Severe threats (2011 – 2012)



Punishment for criminal intimidation: Whoever commits the offence of criminal intimidation shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years or with fine or with both.


If threat be to cause death or grievous hurt, etc.: And if the threat be to cause death or grievous hurt, or to cause the destruction of any property by fire, or to cause an offence punishable with death or imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment for a term which may extend to seven years, or to impute unchastity to a woman, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, or with fine, or with both.

Pakistan Penal Code  506


‘Disturbing’ is a very mild word for what the victims feel on receipt of a threat. Often the threat is hard-hitting and life-threatening. The receipient has no means to ascertain how credible the threat is. Fairly often, the bigots carry out their threats. Killing someone in Pakistan these days, especially an Ahmadi, is not a big problem because of the very weak state and its policy to turn a blind eye to the plight of Ahmadi citizens. This year a column-writer gave his op-ed the title: Do Ahmadis deserve to live in Pakistan?

Threat to an Ahmadi doctor

Islamabad; February 2012:               Dr. Mubashir Ahmad Sharma, a resident of Islamabad is employed in a hospital in Kahuta. He received an anonymous letter in which the sender invited him to Islam. The unknown sender used foul language against the founder of the Ahmadiyya community and quoted his numerous writings out of context. He asserted in his letter that Qadianis are confirmed infidels (kafir).


A vicious attempt in Faisalabad

Faisalabad; February 29, 2012:        Ahmadis in Faisalabad continue to be targeted by anti-Ahmadiyya extremists.  Mr. Muhammad Raees uddin is a local Ahmadi office-holder. He was at home in the evening along with his son, Umer bin Raees. Umer was working on his computer when he heard some sound at the main-gate. He peeped from the window and saw a man jumping over the gate. The intruder opened the gate and let three more armed men in the house. Umer turned off the lights inside the house and informed his father. All the inside doors were bolted. The attackers tried to open the inner doors but did not succeed. In the meantime Mr. Raees phoned his neighbours and friends for help. The intruders fled before their arrival.

Ahmadis of this area had also received a written threat to the effect:

“Abandon this place otherwise we will kill your family and burn the worship-centre.”


Threat to an Ahmadi

Mirpur Khas, Sindh; December 21, 2011:    Mr. Saeed Ahmad S/O Mr. Abdul Majeed of Mirpur Khas is a local Ahmadi community official and is working in Brothers Pesticide Company as its regional manager, Hyderabad. He received a threatening sms message on his mobile phone. This sms was also sent to his colleagues in which they were urged to boycott Mr. Ahmad. The sender’s name and address has been traced from Telenor (Cellular Company office) and Nadra office; these are as follows:

Mohammad Ramzan S/O Attai

Hussaini Road near Standard Chartered Bank Sukkhur

Computerized Identity Card no. 43504-0345757-3


Hostility in Sheikhupura

Sheikhupura; February 2012:           The situation of Ahmadis remained tense in Sheikhupura during February like in many other cities of Pakistan. Some incidents are reported below:

  1. The son of Sheikh Muhammad Arif of Kot Abdul Malik received a life-threatening phone call from an unknown phone number on February 23. The caller demanded one million rupees as ransom for his life. The police were informed of this. Again on February 26, he received another such call. The caller introduced himself as Aassu Baloch from Kot Lakhpat Jail and told him that his man would visit him; he should give him the money he would demand, otherwise he would get him killed. The police were informed of this incident.
  2. Mr. Tahir Ahmad Dar a lecturer of Government College Sheikhupura was going on a motorbike when he was stopped by a man, named Mukhtar and his colleague. They abused Mr. Dar and threatened him of death.

The reason of the hostility is that Mr. Dar is an eyewitness to the murder committed by Mukhtar’s son a few years ago. For that, Mukhtar’s son is in prison under capital punishment. Consequently Mukhtar and his other son became strong anti-Ahmadiyya opponents. Mukhtar’s younger son had been noticed doing a recce of the Ahmadiyya mosque in Sheikhupura. An FIR was registered with the police.

