Severe threats (2003 – 2010)



Threats to Ahmadi officials

Kot Muhammad Yar, Chiniot; September, 2010: Mr. Rajab Qamar wanted to sell his house in Kot Muhammad Yar. It was next to the house used by the local Ahmadiyya community for worship. Haji Sher Gul, who is an anti-Ahmadiyya agitator in this area wanted to buy the house. Mr. Rajab refused to sell his house to him because he was an opponent of Ahmadiyyat and would be a troublesome neighbour for Ahmadi worshipers. Haji Sher Gul reacted with anger. He sent threatening messages to local Ahmadis. He also conveyed a threat to the life of the local Ahmadiyya president. Ahmadis felt unsafe.

Haji Sher Gul is a councilor at the local municipality. He used his political position to make the lives of Ahmadis difficult in the village.


Hostility in Chak Sikandar, Gujrat

Chak Sikandar; May 2010: Chak Sikandar has been a hot-bed for Ahmadis for decades now. There were anti-Ahmadiyya riots in this village in 1989; these resulted in great harm to Ahmadis of this village. A mulla was murdered in this village in September 2003, and the opponents wrongfully accused the Ahmadis for it. Three Ahmadis of Chak Sikandar, District Gujrat, innocent of the alleged crime, have been sentenced to death in this case despite the fact that the police found the Ahmadis innocent. The prosecution witnesses were proved false in the court. However, the three accused are now in the seventh year of their imprisonment.

The communal temperature raised again in this area. The village mulla indulged in provocation against Ahmadis. He incited the locals against Ahmadis, urged them to boycott and kill Ahmadis. He instigated his followers to wage violent Jihad against Ahmadis. Stickers were pasted on the doors of all non-Ahmadi homes that, “The friend of Qadiani is a traitor to Islam.” Some miscreants fired in the air to harass Ahmadis.

Authorities were informed of the situation, but they seemed unwilling or unable to respond. Instead, they cooperated with religious bigots to implement unfair anti-Ahmadiyya laws.


Ahmadis under threat

Press report: The Daily Express, Faisalabad published the following story on August 1, 2010 (Translation):

Qadianis, foreigners, embassies and leadership of Mutahiddah at risk of attacks

Bahawalpur (staff reporter):    In view of the threat of attack on Qadianis, foreigners, embassies and leadership of Mutahiddah (MQM), orders have been issued to declare high alert on security. A circular has been issued by the Home Department of the Punjab Government to the I.G.; all RPOs and CPOs conveying that, according to confidential reports, the Tehrik Taliban Pakistan has tasked Abu Adil Mujahid, a terrorist to attack a few major targets in the country, and has appointed him the Commander. Foreigners and embassies may also be targets; the MQM leadership and their public meetings will be targeted by Abu Ahmad Mujahid, the Commander. The security alert has been raised to high in view of the situation.



Ahmadis under threat all over the Punjab

Lahore; February 18, 2009: The Daily Express, Lahore in its issue of February 18, 2009 reported the following:

Danger of attack on 365 religious centers of Qadianis in Punjab.

43 business enterprises could also be targeted. Orders for strict security.

Bahawalpur (Express Reporter): Investigation Branch of the Punjab has issued a letter to all the RPOs, CPOs and DPOs of the province in which it is said that according to intelligence reports terrorists are planning to attack 365 religious centers of Qadianis in the province. There are 69 such centers in Jhang. Sargodha 54, Faisalabad 28, Sialkot 22, Gujrat 21, Gujranwala 18, Rawalpindi 11, Lahore 10, Toba Tek Singh 10, and some more in other cities. There are 43 major business enterprises and Qadiani companies in the province. Therefore, strict security measures for their places of worship and business enterprises should be taken immediately.


Rabwah faces threat of terrorism

Rabwah: In the middle of April, Rabwah faced credible threat from terrorists, and the whole town was put on alert. Educational institutions were closed down and security was tightened in mosques etc. The daily Ausaf of April 14 reported this as below:

Chenab Nagar: Four suspected terrorists arrested. Man seeking an edict in favour of suicide attack escaped.

Four individuals posing as knife-sharpeners arrested following a report from citizens.

