The Mulla – 2010



The Anti-Ahmadiyya hate campaign in Pakistan

DURING THE YEAR 2010, as in the previous years, the hate campaign against Ahmadis was unrelenting with telling effect.  The 28th May massacre of Ahmadis in their Lahore mosques came as no surprise to those who have followed years of state-sanctioned propaganda against this community.  Since 1984, Ordinance XX promulgated by General Zia, has forbidden Ahmadis from defending themselves.  This one-sided campaign of hate that has been waged throughout the country is now over a generation old.  Although most Pakistanis would come across it in their daily lives, yet they may not know its full scope and impact.  This article seeks to briefly examine it.

The Ahmadiyya interpretation of Islam seeks to promote spiritual reformation in a non-violent and apolitical context.  It is therefore anathema to the extremists because it undermines their agenda: every person persuaded by Ahmadis is in fact one less recruit in their wars of delusion.  The extremist leadership, otherwise known as the Mullas, is quite aware that there is nothing really provocative in the Ahmadiyya religious position, so they have allowed themselves a free license to spread falsehood about the Ahmadiyya community.  To this end, they have taken the “defense” of the doctrine of Khatme-Nabuwwat (End of Prophethood) as their marquee cause.  Only a very narrow view of this doctrine is considered acceptable to the mullas in Pakistan, any deviation from which can render one legally a non-Muslim.  It is alleged that Khatme-Nabuwwat and thereby Islam itself is under grave threat by Ahmadis and needs to be defended at all costs.  Over the years, this message has been spread in a highly provocative fashion, arousing average Pakistani Muslims to doubt Islamic and patriotic credentials of Ahmadis.  Since neither is true, the fire lit by this hate campaign needs constant fuel to keep it going, requiring new lies about the nature of Ahmadiyya community.  The mysterious hand of the community is alleged to be behind every misfortune that strikes the country, be it economic or political or, bizarrely, even a natural disaster.  Profanity about the community is common currency, used not just by the mullas from their pulpits, but also by talk show hosts on country’s private television networks and by state officials in their media pronouncements.  They make no secret of their ultimate designs: in a statement, Pir Atiq ur Rehman, a prominent mulla as well as a minister in AJK, said, “Ahmadiyya evil is a poisonous snake; it is essential to crush its head”. (The daily Kashmir Express, April 14, 2010).

In the past the mullas had to work to secure the support and commitment of the State in their anti-Ahmadiyya campaigns: once in 1974 and the second time in 1984, but after 1984, however, the state has also co-opted Islamic religious leadership—presumably to augment the state’s Islamic credentials and to gain an endorsement from religious authorities.  After the state gave them the green signal, the mullas were free to implement their hateful drive without any fear of consequences.  Almost all religious parties, most of which are deeply involved in politics, established their Khatme-Nabuwwat wings—another name for their anti-Ahmadiyya activities.  It is under this cover that the mullas enjoy the freedom to violate not only the law of the land but also accepted norms of societal behaviour. Concepts of religious tolerance, national unity, human fraternity mean nothing to them; ends justifying the means is their guiding principle.

Mullas spread hatred against Ahmadis by all possible means.  They do that at the pulpit, at conferences, in newspapers, on radio and television, by distributing tracts, flyers and pamphlets; through bumper stickers, yard signs and sidewall posters. They inflame religious sensibilities by decrying imagined insults to the person of the holy founder of Islam by Ahmadis.  They issue edicts in the name of Islamic law, promising lustful bliss in the afterlife to those who would die for their cause—they do just about anything that will whip up their followers to a frenzy of uncontrollable religious madness. Armed with these human time bombs, mullas then hold the entire society its hostage.  With every cycle of violence against minorities they emerge with more power while the civil society is left diminished and that much cowed.  Actually, it can be argued that they never let Pakistan’s civil society develop enough to recognize rights of a minority as a priority.

A brochure titled ‘Love of the Seal of Prophets’ issued by Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat (MTKN) urges the rulers of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: “Qadianis [a derogatory term for Ahmadis] are apostates and heretics.  You must declare them Wajibul Qatl [must be killed].”  It also warns Ahmadis: “Listen, O you who have rebelled against the End of Prophethood, we will not leave anyone alive in this land who blasphemes against the Holy Prophet.”  A poem circulated by Al Quran Universal, Lahore Tehrik urges Muslims to murder Ahmadis: “Defending the honour of the Prophet is a duty, a debt.  Wake up O Muslims and put an end to the Qadiani disease.”  The type of insults hurled at the founder of the Ahmadiyya community are of the street variety.  The mullas also urge social and economic boycott of Ahmadis.  In a calendar published World Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nabuwwat Council for year 2010 CE/1431 AH the page for March conveys: “Being in company, eating or drinking, buying or selling and visiting Qadianis on happy or sad occasions is Haram (forbidden in Shariah law)”.  On top of its last page it says: “The only cure of Qadianis: Al-jihad; Al-jihad”.