  1. Two or three miscreants climbed the roof of the Ahmadiyya mosque and damaged the dish-antenna installed there. They also lobbed bricks in the mosque to provoke the Ahmadi youth on duty there. They, however, decided against no immediate response and telephoned for assistance. These miscreants left the scene soon afterwards. An FIR was registered with the local police.


Threat to another Ahmadi doctor

Gujrat; June 13, 2012:           Dr. Mirza Naseer Ahmad runs a private clinic in Gujrat. A medical representative, Sulaiman of a private company came to his clinic. He asked the doctor if he was a Qadiani? He further asserted that Qadianis blaspheme the Holy Prophet, and leveled several baseless allegations against the Ahmadiyya community. Dr. Ahmad exercised restraint, but as the visitor had come with a plan, he indulged in leveling baseless allegations against the Ahmadiyya community and used harsh words. Dr. Ahmad asked him the purpose of his visit. He replied, “You will know it shortly.” Meanwhile he received a phone call to which he replied that he had confirmed that this man (Dr. Ahmad) was a Qadiani.

The medical rep went to the police station and asked them to file a case of blasphemy against Dr. Ahmad. He alleged that during the conversation Dr. Ahmad asked him the meaning of Khataman Nabiyyeen, to which he replied, “The last prophet.” At this Dr. Ahmad said, “No, it means the seal of prophets.” “This injured my feelings”, he said.

The SHO called both parties to the police station and found the complainant unconvincing, who then asked for more time to think it over.

It was learnt that a prominent Pir (custodian of a saint’s grave) of the area was instigating all this trouble, and the complainant is his follower.


Craving to murder

Bheni, District Sheikhupura; November 2012:         An Ahmadi, Mr. Barkat Ali works as a guard in a market of a nearby town, so he is often seen in uniform. One day he was sitting at a shop owned by a non-Ahmadi who did not know that Mr. Ali was an Ahmadi; he thought that he was a policeman. The shopkeeper asked Mr. Ali to get him a gun. When he asked the purpose, the former told him that he intended to shoot two Mirzais (Ahmadis) namely, Khuram Shahbaz and Adil Shahbaz. “Their murder will ensure my admission to paradise; I cannot bear the sight of these two”, he confided. Mr. Ali told him that he will think it over, and departed.

In the same context, a venomous youth of the same village, who belongs to Shia denomination has often stated his desire to kill his Ahmadi neighbours. These Ahmadis were advised by the community leaders to exercise great caution.


Ahmadi doctor receives disquieting threat

Kotli, December 2012:            Dr. Munawwar Ahmad works as a child-specialist in the District Hospital Kotli, Azad Kashmir.

Dr. Ahmad was officially told by the hospital administration that, being an Ahmadi, his life was in danger and also, he could be kidnapped.

The doctor has been advised to take all necessary and possible precautions.

Earlier, similar cases have occurred in Azad Kashmir in which at least one prominent Ahmadi doctor was kidnapped and could be saved only on payment of ransom by his family. The criminals involved were not brought to justice.


Threats from Taliban

Karachi; June 3, 2012:          Mr. Qaisar Shahzad, Mr. Jameel Butt, Mr. Ayaz Chatha and Mr. Muhammad Kaleem, four members of the Ahmadiyya community in Karachi received the following written threat letter from Fidayan-e-Muhammad/ Al-Qaeda Tahrike Taliban. It stated:

“O enemies of God, the only commandment in the Islamic Sharia for blasphemy against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is to kill. By God! now either you live in this world or we. … Now by the grace and help of God, Mujahideen will count you and dispatch you to Hell.”

Fidayan-e-Muhammda (PBUH)/ Al-Qaeda Tahrike Taliban organisation


Attack and follow-up

Orangi Town, Karachi; October 2012:         The business location of Mr. Rasheedud Din Butt, an official of the local organization of Ahmadi youth, was attacked with an explosive during the night of October 22, 2012. The explosion destroyed the shutter of the closed shop. The next day he received an anonymous phone call. The caller was speaking in Pushto accent. The caller demanded five million rupees from him. He told Mr. Din the detail of all his relatives, mentioned to him his (Qadiani) denomination and threatened of grave consequences in case of non-payment. He called again after an hour and half. Mr. Din asked for more time, which the caller extended until October 24, 2012 noon along with the threat of grave consequences of non-compliance.

