The Mulla – 2003



Competition in writing poetry

Rabwah: Two years ago, Mr Nasim Ahmad who occasionally writes poetry in Urdu, wrote a poem on the subject of ‘The Terrorist Mullah’. Mullah Allah Yar Arshad, the resident chief of anti-Ahmadiyya activities, somehow got a copy of this poem. He, not unexpectedly and as is his wont, produced something really filthy and provocative against the respected personalities, dead and alive, of Ahmadis, and sent a copy of the same to Ahmadis. Mr Iftikhar A Bajwa, an Ahmadi, produced a rebuttal to the attack. The mullah could not bear up with active defense by an Ahmadi and rushed to the police station for state support. It was provided without delay, and the police registered two cases 247/03 and 248/03 against three Ahmadis under 16 M.P.O.

It is appropriate to mention that while the police never took action on Ahmadis’ persistent complaints against mullahs’ outrages, but for once when an Ahmadi retorted, the police proceeded to act. They wrongfully included Mr Nasim’s son, Mr Wasim Ahmad in the charge sheet accusing him of distribution of the poem.

Quotes from a Khatme Nabuwwat  conference

at Muslim Colony, Rabwah on 2, 3 October 2003


An apostate has no right to live longer than 3 days. … … ….

I urge the government to disinter that dog (Ahmadi) from his grave (at Hafizabad).                                                                                          Hafiz Maulvi Abdul Wahab


While the Finality of Prophethood is established, how can we endorse the Prophethood of a one-eyed (fellow) who died in a latrine (the founder of Ahmadiyyat)?

Maulvi Kamran Hyderabadi


If our superiors order us, we shall destroy Rabwah by tomorrow morning.  … …

Mirza, let alone be a prophet, cannot be called even a human; he was corrupt and a rascal. He was the most depraved.

Maulvi Rafiq Jami


Now, (President) Bush is sending messages of apology to Mullah Umar. May I sacrifice my life over Mulla Umar! He replied, “Now, you will only receive dead bodies of your soldiers”. The whole world will see more and more that the flag of Taliban will be raised high, Inshallah… …Even in Iraq, God will humiliate Bush.

Maulvi Amjad Khan


If you read Mirza’s books, he seems to be not even human, leave alone being a prophet. You will laugh if I relate you his personality. He did not know how to put on his shoes.

Allama Tounsvi


In answer to a question as to the validity of marriage of a Muslim woman with a Qadiani man, Mullah Allah Wasaya said: “ If any of the two is an infidel, the marriage is not valid. The period of ignorance is out (excused), but thereafter the marriage is not valid after three seconds. Their children will be (considered) as illegitimate and will not be entitled to inheritance.   … …

Anyone who feels mild towards Qadianis is an infidel.   ………………..

In answer to the question as to whether it is right to wage jihad against Qadianis, Mulla Wasaya said, “… swine are not as detestable in Islam as Qadianis. They should be given the same treatment as Musailma the liar, in Yemama by (Caliph) Abu Bakr. Thus, it is not mandatory for an Islamic government to search out all the swine in its realm, but it is its obligation to hound out the Qadianis and kill them.

Question – Answer Session


With pointed reference to the rulers in Pakistan, Mullah Abdul Hameed Noon said,“… O allies of America, you stick to America. In order to crush terrorism, you offer the excuse of being American allies. You are hypocrites, not believers. Listen, even Satan is not a greater terrorist than America. Is Israel not a terrorist state? Palestinians have been persecuted. Friends of America are also infidels… (In Pakistan) these days the (National) Assembly gives the appearance of a Madrassa; all the bearded ulema of MMA keep their heads high (therein).   … …


Faiz Ali Haqqani, The NWFP Education Minister, stated, “ I consider my participation in this Conference a means of my salvation. Great personalities are present here – while I am so evil and ignorant. I am, what I know I am. In their (august) presence it is not proper for me to say anything…. They (Qadianis) are an evil tree. There were a few (of them) even in my own village. Now the village has been cleansed of them… … We (the NWFP government) were pressured through America and Israel, but now these (very people) desire to issue grants to our Madrassas, and they want to cooperate with us and wish to protect mosques and madrassas… To conclude, I submit that in the afternoon I telephoned the Chief Minister of NWFP, and he is pleased to donate a sum of Rs. 100,000 to the Majlis Tahaffuz Khatame Nabuwwat”.


“This is quite apparent;

That Mirza, the one-eyed, is an infidel.

He abrogated the Jihad.

Finality of Prophethood –Zindabad.”

Stanza from a Poem read by Tariq Jallandhri


A Qadiani came to me and said that (why) they (who) share the same creed, prayers, the Quran, (in Islam) are not Muslims? I said, “ No. You people are like a bottle full of urine, on which there is a label of ‘life-saving drink’.”                       Mufti Muhammad Tayyab


Qadianis call the Mirza a prophet. They have no faith. They must be killed (as directed by our Sharia).

