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An Ahmadi shot dead after a hostile and malicious programme on GEO TV and a sectarian rally.

Rabwah; December 27, 2014: Ahmadiyya central office issued the following press release on the event.

Press Release

Ahmadis in Gujranwala once again target of hate mongers. Ahmadi youth becomes latest victim.
A conference held a few days ago instigated participants to take actions against Ahmadis.
On 22 December 2014 participants in Geo TV’s morning show instigated hatred against Ahmadis, which should not be ignored.
Hate speech and instigation to violence is taking lives of Ahmadis in Pakistan: Spokesman Jamaat Ahmadiyya.
Chenab Nagar (PR): Today early in the morning soon after Fajar prayers an Ahmadi LuqmanShahzad was murdered while he was on his way from home to his farm.
This is the latest incident of violence in Gujranwala where a few days ago a conference was organised, and the speakers as usual used bad language against Ahmadis and instigated participants to take strong actions against them.
The spokesperson of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Pakistan Saleem Ud Din said, “instigation to hatred and violence against Ahmadis is normal and acceptable in Pakistan where pamphlets, brochures, street banners openly instigate hatred and violence against Ahmadis.”
Saleem Ud Din further added that “A national TV channel Geo on 22 December had participants calling Ahmadis enemies of Pakistan who should be taken to task, without any fear of its consequences on the lives of innocent Ahmadis. Last time in 2008 the same channel with the same host aired a programme that called for death to Ahmadis, and two prominent Ahmadis were shot dead in next two days of the programme.”
Saleem Ud Din asked if there was no law in this country that keeps a check on these hate mongers and anchors who spew hatred or give space to hate mongers openly.
It is high time that Pakistani government and law enforcement institutions take notice of this open hatred and instigation to violence and bring the culprits to book. Nobody should be allowed to spew venom against anyone on the basis of religion; only this way we can bring this menace of terrorism to end, he said.###
Asian Human Rights Commission rightly took note of a sectarian rally that had taken place in the locality a few days earlier. In its statement AHRC-215-2014 issued on December 29, 2014 it said, “The murder in cold blood was the result of an anti-Ahmadiyya Conference that was held in Gujranwala where instigation and incitement to kill Ahmadis was the prime message of the mullas. The hate mongers were allowed to organize the conference by the government, given the current law and order situation, speaks volumes about the state’s resolve to bring stability to Pakistan.”
The daily The Nation wrote a readable editorial on December 29, on this murder; it is produced here.

Another outrage by TV channel GEO and its anchor Aamir Liaquat Hussain

Slander and spiteful disinformation on a most sensitive occasion

December 22, 2014:               TV channel GEO in its morning show ‘Subah Pakistan’ led by ‘Dr’ Aamir Liaquat Husain, telecast a deliberate slander and spiteful and misleading disinformation uttered by a mulla, after the most barbaric massacre of school children in Peshawar, accusing the Ahmadiyya community of promoting terrorism in Pakistan and to be the mover behind the heinous attack on school.

It would be recalled that the GEO and Aamir Liaquat aired a similar outrage in September 2008 insinuating that Ahmadis were Wajib-ul-Qatl (must be killed), and in the next following days president of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Mirpur Khas Dr Abdul Mannan Siddiqui and the president of Nawabshah Mr. Mohammad Yousaf were shot dead.

During the discussion in the program at a certain point, Muhammad ArifOwaisi and Hamza Ali Qadri used slander against the Jamaat Ahmadiyya. The transcription of relevant part of the program is presented herewith for review:

ArifOwaisi:        The fact is that this program of yours has done a great intellectual correction. Alhamdulillah, Our entire nation was in a sheer mental peril, and as you said in Raymond Davis case that ‘speak with courage’, I also want to say something with courage and say it openly. And that is that amongst us, till date, you had asked who is behind it, I am telling this with Divine knowledge that in our country there is only one enemy of all Muslims belonging to various schools of thought and we should recognise this enemy and I want to openly give out the indication of that enemy which is enemy of all of us. It is correct that sectarian differences between us are continuing for years, but this enemy is our joint enemy and it is the enemy of entire Pakistan. And the name of this enemy is ‘Fitna e Qadianiyyat’ (The evil of Ahmadiyyat).