They carried thousands in cash, three SIMs each, cell-phones. They are residents of Butgram and can speak Pashto, Urdu and Punjabi. A young man entered the quarters of Maulana Allah Yar Arshad. He sought edict concerning blowing up Qadiani center….

The accused fled on arrival of the residents. City is gripped with fear and tension. Suicide attacks are not permissible in Islam – Maulana Allah Yar.

The community elders advised the residents to be vigilant against acts of terrorism. Friday congregational prayers since then are held in each residential area rather than in the central mosque.


Tense situation in Multan

December 2009: Multan has been a centre of anti-Ahmadiyya activities for quite some time. Three Ahmadis were murdered in 2009 in this city alone. The affected families shifted to the Gulgasht Colony of the city, however the mulla persists in his drive against them. Ahmadi residents there are now living in fear and feel exposed to great harm all the time.

We mention here some incidents.

Some miscreants forced entry into the house of an Ahmadi office-bearer after the dawn prayer and waved a pistol at him.

A mulla came to the Ahmadiyya prayer centre in Gulgasht and tried to get some information about the centre and the community. When contacted, the ISI confirmed that he was wanted by the police. Bounty on his head is fixed at half a million rupees. He had been a member of the banned Sipah-e-Sahaba and also of the Tahrik-e-Khatme Nabuwwat.

Murderers of three Ahmadis have been arrested by the police. They disclosed that they planned to blow up the Ahmadiyya prayer centre in Gulgasht Colony with dynamite. They would have undertaken it had they not been arrested. They declared their intention not to spare even Ahmadi children after their release.

A heavy police contingent arrived in the prayer centre under the command of a DSP. They remained there till dusk. They were in contact with their SP. They told Ahmadis that according to intelligence reports there was likelihood of an attack on the prayer centre by a vehicle loaded with explosives. They told Ahmadis to put up a barrier of sand and cement blocks around the prayer centre. An iron fence was placed around the mosque that night.

Several suspects have been arrested from the students’ hostel located near the Ahmadiyya prayer centre.

Miscreants come to the court where killers of Ahmadis are undergoing a trial. They attempt to harass witnesses.

An unknown person visited an Ahmadi office-bearer’s home and asked for information from the family’s maid regarding his timings and movements.

These incidents and others have precipitated a great deal of fear in the Ahmadi residents of the area. The stress and strain of the prevailing circumstances are most severe.


Hostility in Umar Kot, Sindh

Umerkot; March 5, 2009: A number of Ahmadis have been murdered in Sindh in during the year for their faith. However, it is learnt that many more are on the hit-list. An Ahmadi was informed by a non-Ahmadi friend that after the murder of Dr. Abdul Mannan Siddique, the president of the district community of Mir Pur Khas, two more names inter alia are on the local hit-list:

  1. Mr. Nasir Ahmad Wahla, President of the Umar Kot District community
  2. Dr. Naseer Ahmad Zahid, local president of the community in Nabisar Road, Umar Kot

The informer is a member of a local anti-Ahmadi organization.


Taliban active against Ahmadis in Multan

Multan: A group claiming to be ‘Taliban, Group No. 15, Multan sent a threatening letter to Mr. Munawwar Ahmad, the president of the district Ahmadiyya community, in April. It is translated below:

“You are a non-Muslim Qadiani. You are converting Muslim children in your school into Qadianis. We have received many complaints against you. If you wish to stay alive, shut down your school and go abroad, otherwise we will be forced to act. Shahid Mahmud, your colleague, despite being a Muslim is helping you. If he does not desist from that, he will also be dispatched to the Hereafter.”

Taliban Group 15, Multan

Mr. Munawwar reported the threat to the police. They provided some police presence at his school. Mr. Munawwar had to take steps to improve his personal security.

In addition to the above, these ‘Taliban’ targeted three Ahmadis, Messrs Junaid Waqas, Murid Hussain and Naveed Ahmad. They threatened them repeatedly with harm. A few days later they hit Junaid Waqas on his neck with an iron pipe and fled away on a motor-cycle. Mr. Murid Hussain had to move to Lodhran in the face of these threats. Naveed Ahmad was also threatened through telephone calls.