Mr. Din had to relocate his family elsewhere in the face of this threat.


Hostility in Sheikhupura

Kot Abdul Malik, District Sheikhupura; July 2012:             The mulla of the local mosque in Sakhi Da Dera, Qaiser Manzur became hyper active against the few Ahmadis who reside in the neighbourhood. He spoke often against the Ahmadiyya community and his students raised anti-Ahmadiyya slogans. An Ahmadi, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali lives near the mosque. He protested over it to the mulla. At this the Qari accompanied by some others visited Mr. Ali at his house and shouted abuse and threats. They threatened to kill him and burn his house.

A few days later the Qari got hold of Mr. Ali’s little son and asked him to recite the Kalima (Islamic creed) and read the Holy Quran. He did that, and the mulla exclaimed, “This is no different than our way.” Such is the level of ignorance of these clerics.


Credible threats

Mardan; July 2012:   Sheikh Javed Ahmad of Mardan is a practicing Ahmadi. Two members of his family were martyred in 2010. The family had to move from Mardan. Mr. Ahmad returned to Mardan after some time to attend to his business. He again received threats from extremist elements. They demanded a huge sum of money, and threatened grave consequences in case of non-payment. These calls emanated from Waziristan. Sheikh Ahmad was advised to wind up his business from there and shift elsewhere.

Model Colony, Karachi; July 2012:  An Ahmadi youth of Model Colony, Mr. Munawwar-ud-Din received two threatening letters in which he was given the option to recant or get killed. It conveyed:

“ … Today I want to make it clear to you to repent and embrace Islam … Remember, so long there is life in the body, there is time. Lest life may come to its end and the time (for repentance) may run out.”


Serious harassment in Multan

Kothewala, District Multan; July 2012:        Mr. Nasir Ahmad is the secretary of the local Ahmadiyya community in Kothewala, District Multan. He has consistently faced problems on religious grounds since 2009. In June 2009 four armed robbers entered Rana Ataul Karim’s shop where Mr. Ahmad was also present. They looted all the valuables and locked up Rana Karim and Mr. Ahmad in a room. Rana Karim got an FIR registered and named Mr. Ahmad as one of the witnesses. Investigation of the case was under way when Rana Karim was murdered in August 2009. Rana Karim’s wife saw one of the assailants. The police assessed that one of the assailants was the same who robbed his shop earlier. As a result four persons were arrested. On account of threats, two non-Ahmadi witnesses withdrew from the court case, but Mr. Ahmad and the younger brother of Rana Karim remained steadfast in the face of threats to their lives. At the last hearing in April 2012 the accused party threatened Mr. Ahmad and Rana Karim’s brother in the presence of the Judge. The Judge had to arrange for the two witnesses to be escorted home in police protection.

The accused party continues to pursue him. They came to his house armed with weapons but had to flee due to timely warning of a neighbour. They sent him a threat letter; its contents are noteworthy (translation):

“Warning to Nasir Ahmad Qadiani, Tate Pur, Multan

This warning letter is sent to you to tell you to get ready for the punishment for implicating my colleagues in Rana Ataul Karim’s case by witnessing against them. We know the Qadiani president of your district, and Rana Qadiani of security is also not hidden from us. They can do us no harm. Your position in the community, your movements, the fact that your favorite son has come to visit you from London is all known to us. Now get ready to meet your end along with your son. If the Qadiani doctor of Kashmir could be kidnapped, you are an easy target for us. Be ready; we’ll meet you soon.

One of the accused of the case of Rana Ata Karim


It is significant that the sender of the above letter refers to the major kidnapping case of Dr. Shah Muhammad of Kotli, Azad Kashmir last year, while the present case belongs to Multan in central Punjab. Obviously all these religious thugs and criminals are inter-linked in a common organization. Mr. Ahmad asked the police to register a report, but they refused to do that.


Ahmadi doctor under attack for ransom

Rawalpindi; August 2012:     Dr. Hamid Hasan S/o Maj. General Dr. Mahmud ul Hasan recently faced threats and attacks, allegedly from Tehrik Taliban.