Aamir Liaquat (in affirmative):     “Hhhmmmmm” (“Seeeee?”)

ArifOwaisi:        Of Khatme Nabuwwat, they are actually against the capital punishment in Pakistan. They are against punishments, since they are promoters of blasphemy, Qadiani, Mirzai. So we all Muslims should recognise this enemy, not that we should instead be fighting with one another.

Aamir Liaquat:   (leads all in clapping)

ArifOwaisi:        Recognise them amongst your own files, and it is all the result for their conspiracy, and I would also say here that, Allamasb said a thing during the break while sipping tea, that they were raising a slogan, those who carried out attacks in Peshawar, they were raising slogans ‘Allah o Akbar’ (God is great). We want to tell this to the entire world’s media that if a terrorist is reciting the Kalima during terrorist attack, raising Allah o Akbar slogan while murdering innocents or doing something against Islam, he has nothing to do with Islam, and this terrorist be not related to Islam; he is an enemy of Islam in Islam’s disguise.

Hamza Ali Qadri:      During my city life, I used to sit in a cafeteria. I don’t want to name it. The day these Qadianis were declared non-Muslims, a Qadiani who was there said to me “Mr. Hamza, now you will see, how much blood will be spilt. You have declared us ‘Kafir’ (infidels), but you will see how much blood is spilt,” so Shah sb, you are absolutely correct. This is international conspiracy….

ArifOwaisi:        Judaism is active behind this. This is truth, why should we be afraid of naming America. We are being subjected to cruelty, our children are being beheaded, and this cruelty that fell upon these children, I ask whether they were children of the Shiites? Whether they were children of Ahl e Hadith? Whether they were children of Barelvis? They were all Muslims’ children.

Amir Liaquat:     True, very nicely put.

In the aftermath of militants’ attack on Army Public School in Peshawar the whole country was in mourning and various media channels broadcast programs in this regard. Aamir Liaquat Hussain had the following mullas in his show that day:

Syed Hamza Ali Qadri, Vice President, Jamaat Ahl e Sunnat, Sindh; Professor Muhammad Younas Siddiqui, Incharge Tehrik Ahl e Hadees Pakistan; Mufti Syed Muhammad Arif Shah Owaisi, founder of Madrassa Auliya Quran; Mufti Imran ul Haq, Assistant Professor Jamia Karachi; Allama Shabbir Hasan, leader of Shia Ulama Council; Qari Muhammad Usman, Jamiat Ulama e Islam (Fazalur Rahman Group)

While this grave instigation against the peaceful Ahmadiyya community is most condemnable, the attempt made by these mullas and the infamous Aamir Liaquat Husain to misguide and de-track one and all in the pursuit of the real culprits is a criminal act in support of terrorists. The GEO management, who had to almost apologise for the conduct of this felon in 2008, cannot be absolved of its responsibility of what is said, by whom, in whose programme.

This time again Geo TV apologized, according to the daily Dawn of December 30. However, Aamir Liaquat had no sense of shame and upheld his stand of ‘Not Guilty’. In a subsequent program on Geo he said,“ … There can be no conciliation between me and the group that is leading this campaign; I can forego everything but not my faith in the end of Prophethood; that belief will be with me in my grave as my coffin. … Nothing in my program of 22 Dec was aimed at promoting hatred against any group or people.”

Mr. Irfan Hussain, a well-known op-ed writer commented on this incident and concluded: “I hate to repeat myself, but as I wrote recently, a military campaign against terrorists is not enough by itself to combat the jihadi threat. The intolerance that is being taught in our classrooms and broadcast by our TV channels is what is fuelling the terror campaign that has brought Pakistan to its knees.”