Threat to a community office-bearer

Haripur (NWFP): Mr. Zulfiquar Ahmad, the District Amir of Haripur, Hazara received a threatening letter in January.  It conveyed that:

“You people indulge in anti-Islam activities. This results in people distancing themselves from Islam. If you care for your life, children and property, pay up five million immediately. Close down the Noor Mosque. Stop misguiding the people. This should be undertaken within 10 days. Two of our men Maulvis Mansur and Fazal Jan will wait for you and the money at Camp No.12. If you do not comply, you will be our guest.”

After due consultation, the Amir decided to close down the Ahmadiyya Center and shift his residence temporarily.


Threat to an elderly Ahmadi

Sargodha: Mr. Shahzad Ahmad Waraich received a threatening letter from self-styled Taliban Pakistan (Punjab). Its translation is given below:

“Infidel (Kafir), Infidel Mirzais Infidel. This is your first and last warning. If you want to save your home and business from destruction, and would like yourself and your children to stay alive then convert to Deobandi Islam within a month. Otherwise you will yourself be responsible for your extermination. Taliban Pakistan (Punjab)”.

During this year incidents of abduction of Ahmadis and threats to their persons increased visibly. To provide security to every citizen in the country is the primary duty of a government.


Threat at Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi: A group claiming to belong to the Lashkar Jhangvi, an organization banned for its involvement in terrorism, sent threats to Ahmadis in the Rawalpindi area in April. Khawja Abdul Quddus and Mr. Mahmud Chughtai received threatening messages on their cell phones. Mr. Kamran Minhas of Scheme III received the following letter by post, (Translation):

“It has been confirmed that you are a Qadiani, and are involved in the spreading of Qadianism in Pakistan. You force poor Muslims to convert, and are therefore  an enemy of our faith. Do not forget that you can not escape our wrath. We are watching you all the time. Wait for your death.

From: Lashkar Jhangvi”



Ahmadi forced to dislocate

District Sargodha: Dr Shafqatullah, an Ahmadi in government service was forced by scheming and violent extremists to shift his home to another town in September this year.

Dr Shafqatullah has been Incharge of the government hospital at Sobagha, district Sargodha for the last 15 years. He is a conscientious, hard working professional and his hospital is doing well. He has earned a good reputation. His superiors have often praised his work.

Permitted by his department, he has a house and a clinic inside the hospital. The public also found this arrangement useful. The doctor is a practicing Ahmadi, and in his off-time he undertook community service. He shares a farm with his uncle at Chak 152 North in the same district.

Anti-Ahmadiyya activists do not like Dr Shafqatullah’s good reputation and standing in the society. Over the past 5-6 years they opposed him in public, and fomented agitation against him. They threatened both his person and property. They even mentioned murder and abduction of his children. They sent applications and made frivolous complaints against him with the district authorities.

In September, these miscreants added poison to the drinking water tank meant for the doctor’s farm buffalos kept for milk. Eight of those died within 2 to 3 hours. This was a heavy financial loss to him.

The doctor, sensing that threats were now turning into material harm, consulted his friends. They advised him that to remain relatively safe, he should shift residence. He moved as advised.


E-mail exhorting terrorism

Hyderabad: Qureshi Bros, a business-house owned by Ahmadis in Hyderabad received an unusual E-mail. It is in Urdu. Its English translation is provided below:

For general information

Qadianis, their businesses and their homes will all be blown to dust.

O Muslim, expel them from your trade centers so that you do not lose business.

Inform us of the Qadianis at the address given below, and thus participate in Jihad.



Threat at Abbotabad

Abbotabad: Someone rang the door bell of Mr. Ahmad Irfan, the local Ahmadi missionary.

When he opened the door, the visitor had gone leaving behind an envelope addressed to Irfan Mashhud who is the local president of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat.

The letter contained accusations and threats to the president. It accused him of misguiding the Muslim Ummah, and told him to close down the Ahmadiyya office within a week or face consequences. The office location is owned by Ahmadis. It is used as a center and the missionary is residing there for the last two years with his family. He is feeling the stress of the situation and has intimated the situation to the community seniors.