Maulvi Ghulam Rasul.


(Muhammad) he is the one who is killer of Jews and Christians, while this one (Ahmad) claims to be planted by Queen Victoria. Britain that cared for this plant – in front of the same Britain and America Musharraf wags his tail like a dog… …We can spare the families of Jews and Christians but we will destroy their (Ahmadis’) settlements with bulldozers. Exterminate their women. Destroy their plantations. Do not rest till the flag of Finality of Prophethood is raised at the Parliament House. Anyone who comes in our way will be himself responsible for his own extermination.

Hafiz Ehtsham Ilahi

The real jihad was taught by our mentors of Khatme Nabuwwat. It is now in the developed form, as the MMA.    … … …

Qadianis are infidels. How can they be tolerated in Pakistani Army?     … … …

(O the Rulers), Issue the Order that no Qadiani will be enrolled in the police even as a constable. Do you know that sending Pak Army to Iraq is a plan devised by Qadianis? Our prime minister says that the US has played its due role in ensuring peace in South Asia. Is he not a drum (dumb)? The US has sent for Jamali, after Musharraf, so as to make a deal with him to send the Pak Army to Iraq. However, I tell Jamali Sahib, that if he intends to return to the country, and return as a prime minister, then take it that no Pak soldier will go for this job (to Iraq). It is a Qadiani conspiracy; we shall not allow it to succeed. I salute the Iraqis who act upon the Hadith that Jihad will go on till the doomsday. Americans first attacked in Afghanistan, and then in Iraq – now they beg every country, be it Japan, Pakistan or India, to go to Iraq and protect their army from destruction. My general and my soldier will not proceed to help out the Jews and Christians.        … … … … … …

If any soldier goes to Iraq and gets killed there, the MMA will not allow funeral prayers for him. Musharraf Sahib, think over your policies once again. To hell with your politics; our faith is our first concern.

Bashir Ahmad Shah


Anyone who denies the Finality of Prophethood should not be called an ass, as that is defiling the ass. To call such a person an animal is an insult to the animal, and (likewise) to call him (a Qadiani) a dog is an insult to the dog because the dog is always so faithful. He can only be called a swine, as swine loves filth. So to call such a person ‘a human’ amounts to defiling the humanity; for this reason I call these (Qadianis) swine.

Muhammad Hussain Kalianwi


Pubs and gambling houses are being built here (in Pakistan) for a people that are illiterate, poor and debt-ridden. Educational institutions are not being built; there is no money for hospitals. A poor man is deprived of even a paracetamol tablet, while billiard tables are available here (to the rich). All this is done under the influence of Qadiani religion: but they do not have a religion. These (Qadianis) are adulterers and unchaste. To consider them civilized is insult to civilization. They indulge in tonics, why? – for fornication. Even Mirza Mahmud, son of the Mirza Qadiani, – pick up and read his book, Religion of Rabwah – it admits that this town is inhabited by lustful people and the people of Lot. Young males are allured here (to sex) – its girls, likes the daughters of Jews and Christians, beckon Muslim youth with their body and eyes. As for Musharraf – is he a Muslim or a Qadiani, by faith – what can I say? His own statement was published in all newspapers of different languages, that at the occasion of (the opening ceremony of) Kohat Tunnel, he said: ‘Hijab and purdah (veil worn by women) are outcome of superficial thought’. But this (veil) is a commandment of Allah; it is in the Quran; the Holy Prophet implemented it. He made his holy wives practice it. Thus (this) Kafir (infidel) does not realize as to who ordered the purdah and whose disobedience one would incur by rejecting Hijab. He (Musharraf) is an ignorant man of the highest order. He should seek forgiveness as he made the statement deliberately.            … … … … … … … …

O Allah, get hold of this (ruler) in thy retribution, and make him an example and a warning for the rest so that none should dare corrupt Thy religion. These (rulers) are enemies of Pakistan. His uniform is not (meant) for fighting the ulema, nor to obstruct missionaries of the faith, nor to befriend the enemies of God… but the uniform was given to him to fight those whom he has befriended… Today, he has helped entrench an infidel army (in Afghanistan) and is getting his Muslim brethren killed, and (he) is proud of it. Afghanistan is the land where a Qadiani missionary was killed like a dog (in 1903). The same history is repeating itself (sic). Musharraf is truthful when he says that Kamal Ataturk is his hero. I ask him ‘what did he achieve’? He only caused the ruin of the faith. He damaged the cause of the Umma.     … … … … … …

In short, it is essential to convey as to who was this man (Mirza Qadiani) and why did the English prefer him. A gutter worm will befriend only gutter worms.      … … … …

This man (Musharraf) is a crook, a deceiver – he will not do what he says. By the Lord of Kaaba, if that not were so, my blood is licit to all of you people. I am worse than the dirt on the soles of your shoes, but let me tell you that this man will cheat you all. There was never a better well-wisher than we, nor will there be in future. Have faith in us.     … … …

