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Criminal case registered against eight Ahmadiyya Community officials and workers

Rabwah; January 17, 2003:    On behest of a local mullah, the police registered a case against seven Ahmadis under PPC 506 and 341 in FIR No. 18/2003 at police station Chenab Nagar (Rabwah). The mullah accused Ahmadis of wrongful restraint and threats of murder. He accused specifically by name, Mr Saadi who is the General President of the Ahmadiyya Community at Rabwah and his assistant Mr Hameedullah.

The facts of the incident are quite simple. There is great deal of traffic rush near the Aqsa Mosque on Fridays at about mid-day due to the weekly congregational prayers. Therefore in order to avoid accidents, the traffic is routed through alternate routes by Ahmadi volunteers posted at the nearby road intersections. These volunteers asked a rickshaw driver to take the alternate route. To their surprise, the rickshaw stopped, and from inside jumped out a mullah who lashed out at the volunteers in severe words, threatened them with dire consequences and departed. At his mosque, the mullah spoke venomously against Ahmadis in his sermon. In the evening he got a criminal case registered against 7 or 8 Ahmadis including senior Ahmadiyya Community officials who were not present within a kilometer of the spot of the incident. The PPC applied by the police carries a penalty of imprisonment of seven years.

This incident and the one mentioned below were links of a chain of conspiracy that unfolded at the time.


The yellow press

Rawalpindi:     The daily Jang continues to provide its services to the forces of obscurantism and reaction in their relentless campaign against the Ahmadiyya Community. In its issue of June 11, 2003, the Rawalpindi edition, two-column space was allocated to a statement of one Maulana Khan Mohammad of Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat. The headlines stated the following:

Assignment of Qadianis to key appointments is against the stability of Pakistan – Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat

We will spare no sacrifice to protect the dogma of Finality of Prophethood –Address by Maulana Khan Mohammad


Assessment of a columnist

July 2, 2003: Mr Hafizur Rahman, a leading journalist wrote a candid column in the daily DAWN, Lahore of July 2, 2003. Its title is: ‘The minorities in our midst’. An extract from his essay is reproduced below:

“While in a truly Islamic state, which Pakistan is not (nor is it likely to be with so much hypocrisy around) the Umma is supposed to be the protector of non-Muslims, one is heartened by the courage shown by the Christian minority. I warn them that this is not going to be taken lightly by the ultra-religious elements among the Muslims and might involve a recoil.

“As for the other significant minority, the Ahmadis, they don’t count. They are not even second-class citizens but something much lower, yet to be properly categorized. Quite apart from the blasphemy law, which covers everyone, Christians in Pakistan do not appreciate how much we love them. For example if a Christian pins the Muslim kalima on his breast, we’ll make much of him and exhibit him as “an honorary Muslim.” But if a Qadiani has the temerity to do that, we trot him off to jail for a year or two.

“Similarly all Christians use the salutation Assalamo Alaikum even among themselves, but if a Qadiani does so it is a crime in the eyes of General Zia’s law and duly punishable. He can say Namaste or Sat Siri Akal but never the Salam which only means “Peace be upon you,” and is hardly a religious expression. That is why I say that our Christians don’t count their blessings, which they are exhorted to do by their faith. Qadianis have been prosecuted for writing Bismillah on a wedding card… …”.


Asians News Network ANN

Islamabad, April 3, 2003:       This news clique that claims to be Asian and a Network issued a bulletin on April 3 to all the newspapers, wherein a long story was made out of how the MTA (Muslim Television Ahmadiyya) team managed to record the site of Made in Gujranwala Industrial Exhibition. According to the story the video team introduced Ahmadiyya Islam to the exhibitors as the true Islam and urged them to watch MTA. Eventually, some ‘noble sons of Islam’ confronted Ahmadis, reported to the police, and held the intruders accountable etc.

The news story ended thus: “It should be borne in mind that the Ahmadiyya denomination is Wajabul Qatal’ (liable to be put to death as per Sharia).

Such is the professional output of the Asian News Network in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan!


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