A crude warning in Faisalabad

Faisalabad: Mr. Abdul Haleem, Ahmadi of Gulistan Colony received an anonymous warning letter by post. It is in Urdu. Its translation is produced below:

The punishment of an apostate is death

Muhammad is the Khatamal Inbiya; one who does not believe him to be the last prophet is an apostate and is Wajib ul Qatl (must be put to death). I invite you to leave Qadianiat and join the Islamic community. Stop preaching Qadianiat. You are actively propagating Mirzaism, and we know all that. We give you and your family the final warning. If you people do not revert to the right path and quit Miraziat, we shall punish you and your family with death. O ye apostate, the time has come when Disbelief is put to end and Islam is victorious.

The postal envelop is stamped with date of 12 SEP 07 at Faisalabad G.P.O.

It is relevant to mention that while at occasions such threats have proved false, at other times these have been carried out as stated. Mr. Haleem felt perturbed and reported the event to community officials.


A grave threat to an Ahmadi

Sarai Alamgir, District Jhelum: Dr Ghazanfar, Ahmadi of Sarai Alamgir, a town on the left bank of river Jhelum received the following written threat from self-declared members of Al-Qaeda:

Qadiani Dr Ghazanfar — We are active members of Al-Qaeda, who are residing in Sarai Alamgir for days. We have come to the conclusion, after due research, that you and members of your family defile the name of Hadrat Muhammad (peace be on him) and consider your so-called prophet, the cursed Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani the shameless, as great and elevated. We have come to know of other confirmed Qadianis also in Sarai Alamgir.

As such, we have resolved that you and your family are Wajibul Qatl (who must be put to death), so you will be dispatched to hell.

You can be subjected to assault anytime. Remain prepared.

We shall derive great peace and attain paradise for murder of a Qadiani without honor. Others will get their turn after you.

Al-jihad                       Al-jihad                       Al-jihad


From: Members of Al Qaeda, Sarai Alamgir




Harassment in Vehari

Burewala, District Vehari:       Hafiz Abdul Latif, an Ahmadi oldster was subjected to harassment here by unknown persons. Someone knocked at his door late at night on 14/15 January. When the Hafiz arrived at the gate, the miscreant went away. Four unknown persons came over the next day at about sunset time and demanded that the door be opened. The door was bolted from inside; Hafiz’s wife noticed that a man tried to climb over the northern outer wall to enter their house. When he was challenged, he fled. On 17th January, two persons arrived on a motor cycle. They met the Hafiz in the street and inquired about Sakina Latif. He told them that he himself was Latif. At this, the unknown individuals hurriedly went away. These incidents have caused concern in the local Ahmadiyya community, and their president has made special arrangements for personal security of the old couple.


Threats at Mardan

Mardan, NWFP: Mardan is known for its harsh religious environment. In 1984, mullahs and their acolytes destroyed completely the Ahmadiyya mosque there. The mullah who precipitated that incident is active once again. At the end of this year’s Ramadan and on Eid day, the mullah made vicious attacks on Ahmadiyyat and instigated hatred and violence against Ahmadis. The daily Islam, Peshawar (Oct 23, 2006 issue) reported the outrage under a two-column headline. A few days later, some unknown person dropped the newspaper cutting and a hand-written threat at an Ahmadi’s shop. The written threat is translated below:

(to:) The Secretary Qadiani Jamaat Mardan, Frontier Province

You people do not put a stop to your misdeeds. We shall have to give you a thrashing.

Read carefully the second page of the newspaper; and tell others as well that if they do not mend their ways, not even one of them will be spared.


Harassment of an Ahmadi religious teacher

Chak No. 20, District Mandi Bahauddin: For weeks, Mr. Zahur Ahmad Maqbool, the Ahmadi prayer leader in the local Ahmadiyya mosque has reported repeated surveillance at night and jump-ins by unknown prowlers. Periodically, one or more vigilantes came to the vicinity of the mosque and even jumped the outer wall to enter the mosque complex where he is quartered. The intruders were seen by others also who were doing the guard duty. At one occasion the unwelcome visitors used red-colored laser light. One of these was seen armed at one occasion. Mr. Maqbool is worried, and has made many written reports on the suspicious activities of these intruders. He also mentioned it to Mr. Amin, a local CIA official who is of the opinion that the visitors may be from some terrorist group.


Jihadis threaten an Ahmadi in Azad Kashmir

Bhimber, Azad Kashmir; October 3, 2006: Raja Mehtab Mustafa,  Ahmadi, a son of Raja Rahmatullah Khan former president of the Ahmadiyya community of Bhimber, has reported on a visit to him by self-styled Jihadis.