Mr Pervez Musharraf, O ignorant, O ignorant MNAs and MPAs, shameless husbands of women sans veil! Who is Ignorant? Ignorant is he who takes orders from other men rather than God… Who are the rulers of our country? – Those, who are without honour, shameless, lechers, libertines. They urinate while standing. They do not know how to wash their bottom.     … … …

We have to undertake defense. We have to fight. We have to protect the Islamic rule. So long as there is no Islamic government, Islam cannot be imposed. All will become clear after the rule of Mulla Umar (is re-imposed). If one person is hanged, the next one will be deterred (consequently). (In his rule) there will be no fornication, no theft – that will usher ‘peace’. I swear by God, that cannot happen (here in Pakistan). This Musharraf, what does he know about peace? These people are the worms and insects that breed subsequent to the (monsoon) rains. They do not understand the alphabet of peace. Do not obey their laws; do not follow them.

Maulvi Ata-ul-Muhaiman Shah Bokhari


I tell you, the Mirza cannot be compared to even a Kafir (an infidel). A Kafir is better than the Mirza. To say that Mirza was a Kafir is an insult to the Kafir… Mirzais are the worst apostates and Kafirs in the universe… …They write the Kalima (Islamic creed) in their places of worship. When you return, get criminal cases registered against them under PPC 298C.

Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad


These Mirzais are spineless. They are merely puppets of the English. If your Imam (Musharraf) is a parliamentarian, bring him to the parliament and rise against Bush (sic). The day America is defeated, that will be the day of the resurgence of Islam. You invited me to this conference, wrote my name and gave me the opportunity (to speak here). Perhaps that will suffice for my atonement. We are believers already … …as for Mirzais; they will have to be converted with sword.

Maulvi Muhammad Murad


People demand that this abode of infidels (Rabwah) be destroyed.

It is the den of fifth columnists; this den should be razed.

Otherwise, we are in the field wearing the shrouds (ready to die);

We are the inheritors of Khatame Nabuwwat, ready to shed our blood.

Stanza from a poem sung by Suhail Anjum

Our missionaries have spread out in Britain, America and the deserts of Africa. Thereby, God has helped, and now Qadianis have no place on earth to hide. Today, Chenab Nagar (Rabwah) is witness to the slogans of the Finality of Prophethood. This is a clear proof that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was an imposter. How wonderful that the rulers and (forces of) disbelief of the whole world supported Qadianis but could not protect them. Two years ago the (Islamic) Ideology Council met Pervez Musharraf. (There) I asked Musharraf, “You have lived in Okara. People accuse you of being a Qadiani; your wife is from there.” He replied, “ There is no Qadiani in my family.” “You support them”, I told him.

Syed Amir Hussain Gilani


Mullah Manzoor A Alhussaini concocted the following story:

… In addition, the neighbors of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad presented 15 arguments (in his condemnation) 1. Nod Parast (?) (sic)  2. Selfish  3. Liar  4. Sinner  5. Experienced evil and foul dreams  6.  A bad character  7.  Hungary for publicity  8.  Glutton  9. Ill-starred  10. Cheat  11. Imposter  12.  Cunning  13.  Dissimulator   14. His followers are bad-characters  15. Only by living here, we have come to know that he is a bad man, busy in fraud and deception.

Mullah M A Alhussaini


Today, I intend to warn Qadianis that they are mistaken in presuming that Muslims are dead (that they cannot be sacrificed). Our honour is at state. Dogs are barking at our honour. O young men, come to your senses and rise to uphold the honour of the Prophet. I remind you of Ataullah Shah Bokhari’s call to chop off the tongue of those who defile the Prophet, or slice away their ears. This (situation) is a challenge to our honour. When we request the government (for help) in anti-Qadiani action, they tell us to get it in writing from the Home Secretary (that) blasphemy has been committed. We shall allow no freedom to dogs who are guilty of blasphemy against Prophethood. The government ought to make effective arrangements; otherwise we ourselves will pull their tongues out.

Mullah Allah Wasaya, the Stage Secretary


Safeguarding the dogma of the Finality of Prophethood and defending it against the attacks, in fact amounts to the defense of the Umma and Islam. From one side, Qadiani sect is attacking Islam. After Qadian, it was Rabwah. After Rabwah, now America is their center, while Zionists are supporting them, backed by Israel.     … … … …

The Pakistani Ulema are passing through a difficult phase. Afghanistan was attacked (by Americans) and the Taliban government came to naught. Qadianis and General Pervez were delighted at the outcome. Thus Americans became the occupying power; it is for this reason that the Islamic Umma does not accept Pervez Musharraf a part of itself. Islam, the Muslim Umma and the respected ulema are being blamed of extremism. But, in fact, it is America that is extremist, terrorist and prejudiced.     … … … …

Pervez Musharraf desires that we should fight rather than unite, but the MMA is uniting us all together. We should all therefore support the MMA.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman, General Secretary of the MMA



A number of resolutions were moved and passed at the Conference. Some of these are reproduced below in English:


3.         We demand (of the government) that a stop be put to the Qadiani propaganda, and Mirza Masroor Ahmad (Supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Community) be tried on charge of treason and be declared a rebel.