Only five days after this GEO programme, an Ahmadi was target-killed for his faith in District Gujranwala.

The News International published a very insightful op-ed, “The terrorist tree” on this aspect of terrorism, in its issue of December 28, 2014; it is available here.

Teamwork of the vernacular press and the mullas in Pakistan – a sample

Lahore; March 10, 2014:       The daily Jang, Lahore published the following under a 3-column headline in its issue of March 10, 2013:

The US is promoting sectarianism.  To crush (sarkobi) Qadianiat is the responsibility of the entire Ummah (Islamic community): Ulama-e-Karam

In a lengthy follow-up report, the Jang gave plenty of coverage to a major conference in Lahore and a few others, all organized by sectarian mullas. There is internal evidence that these are funded by petro-dollars. A mulla from Kuwait, Dr. Ahmad Ali Siraj is mentioned as a VIP who participated and addressed the audience. The Jang did not restrict its space to print all the garbage they uttered. For example:

  • Hafiz Hussain Ahmad said that the US was not spending thousands but millions of dollars to carry out terrorism in Pakistan. Qadianis act as supervisors of terrorist activities. Qadianis are not only traitors to the faith but are also traitors to the country for rejecting constitutional provisions.
  • Maulana Farooqi said that the government should consider no option other than dialogue with Taliban.
  • Qadianis should be forbidden to indulge in Islamic practices, said the Ulama.
  • The memory of 10,000 martyrs of the Khatme Nabuwwat movement of 1953 was revived. (In fact, a high judicial enquiry held soon after, counted a total of only 37 dead in the entire country in the riots which were smothered by the law-enforcing authorities. )
  • The national objective was imposition of Islam (Nifaze Islam). The rulers have played a fraud in the past 67 years.
  • Maulana Abdul Karim said, “One hundred verses of the Holy Quran and 200 Ahadith and the consensus of the Ummah declare that the deniers of the dogma of Khatme Nabuwwat are outside the pale of Islam.” (In fact there is not even one verse or Hadith that supports the “unconditional” and sweeping interpretation of Pakistani mulla’s statement on End of Prophethood. And of course, there was no consensus – ever. Ed.)


It is a pattern that in all such conferences held in the name of Khatme Nabuwwat, the mullas indulge amply in loose and irresponsible talk, lies, slander, sectarian discord and strife, and promote their national and international political agenda and objectives.

 Pakistani vernacular press – a sample

Lahore:           Pakistan has been blamed for toleration of extremism and even terrorism. In this the local print media, especially vernacular newspapers bear the responsibility. Below we translate a news item comprising statements of “Ulama and Mashaikh” of Sunni sect who are generally believed to be less ferocious than their Salafi and Deobandi peers; Headlines:

 The government should implement without delay the sentences of all those convicted of Blasphemy. Ban should be imposed on Qadianis’ TV channel: Ulama &Mashaikh

Mashaikh should be given representation on Islamic Ideology Council (IIC). Recommendations of the Council should be presented in the Parliament and laws promulgated accordingly.

Mazarat (tombs) should be handed back to SajjadaNashins. We shall spare no sacrifice in the way of guarding the honor of the Prophet. MumtazQadiri should be released forthwith.

A brief explanation of pointers in the above headlines will be appropriate. The IIC recommendations are many, some of the type that ‘An apostate should be killed’. The sentences of blasphemy that have been demanded implementation without delay are ‘Death’; the offer to ‘sacrifice’ everything is a call for offering blood and shedding blood sans limit. MumtazQadiriwhose immediate release is demanded is none other than the self-confessed assassin of Governor Salman Taseer.