Mr. Mustafa was at his clinic in the afternoon of October 3, and was studying the Holy Quran when two bearded men, aged approximately 30 came in. They were wearing the head scarf popular with some who display religiosity. They asked him if he was a Qadiani. To this, Mustafa replied, “By the grace of Allah, I belong to the Jamaat Ahmadiyya.” At this, the two uttered some slander and abuse against the holy founder of Ahmadiyyat and his Successors. They accused Ahmadis of being anti-Jihad and also, wrongfully, of the belief that Mirza Sahib was a greater prophet than the Holy Prophet (peace be on him). They threateningly told Mustafa of the only option: Quit Ahmadiyyat and come out to undertake Jihad along with the Jaish Muhammad. The unwelcome visit lasted approximately 10 minutes.

Later, Mr. Mustafa reported the episode in writing to concerned officials of the security agencies in the area. They were sympathetic and reassured him.


Ahmadi doctor faces terrorism threat, for humanitarian work

Lahore: Doctor Mohiuddin, Ahmadi, is a senior medical officer at the renowned Ganga Ram Hospital of Lahore. He has founded Al-Qamar Foundation that offers subsidized medical facilities to the public. The bullies and bigots, who claim to be Islamists, have objected to his welfare work, and threatened him with serious consequences. They printed their threats in a leaflet and distributed them in the local Jamia Masjid Farooqia Hanafia at the Friday congregational prayers on September 29, 2006.

One of the leaflets was addressed to the doctor and the other to the general public. Both are on legal-size paper, computer-typed in Urdu, and are without signature and address. The one addressed to Doctor Mohiuddin is titled:

We are slaves, slaves, slaves of the Holy Prophet

Death is acceptable to us in the bondage of the Prophet

Life that is void of the love of the Prophet, is in vain

It is a lengthy letter; a few excerpts are translated below to show the tone and the purpose of the message:

……A part of our political and social leadership is supporting Qadianis, for personal interests. We have now decided to exterminate Qadianis.

Dr. Mohiuddin, we know very well where you people assemble for morning prayers, and also the house where you assemble to listen to the Friday sermon (on TV). However, all that is done at home, while you are operating the Al-Qamar Foundation in the open…………….

It is up to you to decide: Do away with banners and pamphlets, or face death. As for us, we shall earn paradise by killing you. However, to clinch the argument, we invite you to become a Muslim.

…… For us it is not a big issue to brain-wash five or six individuals;  and that will be the end of you – an end to you, and an end to all your activities (Na rahey bans, na baje  bansari).

Some people undertake murder only to snatch a mobile (phone) that costs five or six thousand (rupees). Is it then any problem for us to exterminate you, for the love of the Prophet, and go to the gallows? We advise you only as you live in our neighborhood. We would like to be included in the list along with Ghazi Ilm ud Din Shaheed. Amen

From: The residents of Islampura, Lahore

It is not difficult to imagine the security concern of the good doctor who only desires to help the poor through the Foundation.



Ahmad Pur Sharqia; District Bahawalpur:     Threats are a favorite tool with malicious elements to harass Ahmadis. These threats may be hollow or real, the target does not know; and he suffers all the same. In the past, threats have frequently materialized, and Ahmadis were killed or attacked. Recently, Dr Munir Ahmad, president of the local Ahmadiyya community received a 4-page hand-written letter in Urdu, full of threats. A few extracts are translated below as sample:

I hereby give this dog (you) another chance…if you do not stop, I shall shoot your daughter, the doctor…You son of a depraved one…son of a donkey…. We shall drag you dog on the road. I may not kill you today, but tomorrow I will… I tell you to become a Muslim, if you do not, your daughter will be in my hand like a bitch… If you do not flee within a week, I shall be after you; so by next Tuesday you will be dragged like a (dead) dog…. Innumerable curses on Mirzais….If you tear away their letter, I shall tear you to pieces… Many intend to kill you, but I said, ‘Let me write to him first, he might become a Muslim…’. So have your conversion announced in a newspaper. Sipah Sahaba Zinda-Bad. I shall come to you as a patient to recognize you. Convert to Islam; thereby put an end to  your concerns and my concern. Parting salutation: Curse on all Mirzais.”