4.         We strongly appeal to the government that Qadianis should be fired from the key posts of the CBR, the PIA, the Auqaf Department, the Intelligence and the Army.

5.         A stop should be put to the missionary activities of the Qadiani, Christian and Jewish NGOs to convert Muslims, and the unnecessary aid to them. Muslims themselves should help Muslims.

8.         This conference extends greetings to Maulana (sic) Durrani in that the NWFP government passed the Sharia Bill.

9.         We condemn the U.S. on improper interference in the affairs of Madrassas and raids on them, and (urge) that the misleading propaganda be stopped.

10.       We demand of the Prime Minister Jamali, the President Pervez Musharraf and the members of the parliament that Sharia be imposed (in the land).

13.       Foreign troops should be recalled from Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir and Chechnya, and people should be given the right to form their government.

20.       We demand of President Pervez Musharraf that (as) it is sacrilegious to send Islamic army to Iraq; he should abstain from doing so.

etc. etc. etc.



It is obvious that this apparently religious forum is only a proxy for sectarian slander and national and international politics. Mullahs promote their political and extremist agenda at these occasions in the name of Finality of Prophethood. The government that claims to oppose and restrict religious extremism, confront terrorism and discourage sectarianism should take note of what goes on in these conferences at Rabwah and take steps to implement its declared policies. What is reported above is only the part that was overt, what the mullahs discuss and plan in their private sittings is not difficult to assess.

Here, we may also propose to recall the new strategy of  ‘Enlightened Moderation’ announced in the UN by the President of Pakistan. If the mulla is allowed to continue to hold such conferences at Rabwah, the world will find it difficult to believe that the President is at all serious about his strategies and declared intentions.


The mischief spreads abroad

Mullahs of the Khatme Nabuwwat organization, encouraged by their success in Pakistan are working hard to spread their mischief abroad. They have targeted Bangladesh. Jamaat Islami has a sister political party by the same name in Bangladesh. A Khatme Nabuwwat conference is planned in the Paltan Maidan in Dhaka on January 16, 2004. Sheikh Abdul Hafiz Makki and Mullah Allah Wassaya from Pakistan are scheduled to attend this conference. Professor Ghulam Azam, a Bangladeshi Jamaat Islamic leader visited Lahore on December 6, 2003 and met Qazi Hussain Ahmad, the JI Chief in Pakistan (The daily Pakistan, Lahore; December 7, 2003). Recently, the Bangladesh government, apparently responding to pressure from clerics, issued grossly objectionable orders that all Ahmadiyya publications be banned in the country. These clerics are encouraged by their experience in Pakistan, that in the guise of Khatme Nabuwwat, they can conveniently promote their obscurantist, extremist and political agenda. There is serious risk that this way Bangladesh will end up as an intolerant, extremist, professedly Islamist state.


Sermons by clerics

Rabwah; January 17, 2003:    Fridays are God-sent for mullahs who enjoy unrestricted freedom in Pakistan to say aloud what they like. They use this privilege with no constraint or sanction. At Rabwah, they target the Ahmadiyya Community, and for most mullahs’ slander and vulgarity, sky is the limit. Extracts from their sermons at some of the mosques are given below.

Mulla Ghulam Mustafa at the Muhammadiyya Mosque

At this mosque there were only a few worshipers, so the mullah mostly addressed Ahmadis of the neighborhood. Normally he sets the loudspeakers volume at the maximum so that Ahmadis who live miles away are made to hear his sermon even if they are not at all interested in his assertions. He said:

“ You people were designated Kafir (infidels) in 1974. It was legislated on 7 September that there would be no dealing of any kind with Qadianis… … It was announced that from now on Qadianis are infidels… … …At the occasion of the referendum for the presidency of Musharraf, you people indulged in bogus voting and got him elected as president. You made him your mentor and lord… … … We protested and complained that Musharraf is a fake president… …O ye, the C.I.D. walas (functionaries of intelligence agencies), convey to Musharraf and Jamali to collar Hameedulah Qureshi (an assistant to the community president of Rabwah) or we shall collar him ourselves… …  Rabwah is not Rabwah; it is the house of disbelief… …These people promote mischief and gangster-like activities in Chenab Nagar. They beat up the Muslim youth, although when their own boys tease their girls, they take no action. Do not misunderstand our mildness and generosity. Today, when I was coming here they made me step out of the rickshaw and quarreled with me. They must be put in their place. Tell them, that we shall push Hameedullah back from where he has come out… … …they (the police) are corrupt here. Close down the police post. Lock up the local court… … …

“You dog, Hameedullah Qureshi, your brother is a mean dog like you. Then came Col. Ayaz (the erstwhile president of Ahmadi Community of Rabwah). We took out processions against him, blocked the roads and got him ousted… … … This movement will sweep away everything. It is a death call that urges a jackal to enter the town. Likewise, it is a death call that urges a snake to come out on the road. It is in response to his death call that Hameedullah has come to us.  O C.I.D. Walas, convey my message verbatim to your officers. If you do no take any action, we shall issue a general call all over Pakistan ‘Proceed to Chenab Nagar’ (Rabwah), and this will be a repeat of the 1974 (violent) Movement.”

