The Mulla – 2000



A New Mujahedin Force established:

Quoting its representative at Chiniot (near Rabwah) the Daily Jang of May 24, 2000 quoted Mullah Allah Yar Arshad: “Sipah Khatame Nabuwwat has been established to block illegal activities of Qadianis. Two hundred youth have already joined. They have filled in the enrollment forms with their blood. Units of Sipah Khatame Nabuwwat will be established all over the country. Its Central body will be formed in a few days.”


Enrollment form for Khatme Nabuwwat to counter Ahmadiyyat

Enrollment form for Khatme Nabuwwat to counter Ahmadiyyat




A fatwa

A filled-in membership form of  ‘Mujahedin Tahaffuz Khatam Nabuwwat’  is placed opposite. It is signed by a class VI student who is 12 years old. On its back (not shown here), the objects and principles of the organization are mentioned. Besides others, it is specified as belief that the Latter-day Imam Mahdi will wage Jihad against Christians and defeat them; also Jesus will descend in those days and the two will jointly wage Jihad to spread Islam all over the world.

A Fatwa, apart from being a religious edict, also betrays the attitude and the state of mind of the Mufti and his types. During September 2000 mulla, Muhammad Ibrahim Sarhindi of Umarkot issued a Fatwa against Ahmadis, dated 19 Jamadi-us-Sani 1421 (Islamic Calendar) Some excerpts:

“Qadianis are apostate infidels, as they were initially Muslims but later turned infidels. As such, it is completely forbidden to be friendly with them, to buy anything from their shop, to lend or borrow from them, to employ them or to be in their employment, as also to participate in occasions of their sorrow or joy; in short to have even minimal relationship with these cursed infidels is totally illicit.

“ Do not greet them, nor reply to their greetings. God’s wrath is ever upon them and anyone who maintains any relationship with them will also be under God’s curse upon him. He will be the fuel for hellfire.

“Mirza Qadiani is a cursed infidel. While in grave, he is burning in the black fire. He is suffering great torture. O Muslim, protect thy soul and distance thyself a hundred miles from this cursed lot.”


Mulla Manzoor Chinioti  –  Advocatus Diaboli

Mulla Manzoor Chinioti is the General Secretary of the International Khatame Nabuwwat Organization. He claims close contact with the President of Pakistan and his calls on him are occasionally reported in the press. On August 24, he was invited to speak as the prime speaker at the Central Mosque of New Garden Town, Multan at 9 p.m. He was introduced to the audience as the Conqueror of Mirzaiyyat (Ahmadiyyat) who had waged a life long Jihad against Mirzais. Chinioti took the stage at about 11 p.m. and harangued the audience for almost two hours. In addition to his usual slander and verbal abuse against the holy personages of the Ahmadiyya Community, he made the following remarks as well:

  1. 1. I am the fortunate person whose thirty years’ efforts have borne fruit and the name of Rabwah was changed to Chenab Nagar.
  2. 2. Our anti-Qadiani training program is an atomic bomb against them.
  3. 3. If you find any Qadiani man or woman preaching their creed, beat them up with your shoes, then have them locked up in a police station.
  4. 4. Apply to the Deputy Commissioner if you find someone preaching. Arrange two witnesses; Qadianis will not be released on bail up to the High Court level.
  5. 5. Zafrullah Khan (Ex F.M. Pakistan) was a tout of the British.
  6. 6. The Mirza banned the Jihad and continued the Prophethood. We are now carrying out Jihad against Hindus, while these Qadianis are anti-Jihad. This proves their falsehood. The whole world is an arena for Jihad. Pervaiz Musharaf- you are a soldier; you should understand – you should move against them.
  7. 7. Our constitution forbids Qadianis to preach, but it permits Muslims to preach. You should note this in particular.
  8. 8. Our Qibla is at Mecca, while Qadianis’ have theirs at Israel.
  9. 9. I assure you that Pakistan will frame a law whereby the Death penalty shall be prescribed for apostasy.

The mulla was escorted by six commando types in uniform. They were armed and their faces were partly masked. Physical security checks were made on entrants. The commandoes moved about to show vigilance.


Mulla Masood Azhar in Chiniot

Graduation ceremony was held at Mulla Chinioti’s Madrassa on November 24, 2000. Mulla Masood Azhar of Jaish Muhammad, a Jihadi group attended as the Chief Guest.  A quotation from Masood Azhar’s address:

I am grateful to Maulana Chinioti that he is pursuing Qadianis all over the world… Today I shall talk about Mirza Qadiani and will set his grave on fire… He was a protege of Americans…..He planned to destroy Pakistan…. We are not our mothers’ sons unless we destroy him…. I undertook Jihad after the Babri Mosque incident and was arrested. Eighteen mujahideen gave up their lives to rescue me…. Jews and Christians conspire to finish off Pakistan but the entire world is scared of Islamic jihad.

America, Russia     Murdabad (Death to them)… Aljihad… Aljihad etc.


Hateful open circular at Karachi

Copies of an open letter were circulated at Liaquat Ashraf Colony and Allama Iqbal Colony by the Tahaffuz Khatame Nabuwwat Committee; it was full of invective and slander and carried the message of hate against Ahmadis. It was asserted in the letter that Qadianis are Non-Muslims, infidels and apostates; their penalty is death. People were told that it was illicit to have any social relations with Qadianis; even to talk to them is forbidden; they should not be invited to any ceremony of any kind; Ahmadis are enemies of the Holy Prophet, as such of all Muslims etc. Finally the letter urged them to mark all Qadianis of the locality. It also informed the public of the Ahmadiyya identity of some of the residents of the area.


The ban on mullas and European visas

As in preceding years, the provincial governments and District Magistrates issued long lists of mullas in April forbidding their entries in their provinces and districts during the holy month of Muharram. This action was taken to forestall their mischief and neutralize the threat they pose to the peace of communities they visit. Most of these mullas are big names in the anti-Ahmadiyya Khatame Nabuwwat Organizations. It is interesting to mention that many of the listed are those who routinely get visas to visit the UK and other countries of the European Union, where they do little except spread sectarian hatred. The virus they spread has occasionally resulted in communal violence in British towns with sizeable Muslim populations. Some of these mullas who are banned within Pakistan but they visited UK and other European countries include Zahid-ur-Rashdi, Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti, Muhammad Akram Toofani, Zia-ul-Qasmi, Allah Wasaya, Abdul Majeed Nadeem, Shabbir Hussain, Khadim Hussain, Abdul Hayi Abid etc.


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