Severe Threats (2016)

Severe threats


Religion based hostility in Gujranwala

Gujranwala, April 2016:        Some unidentified men wrote anti-Ahmadiyya hateful inscriptions on the shutter of Mr. Abdul Majeed Ahmadi’s shop. They wrote, “Qadianis Must be Killed (as per sharia), Mirzais are Infidels, etc.” Police were informed of this disturbing incident. They registered an FIR with No. 86 in PS Kotwali on April 9, 2016 against unknown accused; however no arrests have been made yet. Ahmadis are exercising caution and vigilance.

Threats to Ahmadis continue in Lahore

Delhi Gate; October 2016:     An Ahmadi youth Adeel Ahmad Goraya s/o Mr. Muhammad Sharif received a threatening SMS from an anti-Ahmadiyya group ‘Al-Haraka’. It conveyed, “This place should be vacated within fifteen days, otherwise a suicide attack will be launched to eradicate the Qadiani religion – Mujahideen Islam.”

This incident was reported to the police station Factory Area, Shahdara. Mr. Adeel Ahmad has been advised to be on guard.

Spreading fear

Bhara Kahu, Islamabad; July 2016:  Mr. Arif Ahmad, an Ahmadi young man from Bhara Kahu, a suburban town of Islamabad reported an incident – rather cryptic, even disquieting.

Someone rang his bell at about 9 a.m. He lives on first floor. He came to the terrace and looked in the street. He saw two men there on a motor cycle. One of them asked, “Is your name Arif?” On receiving ‘yes’, he asked a silly question, “Do you live here?” Thereafter they departed on the motor-cycle whose engine was kept running all along.

Then, the same day, at about 2 p.m. the bell rang again. Arif found again two men, different this time, on a motor cycle with engine running. One of them asked, “Is your name Arif Ahmad?” Then he asked, “Are you a Qadiani?” Having got the answer they left.

Arif came down to make inquiries. Arif is well-known in the neighborhood as an Ahmadi. His neighbors are friendly.

Arif reported the incident to Ahmadi elders and requested for their prayers.

A grave threat

Faisal Town, Lahore; March 2016:              Mr. Izhar Ahmad owns a software house. Five Ahmadi youth work there; the rest are non-Ahmadis. Mr. Ahmad received an e-mail from an ID, “Kill Ahmadis”. It stated that the message was from Abdul Wali, the Amir of Taliban. It conveyed: “All employees in your company are Ahamdis. Your office will be attacked if you do not shut down the company in three days. The attack will take place on Friday.” The e-mail ended with: “Kill Ahmadis to Get Jannat”; ‘Jannat’ means paradise.

Apparently the target is Ahmadis’ jobs. The e-mail was perhaps sent by someone who was fired recently by the proprietor.

Threatening letter on Jamaat Islami’s letter-head pad

Iqbal Town, Lahore; February 7, 2016:       Two threat letters were dropped at the homes of two Ahmadis, Mr. Aqeel Ahmad and Mr. Irfan Masood (head of the local Ahmadi youth organisation) on the letter-head pad of Jamaat Islami. Its translation is produced below:

Jamaat Islami. Mr. Irfan Masood! You belong to Qadiani Jamaat and have been elected head of its youth organisation. Accordingly you are targeted. Abandon your house within two days and stop your on-going propaganda forthwith. You have no time after these two days. You were targeted last year as well, but this time we’ll act (God willing), President Jamaat Islami.”

Last year such a letter and a pack of coffin were dropped at the house of Mr. Irfan Masood and at the local worship place. The Police were informed. They contacted the office of Jamaat Islami, who did not own up the letter. The Police have been informed again but apparently they have taken no action.