Mullah Akram Toofani at the Muslim Colony Mosque

This mullah calls himself Toofani (a cyclone). He was reportedly put behind bars in UK for a few weeks for his mischief. He resides in Sargodha, but he is available on call for any anti-Ahmadiyya expedition. Excerpts from his sermon:

“God is the lord creator and sustainer of all. No prime minister or president can assume that role. Till yesterday you were a sperm in your mother’s womb, today you have become a prime minister or a general and have become arrogant. Were you not merely a sperm, while now you have assumed the air of being all-powerful (etc, etc)….. Jamali has issued today (an anti-ulema) press statement; he is nobody – he is also going to end up in Baluchistan eventually. Allah does not tolerate blasphemy against the Holy Prophet (pbuh). The Holy Prophet had a mare. She said that she would have no offspring, as she would like to be the last mare of the last prophet. At the death of the Holy Prophet she went insane (with grief) for three days and then gave up her life by falling into a well. See, even a mare was so mindful (Ghairatmand) for Prophet’s honor, while this Prime Minister, President, Faisal Saleh Hayat the Interior Minister, the Commerce Minister and others never say a word about the Holy Prophet. Musharraf has told Qadianis that as Pakistanis they have a right to live here.  He told this to the enemies of the Holy Prophet. These (rulers) progeny of the wrongdoers have no sense of honour. They blaspheme against the Holy Prophet … … if the Mirzai Hameedullah is not arrested by tonight, you will know only tomorrow what we will do… …The government has given them (Ahmadis) freedom; we shall close down their businesses. We shall expel them from here. We shall not let them live in peace…..I shall act in Sargodha and do the needful… … … I have placed my anti-Ahmadiyya books in all universities of the U.K. For five years I made life unbearable for them over there. Then they (Ahmadis) got me arrested and I was behind bars for one and half month… … … We have to control these enemies. O Muslims, we just need a bit of courage. These people are cowards; we have to finish them off. At Sargodha when I was walking somewhere, Aslam Bajwah (an Ahmadi) greeted me with Salam. Then and there, I abused the rascal and said to him: ‘You, son of a bitch, how dare you say Salam (greetings) to me? I insulted him as much as was possible for a whole minute… … … These people are our enemies and also of our prophet. By calling salam to us, he poses as a Muslim, and is thus committing blasphemy. It is just like someone who elopes with my sister and on meeting me calls me salam in the morning. These people (Ahmadis) have no sense of honour… … … We shall make life unbearable for them. We have to push them out. Their faith is devoid of honour. Their women roam about loosely in Lahore and elsewhere. We all know what they do. Mirzais know it as well. These women move about with our men. They have liaison with them…

“US is a rogue state. Bush has said today that his patience is running out. O Bush without honor (Baighairat)… We shall launch a movement against the Baighairat Bush. Mullah Umar is still around, and so is Usama. We urge them to remain united. This government is supporting the Americans. They will come to realize their folly after their destruction… …

“I urge the local authorities to arrest by nightfall the Mirzais who were rude to Maulvi Mustafa. Otherwise whatever will happen tomorrow, it will become apparent to all.”


An alarming policy statement by Jamaat Al-Dawa

Pattoki; October 16, 2003: The daily Ausaf in its issue of October 17, 2003 reported on the proceedings of the central congregation of the Ulema Convention held at Pattoki under the arrangements of Jamaat Al-Dawa headed by Professor Muhammad Saeed. The three- column news had the following headlines:

Jihad is now obligatory against Qadianis; no need to seek permission from the government-Jamaat Al-Dawa

Opponents of the Quran and Sunnah cannot remain in power for long; Mirzaiat will soon be exterminated. The speakers

New crusades have begun; Bush and his coterie will be made to flee. Hafiz Abdur Rahman Kali

Hafiz Saeed will announce his organization’s future policies today in the Friday sermon.


In the follow-up detail, the mullahs were quoted as saying that as Qadianis were apostates, they were to be treated with Jihad….. Prof. Jabbar Shakir stated that the mission of Mirza Qadiani was promoted by the Pharaohs of the time. The British planted the mischief of Qadianism to spare themselves the problem of Jihad. Those who quit Islam should be made to face Jihad; this is the consensus of the (Islamic) Umma. This mischief cannot be eradicated with (conciliatory) action, but only with jihad. Some states and cities in Africa are providing protection to these Qadianis; however they are going to meet their end very soon, etc. etc.