Noteworthy is the fact that the daily Ausaf provided three columns for these headlines. It further reported that this End of Prophethood Conference at Golra Sharif (on the outskirts of Islamabad) was attended and addressed by Pir Amin ul Hasnat, Federal Minister of State for Religious Affairs, MakhdoomJaved Hashmi, a PTI leader and numerous others. All issues mentioned in headlines above were presented as resolutions and passed unanimously.

There are very few in Pakistan who have not contributed their share to push this country to the brink.

 Whitewashing Ahmadiyya situation on electronic media

September 30, 2014:   BBC has an arrangement with the Pakistani TV channel Aaj that its Urdu program Serbeen will be aired by the latter.

In this program, scheduled for broadcasting on September 30, 2014 the lead story was the IInd Amendment to the Constitution and its impact on the affected Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan. The scheduling of this story was well-timed as this Amendment was passed in the month of September (in 1974). Religious extremists and sectarian elements celebrate this event in September and most of the vernacular press joins in the jubilations by issuing Special Editions. It was done this year as well.

BBC, very appropriately, prepared a short documentary report on this occasion. For this, they even sent a research team to Rabwah to assemble facts and figures. Eventually the team prepared a documentary that met BBC standards and style. It was inserted as the lead story, and provided to Aaj for transmission.

Aaj TV examined this programme and decided to not broadcast this report. This decision was very regrettable; it shows lack of professional and moral courage in the vernacular electronic media. It withheld from the general public the truth and denied them a balanced and clear understanding of an important issue that has led to the general breakdown of communal peace and promoted intolerance in the Pakistani society in the past four decades.

 Sectarian strife in Pakistan and the government

Islamabad; May 18, 2014: The daily Dawn reported the following as lead story, (excerpts):

“Steps listed to fight sectarian strife

According to the interior ministry, 950 lives were lost in three years.

“ISLAMABAD: Over 950 people have been killed in sectarian attacks over the past three years, according to a report compiled by the interior ministry. What is more alarming, however, is that the trend is on the rise and the government seems to have failed to control it.

“According to the report, 197 people were killed because of sectarian strife in 2011, a number which witnessed a sharp spike to 370 in 2012. And the next year brought no relief as the violence claimed 387 lives….

“Promises & promises:   The ministry has listed five steps that the government is implementing to curb sectarian violence. Ironically, none of them appears to be going to stop mindless persecution of people in the name of religion. Most of the suggested measures have already been used as a policy. But to little avail.


“Fourth, the government says it will ban sectarian organizations that preach hate. Since the present government came into being, not a single organization has been banned, although many banned groups have appeared with new names.

“Critics argue the banning an organization serves little purpose if they are not monitored and the ban is not effectively imposed. The incessant sectarian killings by proscribed organizations could be cited to substantiate the argument.

The last action suggested by the interior ministry, headed by ChaudharyNisar Ali Khan, is to take action against publication and distribution of hate literature.

“This too is nothing new. For decades, experts have been suggesting that such writings need to be controlled, Whether the present government will be able to succeed where all others have failed is any body’s guess.

“But it is unclear when the government will awaken from slumber and make progress on these promises. This week, the National Assembly passed a resolution to condemn the increasing number of incidents of desecration of minorities’ places of worship across the country.”

 Fabrication and falsehood – beyond limit

Lahore; June 24, 2014:The daily Islam, in its issue of June 24, 2014 published an op-ed written by one Mufti Muhammad Muawiya Ismail of Mankot. This op-ed essentially comprises a story with little merit, except that it deserves a place in archives as a sample of mendacity and cock-and-bull story-telling undertaken by some mullas in the second decade of 21st century in a newspaper in the Islamic Republic, that has named itself ‘Islam’ and places its space at the disposal of such liars.

The op-ed makes the following opening statement:

“Suddenly there was a loud sound of sobbing in the class, it made the lecturer Sir Shafiq and all the boys look in that direction, in surprise. Sir Shafiq, who was giving the lecture, went silent.”

