The Mulla – 2001



Instigation to murder –  through Currency Notes

A campaign is going on to instigate people to commit murder of Ahmadis. Slogans to that effect are stamped on currency notes. A copy is placed below. The inscription asserts that those who deny the Finality of Prophethood and those who defile the Holy Prophet must be killed.

Although stamping such slogans on currency notes is forbidden by law, authorities seem to have decided to neglect the outrage, as these notes continue to remain in circulation and the culprits have not been brought to book.


Rupee five currency note with a stamp to Kill deniers of the finality of the prohethood

Rupee five currency note with a stamp to Kill deniers of the finality of the prohethood


The Nankana leaflet

Nankana Sahib, District Sheikhupura; November 2001: The President of Majlis Tahaffuz Khatame Nabuwwat (Protection of the Finality of Prophethood) has issued a leaflet giving guidelines to the faithful for the observance of Ramadan. He made the following observations, inter alia:

“Shezan, the drinks factory, is owned by Qadianis, the blasphemers of the Prophet. Its income is spent on anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam activities. Those who buy or sell Shezan are anti-state elements and rebels of Islam………. Qadianis step up-their mischief immensely during Ramadan. They openly violate Islamic practices and the anti-Qadiani Ordinance………

Respected readers, you know very well that the Islamic peoples are facing great hardships these days. Muslims of Kashmir, Palestine and particularly Afghanistan are groaning under the tyranny of infidels. The War in Afghanistan is not to arrest Usama bin Ladan or Mulla Umer, but to exterminate Islam. US President Bush has declared this war a crusade against Muslims. By the grace of God, I myself and my colleagues had the honour of physical participation in Afghan Jihad against USSR……………..The way Soviet Union was wiped off the face of the earth, Inshallah US will also face humiliation there. It is the duty of all Muslims to offer their persons and their wealth for the cause of Jihad along with Afghans………

Haji Abdul Hameed Rahmani

Amir Majlis Tahaffuz Khatame Nabuwwat

Nankana Sahib


Mulla meddles in international politics

Chiniot: People are right when they say that Mulla is more interested in Islamabad than Islam. The mulla tacitly agrees by insisting that politics is a fair ground for Islamic priests. Perhaps the prime-mover for the mulla is his political agenda and goals. The post-11 September situation is a boon for such clerics and they are building up political capital out of the tragic event. Mulla Manzoor Chinioti who is the General Secretary of the Worldwide Khatme Nabuwwat (Finality of Prophethood) Organization is working hard on the anti-US front and is in the news and pictures. A clipping from The News International of September 26 is reproduced below.

Other mullas are also mixing religion with politics. According to a report, printed in the Daily Jang of September 28, still another All Pakistan Khatme Nabuwwat moot was organized  at Rabwah on October 11. Maulana Fazlur Rehman JUI(F), Maulana Samiul Haq JUI(S), Maulana Azam Tariq SSP, Shah Ahmad Noorani JUP, Qazi Hussain Ahmad JI, Liaquat Baluch JI, Mufti Jamil etc were reported as prospective participants and speakers at the Conference.

Boycott at Dulmial

Dulmial, District Chakwal; April 20, 2001:     Some visiting mullas delivered a Friday sermon at the Sunni mosque and made a strong plea to the worshipper to implement a complete social boycott of Ahmadis. They were told not to buy anything from Ahmadiyya shops, not to exchange greetings with Ahmadis, not to vote for a candidate who is linked to Ahmadis, and not to participate in their weddings and funerals. Mullas used the loudspeaker at full volume despite the official ban.


Hateful pamphlet

District Jhang; Professor Tahir-ul-Qadri poses to be a religious dignitary of liberal views, but the organization he heads, Minhaj-ul-Quran, undertakes the most vicious and spiteful propaganda against Ahmadis. Its subdivision, Khatame Nabuwwat, Idara Minhaj-ul-Quran has published a pamphlet titled: Sympathizers of Qadianis…. Sworn Enemies of Islam. The pamphlet targets those who have not undertaken a social boycott of Ahmadis and who sympathize with Ahmadis at their loss of human rights. The language used (Urdu) is extremely spiteful and unashamedly promotes intense intercommunal hatred. It bombards liberal and humane elements of society unmercifully and condemns them to unforgiving anger of religious zealots. Although the entire pamphlet makes a classical study in the domain of religious diatribes, only a few extracts are translated below as a sample:

  • After quoting out of context, three sentences from alleged Ahmadiyya writings, the writer addresses Ahmadis’ sympathizers in the covering note of the pamphlet in the following words:

“O you who sympathize with Qadianis, your sympathy provides support to such dirty and soul-scorching creed. Your sympathy amounts to support to such Qadiani beliefs that destroy the True Belief. Tell me, whether your eyes are open or not. Tell me whether your brain has caught fire or not. Tell me whether your conscience has protested or not. Tell me no—–otherwise, soon the earth is going to devour you—— the angel of retribution will smash you with their iron rods and make pulp of your body—and a host of snakes and scorpions will attack you—when the hungry hellfire will burn you to ash—and the Qadiani, burning in hell, will watch the spectacle of your fate.”

Haji Mohammad Salim- a Servant of Khatme Nabuwwat Movement

  • The pamphlet fires the opening shots of hate by referring to Israel:

“When the sovereigns of infidels placed the burning charcoal of Israel on the chest of Arabs—- they followed it up with massive support—provided Israel with all resources of life—armed it to the teeth. Today, Israel is a terror to the Arab world. It consumes the flesh of Muslims and drinks their blood. In a drunken state of ecstasy it pollutes the environments with bloody laughs. All these inhuman activities are undertaken under the auspices of the powerful kings of infidelity.”

Then the writer blames the same  ‘kings’ of ‘stabbing the body of the Muslim Umma with the dagger of Qadianism.’ Then he lashes viciously the Muslims who support Ahmadis on the issue of human rights and tells them that:

-“you are the eyes with which Qadiani looks insolently at Muslims.

-“you are the arms with which Qadiani sabotages the cause of Islam.

-“you are the blood that provides life to the unholy body of Qadianism.

-“You are the deadly dagger with which Qadiani attacks Islam.

-“you are the rampart from which Qadiani bombards the Muslim ranks.

-“ you are the wings of Qadiani vultures with which they hover over the head of Muslims. etc. etc.

  • In a forceful language the pamphlet directs non-Ahmadi:

-Lawyers: not to defend Ahmadis in courts

-Buyers: not to buy anything from Ahmadi-owned shops

-Traders: Not to allow Ahmadi traders to become a member of their associations

-Office workers: to implement a boycott of Ahmadi colleagues

-Students: not to speak to any Ahmadi student

-Elders: to have nothing to do with Ahmadis of their own clan

  • The pamphlet concludes: “the Qadiani snake is injured, but it is not yet dead. Parts of its filthy body have been chopped, but its throat has not been severed.” Finally, it holds the “sympathizers” entirely responsible for this unfinished agenda and makes a powerful appeal to their religious sentiments to recant and withhold that support.

This pamphlet has been in circulation for quite a while, however the authorities have decided to do nothing about it, despite their repeatedly announced resolve to take firm action against sectarian instigators.


Fatwas of death

Wah Cantt: Wah is a cantonment town where ordinance factories are located. The Army is amply involved in the administration of the town. Despite this, the mulla wields sufficient influence and maintains a delicate balance of power.

The central mosque at Lala Rukh Colony was built by the government, but mulla Ishaque somehow managed to entrench himself as the Imam. He is a rabble-rouser and a sectarian agitator. The authorities and courts have tried to dislodge him but have failed.

In his Friday sermon of 26 January, he spoke venomously against Ahmadis and declared that they were Wajibul Qatl (It is incumbent upon the Muslim society to kill them). Ahmadiyya Community wrote a letter on January 31, to the Lieutenant General who is the Chairman of POF Board, informed him of the situation and requested intervention against the blood-thirsty mulla.

Faisalabad : Research and Publication desk of jamia Qadria Rizwiyya, Faisalabad has issued recently a printed Fatwa against Ahmadis. Some excerpts:

Qadianis are hypocrites and apostates……….Meat slaughtered by them is not licit and lies in the forbidden degree……..If a Muslim sympathizes with Qadianis and considers them persecuted as a result of their boycott, he himself is outside the fold of Islam, and one who does not call an infidel, infidel, he himself is an infidel.

Thus, all Muslims should boycott Qadianis from all interactions of life and death. If a Qadiani is sick, do not visit him; if he dies, do not offer his funeral prayer; do not allow his burial in a Muslim graveyard- it is forbidden to visit his grave.


