The Mulla – 2005



Religious provocation and arrest of the victims

Chak 563 GB, District Faisalabad; September 9, 2005: Blatant provocation by a mullah of the Khatme Nabuwwat organization resulted in a brawl that led to the arrest of the mullah and two Ahmadis and registration of  criminal cases against them.

Muhammad Fayyaz claims to be an activist of Khatme Nabuwwat. For the preceding six months, this fanatic had mounted a campaign against Ahmadis and indulged in provocation and vulgarity. He drives a rickshaw for a living; however, he has got his rickshaw painted with anti-Ahmadi slogans: ‘Mirzais are Traitors of both Islam and the Country’; “Mirzais are infidels (kafir), Mirzai-supporters are also kafir, and the one who does not call a kafir, ‘kafir’, is also a kafir”. On the windshield of the rickshaw it is displayed boldly: “Curse on Mirzais”. He carries these messages of hate and provocation all the time, to all over where he goes. The government’s declared policy is, however, to suppress these messengers of communal hatred.

Two days prior to the incident, Fayyaz parked his rickshaw next to the residence of Mr. Muhammad Aslam, the president of the local Ahmadi Community. Mr. Aslam’s sons told him to go away as he had no business to be there. He went, but subsequently telephoned Mr. Aslam’s residence. A woman answered, to whom this bigot addressed very rudely. He came back again on September 9; but this time accompanied by his brother. He parked the rickshaw again in the vicinity and had a provocative exchange with Mr. Aslam’s sons. This led to a quarrel. The police was informed. They came, and arrested Fayyaz. His brother fled from the location. The police also arrested Messrs Iftikhar and Wasim, the two sons of Mr. Aslam.

The police has registered a case against Fayyaz etc under PPC 295A, but also against the two Ahmadis under PPC 342, 148/149, 506/341 in FIR 530/05 at Police Station Landianwala on September 9, 2005. This is justice a la police in Pakistan.

Pictures of the rickshaw carrying the provocative messages are produced below:


Pictures of the rickshaw carrying the provocative messages 

Pictures of the rickshaw carrying the provocative messages

Pictures of the rickshaw carrying the provocative messages




Vulgarity and intolerance at Okara

Okara; October 15, 2005: The mosque in Mehr Colony here is in control of a Deobandi mullah. On October 15, the mullah told the worshippers at Maghreb prayer to stay back for a while. He spoke to them on the subject of Ahmadiyyat with special reference to some Ahmadi individuals living in the town. He targeted Dr Aamir Mahmud, Hakeem (a medicine man) Zafar Ahmad, and Ahmadiyya homeopathy dispensary, and told his flock to boycott them all. The mullah used profane and vulgar language against the Ahmadiyya Community. It seems the mullah has plans to build up on his drive for agitation and intolerance.

The Ahmadi president of the city’s community informed the DPO of the incident, and requested preventive action.


Vulgarity and intolerance at Okara

Okara; October 15, 2005: The mosque in Mehr Colony here is in control of a Deobandi mullah. On October 15, the mullah told the worshippers at Maghreb prayer to stay back for a while. He spoke to them on the subject of Ahmadiyyat with special reference to some Ahmadi individuals living in the town. He targeted Dr Aamir Mahmud, Hakeem (a medicine man) Zafar Ahmad, and Ahmadiyya homeopathy dispensary, and told his flock to boycott them all. The mullah used profane and vulgar language against the Ahmadiyya Community. It seems the mullah has plans to build up on his drive for agitation and intolerance.

The Ahmadi president of the city’s community informed the DPO of the incident, and requested preventive action.


Sky is the limit

Vehari: In the anti-Ahmadis’ case at P.S. Machhiwal District Vehari, the complainant mullah came to realize later that he had not availed himself of other laws that are also available in the state arsenal against Ahmadis. There is the deadly PPC 295A that allows 10 years imprisonment through anti-terrorism court; and there is also the wide-spectrum PPC 295C, the Blasphemy law. So never mind the delayed thought, give it a try, he thought. He wrote his application on a 50 paisa sheet and presented it to the judge. The judge did not immediately oblige, but under the circumstances that challan had already been submitted in the trial court and the accused had already been summoned there, he showed the way to the petitioner to appear before the learned trial court at the time of framing of charge and submit his application to him for the same purpose.

Taliban and their mentality is not found in Afghanistan only. Pakistan may not have a soft border eastward; it has a very soft border at the Durand Line.


Open campaign in support of terrorism

Currency notes are in circulation in the country, that carry a rallying cry to murder Ahmadis for their faith. A photocopy of one such Rs 10 currency note can been seen here. It carries the slogan on its both sides in Urdu: Her Qadiani munkar Khatme Nabuwwat wa gustakh rasul hone par Wajab u Qatl hai. Hukumat is par amal karai, i.e.

Every Ahmadi must be put to death for being non-believer in End of Prophethood and blasphemer of the Holy Prophet. The government should ensure implementation of this punishment.