Someone, who stated his name as Latif Khan of Tehrik Taliban telephoned Dr. Hasan from phone No.: 092-8310113 on August 24, 2012 and demanded Rs. 100 million. He gave the doctor 72 hours to pay cash or face attack on life. Dr. Hasan called him back, talked to Latif Khan and told him that as a doctor he was serving mankind including those from Waziristan. Latif Khan granted him 24 hours extension in the time given for the ultimatum.

Dr. Hasan informed the police and the agencies of the threat.

On August 29, at about 22:30 there was an explosion inside the main gate of the doctor’s clinic. It was heard far and wide; the window panes of the clinic and the windshield of the car were smashed to bits. There was however no loss of life or injury.

The next day, the same man called from Miran Shah and said, “We have reached you. Meet our demand. This is only the beginning. Wait for what unfolds for you. This incident is only a glimpse of what is in store for you.”


Threats to Ahmadi families in District Mirpur Khas, Sindh

a:         Mr. Ayatullah Panhoor and his family joined Ahmadiyyat in 2002. Their close relatives pressed them to recant. On refusal, they visited them armed and conveyed life-threats. Mr. Panhoor had to shift to Kotri along with his mother and wife during dark hours. Mr. Panhoor’s younger brother Mr. Zahid Panhoor owned a mobile shop; he closed it down and shifted to Mirpur Khas city. His relatives conveyed to him that they wouldn’t allow him to do business even there.

b:         Ms. Mudassara Kiran is an Ahmadi by-birth and married to Mr. Hadi Baksh who joined Ahmadiyyat eight years ago. She was a staff nurse in the local Civil Hospital. He faced harassment at his work-place. The mulla and some staff of the Civil Hospital accused her of preaching Ahmadiyyat to other staff members. She wore burqa (Islamic clothing for veil) and recited Quranic verses. The opponents objected to her following the Islamic practices. Her opponents came to her residence and urged her neighbours to expel her out of that area.

Ms. Kiran took long leave in order to stay clear of this mischief. But she was called on duty to the hospital for the visit of the Director on August 27, 2012. She reported to hospital for duty.

Mulla Ubaidullah along with some goons came inside the medical ward and pursued her. A hospital staff informed Ms. Kiran that a conspiracy was underway against her, and advised her to leave the place at the earliest. Ms. Kiran’s husband Mr. Hadi Baksh came to the hospital to escort her. The mulla intercepted him and told him, “You converted to Mirzaiat for this woman. But do not worry, we are with you. Simply announce in the mosque that you are a Muslim and not a Mirzai, and we all will support you. If you do not do that, we have the arms to kill both of you.”

The couple could leave the place with great difficulty. It is apparently not possible for Ms. Kiran to continue with her job there in the face of such religious activism.


Threats in Nawab Shah, Sindh

March 2012: Following reports were received:

  1. Opponents of the Ahmadiyya community wrote, “Now you are not safe, O’ blasphemer of Muhammadsa with a chalk on the outer wall of the residence of Mr. Muhammad Akram Athwal, the president of Ahmadiyya community Sakrand, district Nawab Shah. The same warning was written on the house of his brother, Mr. Azam. The threats greatly disturbed the two families.
  2. Rana Muhammad Ashfaq, the local president of Ahmadiyya community Kot Qazi, district Nawab Shah was buying some fruit in the market when someone said in a loud voice pointing at him, “He must be dealt with firmly.” Mr. Ashfaq decided to leave the place.
  3. Mr. Muhammad Aslam Bhatti is an Ahmadi doctor in Bandi, district Nawab Shah. He received a threatening phone call on March 16, 2012 in which the caller laughed and said, “Sleep, your days are over; this is your last day.” The next day he received an SMS: “YOU ARE FINISH” (sic).

The Administration was informed of all these incidents.


Scary threats

Mardan; August 2012:           Mr. Muhammad Rafiq and Mr. Ataul Khabir, Ahmadis of Mardan escaped from attempts on their lives in 2011. They had to leave Mardan due to severe hostility. The police arrested the attackers but later released them for unknown reasons.

The police have information that sectarian militants are again actively searching for these two Ahmadis, and have advised them to be extra careful about their security.