The story then mentions that this event happened in a ‘most prestigious college’ of some city. Sir Shafiq was a ‘very pious lecturer’. As usual, he was explaining a verse of the Holy Quran when:

“The lecture turned to the issue of Khatme Nabuwwat (End of Prophethood) and Sir Shafiq explained it in great length and informed the students in detail of the bogus arguments given by the Pakistani MusailmaKazzab (Musailma the liar). Some students appeared to have heard of these detail for the first time (in life). Sir Shafiq mentioned in detail all the Qadiani products and said that Muslims’ sense of honour (Ghairat) demanded that they should never use these products.”

The lecture content in classes held in this ‘most prestigious science college’ is noteworthy.

The story goes on to tell that at that stage the sobbing was heard from a corner in the class. This sobbing then turned into loud wailing (Talibilmbaawaz bland roneylaga). “At this Sir Shafiq also shed tears and he used a handkerchief to wipe his eyes.” When all eyes were at him the sobbing boy (Muhammad Zain) stood up and started telling his story.

Briefly, Zain told the class that he hailed from a Qadiani family. His father and uncle were both missionaries. As a child he experienced hate and discrimination from other (non-Ahmadi) boys in the street. That made him take interest in the two different belief systems of the local communities.

According to Zain (or the mental fabrication of Mufti Muawiya): “A few months ago my father and uncle went out on a proselytizing tour. On the way they had a terrible accident. My uncle did not survive the injury while my father barely escaped death with a chopped hand. There was great loud lamentation in our house. My uncle’s dead body was brought home. Everyone was sad. I was there, and sitting there I noticed that there was some movement under the shroud of the deceased. First I took it as just my imagination, but then when I moved the sheet off my uncle’s face, I nearly fainted. All those present there got scared and moved back as we saw that my uncle’s face was undergoing a transformation. His face was turning into that of a swine. A little later it became exactly that of a swine (thori der kaybaadunkishakalbilkulkhinzirkitareh ho gai.) Now no one was prepared to go near him. At last we sought help from outsiders who dumped my uncle’s dead body in a pit, without the ritual bath and coffin (bagairghusal o koffin).

“The next day huge worms appeared and fell out of my father’s wound, as if they were emerging from their holes…. I then told my papa, ‘Believe it or not; we are in the wrong, I am not going to remain a member of our false religion. I am going to convert into a Muslim…. Eventually all members of my family became Muslims. At this I raised the slogan: Khatme Nabuwwat and everyone shouted ZindahBaad (long live).”

To avoid any inquiry and research in this fabricated story, the Mufti has made sure that:

  • The name of the city where this ‘most prestigious college’ is located is not mentioned.
  • The names of the father and the uncle who met the Divine wrath are not mentioned.
  • The name of the college where the story was told by Zain is not revealed.
  • The hometown of Zain where the entire family got converted to ‘Islam’ is not given.
  • The month, not even the year of this yarn is mentioned.

It should be mentioned that the Ahmadiyya community is not aware of any accident involving two missionaries, where one died and the other lost his hand. It is now for the liar ‘Mufti’ to produce the father of the mythical Zain, who survived minus one hand.

No let up in any sector

Lahore; June 21, 2014:Ahmadi-bashers have adopted the policy of not allowing any ‘let up’ to Ahmadis in any sphere of national community or personal lives.

The following 3-column headlines in the daily Ausaf, Lahore on June 21, reported by its correspondent in Chenab Nagar (Rabwah) are self-explanatory:

The district will face chaos if a Qadiani press club is registered in Chenab Nagar. Abdul Rehman Kalyar (of Press Club, Chiniot)

Qadiani print and electronic media will try to prove the veracity of their belief system; this will hurt the feelings of Islam-lovers.

A group of journalists in Chiniot is ever ready to obstruct registration of a press club of Qadianis: talk to the media

How unabashed a commitment to bigotry and denial of rights to others!


