The Judiciary – 2003



Non-bailable warrant of arrest against the Supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Community

Karachi: According to a news item published in the Daily JANG, Rawalpindi, of February 10, 2003, the Additional District and Session Judge Karachi South, Mr Farooq Ali Channa issued non-bailable warrant of arrest against (Hadrat) Mirza Tahir Ahmad, the Supreme Head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Community. The court directed the government to bring him to Pakistan through the Interpol and present him in the court on February 27. According to the report, Maulana Ahmad Mian Hammadi had got a case registered against him on the grounds that Ahmadi periodicals refer to Quranic verses and the Sayings of the Prophet, which amounts to a violation of the Anti-Qadiani Ordinance. Other accused include Qazi Munir, Muhammad Ibrahim, Mian Mubarak Ahmad and some others, the report added.

Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad died two months later in April, in London.


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