Hattar, District Hazara; August 4, 2012:       Mr. Abdul Mannan, Ahmadi received the following threat letter, (translation):

“Our Amir is displeased that your daughter goes to school. If she does not stop, you will not only lose her but also your son, so that would be the end of your progeny. It is your choice now. You will end up without honour, and without progeny.”

Another life-threatening letter was received by two Ahmadis, Mr. Tasawwar Ahmad and Mr. Naeem Ahmad of Hattar Colony. It conveyed them:

“We are aware of the anti-Islam meetings held in your house. Stop these, otherwise we will exterminate your whole family.”

The police were informed of these threats.


Threat to the son of an Ahmadi martyr

Mughalpura, Lahore; September 14, 2012:  Mr. Ansar Bharwana S/O Mr. Aslam Bharwana who was killed in attacks on the Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore in 2010 received a threatening letter that called him, “Wajib-ul-Qatl” (must be killed). He was told to abandon his job in Pakistan Railways or be killed. Foul language was used in this letter against the Ahmadiyya community.

Anti-Ahmadiyya stickers were also pasted on the main-gate of Mr. Bharwana’s house. The situation is tense for Ahmadis in this area. The police had covered up the Kalima in the local Ahmadiyya mosque, on the demand of mullas.


An Assistant Director feels the heat

Peshawar:       Mr. Farooq Ahmed is an Assistant Director in the department of mines. Anti-Ahmadi bullies targeted him with provocative leaflets, hateful propaganda and a damaging campaign. In one such circular they addressed his superiors and subordinates in these words:

“O my Muslim brothers, pious slaves of Allah and followers of the faith of Muhammad, the Prophet of Latter Days. You know well in history that in every era great liars have attempted great harm to Islam and they have butchered true Muslims. They started this evil campaign in the days of the Prophet and have continued their efforts till the present times. They continue to trap Muslim simpletons in their net. One of them is there in your department. (Farooq Ahmad Qadiani) When he had no authority he kept lying low, although even then he would proselytize quietly, but since his promotion he has become very active. Qadianis call on him openly, this cursed fellow shuts his door, and inside they hatch their conspiracies. Innocent Muslims who are helped by this cursed fellow in their petitions are treated with contempt by him and are subjected to hours of preaching.”




Threats are a very agonizing and troublesome feature of general persecution. The victim does not know if the threat is hollow or real. In case of threats to Ahmadis, these have frequently proved real. Threats are easy and costless to deliver, but tortuous to the receiver even when not followed up by action. Ahmadis are always at the receiving end, and there is little they can do about them. The authorities rarely bother to track down the originators even when their phone numbers are known.


Threats all over

Lahore; March 15, 2011:       An increase in show of hostility and hatred against Ahmadis is visible since the attacks on two Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore last year. In March 2011 a threatening letter was received in the Model Town Ahmadiyya mosque, where the attack took place last year. Its translation is produced here:


The worst infidels of the world – Lots of curses on you

Nine months have passed since the attack on your centre. Now there will be another attack on you during this sacred month. Inshallah (God willing)

You were killed in small numbers last time, now you will die in great numbers. Hell is waiting for you. Enhance your security as much as you can; you will not be spared.

You deny our Prophet; you are enemies of Islam and Pakistan. You blaspheme against the companions of the Prophetsa. Mirzais are infidels. Mirzais are dogs.

Fidai Group

The Death of Qadianis … Asadullah (03066102510)

            The authorities were informed of this letter.


Lahore; June 2011:   Mr. Farrukh Luqman of Lahore is in the business of arranging Study Visas for applicants for education in foreign countries. He received a letter from Tehrik Taliban to the following effect, (translation):

“You know very well that we are sworn enemies of America and Britain. We aim at harming the interests of these countries, all the time. We warn you most seriously to stop working for these people. You will suffer grave consequences if you do not stop this business, which of course will amount to loss of life and property.”

From: Tehrik Taliban Pakistan


Zubair Colony, Faisalabad; March 24, 2011:          Syed Muzaffar Shah and Syed Mubashir Shah, two Ahmadi brothers live in Zubair Colony, Faisalabad. They received two identical letters from the Aalami Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat. These letters were written on the letter-head of the Aalami Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat and carried its address. These were signed by the Amir of this organization – Maulvi Hafeez Tarabi.