Avoiding the ‘impending human disaster’

Lahore; September 7, 2014:               Mr. Ali Usman Qasmi wrote a book titled: The Ahmadis and the Politics of Religious Exclusion in Pakistan. The News on Sunday (TNS) interviewed this author and published the interview in scope… on September 7, 2014. It is readable.

The interview is titled: “There is no scope for a counter response from Ahmadis.” The introduction to the interview mentions that the Second Amendment “was a kind of culmination of their (Ahmadis) social ostracisation…”; also “This (Ordinance XX) effectively curtailed social and political exclusion in every possible manner.”

Mr. Qasmi also expresses the opinion that, “They (the common people) oppose or hate them (Ahmadis) because they have been fed a certain opinion about the Ahmadis and there is no scope or possibility for a counter response coming from the Ahmadis.” (Emphasis added)

The interview comes to end with the following loaded paragraph:

“At this point it can only be hoped that this work (book) will lead to academic discussion that will in turn influence the larger public discourse as well. The problem is that there is a human crisis, our concern is how to resolve this human crisis. This crisis cannot necessarily be addressed through legal or constitutional means. It requires changing the minds of the people and influencing their opinion. This can only happen through research and open discussion. Only then we might be able to avoid the impending human disaster which is in the making.”

That is the ground reality in Pakistan today after 40 years of co-operation between the state and the mulla in Pakistan on the Ahmadiyya issue, “impending human disaster” forecast by a social scientist. Ahmadis can only pray and have faith in God to protect them from this man-made tsunami initiated in 1974, sustained and intensified constantly in the past four decades.

 Year 2013 Report on anti-Ahmadiyya campaign in the vernacular press

Rabwah:The Press Section of the Ahmadiyya central office issued its annual report on the above subject. The report shows no improvement in the policy and conduct of the Urdu press in its anti-Ahmadi drive. In fact, some newspapers have printed more hostile `news` and op-eds as compared to the preceding year.

This year again, the daily Ausaf (Editor: Mr. Mehtab Khan) is in the lead for printing anti-Ahmadi ‘news`, however it has beaten its own total of last year by printing 20 percent more news this year; these news are mostly hostile statement of mullas, leading as well as petty. The daily Nawa-i-Waqt (Editor: Mr. MajeedNizami) stood first in printing the maximum op-eds, 48 in number. The daily Jang (Editor: Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman) was second by publishing 37 op-eds. It printed statements of mullas in headlines like, “Qadianis are traitors not only of the faith but also the country: Khatme Nabuwwat Conference.”(Jang; January 27, 2013). Very recently when accused in the same terms by their detractors, the Jang protested against the damage done to its prestige: “Notice of 50 billion rupees damages to Ministry of Defense,  ISI and Pemra for calling Jang and Geo traitors.” (Jang; June 7, 2014.)

The daily Pakistan (Editor: Mr. Mujib-ur-Rehman Shami) matched the daily Jang in publishing anti-Ahmadi op-eds. For sample we quote headline of a news story from its issue of May 18, 2013: “Qadianis are rebels and traitors against the Constitution: Maulana Zahid urRashidi.”Rashidi is the mulla who travelled all the way to South Africa last year to beat the drums of war against the so-called `Shia aggression`. On TV shows Mr. Shami preaches unity in the Ummah.

This annual report mentions theme-wise numerous baseless, incorrect and damaging news published by the Urdu press; photo prints of some such headlines are produced in that report. Here we give only a few samples:

Vile allegations

Imran Khan is a Jewish agent and a colleague of Qadianis: Ilyas Chinioti (a PML-N mulla and an MPA)

The daily Jang; May 7, 2013

Qadianiyat is the greatest danger for Muslims: Maulana Irshad

                                                                                    The daily Pakistan; June 5, 2013Building Qadiani residential areas near sensitive locations is cause of concern: Ulama

                                                                                    The daily Din; December 27, 2013The Jewish lobby is using Qadianis for its condemnable objectives: Qari Shabbir Usmani

                                                                                    The daily Ausaf; September 11, 2013

State support to Qadianis!