In this campaign the mulla commandeers both nationalism and national prejudices.  One of the stickers commonly distributed conveys: “Qadianis are rebels to both Islam and the country.” (Dr. Iqbal) In Iqbla’s days the country was India.  Ahmadis are lumped together with the other objects of popular hatred, the Jews and the Hindus.  A sticker issued by Shabban-e-Khatme Nabuwwat quotes Dr. Qadeer, ‘the Benefactor of Pakistan’, saying: “There is not the slightest doubt that Mirzais (Ahmadis)… in collaboration with the Jews, are working to sabotage Pakistan’s atomic program and the country’s technological development.” A pamphlet issued with money donated by one Alhaj Muhammad Hussain Gohar makes an imploring and compelling plea to Muslims in these words: “O Muslim.  Enough have you slept… Wake up, now.  Enough have you been looted…  Now beware and fight against the enemies of the Prophet.  Revive the great tradition of your forefathers… Rise flying the standard of jihad… Rise with the passion of martyrdom… Move like a wind storm, proceed like a flood.  Sweep away the evil tree of Qadianiat with your torrent and keep declaring in your roar: ‘I write with heart’s blood these red words: after the Prophet the Hashemite, there is no prophet.’”  After being exposed to provocative rhetoric for over a generation, if Pakistani Muslims have spared the ‘Qadianis’, it does them credit.  The mulla surely has bent backward to precipitate an Asian holocaust.  This campaign of mahyem and murder is not waged anonymously, it is fully owned by its sponsors with their names and addresses printed right on the hate material itself.

Such rousing calls are displayed on banners and billboards, often in public squares of major towns and large villages.  For instance, the MTKN Youth Wing, Ferozwala, put up a huge hoarding with the following appeal: “We appeal to you to shun the worst branch of infidelity and the worst enemies of Islam (the Mirzais and Qadianis) and not allow your children to mix with them either.  Whoever interacts with them will find himself on the Day of Judgment deprived of Holy Prophet’s intercession.”  It was not removed till it had claimed at least one victim.  On the morning of January 5, 2010, Professor Yusuf, an Ahmadi, was murdered in the same area by a team of two killers.  It was only when a correspondent of a prestigious newspaper, the Daily Times, was seen taking pictures of the billboard that the police persuaded MTKN to remove their posters.

Mullas urge their followers to implement a full religious, social and economic boycott of Ahmadis. To facilitate the boycott, they publish lists of Ahmadi businesses and products.  One of their favorite targets of wrath is a nationally popular brand of juices, the Sehzan group.  They urge everyone to boycott this company, yet amusingly, it is not uncommon for them to be seen enjoying some of these products themselves.  Ironically, many non-Ahmadis and Ahmadis who, for other reasons, are interested in doing business with Ahmadis find these lists quite useful.  Samples from the above mentioned material are placed here.   Here it is worth mentioning that most mullas while prone to work up a lather of righteous indignation on the slightest perceived insult to their own faith, happily employ the most shameless street language against those held sacred by others.   Blasphemy, it seems, can only be suffered by them.  It does not remotely occur to them that others are also humans and may have actual feelings.

A tract issued by the MTKN, carrying full address of the publisher, concludes with: “All Ahmadis should be given a grace period of three days and invited to become Muslims like the one billion Muslims of the world.  Those Ahmadi apostates who do not become Muslims in these three days should be made to stand in a line and be shot.  The killing of these apostates should not stop till the very last one of them has been done with.” No action was taken by the authorities against the publishers.