The letters carried threat to their lives if they did not recant and accept Islam; their end would be like that of owners of the Murad Cloth House, (Three members of the proprietors’ family were murdered in 2010). “Your names and addresses have been forwarded to Lashkar Jhangvi, Taliban, Jaish-e-Muhammad and other religious organizations for further action if you do not accept Islam. You are allowed to show this letter to any intelligence agency or police station to obtain security. You will not be spared. We hope that you will quit Mirzaiat and accept the shield of Islam to save yourselves from all the hazards of this life and the Hereafter,” the letter elaborated.

Copy of this letter is attached here. It carries the following address;

Alami Majlise Tahaffuze Khatme Nubuwwat

22- Co-operative Bank Building inside Circular Road Faisalabad: Phone 2633522


Rabwah; April 2011:  An incident was reported earlier, in August 2009 that mentioned the trouble makers of the Niazi family of the Muslim Colony who precipitated a law and order problem in Rabwah. The police intervened and calm was restored – at that occasion.

However, they were persistent in their mischief. Mr. Abdus Samad, an Ahmadi reported that they started sending obnoxious phone calls on his land-line. The callers thereafter shifted to SMS messages, and conveyed threats to his life and property. Mr. Samad was greatly disturbed over this and tracked the person harassing him.

It was confirmed that the miscreant is a member of the Niazi group. He was one of the gang who participated in the August 2009 incident in Rabwah. He has some link with Bhawana, a town approximately 35 kilometers from Rabwah.


Pind Begowal, Islamabad; November 14, 2011:      Two Ahmadis Mr. Ihsan Danish and Mr. Ziauddin own shops in this small town. The former owns a sports shop while the latter runs a workshop for electrical motor-winding. Four boys came to their shops and demanded cigarettes. “This is not a cigarette shop”, they were told. At this they started quarrelling with the shopkeepers and indulged in firing shots in the air. The police arrived at the scene. They fled, while their car, a mobile phone and one pistol were seized by the police.


Orangi Town, Karachi; November 23, 2011:           Crime Range West police arrested two terrorists, namely Faiz Ullah and Wali Khan who belong to the banned Lashkar Jhangvi, and recovered a Kalashnikov rifle and two pistols from them. They admitted to the monitoring of an Ahmadi doctor Mr. Najmul Hassan subsequently killed last year.


Islamabad; November 2, 2011:         Mr. Khalid Saifullah is general secretary of the local Ahmadiyya community in Islamabad. He received a threatening call at about 10:42 p.m. The sender’s ID was displayed as ‘Unknown caller’ on his phone’s screen. The caller threatened him and named all his children and said, “We have all the information about you. Now, remain prepared to die”.

Mr. Saifullah is very disturbed after this threat to him and his family. The administration has been informed.


Gojar Khan, Distt Rawalpindi; April, 2011:             Khawaja Qamar-uz-Zaman S/O Khawaja Abdur Rahman owns a grocery store in the main market, Gojar Khan. He received a threatening letter that conveyed to him, “The punishment of apostasy is death. Stop preaching Mirzaiat at your shop, otherwise get ready for your end and be sacrificed for your false prophet. You are given fourteen days. Recant and accept Islam, or wait for your doom. This is the decree of destiny. Mirzaiat be perished. This is your last chance.”


Chak 299/JB, Distt Toba Tek Singh; April 10, 2011:           Mr. Naseer Ahmad Mansoor, an Ahmadiyya religious teacher received a threatening call on his mobile at 17:45 hr. to leave his village along with his children. “It would be very bad for you if you informed anybody,” he was told. He also received two text messages of the same kind. He received these messages and a call from mobile no. 0347-4048216. He registered his complaint in the City Police Station Gojra.


Chak 297/JB, Distt Toba Tek Singh; April 10, 2011:           Mr. Samar Ahmad received a threatening SMS on his mobile at 22:20 hr. on April 10, 2011. He traced the sender which was identified as Imdadullah, distt Hafizabad.


