Fajr prayers, he was intercepted by a group of unknown men who threatened him to dissociate himself from Ahmadis, or face violence. They threatened to kill members of his family. Kamran got scared and asked them not to move against members of his family and undertook to break up with Ahmadis.


Maulvi Ibrahim Saadi delivered the Friday sermon at the Jamia Masjid, Labour Square on April 9, and incited the worshippers openly to violence. He threatened Ahmadis that with the help of locals he would set their homes on fire. He even asked the audience to volunteer themselves for the task. He gave one week’s notice to Ahmadis to pack up and quit. In case of non-compliance, he threatened to teach them a lesson that they will remember till the Doom’s Day. He asserted that according to the Quran, murder of an Ahmadi was licit, and such a murder brings eternal peace and is a sure ticket to heaven. He invited one and all to join him in the Jihad against Ahmadis next Friday when Ahmadi houses and properties would be put to torch.


Mr. Muzaffar Majoka, the Director of a local school, Cambridge Academy, reported in a letter on May 8, 1999 that he was threatened on telephone by Mulla Allah Yar Arshad of the Majlis Khatme Nabuwwat. According to Mr. Majoka, a booklet of Religious Information (meant only for Ahmadi children) is prescribed to the students of his school for the last 9 to 10 years. Mulla Arshad, somehow, got hold of a copy of this booklet and reacted strongly. On the telephone, the Mulla said, “Cut it out, or face prison, or else….” Mr Majoka felt perturbed. Anybody would, in his situation.


Writing a truthful book in Pakistan on the Ahmadiyya issue is a rare phenomenon, and a press review on the same is equally unexpected. However, it has happened. Haseeb Publishers have published a book, Pakistan Kay Mazhabi Achhoot that literally means: Pakistan’s Religious Untouchables. The Daily News of May 23, 1999 contains a Review of the book. It begins by a statement ‘Ahmadis or Qadianis have for long been at the wrong end of the majority’s campaign to impose their writ on the whole of the population of Pakistan’. It ends by concluding, ‘The State’s acceptance of the demands made by the anti-Qadiani mullahs has been total. And this chronicle by Tanveer Ahmad Mir and Murtaza Ali Shah is as irrefutable an example as any of the role played by the Pakistani state in promoting intolerance in society’. The book itself is in Urdu.

HRCP’s Annual Report 1998 reported that the authors of the book received death threats.

Drot, district Chakwal

Mr. Ghulam Rasul Alavi, a teacher, joined Ahmadiyya Community in 1994. Some of the members of his family followed suit. In July this year, opponents started an agitation against his conversion. They tricked him to come to the village, where they manhandled him and made him sign a note of reversion under threats of murder. A surveillance effort was mounted at his residence to report if he violated the dictates of his tormentors.


The translation of a letter, addressed in July to two Ahmadis, one of them President of the local Community, Merik, district Okara is given below:


Peace on one who follows the guidance

To: Mirza Ghulam Rasul and Mirza Ghulam Mustafa

We are Muslims and we cannot tolerate that you invite our Muslim Brethren to Hell.

We order you the following terms:

  1. 1. Accept Islam and renounce Qadiani faith.
  2. 2. Demolish your mosque, and offer your worship in the mosque of Muslims.
  3. 3. Stop all dealings with Qadianis and announce a full boycott with them.
  4. 4. Hang a notice board on the front wall of your home with following inscription: We consider Mirza Qadiani an infidel and an apostate; we have recanted sincerely and have turned Muslims.
  5. 5. If all the above is accepted by you, you may continue to live here otherwise the territory of District Okara will no longer protect you.
  6. 6. Stop proselytizing forthwith, Ghulam Rasul who is very fond of it. And Ghulam Mustafa should set free his Sunni wife immediately.



Threats to life

It is a common practice with Ahmadi bashers to make serious threats to Ahmadi individuals and their families. They convey their evil intentions on telephone or by letter. Sometimes they carry out what they threaten while at other times the threat is a hoax. In any case, the victim cannot be sure; he only suffers the uncertainty and fear of the situation. The threats give rise to tremendous stress and strain and can be a cause of great agony to the entire family for long periods if repeated.

As an example, translation of a threatening letter is given below. This letter was written in April 1998 to Mr. Mohammad Feroze Malik, an Ahmadi resident of Islamabad. He reported this letter and other threatening phone calls to the police, but to no avail. The family suffered a great deal as a result.

The translated letter

Long Live Khatme Nabuwwat      Haq Char Yar             Shias are infidels

Apostates must be killed                                                  Ahmadis are infidels

Malik Firoze, the Apostate,

We have already sent you a warning through our Pindi Branch that you and your family are on our hit list. The reality behind your silent neutrality in our mission is now clear to us; you have become an Ahmadi apostate; as such you are firmly on our hit list. In case you do not recant, we shall slaughter you and your children just like other hundreds of apostates who have been dispatched to hell. We are determined to eradicate all the enemies of Finality of Prophethood like you.


Maulvi Nazir Ahrari

Sipah Khatame Nabuwwat


Recd on April 98.          Mohammad Feroze Malik

Also on phone                Deputy Secretary Islamabad,


Complaints made. No follow up.


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