This letter was received by post.



Severe intimidation in District Badin

Goth Moten Chandio, District Badin, Sindh: This village has a sizable community of Ahmadis, so the mullah has increased the heat under the pot there for months. Sometimes back, Ahmadi-bashers attempted to attack a few Ahmadis, but fortunately the attempt failed. However, in October, their anti-Ahmadiyya agitation increased, and Ahmadis feel very threatened. A madrassah is now under construction in the village. They have told Ahmadis that they are not allowed any visitors. Ahmadis needed assistance from outside to lead worship during Ramadan, but in the face of threat they had to do without it. There is tension in the air. Ahmadi leaders in the district have informed the authorities of the situation.



A murder threat

Islamabad: The Amir Jamaat Ahmadiyya Islamabad received an anonymous letter on April 1, 2004. Its translation is given below:

To:       The President of Ahmadi Community, Islamabad


We attempted to enter your office, once on a Friday, and second time on a Sunday, but your gatekeeper did not let us. Firstly, it is not difficult for us to do away with the gatekeeper, but that would have been futile, as you would have been alerted, resulting in failure of our mission. The gatekeeper is no problem for us.

It would be better for you to listen to us on telephone; and don’t try to be clever such as planning to call us and tackling us. This will expose you to difficulties and risk. We can tackle the gatekeeper; or he will meet his doom.

We poor are constrained to undertake all this. In fact, it is the powerful that make us do that. So, please do take care for us, and save your own skin. (sic)


Threats to Ahmadi leaders at Quetta

Quetta: Mr. Ehsan ul Haq, the Amir of the Quetta Ahmadiyya community received a letter addressed to him by name. Two other notables of the local Ahmadiyya community also received highly threatening letters.

The letter to Mr. Ehsan ul Haq contains:

“We have received reliable reports of your mischief and anti-Islam activities…. We are now prepared to take any action against you…. We send a thousand curses on the descendants of the cursed Ghulam Muhammad (sic) the agent of the English…. We warn you clearly to discontinue preaching or be prepared to die. It is our motto to wage Jihad against the enemies of the Prophet.

Consider this letter as the last warning…. We are Jihadis, while you people are anti-Jihad, that is worse than other infidels (kafiron).

From:     Anjuman Naujawanan Ahle Sunnat

Madrassa Arabiyya Jamia, Malikuja

Mungchar, Qalat Division.”

Other Ahmadi notables received similar threats. An Ahmadi delegation called on the police DIG (Special Branch) and showed him the letters and their concern. The DIG promised to investigate, and ordered a police guard at the Ahmadiyya mosque every Friday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Bait from the new version of Lashkar Taiba

Model Town, Lahore: Lashkar Taiba is banned, but they remain free to operate under a different name. Their activists have not felt any need to go underground.

On Friday, May 28, 2004 an ex-Lashkar Taiba Khatib of a Model Town mosque delivered a slanderous and provocative sermon against the Ahmadiyya community. The next day at about 1430, a man Abu Ubaidah Tahir Rehmani telephoned Mr T M Khan, the local Ahmadi Imam, and accused the Community of corrupting Islamic teachings like Jihad etc. He asked Mr Khan for some books on the life of the founder of the Community and proposed a get-together at some pre-arranged location. The caller invited Mr Khan to revert to Islam, and told him that he would call again. His phone number was 0300-9480381.

Mr Khan felt concerned with the tone of the caller, and reported the matter to his seniors.


Harassment of an attorney

Gambat, district Khairpur: Three Ahmadis were charged here under the anti-Ahmadiyya law six years ago. The prosecution still goes on in the court. Syed Ali Ahmad Tariq, Advocate comes all the way from Karachi to defend the accused.

On January 10, 2004, when Mr Tariq came out of the courtroom and was driven off in his car, the mullahs intercepted his vehicle. He came out immediately and boarded another car driven by another advocate. His driver followed him. After about 2 kilometers drive, away from Gambat, Mr Tariq shifted to his own car to return to Karachi. He considered it unsafe to appear before the Gambat court on the next hearing on January 21. He applied that the case be shifted to Karachi for further hearings.