Okara; April/May 2011:         Mr. Naeem Ahmad Nasir Hashmi is an Ahmadi community office-bearer in Okara. He received serious threats to his life.

At about 8:40 p.m. on April 24, 2011 he received a message on his cell-phone: “Infidel, your end is at hand.” A few minutes later he received another message: “Recite the creed of the Prophet or be ready to die.”

Mr. Hashmi called him immediately, and then two days later, but there was no response. He mentioned the two messages to his community elders.

Earlier, Mr. Hashmi faced threats in 2008. He was manhandled by mullas in the bazaar, near Ghausia Masjid. At the time, the District Amir of the Ahmadiyya community also received threats. He was advised to shift. Mr. Hashmi received the same advice, so he shifted along with his family from Okara. As he was making his living out of a small business in Okara, he had to return a month later to attend to his business. However, he changed his working hours and route to work, to enhance his security.

Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Mazhar, advocate, the president of the city Ahmadiyya Jamaat Okara was also threatened with murder, on phone. He was busy in his legal work when someone called him and said, “Your time is up. You have served long enough as the head of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. The rest of the legal work, you will now do up there. Son, I am going to aim to hit you in the face. You are no longer safe.”

The call was un-nerving, to put it mildly.


Mardan; June 2011:  Dr. Karim Ahmad of Mardan was conveyed in writing, “Declaration of war against Qadianis. Dr. Karim Ahmad, we hereby warn you to leave this area, or you will be yourself responsible for any loss of life or property. Our object is destruction of Qadianis. You are kafir, Qadiani.”

The mulla of the mosque in Sheikh Town, Sector 1 of Mardan indulges frequently in anti-Ahmadi sermons.


Peshawar; June 2011:           Ahmadis of Bazid Khel, District Peshawar have been told by the local mulla to leave the village or face execution. Ahmadiyya leadership has informed the police of this in writing. The threatened Ahmadis were told to stay put, and defend themselves effectively if someone enters their homes.


Gujranwala; June 2011:        Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad Malhi of Islamia Park, Gujranwala was sent a note at night on June 23, 2011 in which he was told to accept Islam or suffer death. The writer abused him and used foul language.


Rahim Yar Khan; May 26, 2011:      Two men intercepted an Ahmadi, Mr. Muhammad Ali, the caretaker of the Ahmadiyya mosque in Rahim Yar Khan, and told him to leave the place and close down the Ahmadiyya mission house. They also conveyed similar threats to Mr. Naseer Ahmad Saraf, an Ahmadi office-bearer of the local community.


Latifabad, District Hyderabad; October 5, 2011:      Mr. Waqas bin Saad is a worker of the Ahmadiyya community in Latifabad, Hyderabad. Someone dropped a threatening note in his mail box, which conveyed: “We have decided to go to paradise. Either you should become a Muslim or risk your life”

A few days later Mr. Saad further received a threatening call from an unknown caller and then received an SMS, which conveyed: “How far will you hide in your house? Recant! There is still some time, otherwise arrange a coffin in which you will be buried.”

Mr. Saad was advised to remain vigilant. The police and the administration were informed about the threats.


Rabwah; October 8, 2011:     A convert to Ahmadiyyat, Mr. Dilawar Hussain was murdered in broad day-light while on duty in a school. His non-Ahmadi relatives were angry about it and unjustifiably blamed the Ahmadiyya community for his death. Mr. Dilawar Hussain joined Ahmadiyyat through an Ahmadi fellow, Mr. Abdul Khaliq, who became the target of his angry relatives. Mr. Dilawar’s brother-in-law who is also a nephew of Mr. Abdul Khaliq phoned him from a mobile number 0300-4195513 and threatened him. He blamed Mr. Khaliq for the tragedy and told him that he was furious and would kill him upon seeing him.

Okara:                        Mr Daud Ahmad and Mr Tahir Mahmud are brothers; they reside and have their business in Okara city. They continued to receive threats on phone for almost six months. Thereafter the frequency and the severity of threats went up considerably. It is noteworthy that the miscreants made these calls from a phone which is indicated at the receiving end as ‘Unknown’ or ‘No number’.