In their campaign of hate, mullas have been helped by higher institutions of the state, for example, the Islamic Ideology Council.  The Council is on record to have opined: “In case a Muslim should join Ahmadiyya Community, such a person shall be an ‘apostate’ liable to suffer mandatory sentence of death.” (Letter dated 10 November 1981, to the Federal Government)

Mullas have found willing partners in the print and electronic media.  In the print media, it is the vernacular press that, with an eye on sales, goes out of its way to give them space.  A survey at the beginning of 2009 showed that in the previous year Urdu papers published in Lahore alone carried 1033 “news” items concerning Ahmadis—mostly incriminating, of course.  The daily Nawa-i-Waqt carried 465 such items in the same period.  The daily Jang, which claims largest circulation stood second, and the Daily Express was at a close third.  Here are a samples of headlines in 2010 (translated):

  • Qadianis should be expelled from the country – Maulvi Faqir Muhammad The daily Aman, June 10, 2010
  • Qadianis are a threat to the defense of Pakistan and national security.  The late Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was a great blasphemer and his followers are the worst non-Muslim minority.  Penalty of apostasy is death. Khawja Mehboob Ilahi of Aziz Sharif.  The daily Khabrain, October 5, 2010
  • Military operation should be undertaken in Chenab Nagar (Rabwah) – (Mulla) Zahid Qasmi.  The daily Waqt; October 26, 2010

It is noteworthy that the Urdu newspapers tend to publish just about anything the mulla says about Ahmadis, irrespective of how preposterous, odd, crude or improper the utterance may be.  The traditional gurus of press ethics keep their peace.

A relatively fresh entrant in this field is the electronic media. Nadeem Piracha in an op-ed in the daily Dawn titled Smug Thugs, wrote, “Some channels give an open floor to what are quite clearly mad men who unabashedly spout hatred and violence in the name of religion and nationalism.”  On September 7, 2008, on GEO TV’s highly watched religious show Aalim Online the invited experts discussed Ahmadis in the context of Jihad and Islamic obligation to kill them.  The very next day, assassins killed Dr Siddiqui in Mirpurkhas, and the following day Seth Yusuf the leader of the Ahmadiyya community in the district of Nawab Shah was also murdered.  More recently, on June 16, 2010, only two weeks after the Lahore massacre, Express News channel aired an anti-Ahmadiyya special on the popular show “Point Blank with Lucman” in which three rabid mullas spent almost an hour spouting hatred against Ahmadis.  The anchor, Mr Mubasher Lucman, cursed the founder of Ahmadiyya Community and led the discussion in the direction of apostasy, which according to the panel was punishable by nothing short of death.

In this campaign the politicians partner the mullas, both directly and indirectly.  In fact, opinion varies as to who is the senior partner.  General Zia, the President of Pakistan, showed the way as early as 1985 when in his message to the Khatme Nabuwwat conference held in London on August 4, he conveyed, inter alia: “We will Insha Allah (God wiling) persevere in our efforts to ensure that the cancer of Qadianism is exterminated.” His prime minister, Mr Junejo, had no qualms about following the president’s lead, and stated: “Government of Pakistan has taken various measures to deal with this [Ahmadiyya] problem.  I hope the whole Muslim world will take similar steps to crush this curse with full force.”  (The daily Nawa-i-Waqt, 28 November 1985) Many years later, even the well-known Ms Benazir Bhutto, according to a billboard put up in Lahore by her political party, the PPP, on April 11, 2009, stated: “Mirzais are non-Muslims in the Pakistani constitution.  There will be no change in this democratic constitution.”  Mian Shahbaz Sharif, the current chief minister of Punjab perhaps distinguished himself on this score.  On July 1, 2009, he presided over a meeting of religious leaders purportedly to give a united front against terrorism in the country.  Ironically, the joint declaration issued at the conclusion of the conference was counter-productive to its stated aims: “Faith and the Prophethood of Khatm-an-Nabiyeen Muhammad (PBUH) and love, obedience and association with him is the basis of our religious identity, collective life and national solidarity.  Unfailing certainty in his end of Prophethood (Khatme Nabuwwat) is an integral part of our faith.  It is our religious duty to safeguard the honour of Prophethood (PBUH). Anyone who is guilty, directly or indirectly, openly or by implication, of even minor insolence to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is an infidel (Kafir), apostate (Murtad) and must be killed (Wajib-ul-Qatl).” (Emphasis provided) It is noteworthy that according to mulls someone designated Wajib-ul-Qatl can be dispatched by any Muslim without the need to inconvenience the police, magistrate or the hangman.  No wonder the killers of May 28th chose Shahbaz Sharif’s capital for their massacre.

