The Judiciary

The judiciary is one among other pillars of the Pakistani state. It has failed to strengthen and stabilize Pakistan. It has provided only occasional relief to Ahmadis in the environment of Ahmadi-specific laws and bad religious laws. The lower judiciary’s role in the persecution of Ahmadis has been far from commendable.

The decisions given by higher courts in landmark cases concerning Ahmadis will also not be mentioned with pride by the legal community in Pakistan. The Supreme Court verdicts in cases like Zaheeruddin Vs. The State, and the Federal Shariat Court judgment in Mujeebur Rehman v. Pakistan have met severe criticism from reputed legal analysts. The apex court gave a majority verdict in 1993 that “When an Ahmadi or Ahmadis display in public, on a placard a badge, or a poster, or write on walls, or ceremonial gates or buntings, the Kalima (Islamic creed) or chant other Shaare Islam, it would amount to defiling the name of the Holy Prophet.” And the punishment for that under PPC 295-C is death. Ultimately, history will find judiciary guilty of not upholding justice in cases involving Ahmadis.


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