People who undertake such outrageous campaigns are not unknown. They declare themselves openly, and the media provides them space and support in their evil drive.

The mullah, encouraged by such laxity and permissive attitude, takes his grisly campaign forward to include political personalities. All this results in not only massacre of Ahmadis as at Mong, but also attacks on the life of the President.


Amazing ignorance

The Daily Dawn reported from Islamabad on August 23 the following (extracts):

“Islamabad, Aug 22, 2005: The Muttahidda Majlis i Amal (MMA) has proposed a debate on response to criticism leveled by the US State Department against the educational syllabus in Pakistan.

The motion – signed by Liaquat Baloch, Fareed Paracha, Dr Atta-ur-Rahman, Advocate Usman, Samia Raheel Qazi and Shahida Akhtar – said “the remarks of the US State Department spokesman” were “flagrant interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs” and were thus unbearable.

In Islam, no lesson of hatred is taught through any syllabus book which is also proved by the fact that all the minorities are living peacefully and enjoying full rights as citizens.  …”

The last para above concerning ‘full rights’ deserves a big exclamation mark.  The mullah has become a past master in disinformation, propaganda and fiction, although his religion demands from him plain truth (Quale sadeed).


The activist mullah

The biggest challenge to effective implementation of the policy of ‘enlightened moderation’ is from the mullah who still enjoys a long leash; it is so long, as if there is none. The mullah openly stated that the Islamic state is duty bound to kill Ahmadis. He keeps himself in the news, also on day-to-day issues. We produce below some news from the press of only the month of November to show that the mullah is at complete liberty to act and agitate against any attempt to present a soft image of Pakistan:

  • The penalty of life imprisonment for defiling the Quran should be enhanced to death.

Qadianis and Christians deliberately commit the outrage (against the holy book)

Entire Pakistan is grief stricken at the Sangla Hill incident where a Christian defiled the Holy Quran.                        Maulvi Faqir Muhammad*

The daily Nawa-i-Waqt, Lahore; November 18, 2005

  • Qadianis are enemies of both Islam and Pakistan. The mischief of Pervaiziyyat is also Kufr (Infidelity, Non Islam).

The Agha Khan Board is a conspiracy of Kufr.

We shall spare no sacrifice to put an end to forces of Kufr.

Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki

The daily Pakistan, Lahore; November 28, 2005

  • In order to secure the country against further natural calamities, a movement to stamp           out Ahmadiyyat should now be initiated.                       Maulvi Faqir Muhammad*

The Daily Jang, Lahore;  November 01, 2005

  • The lawlessness of Qadianis at Chenab Nagar is intolerable. They are bent upon destroying

the peace of the society on outsiders’ instructions, and they tyrannize Muslims every day. Press Conference by Maulana Allah Yar Arshad, a leader of Majlis Khatme Nabuwwat.

The daily Aman Faisalabad  November 24, 2005

  • The Mandi Bahauddin incident (bloodshed of Ahmadis at Mong) was the result of internal feud between two Qadiani groups.             Maulana Allah Wasaya

The daily Nawa-i-Waqt, Lahore;  November 26, 2005

  • Qadianis should be disallowed to set up a petrol pump at Chiniot.      Mullah Ilyas Chinioti
  • The Mirzai (Ahmadi) Deputy Superintendent of the Borstal Jail, Faisalabad should be transferred. Demand by Maulvi Faqir Muhammad*, the information Secretary of Almi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat.

The daily Aman, Faisalabad; November 22, 2005


*Note:  This Maulvi Faqir Muhammad enjoys considerable undeserved influence at the Home Department of the Government of the Punjab. He was instrumental in getting the notorious government letter issued No. SO(A-II)1-27/01 dated June 27, 2003, titled: Letter received from Maulvi Faqir Mohammad. (It was reproduced in full in our annual report for 2003).The following story is also relevant to him.


Mullah Faqir Muhammad earns his living

Faisalabad: Maulvi Faqir Muhammad claims to be the Information Secretary of the Alami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat (Worldwide Association for safeguarding the End of Prophethood). For his dubious services he gets his wages that are not mean. He keeps in touch with local and some ultra-right newspapers and gets his statements published on payment. These are often self-promoting, but rarely bring credit to his Majlis. For example, he persuaded the daily Nawa-i-Waqt to give the following headlines to his statement: Implement the Sharia law (of death) to uproot the Qadiani mischief. They (Qadianis) bring the country to disrepute by dissemination of imaginary tales of tyranny on internet. Maulvi Faqir Muhammad. (Nawa-i-Waqt, Lahore; March 15, 2005)

The dull-witted mullah does not see the obvious contradiction in his statement. During May this year he distributed a hate-promoting sectarian pamphlet in Faisalabad, urging the Muslims not to send their children to the three ‘Qadiani, Non-Muslim Schools.’ The mullah does not want to know that public schools are not Non-Muslims and Qadianis; it is only people who profess a faith or religion.

