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The court takes kind-hearted view of an extremist who was proud of committing a murder

The following was reported in Ahmadiyya Annual Report for the Year 2002:

Mr. Abdul Waheed of Faisalabad

Imtiaz Shah, an anti-Ahmadi fanatic, notorious for his extremism, stabbed Mr. Abdul Waheed (Ahmadi) with a dagger, in the bazaar at about 11:00 on November 14, 2002, and fled from the scene of his crime. The victim was taken to the hospital where he expired due to the fatal wound. When Abdul Waheed fell, the murderer announced to the people nearby that he had dispatched a Qadiani, and told them not to help the victim. Mr. Waheed lay there unattended for about half an hour before he was shifted to the hospital by one of his relatives. The doctors were of the opinion that had someone brought him to the hospital soon after the attack, his life could have been saved.

Imtiaz Shah was known to the police for his anti-Ahmadi activism. He had indulged in violent acts against Ahmadis in the past also, and Ahmadis had reported this dangerous criminal to the police. The negligent authorities however took a lenient and indulgent view of his conduct, and paid little attention to Ahmadis’ reports. This man has a police record and was an absconder in the past. However, he reappeared sometimes ago and remained free to pursue his nefarious activities. He is an ex-secretary of the Islamic Research Committee (Khatme Nabuwwat), Faisalabad.

Mr. Abdul Waheed, the victim was 31 years old. He was married and is survived by his widow and three daughters aged 6, 4 and 2.

According to the daily DAWN of November 16, 2002, Imtiaz Shah courted arrest at the Civil Lines Police Station on Friday morning. According to the police he confessed to the crime during preliminary investigation, saying that he had stabbed to death Qadiani Abdul Waheed “as part of his religious duty”, the newspaper reported. The sources further claimed that Imtiaz Shah had told the police that he also intended to kill three Qadiani owners of the Al-Karim Medical Store in Gole Chiniot Bazaar, but failed to implement his plan as they were not available at their shop, reported the staff correspondent of the newspaper.

An anti-terrorism court heard the case at Faisalabad. The court acquitted Rafaqat Ali who was accused of being an accomplice to the murder and sentenced Imtiaz Shah to death.

Imtiaz shah subsequently appealed to the High Court. The court has reduced his death sentence to 7 years’ imprisonment. It is for consideration whether such drastic reduction will encourage Imtiaz Shah and others like him to continue ‘to do their religious duty’.


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