Special Reports

Introduction to Sub-section Special Reports

Special Reports related to Ahmadiyya Jamaat are issued by the Jamaat, and at times by others on special subjects or issues as and when required. Some such reports and documents are available here. Briefs on some important subjects are available in section “INTRODUCTORY ESSENTIAL.” Section IV (PERSECUTION REPORTS) contains many other reports of this type, especially of the past. Section V (Publications) list may also gainfully perused. 

Following reports are placed here:

Attack and gross desecration and damage to Ahmadiyya mosque and a venerated site            

Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat _MTKN

IHC Justice Siddiqui’s Judgment Sheet: its prefatory appraisal 

Jamaat Islami and Abul A’la Maududi (A brief)                                       

A new Act to deny ‘forever’ the right of vote to Ahmadis                       

The Government of Punjab bans Ahmadiyya books and publications                                                                

Azad Jammu and Kashmir parliament JK parliament also declares Ahmadis non-Muslims      

Politics of religion                                       

Ahmadis plight during Mian Shahbaz Sharif’s rule                                 

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority and Ahmadis                  

Punjab Government supports extremism and sectarianism                                                                          

Problems in Education                                                                        

Police torture to death Mr. Abdul Qadoos, an innocent prominent Ahmadi in Rabwah                                                                          

Rabwah as a safe haven!                                                                                         

The Lahore massacre                                                                                             

Rabwah; a place for martyrs – Lord Avebury’s Foreword                          

Crimes against humanity 1989-1999 

The trend in Pakistan                                                                                             

Paigham-e-Pakistan – Urdu


December Raid                                                                                                         

Minorities rights HRCP meeting on Ahmadis

Ordeal of an Ahmadi in Pakistan who is targeted under country’s anti-Ahmadiyya laws   

Fair questions arise                                                                                                                      

The on-going anti-Ahmadiyya hate campaign                                                                                            

General Pasha’s extraordinary disclosure concerning 2010 twin- attack on Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore                                                                                          

Policy statement by the Prime Minister                                                                            

Proscribed Islamic organizations                                                                                       

Le Contrat Social – Basis of the Pakistani state                                                             

Believe it or not! – absurd applications of Ordinance XX and religious laws       

1953 Punjab Disturbances Inquiry Report – some extracts                

Gross miscarriage of justice – three of Chak Sikandar                           

Mosque built illegally at Rabwah, August 2004                             







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