It would be recalled that Jamaat Al Dawa of Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is the same organization that had its headquarters at Muridke, and during his second tenure as Prime Minister, Mr Nawaz Sharif sent his Governor of Punjab and a Federal Minister to participate in and address its annual rally. The Jamaat reportedly has been actively involved in Jihad in Kashmir.


The anti-Ahmadiyya conference at Rabwah

Rabwah; Sept 7, 2003: While Ahmadis are forbidden to hold their traditional religious Annual Conference at Rabwah, mullahs are routinely permitted to hold numerous open-air conferences at Rabwah where the non-Ahmadi population is less than five per cent. At these conferences, mullahs flock in numbers and enjoy total freedom of speech. They indulge in all kind of slander, vulgarity and provocation. As their object now is political power, they extensively mix religion with internal and international politics. In fact, these conferences at Rabwah are open forums at which the mullah blurts out all his reactionary and obscurantist agenda and uses all techniques like calumny, falsehood, black mailing, agitation, intimidation, call to violence etc. Following statements appeared in the press: although these do not adequately cover all their assertions, these should suffice to give an idea of what the mullah says with the permission of the government:

–                      Qadianis are active (in Pakistan) to protect the interest of the Hindu and the Jew.

–                      No religious organization is permitted in Israel to be active except Qadianis and Bihais that are very dangerous groups who have their centers in Israel.

–                      Musharraf regime made a U turn from the 20 years old Afghan policy. The poisonous effects of the new foreign policy are now becoming apparent.

The daily Nawa-i -Waqt: Sept 8, 2003

–                      Enlistment of Qadianis in Israeli army points to their anti-Islam character.

The daily Din, Sept 8, 2003

–                      The very existence of Qadianism is unlawful and unconstitutional (in Pakistan) – Qari Allah Yar Arshad

The daily Insaaf, Sept 8, 2003

–                      Arjumand Ali alias Fauji and his son Khuram Shehzad of Chenab Nagar recant from Qadiani faith and join Islam at the hand of Maulana Manzur Ahmad Chinioti, in the presence of Maulana Azam Tariq.

The daily Nawa-i-Waqt Sept 9, 2003

–                      Implement the Sharia punishment (of death) for apostasy – Qari Bashir Ahmad Usmani

The daily Awaz, Sept 9, 2003

–                      We shall make all the sacrifices for the dogma of Finality of Prophethood and the Honor of Companions (of the Prophet) – Maulana Azam Tariq

The Daily Khabrain, Sept 9, 2003


(Following resolutions were passed). Headlines:

–                      Recommendations of the Islamic Ideology Council should be presented in the National Assembly as soon as possible.

–           Legislation should be undertaken accordingly, and practical steps should be taken to implement Islamic laws in the country.

–                      The government should declare its complete disassociation with the proposals to recognize Israel and to send troops to Iraq.

–                      Members of the Qadiani Community are invited to convert to Islam.

–                      Recommendation to abrogate the Hadood Ordinance is condemned.

–                      Declaration of support is made to the Mujahidin.

The Daily Nawa-i-Waqt, Sept 9, 2003


This time, the conference was attended by a long list of mullahs including Hafiz Muhammad Idrees  (of JI) President of the Punjab MMA, Mullah Azam Tariq MNA (President of defunct SSP) and of course, Mullah Manzoor Chinioti, ex MPA.


A bizarre Fatwa

The daily Afaq, Lahore of September 8, 2003 issued the following edict in response to five questions raised by a questioner, regarding social interaction with ‘Qadianis’:

“Qadianis are apostates and Zindique. (Sharia) orders concerning Zindiques are severer than those concerning infidels. Thus, it is forbidden to be polite to them, to address them, to invite them to your functions or to attend their functions. It is not permissible to have any dealings with them of any kind. etc, etc.”

It is interesting and noteworthy that the above statement is given the following headings:

No religion other than Islam provides solution to social problems faced by mankind.

Come and embrace Islam; the world will then turn into a cradle of peace and harmony.



Vulgarity and slander of the mullah

Rabwah; July 2, 2003: While it has often been conveyed that mullahs indulge in slander and profanity, the severity of their statements is not often repeated verbatim as they were considered too painful to reproduce. Here, we have decided to report translation of parts of only one Friday sermon as sample for history and archives. It is not rare that mullah surpasses even this level of profanity.

On June 13, 2003 Maulvi Ghulam Mustafa stated the following in his Friday sermon at the Jame Masjid, Muslim Colony, Rabwah on a loudspeaker: (Extracts)

“O Mirzais, sons of depraved: Come to your senses. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad says,                                  “I received a revelation in English – I love you”. Listen, the language of Medina is Arabic; angles bring revelation in Arabic; but this son of the depraved states that he is English, his language is English, angles also (speak) English. I blame you, while you blame us of slander. Isa was handsome, while this one is ugly. Are the prophets (of God) ever ugly? Say, no; prophets are never ugly. Was there ever a one-eyed prophet; no. Both the heart and mind of this fool were corrupted. His heart is (sic) filthy; it is in the grip of Satans.