The brothers reported the matter to the police.


A vicious intention

Lahore; January 7, 2011:      Three unknown persons were standing near the Ahmadiyya missionary’s house in Shalamar Town, Lahore, when an Ahmadi youth riding a motor bike stopped by them, put it down and feigned a look into its fuel supply system. He heard them say: “Their (Ahmadis’) missionary lives in this house. If we kill him, all the rest will calm down.”


Address lists of Ahmadis circulated in Sargodha

Sargodha; December 2011:   The Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat and the Shubban Khatme Nabuwwat of Sargodha have issued a hate leaflet and given business addresses of 41 businesses owned by Ahmadi in the city. The leaflet calls Ahmadis Zindique for whom the mulla insists the penalty is death.

This pamphlet invited the ‘Muslims’ to attend a conference in Markazi Eid Gah, Sargodha on October 8, 2011. It mentioned that Qadianis, Jews and Christians were jointly putting pressure on the government of Pakistan. It exhorted the readers to ‘act’, otherwise it would disconnect them from the Green Dome (a reference to the Holy Prophet).

Sargodha is an important district headquarters town. It is home to a number of extremist mullas. It has been in the news for their close links to terrorists. The police, by not taking due notice of their anti-Ahmadiyya activities, will only facilitate the mullas to interact with public through this route.


Shahlamar Town; May 2011:           A man came on a motor-bike near the Ahmadiyya mosque on May 27, 2011 at the time of Friday prayers. He stayed there for a few minutes and talked to someone on his mobile phone. He went around the parameter of the Ahmadiyya mosque. His movements were suspicious. Thereafter he entered a nearby mosque of the Ahle Sunnat-wal-Jamaat.  He looked in mid-twenties, and had a small beard.


Tension in Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Kotli, AJK; June 2011:          Dr. Shah Muhammad Javed is the president of the Ahmadiyya community in Kotli. Someone damaged the electric lights of his main gate on June 19 and again on June 27, 2011. Meanwhile a suspect vehicle took rounds of his house twice. This was brought to the notice of the local police who took no action. It is worth noting that Dr. Shah survived an attack on his life two years ago. He also escaped an attempt to kidnap him. Authorities have shown no concern about the threats to his life.

Note: A few months later Dr Javed and his son were kidnapped.


Address lists of Ahmadis circulated by vigilantes

Pachnand, District Chakwal; December 2011: Mullas of Majlis Ahrar and Khatme Nabuwwat factions have been active throughout the year in Pachnand against the Ahmadis living there. They spread hate literature, took out rallies and even attacked the Ahmadiyya mission house there. Ahmadis kept the police informed who maintained a lenient attitude towards those religious bullies.

The undeterred mullas of Majlis Ahrar Islam took a big leap forward in their threat to the law and order in Pachnand by distribution of pamphlets in which the addresses and identity information of all the Ahmadi local male population is printed. Every Ahmadi household is mentioned along with its members by name, caste, profession and residential location. In all, 35 Ahmadis are listed. The hate-promoting pamphlet urges the ‘Muslims’ to boycott Ahmadis in all fields of human dealing and exhorts them to spare no sacrifice, financial or physical, to safeguard the End of  Prophethood. It calls Ahmadis apostates and traitors to the cause of Islam.

The publishers of this pamphlet have printed their addresses as below:

Tehrik Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat, Majlis Ahrar Islam Pachnand Phone 0300-5755515

Majlis Ahrar Islam, Masjid Syedna Abu Bakr Siddique, Tala Gang (Gharb) Phone: 0300-4716780 and 0300-5780390


Religious vigilantes disturb peace in District Layyah

Chak TDA-172, Layyah; January 2011:      An Ahmadi, Mr. Mehta A Bajwa was building a shop for his business when a few bullies arrived and used highly obscene and provocative language. They accused Ahmadis of blasphemy and threatened a shoot-out. The situation became very tense; however, it calmed down fortunately. The next day Mr. Taseer, the Governor of Punjab was murdered. The mullas arranged a public meeting in the local mosque where they declared that Taseer was a blasphemer, a Qadiani or their follower, and deserved to be killed. They harangued the people against Ahmadis.



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