Whenever Nawaz Sharif comes (to power), Qadiani lobby becomes active: (Mulla) Ajmal Qadri                                                            

The daily Jang; September 2, 2013

NajamSethi has promoted the Qadiani mischief; caretaker governments should exercise restraint: Khatme Nabuwwat

                                                                        The daily Nawa-i-Waqt; April 6, 2013

Note: Such headlines have always proven effective in inducing the rulers to prove their credentials by further distancing themselves visibly from the marginalized Ahmadiyya community.

Baseless charge of being anti-Pakistan

Qadianis are busy undoing the roots of Pakistan: Ulama

                                                                        The daily Nawa-i-Waqt; September 9, 2013

 Sensitive issue of blasphemy

Qadianis should desist from their hostility towards the Prophet of Allah: Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat

                                                                                    The daily Jasarat; September 6, 2013

Hate promoting statements

Qadianis have done irreparable damage to Islam and the country: Khatme Nabuwwat Conference Chenab Nagar

                                                                        The daily Jang; November 9, 2013

Qadianis deserve no human sympathy: Majlis Khatme Nabuwwat

                                                                                    The daily Jasarat; May 23, 2013

Qadianis trigger their conspiracies; the youth should remain prepared to annihilate them: Raja Zafarul Haq (a top PML-N leader)

                                                                        The daily Ausaf; August 29, 2013


Sharia punishment of apostasy (death) should be imposed: Haji Abdul Ghafur Rehmani

                                                                                    The daily Khabrain; June 3, 2013

Military wing of Qadianis should be destroyed: Ilyas Chinioti (PML-N mulla, an MPA)

                                                                                                The daily Dunya; May 25, 2013

The phantom Qadiani lobby

Qadianis holding key posts are busy conspiring against national security: Khatme Nabuwwat Conference

                                                                                    The daily Dunya; October 26, 2013

The Kashmir issue

Kashmir became a problem because of Qadiani manipulations: Speakers

                                                The daily Nawa-i-Waqt; Sept 8, 2013

Qadiani generals are the hurdle to resolution of Kashmir problem: Majlis Khatme Nabuwwat

                                                                                    The daily Jasarat; April 6, 2013

(Note: These liars know that there is no Ahmadi general in Pakistan Army.)

The Israeli connection

 One thousand Pakistani Qadianis are employed in the Israeli army: Report

                                                                                    The daily Ausaf; November 9, 2013

Qadianis are supported by the U.S., Israel and India: Abdul Ghafur Rehmani

                                                                        The daily Pakistan; December 30, 2013

(Note. Mulla Rehmani and the daily Pakistan obviously have no concern with the `truth` in the statement; the aim is only to incite hate among the ordinary readers.)

The report mentions that during 2013 seven Ahmadis were murdered for their faith, while 16 others were subjected to assaults. In all fairness, more than the attackers, it is their religious and press leaders who should be held responsible for these heinous crimes.

Special editions

Almost all the vernacular dailies issued anti-Ahmadi special editions on various occasions. They never published a rebuttal sent to them by Ahmadi writers.

Ahmadiyya response

Ahmadiyya `Press Section` often sends its versions, explanations, protests to these papers but most of them simply ignore these or occasionally spare space, the size of a postage stamp, for such rebuttals.

The report, in its foreword, urges the vernacular press to stand by its own policy guidelines adopted by their various organisations, APNS, CPNE and PFUJ. What is the use of laying down a `code of conduct` if it is not to be followed, the report asks? Such violations infringe Article 19 of the Constitution, reminds the Report.

This report makes the following statement in the concluding para:

“Will the media in Pakistan ever use its pen freely and sans religious prejudice? May it happen soon that our media follow high principles so that truth reaches the people and all aspects of an issue become visible to them. May Allah bring it about. Amen”

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