“This Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, son of a depraved, who called himself Imam Mahdi, is a Dajjal (the Evil One). (At the advent of Imam Mahdi,) Circumstances will take a turn -calamities would strike, and the Evil One will come to naught, just as flood sweeps away everything; thereafter Islam will prevail; Sharia will be the rule; wealth will be plentiful and God will fill the earth with abundance and riches; there will be no mischief, no fornication, no drinking, no robbery, no theft; everything will tick as per Sharia. However, with the advent of this ill-fated Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, thefts increased;  murders and villainy became rampant; homes of all his disciples are centers of prostitution. O Qadianis, come to your senses; we have no enmity against you.

“Two years ago, I visited a courthouse to follow a (criminal) case. There, the duty constable asked me: Sir, you are a Maulvi, and you tell us to efface the Kalima (Islamic creed); I cannot commit this sin. He was stationed at Rabwah. I said to him: Mirzai women attend (worship at) Qadiani mosques, but the Kalima is sacred, so it must be removed from there; if you find Kalima on a latrine or on a bottle of wine, wouldn’t you remove it? He said: certainly, I will, as it is a sin to write the Kalima there. I said: the same way, as the Mirzai mosques are unclean, Kalima must be removed from there. The constable admitted that had he known this reasoning earlier, he would have immediately undertaken the removal of Kalima. These Qadianis are sons of pigs. Their mosques are unclean and filthy. In the days of the Holy Prophet, the hypocrites built mosques, but the Prophet declared them unclean and ordered their destruction. His companions destroyed them entirely. Qadiani mosques are Masjid Zarrar (worthy of destruction).

“Musharaf and Jamali have had consultations; they have called a meeting and asked Nazims to resign. This is all a hoax. For many days, I have spoken on (many) issues; we have to keep an eye on everything. Musharaf now speaks with a Qadiani tongue. He has banned (religious) organizations; he is (thus) representing Qadianis. Where is the shameless bastard Mirza Ghulam Ahmad now? He is dead; but this Musharraf speaks Ghulam Ahmad’s language that there is no Jihad except that of the pen and reason.”

Mullah Allah Yar Arshad spoke on June 27, 2003 at the Bokhari Mosque Rabwah the same way as Mullah Ghulam Mustafa. It is relevant to mention that there is a police post at Rabwah, also a police station, and a Deputy Superintendent of Police is also stationed there. A judicial magistrate’s court is held in this town. Rabwah is populated with more than its share of intelligence and security agents. They know, and surely record and report all that is blurted openly by the mullahs here. Pakistan Penal Code has many clauses that forbid ‘Deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs’. These clerics play with fire, but it is obviously a government policy to give them a free hand.

Ahmadiyya headquarters conveyed the above outrageous statement of Mulla Ghulam Mustafa to local authorities and sent a copy to everyone that matters in the Federation and the Province, with the following observation:

“ There have always existed differences in ideology, as also the right to express them. However, only these Ulema indulge in such slander and fabrications against personalities. Having read the above, question will surely arise in your mind: Are Ahmadis not humans; Do they not have their own sensibilities; Why is the law not evoked on such outrage to their religious feelings; Is it fair and permissible, legally, morally or per Sharia, to use such profane and vulgar language against their beloved holy personages; and is it a requirement of the law to allow this leave?

“The Quran and Traditions, as also the common code of conduct direct that when you come across leader of a people, treat him with due respect and honour.”

Director, Public Affairs

Sadar Anjuman Ahmadiyya



Political mullahs target the Ahmadiyya Community

Multan, April 5/6, 2003:          Mullahs of the MMA and other rabble-rousers find it politically profitable to target Ahmadis in their rhetoric. In a conference held at Multan, under the auspices of the International Association for the Protection of the Finality of Prophethood, MMA leaders like Shah Ahmad Noorani, Fazlur Rehman, Hafiz Hussain Ahmad, Haideri etc had the following to say, as reported in the Daily Jang of April 6, and the Daily Nawa-i-Waqt of April 7, 2003:

–                      L F O is the end product of Qadiani agenda.

–                      Our Movement will continue so long as even one Qadiani remains alive.

–                      When we talk of safeguarding the Constitution of Pakistan, our priorities remain the Islamic Provisions, the dogma of Finality of Prophethood and the Blasphemy Law.

–                      Qadianis of Israeli origin, who now form a part of the American and British forces, are actively working against Islam in the fall of Baghdad.

–                      Qadianis should be fired from civil and military positions in Pakistan.

–                      Mirza Tahir should be brought over to Pakistan and prosecuted in courts.

–                      We condemn US aggression against Iraq. Etc, etc.