Grave threats during October

Kambar, district Sahiwal: Mr Muhammad Hussain Ghazanfar, an Ahmadi was delivering the Friday sermon when an unknown person threw in a paper with the following warning written on it:


O Transgressors, Infidels, Men without honour

Do not take it as a mere threat. We turn to you one last time. Abstain from your activities and preaching. Thereafter, we shall show you something by our action. We still advise you and your community to desist. You may still recant from your infidelity (Kufr), otherwise Islam calls for Jihad against infidels. We hope that you will comply accordingly.

Mujahidin of Islam,        Kambar


Kotli, Aziz Kashmir: Dr Shah Muhammad, the district Amir of Ahmadiyya Community of Kotli received a written threat from some ‘Lover of the Prophet of Arabia (p.b.u.h)’. Its translation is produced below:

O Progeny of the English, Follower of Satan, Worst Infidel, Dr Shah Muhammad

Enough of your dissemination of dogma of disbelief in Kotli territory. If you do not put an end to entice simple and poor Muslims with your wealth, be mindful of our ways. Even America acknowledges our terror. The servants of Muhammad of Arabia p.b.u.h. will not permit you to preach your creed in our country where Muslims are in majority – (you have no right) to even stay alive here. I tell you, if you object to being called a kafir (an infidel), come to the Shaheed Chowk, Kotli and declare Mirza Ghulam Ahmad a liar and Evil (sic). Your Mirza Masroor, by avoiding to accept a prayer duel, accepted that you preach Qadianism merely for self-interest. Therefore, firstly, accept Islam and make a clear statement to that effect, or otherwise be prepared for your woeful extermination.

An unknown lover of the Prophet Muhammad of Arabia, pbuh.

It is clear that we are flowers as well as the sword for the world.

We shall not rest till Mirzais (Ahmadis) are exterminated or (we) are drenched in blood.


(On the reverse page there is an insulting caricature of the holy founder of Ahmadiyyat.)


Intimidation at Sadullahpur

Sadullahpur, district Mandi Bahauddin: During the year, Sadullapur’s Ahmadi community had more than its share of difficulties from Ahmadi-bashers. Anti-Ahmadi agitation picked up in the second half of the year. Three of their members reportedly could not bear up with the mounting opposition and decided to join the mainstream. Non-Ahmadis celebrated the occasion in a big way in September, and held an open-air meeting that was well attended. The visiting mullah demanded that:

1.         The minarets of Ahmadiyya mosque should be destroyed.

2.         Ahmadis buried in the common graveyard should be disinterred.

3.         Ahmadis should be subjected to a complete social boycott.


A formal threat and ultimatum in Peshawar

Peshawar, NWFP: Fundamentalist organizations in NWFP like Dawat Tehrir, Hizbullah and Jaish Muhammad distributed threatening letters to Ahmadis making specific demands and giving date and time by which these were to be met – or face dire consequences. Translation of excerpts from one such letter to Mr Saleem Ahmad and his family, is produced below:

“Whereas the Organization for the Protection of Finality of Prophethood has approved a resolution as a result of changing circumstances and the aggression of Jews and Christians against suppressed Muslims, its summery is given below:

O proud sons of Islam,

In view of, (1) Muslims’ situation in Kashmir, Palestine, Bosnia and Iraq, (2) Various actions against Jihadi establishment:

Ahmadis, who are agents of the U.S. and U.K., the enemies of Islam, are insensitive to the honour of Muslims;

O eagles of Islam,

Finish off permanently these Qadiani traitors, insolents and infidels from this land. These are your and Islam’s enemies……………

THEREFORE, District Amirs are urged to present an ultimatum to all the Qadianis in their district that (1) All those who recant and bow down will be forgiven, (2) Declare Jihad against those who refuse to comply, (3) Set their houses on fire, as these are the ones who are enemies of Islam and the country.

Accordingly, you are warned to:

1.         Within one day, declare Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani a false claimant, and become a Muslim,


2.         Leave this country within one day.

3.         Spare and dedicate your son Haris for service to Islam. He will have to volunteer for suicidal attack in the service to Islam and Mujahideen,


4.         Pay the Jizya Tax at the prescribed rate within one day for support to the Mujahideen.


We are duty-bound to kill you.