Markaz Khatme Nabuwwat, an auxiliary or perhaps the same activity with another name, published an 8-page highly provocative pamphlet and distributed it free in Faisalabad: Its title is Chehra Qadianiat (The Face of Qadianiat). It reproduced alleged ‘quotations’ out of context, and raised the question on the front page: ‘Can the people who remain inactive after listening to such soul-destroying beliefs, call themselves Muslim?’

If the government is serious about the internal sectarian situation, it should effectively restrict the activists and leaders of such trouble spots.


A Training Course – lessons in obscurantism

Chiniot; September 2005: The daily Khabrain of September 29, 2005 and the daily Jang of Lahore of September 28, 2005 reported completion of the annual 15-days Anti-Qadiani and Anti-Christianity Refresher Course by Idara Dawat-o-Irshad at Chiniot/Muslim Colony Rabwah. It is relevant to mention that some years ago, in one such course, security agencies learnt of planning for terrorism strikes against Ahmadi targets, and consequently issued alert signals to law and order authorities to exercise vigil.

The press reports mentioned that approximately 300 religious students attended the course, and were tutored by Ulema, some trained in Egyptian madrassahs. The teachers included ‘Maulanas’ Allah Wasaya, Ilyas Chinioti, Ghulam Mustafa, Mateen Khalid, Muhammad Anwar, Abdul Quddoos, M. Ismail, Qari Ghulam Murtaza, Qazi Ehsan Ahmad, Muhammad Qasim, Muhammad Ahmad, Haji Ishtiaq, Muhammad Ibrahim, Mushtaq Ahmad, Saifur Rehman and Aziz-ur-Rehman.

Idara Dawat-o-Irshad is now run by mullah Ilyas Chinioti, son of the well-known politically ambitious priest Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti (deceased). Its twin madrassah at Muslim Colony in Rabwah is the location where CDs carrying OBL’s exhortations for Jihad were on open sale during anti-Ahmadiyya conferences.


The so-called Khatme Nabuwwat Conference

Jhang; March 15, 2005: Mullahs held an open air conference at Jame Masjid Sheikh Lahore Jhang Sadr, and called it Khatme Nabuwwat (The End of Prophethood) Conference. They give such conferences this title to give it anti-Ahmadiyya and religious hue; the government provides the sanction and even support, but in fact the mullah indulges therein in national and international politics, and incites the audience to violence.

For example, in this conference the mullah mixed the issues of ‘Qadiani threat’, ‘American interference in Pakistani affairs’, ‘Musharraf’s anti-Islam policies’, ‘Sheikh Rashid Ahmad’s (the Minister of Information) treason’, and ‘the evil of the Agha Khan Board’, all in one package. The crowd was made to chant anti-American slogans; Musharraf was accused of changing the law regarding Qadianis; and they declared that their next demonstration will not be in the parliament but at the President House. The crowd was urged to remain prepared to lay down their lives as and when required.

This was the content of the so-called ‘End of Prophethood Conference’. Mullahs Allah Wasaya, Shabbir Usmani, Tariq Mahmud and Ramzan Chishti were the main speakers.


Decision to energize the International Khatme Nabuwwat Movement (IKNM)

The Daily Pakistan of Lahore reported the following on May 31, 2005:

An important session of IKNM was held under the chairmanship of Hadrat Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki at the residence of Maulana Mujahid Al-Hussaini in People’s Colony Faisalabad, that was attended by renowned ulema in addition to the central leadership of the Movement.  In this session (they took note that) after 9/11 the US has undertaken extensive operations for the massacre of Muslims worldwide and to defile the Holy Quran, their mosques and holy shrines.  This has put at risk the very existence of Muslims and their holy distinctive features.  Also in the US propaganda against Jihad and its blaming the Muslims of terrorism, one can clearly see the conspiracy of Qadiani group, as it was Mirza Qadiani who led the drive against Jihad in support of British imperialism; and the US is striving to exterminate Muslims on this very issue, and Muslims’ religious feelings are being injured at the pin-pointing and conspiracies of Qadianis.  Therefore a decision was made to further activate the IKNM to stop this mischief and to elaborate the issues, and also to hold a grand Khatme Nabuwwat conference at Faisalabad.  Allama Mujahid Al Hussaini was appointed the Chairman of the Convening Committee while members would be Maulana Abdur Rashid Ansari editor Nur Ala Nur Karachi, Maulana Ilyas Chinioti, Qari Shabbir A Usmani, Haji M Abid, Haji Shahid Razzaq, M. Ashraf Hashmi Advocate and Syed Zikrullah, apart from other distinguished ulema.  At the end of the meeting a resolution of condolence was passed at the deaths of Maulana Abrarul Haq of UP India the last Khalifa of H U Maulana Ashraf A Thanvi, at Faisalabad the wife of Maulana A Hafeez Makki the President of IKNM and at Makka Haji M Yousuf Butt; intense grief was expressed at their deaths and prayers were offered for the support of the bereaved relatives.  Thereafter, Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki departed for Saudi Arabia. (Mujahid al Hussaini, Faisalabad)


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