Reconnaissance by  terrorists

Sheikhupura:   A conspiracy of planned violence against Ahmadi community officials by extremist Islamist religious organizations at Sheikhupura came to light in March.

On March 14, a man Muhammad Ismail of Raiwind accompanied by another came over to the Ahmadiyya mosque and asked for the missionary. As he was not available, they went back to return the next day. This time, Ismail was accompanied by another individual, Muhammad Arshad who later was discovered to be a brother-in-law of Hafiz Ehsan, the Amir of Harakat-ul-Mujahedin. Hafiz Ehsan is the son of Qari Zia  the leader of Sipah Sahaba, Sheikhupura.

At the Ahmadiyya mosque, Ismail indicated that be desired to convert to Ahmadiyyat. He asked for the Proforma of Allegiance and some relevant literature. Smelling a rat, the missionary subjected Ismail to further questioning. Ismail told him that he was a poor man with numerous family responsibilities; he had become a member of Harkat-ul Mujahedin and was earning a living as a vegetable vender.

The next day, Ismail visited again and asked about the District President of Ahmadis, his residence, the District Missionary, his whereabouts etc. Ismail stayed on for a while and then left.

Further inquiries revealed that the visitors had come with very evil intentions. They are violently anti-Ahmadi and plan to move against Ahmadi officials on some excuse. They had come on a reconnaissance mission to collect information and get to know Ahmadi community leaders by face.

Ahmadis took the required precautionary measures.


Anti-Ahmadiyya Conference

Rachna Town, Lahore; September 7, 2001:    A Khatame Nabuwwat Conference was held by mullas at Rachna Town, Lahore.

The first speaker stated that some people tend to praise Qadianis for their courtesy and moral excellence; “this must stop, we must condemn them regardless,” he insisted.

The second speaker urged the audience to persue Qadianis to far corners of the earth. He lamented that Muslims were not doing enough for the cause of Finality of Prophethood; Qadianis must be chased out of the country.

A poet came up on the stage and combined the temporal with the religious. He led the crowd in shouting slogans against America and also the Supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Community.

The special Guest Speaker was extensive in his slanderous rhetoric. He told the dwindled crowd that Qadianis had been planted by the British. He informed them that the founder of Qadianism was a one-eyed person (another blatant lie). He ridiculed him for receiving some revelations in English language. “It is understandable; after all, he was planted by the English,” he jeered. He proposed that if everyone killed one Ahmadi each, there would be none left; and this was the sure way to earn paradise. He lamented however the poor attendance.

Islamabad, March 10, 2001: A Khatame Nabuwwat Conference was held in Zunnoreen Mosque at G-9 Islamabad. Some important political clerics participated and addressed the gathering. A brief report is given below.

The conference was organized under the auspices of Jamiat Ulema Pakistan (JUP). The JUP has been trying in the recent past to revive its active role in the anti-Ahmadiyya campaign. This conference was a part of the same action plan. The Opening Address was given by Hamid Bhatti, the local president of JUP. He stated that the theme of the conference was : Start of a Movement against Qadianis. In his address he used abusive language against the holy founder of Ahmadiyyat. Maulvi Shah Ahmad Noorani spoke at length on the subject and the political history of the anti-Ahmadiyya Movement. He mentioned his meeting with General Pervaiz Musharaf wherein he demanded the CE that the citizenship of (Hadrat) Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Head of the Ahmadiyya Community be cancelled, and secondly, a closer relationship be developed with Taliban in Afghanistan. Maulvi Abdus Sattar Niazi, another JUP top cleric, also spoke at the occasion. He disclosed that an international movement led by the JUP will be launched against Qadianis. Someone, Khan Ahmad Leghari also made a speech and demanded that the way Benazir and Nawaz Sharif  have been exiled, Qadianis should also be expelled from the country.

Following resolutions were moved and carried:

  1. 1. CDA was warned not to interfere with the wall-chalking drive of the JUP.
  2. 2. Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s (Supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Community) citizenship and passport be withdrawn.
  3. 3. All Qadiani officers and soldiers should be dismissed from Pakistan Army.
  4. 4. The school curriculum should contain a chapter on Khatme Nabuwwat (Finality of Prophethood).

Tight security measures were enforced on the occasion. No diary or recording was permitted. The police was present in numbers.

Note: Such conferences are held all over the country throughout the year. They tend to be highly agitational and provocative. Authorities take no action against these apostles of hate and violence.


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