The Judiciary – 2012

Criminal case registered against six, under law specific to Ahmadis

Malhokay, District Narowal:             Mullas Qari Ashraf, Pir Ashraf and others have been stoking communal fire here for months. The situation became so bad that the Ahmadis had to ask for police protection. Some local political leaders prevailed upon the police to provide the necessary protection.

The mullas, under the circumstances, looked for other backers in official circles. They applied to a sessions court and obtained orders to the police to register a criminal case. Accordingly, the police registered a case against six Ahmadis under PPC 298-C with FIR No. 74 in Police Station Baddo Malhi on June 29, 2012, for preaching, allegedly undertaken approximately 10 weeks earlier. The accused are: Mr. Sultan Ahmad, Mr. Naseer Ahmad, Mrs. Azmat Bibi wife of Naseer Ahmad, Mr. Ameen, Mr. Ghulam Hussain and a Murabbi (Ahmadi religious teacher, address unknown). If declared guilty, they could be imprisoned for 3 years.

The case is in the Lahore High Court. Four Ahamdis appeared in the court for confirmation of their bails. The judge confirmed the bails of Mr. Sultan Ahmad and Mr. Naseer Ahmad while he rejected the confirmation of Mr. Ghulam Hussain, the president of local Ahmadiyya community and Mr. Ameen Ahmad. The police arrested both of them and shifted them to the police station Baddo Malhi.

Another case registered:       During the hearing of the case for bail on November 14, 2012 Mr. Asif Javed S/O Mr. Ghulam Hussain was also present in the court room. He tried to make a video of the proceedings with his mobile phone. This was noted by the advocate of the opponent party. He slapped Mr. Javed in the court room in the presence of the judge. Others joined him in bashing him up. They roughed up other Ahmadis too. The judge ordered registration of a case under PPC 506 against Mr. Javed but took no action against those who took to violence. Mr. Javed was arrested there, and then shifted to the lock-up in police station Old Anarkali.

However all were released on bail later, but have to face the prosecution in the court.


Ahmadiyya produced drink banned by lawyers in Lahore

Lahore:           The daily The Express Tribune published the following report in its issue of February 11, 2012 (Excerpts):

Barred: Lawyers ban drink on court complex

LBA bans Shezan drinks, vows tough action against those found buying or selling Qadiani-owned products on premises

By Rana Yasir

Published: February 11, 2012


Lahore: The Lahore Bar Association (LBA) has banned Shezan drinks from subordinate court complexes and vowed tough action against those found buying or selling Qadiani-owned products on court premises.


The decision was reached on Thursday at the LBA’s bar room in the LDA plaza following a motion by Advocate Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhry, president of Khatme Nabuwwat Lawyers Forum (KNLF).


LBA President Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali told The Express Tribune that more than 100 lawyers unanimously voted for the ban on Shezan drinks for being the product of Ahmadis. The house also vowed to ban other products at a later stage.


Zulfiqar said that the association had launched a campaign to ensure a complete ban on Shezan drinks in subordinate court canteens etc. He said that he had constituted a team to enforce this decision. He added that strict action would be taken against canteen owners found selling Shezan drinks in subordinate courts.


KNLF President Advocate Choudhary said the LBA president had directed LBA Vice President Rana Javed Bashir Khan to coordinate enforcement of the ban in sessions courts, district courts, banking court, special court, Aiwan-i-Adl, in Model Town and Cantonment courts.


Several canteen owners, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the decision would hurt Ahmadi lawyers. They said it was far from clear how such initiatives will promote the welfare of the lawyers’ community.


Speaking with The Express Tribune Advocate Asma Jahangir said the resolution was condemnable. She said that it was also against the law. All lawyers are equal members in the LBA irrespective of their religion, she added.


She said if some lawyers did not like the product they could stop using it but not enforce bans.

It will be relevant to quote here a report from the daily Insaf, Lahore of February 20, 2012 that published the remarks made by KNLF in Insaf Forum at Lahore (Excerpts):

  • Qadianis who have robbed the belief system of Muslims have yet to accept the reality of Pakistan.
  • We shall not permit the sale of Shezan, Danish and Swedish products in courts’ premises including Evan-i-Adal (in Lahore).
  • It is our mission to get Shezan products banned.
  • Qadianis have committed letter substitution (tehrif) in the translations of the Holy Quran (sic), so as to misguide Muslims.
  • Christians and other non-Muslims live peacefully in dear Pakistan and freely propagate and practice their religion; if Qadianis accept their minority status and stop following Islamic liturgy, we shall have no objection against them.
  • Qadianis are Zindique (i.e. whose recantation is unacceptable and they must be put to death).

Note:   The lawyers’ community in Lahore has allowed themselves to be hijacked by the president of the Khatme Nabuwwat Lawyers Forum (KNLF). But KNLF is not alone in this; last year, a section of the lawyers’ community volunteered to shower rose petals on Mumtaz Qadri, Governor Taseer’s assassin. It is the society in general about which Saroop Ijaz commented in the same newspaper four days earlier in the following words:

“A society cannot persecute and witch-hunt one community while being tolerant or progressive in any basic sense of these words. In our society, the clichéd and over-cited words of Martin Niemoller of “First they came…” are throbbing and piercingly animate.”


Judicial relief to a known mass murderer

Lahore; October, 2012:          Two Ahmadiyya mosques were attacked in Lahore in May 2010 resulting in 86 Ahmadi worshipers dead. Ahmadis captured two attackers on the site and handed them over to the police. One of them is Abdullah who is now under trial. His defense team took the line that he was under 18 at the time of the attack, so his trial should be held under a different law. The court ordered his medical checkup by a team of five doctors. They reported that he was less than 18 at the time of the attack. At this the judge told the police to submit a new case against him in the court.

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