Name :             Saleem Ahmad S/o Sharif Ahmad.                   A/C Nr: 3215

Name:              Khalida Saleem W/o Saleem Ahmad               A/C Nr: 2158

Haris Ahmad      S/o  –  W/o…………               A/C Nr: 2508

Fatima              S/o – W/o…………                 A/C Nr: 4325

From: Dawat Tehrir


With thanks to: Jaish Muhammad NWFP

Callers to well being:   Imamia Jamaat NWFP

Expiry time and date: 5.00 p.m. on 2 May 2003


The ultimatum could profoundly disturb even a most stouthearted fellow. Mr Salem Ahmad conveyed the above to the police SHO Peshawar University on 4 May 2003 in a written application.


Admission in writing of seizure and destruction of an Ahmadiyya mosque

Chauk Alipur Chatta, District Gujranwala:     Although activists and gangsters of the Majlis Tahaffuz Khatam-e-Nabuwwat have forcibly occupied, damaged and destroyed numerous Ahmadiyya mosques in the past, they rarely admit it in writing. Recently, a quarrel concerning possession of one such plot and its structure arose between two rival sections of the Majlis early this year, and one faction wrote an application to their head office in Gujranwala to decide the issue. This application is dated February 27, 2003. Its copy is available now with the Ahmadiyya Community. Some excerpts from the statement made by the leader of this faction:



The applicant submits the following:

1.         In 1988, there was a Qadiani place of worship in Alipur Chattha on the Gujranwala Road. It was in their possession for the preceding 25 years. Prior to the presidential ordinance Masjid Ahdmadiyya was written on it.

2.         The location was the property of Ghulam Rasul Chatta, Qadiani.


4.         Maulvi Muhammad Iqbal presented to the crowd as a resolution:    “Qadiani place of worship is a rebellion against Islam. O Mujahideen of Khatame Nabuwwat, sacrifice your selves on the alter of the Prophet. Follow the practice of the Prophet’s disciples and destroy this place of worship just as Masjid Zarrar was destroyed. Thereafter, build here the mosque and office of Khatme Nabuwwat, thus putting an end to Qadianiyyat in this area.”

5.         Thus in 1987 (sic), activists of Khatme Nabuwwat of Alipur Chattha destroyed this place of worship of Qadianis…………thereafter Shaukat Javed Farooqi, Magistrate (Clause 30) heard the case and declared all the accused (attackers) as Not Guilty.



6.         In the name of Khatme Nabuwwat, Maulvi Iqbal and his sons have done another fraud with the Muslims………He has opened up a pharmacy store at the site by the name of Alfarooq Dawakhana.

7.         Maulvi Iqbal and his sons have fraudulently used the platform of Khatme Nabuwwat and have thus rebelled against the Holy Prophet (peace be on him) and have harmed the interest of Muslims. I request that an inquiry be held against these traitors of Khatme Nabuwwat and they should be duly punished. If these accusations are found true, Maulvi Iqbal and his four sons should be charged under the Blasphemy Act and dispatched accordingly.


Applicant:        Zulfiquar Ahmad Rathar

A Servant of Khatme Nabuwwat

Mohallah Ghaffari Shaheed Chouk, Alipur Chattha

Tehsil: Wazirabad               District Gujranwala

Phone No:       04346-333983


Copy to:           Markazi Nazim Ala, Alami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat, Hazuri Bagh Rd Multan.


The last chance in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi; February, 2003:  Hakim Mohammad Akmal, Ahmadi who practices Unani system of medicine, purchased a plot of land next to his clinic. Those who were opposed to this deal gave the deal a religious colour and plotted to create mischief and unrest. Thereafter they issued the following threat and distributed the same as a circular:




The Imam Jamaat Ahmadiyya, Rawalpindi

We wrote you earlier as well that the land you are buying adjacent to the Dawakhana Hakim Akmal Khan Mosque, you will (a few words unreadable) first get it registered in the name of Hakim Akmal and Aslam, and later you will build there a mosque. Now we are informing the Majlis Amal (MMA) as well. If you do not desist, we will destroy you. Now, we are giving you the last chance.

Mohammad Riaz, Member Khatme Nabuwwat Rawalpindi


The reference to the MMA in the threat betrays the role of the MMA in such situations.


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