Mullah demands inquiry in Ahmadiyya conclave

Faisalabad, April 7, 2003. During the last week of March 2003, Ahmadi representatives assembled in Rabwah in their annual conclave to discuss community issues and find solutions to them. Mullah Faqir Muhammad, the publicity secretary of the Majlis Tahaffuz Khatame Nabuwwat could not tolerate the assembly of Ahmadi delegates and made demands on the government to hold an inquiry into the proceedings, reported the daily Nawa-i-Waqt on April 7, 2003. “A private consultative assembly by Ahmadis is against the provisions of the anti-Qadiani Ordinance of 1984 whereby it is a crime to propagate Qadianiyyat, and it is forbidden to Qadianis to hold annual conferences, sports tournaments and seminars of their auxiliary bodies,” he stated.


Subsequent to the demise of the Supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Community

Rabwah: Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV died on April 19, 2003 in London where he was in exile for the last 19 years. He had to leave Pakistan on April 30, 1984 after promulgation of the notorious anti-Ahmadiyya Ordinance XX of 1984 by General Zia, as under the Ordinance it would have been impossible for him to carry out his duties of the Imam of the Community. Now that he had died, Pakistani clerics still would not tolerate his remains to return to his country of citizenship, Pakistan. “We shall resist by force if Mirza Tahir’s dead body was brought to Pakistan”, howled the Anjuman Tahaffuz Khatame Nabuwwat (The Daily Khabrain, April 22, 2003). Mullah Khan Mohammad, the Chief of the Association for Protection of the Finality of Prophethood threatened, “If it is conspired to bring the dead body of Mirza Tahir to Pakistan for burial at Rabwah, the law and order situation will become extremely dangerous… … Mirza Tahir’s status is that of a traitor, as such to bring his dead body to Pakistan for burial amounts to rebellion against the Constitution and law of Pakistan” (The Daily Pakistan, Lahore, of April 21, 2003).

Eventually, when the Caliph was buried at London, Mullah Chinioti (Ex MPA) ‘thanked the government of Pakistan for not permitting the dead body of Mirza Tahir to be brought over to Pakistan’ (The Daily Khabrain; April 26, 2003). The same daily quoted Mullah Mumtaz Awan: “ Mirza Masroor, the new Qadiani chief is a proclaimed offender under the PPC 295C; he ought to be arrested and punished for Blasphemy.” Mullah knows how to plan in advance!

It should be placed on record that none of the members of the government of Pakistan or its spokesperson had the courtesy to send a message of condolences in public to the Pakistani Ahmadi Community on the demise of their beloved leader. From the political establishment, it was only Mr Altaf Hussain, Chief of the MQM who released to the press a message of condolences in London at this occasion. The mullah reacted angrily to that and asserted that to condole an Ahmadi’s death was against (his version of) the Sharia, and made the guilty ‘an infidel’.


The sermon in the capital

Islamabad; March 7, 2003: The mullah at Abu Bakr Mosque G11-1 Islamabad is convinced that the city may look modern, but its temperament remains medieval. He delivers his Friday sermons accordingly. On March 7, he indulged in anti-Ahmadiyya rhetoric. He told his audience, inter alia: Qadiani women mislead our women by providing them treatment at their medical camps; we are aware of that and we shall tackle them; Musharaf regime is soft on Qadianis and has appointed them at key posts like the CBR; we shall launch a movement against that. He urged the worshippers not to exchange greetings with Ahmadis. And he claims to be a religious divine!


Training of anti-Ahmadiyya activists

Rabwah: A three-week course was conducted at the local seminary in Muslim Colony during October. In all, there were 115 participants from all over the country. Five mullahs were assigned to coach them.  The course is titled: Anti-Qadianiyyat and anti-Christianity Course. Ahmadis requested the local police to ensure that the participants do not disturb the peace of the town.

It should be mentioned here that, in the past, authorities have at times come to know of definite terrorist streak in such courses at this seminary in the Muslim Colony.


The blunted fury of Mullah ‘Cyclone’

Chak 99 N, District Sargodha: Mullah Akram Toofani (his adopted last name literally means ‘cyclone’) chose to visit Chak 99 N for the Friday prayers. In his sermon, as usual, he urged the worshippers to undertake social boycott of local Ahmadis. He asked the audience to raise their hands in agreement. He told them that those who socially interacted with Ahmadis were shameless. At this, some members of the congregation stood up and told him that he himself was a shameless character. They told him not to visit them again.


Another open-air meeting at Kharepar

Kharepar, district Jhang; October 20, 2003: Mullahs have marked this village for intensified activity. Only ten days earlier, a mullah Allah Wasaya had visited here and urged the villagers to implement a social boycott of Ahmadis. Now, another rabid mullah, Asmatullah Muaviya, the self-styled ‘Conqueror of Afghanistan and Conqueror of Kashmir’ came over and addressed a conference. He urged his listeners to ‘get on with Jihad and kill them (Qadianis) wherever you find them – with sword or rifle’. He used profane and provocative language against Ahmadi leaders. He stated that the present government comprised infidels as it calls the ulema, ‘terrorists’. He urged the congregation to come forth with financial contributions and start the violent Jihad if they desired entry into the paradise.


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