The Media – 1999



The vernacular press

The Pakistani vernacular press, particularly Urdu dailies, continued to play their ignoble role in spreading hatred against Ahmadis. In this effort, they often try to excel one another. They think it improves their sales and profits. The Daily Jang, as usual, published its annual supplement on 7 September and unashamedly called the date an ‘historical day’ when in 1974 Ahmadis were declared non-Muslims. It falsely projected that Ahmadis enjoyed many times more rights than other minorities. If that is true, the condition of other minorities must be miserable beyond description. The Daily Ausaf, edited by a great liar, decided not to be left behind. It published its own supplement on 25 December on the same theme. It also had the dishonor of printing the names of Ahmadi officials still serving in government and semi-government jobs. The editor did not realize that this very short list would expose the discrimination and partiality of the government against Ahmadis. The daily Nawa-i-Waqt and the Jang led the anti-Ahmadiyya news campaign. During the months of August and September 1999, they printed 40 and 39 news items respectively against Ahmadiyya Community. The daily Khabrain, Ausaf, Din, Pakistan and Ummat were also in the race, and fared well. We place below the example of a set of three columns news-headlines published in the Daily Ausaf, Islamabad, 29 September 1999.


Clandestine Activities of Qadianis in a Town close to the Atomic Processing Plant at Khushab

Qadianis are using Dera Umid Bhan, only 2 Kilometers away from the Plant, as their Headquarters. All Modern Facilities are available there.

Qadianis hold special Get Together at Dera Umid Bhan every Friday. These Clandestine Activities could prove Dangerous to the Defense of Pakistan.


If there is any truth in the above, then it is obvious that some local Ahmadis get together at the Dera for their routine Friday religious service. The entire fabrication by the Ausaf and its reporter is primarily to obstruct Ahmadis’ Friday prayers. Most of these pressmen suffer from the same corruption of which they accuse the rest of the Pakistani society.


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