The bar and the bench have also made their contribution to this unworthy cause.  The Supreme Court in its 1993 decision set a precedent that the show of commitment to the Kalima (Islamic creed) in any way by an Ahmadi “would amount to defiling the name of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him.”  Earlier, a Deputy Attorney General (of Pakistan) urged before the Federal Shariat Court in 1986: “Death is the penalty for those who do not believe in the finality of Prophethood, and in Islamic countries it is a heinous crime.  It is not necessary that the government should take action, but on the contrary any Muslim can take the law in his own hands.” (UNDOC E/CN.4/1986/SR.30 at P.15) This law officer reminds one of an op-ed by Fasi Zaka in the Express Tribune of August 24, 2010.  He gave it the title: Pakistan’s Human Cockroaches, and wrote, “[The only way to get change is by] raising your voice to contradict people who advocate death for others, no matter who they are speaking of.  To internalize that murder of any kind, for anyone is wrong.  Sounds easy?  Well just try it.”

It is not that the Pakistani law permits religious hate mongering.  It does not.  Pakistan Penal Code clause 295-A is explicit.  For “deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feeling of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs” calls for imprisonment up to ten years, or with fine, or with both.  However, the application of this law is very selective.  The state machinery, the police, the judiciary have almost never applied this law to the members of the majority religious groups.  The state promotes culture of selective impunity by prosecuting the minorities according to whims of the mulla.  Unpleasant, but true.

This selectivity prevails not only in the realm of application of this law, its tentacles are wide spread and extend to nearly every aspect of the civil society.  Laws specific to Ahmadis forbid them to explain or defend their theological position.  So, how to convey the truth?  There is no way.  Alexander Solzhenitsyn was closer to truth about Pakistan than his own country when he said, “In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the state.”

The result?  You reap what you sow.  It is a misconception that since the Ahmadiyya community is small, so the hate campaign must also be of little consequence.  The issue involves a major principle which is being violated.  <Is this the principle: When the state starts taking sides in religious matters it has dire consequences?> The state continued to yield to the mulla in his violence and extremism against Ahmadis during the last 36 years, and the results are there for all to see.  The mulla now poses a threat not only to Pakistan but to the region, and by extension, to the world.  Some savants can peep deep into the future: in 1984 when General Zia promulgated the anti-Ahmadiyya Ordinance XX, Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, the fourth head of the Community, called it a “potential threat to world peace” and wrote a brochure with that title.


A major provocative conference in Rabwah by anti-Ahmadiyya sectarian mullas

Rabwah; October 14 and 15, 2010:    Mullas of the Alami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat, Multan held their two days annual conference in the Ahmadiyya headquarters Rabwah, 260 kilometers away from their center in Multan.

This sectarian conference is now permitted regularly despite the declared state policy and assessment that intensive sectarian activities breed extremism which leads to terrorism. The mulla undertakes all the trouble and expense to hold this conference in Rabwah as a token of supremacy over and provocation against the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan. It also shows defiance and clout against the liberal content of the society. In a religious garb, this occasion provides the mulla an opportunity to air his views on national and international politics. The speakers freely speak against the accepted norms of human rights and freedom of faith and make demands which would put one to shame if made in international forums. It is relevant to mention here that the real difference in the belief of End of Prophethood between Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis is only in detail and nuance, but it is blown out of all proportions by the mulla for reasons outside the realm of pure religion.

This conference at Rabwah has great potential for mischief. It is a threat to law and order, and the authorities know it. This year also the Ahmadiyya central office wrote a letter to all the concerned local, provincial and federal authorities urging them to disallow this conference in Rabwah by outsiders. However, the rulers have adopted the policy of ‘business as usual’, and thus they found it convenient to allow the mulla the indiscretion which he now claims as a right.

The organizers of the conference invited leaders of political parties that are religion-based. This year Munawwar Hasan, the Jamaat Islami chief participated. They invited other well-known clerics who thrive on sectarian politics. Mostly Deobandi and Wahabi mullas and a few Brelvis participated. Maulvi Muhammad Hussain, Mohibullah, Azizur Rahman Jalandhri, Allah Wasaya, Zahid ur Rashdi, Shahabuddin, Hanif Jalandhry, Salimullah, Alam Tariq etc were among the participants; most of them are forbidden to leave their districts during Muharram when the governments shows zero tolerance to any threat to law and order.

As always, the speakers indulged in abusive and foul rhetoric against the founder and leaders of the Ahmadiyya community. The language they use is not fit for mention in this report. According to press reports, they raised piercing (falak shigaf) slogans: Long live the Sovereign of End of Prophethood; Death to Qadianiat. They even spoke against Dr Abdus Salam, the only Nobel Laureate from Pakistan, who was a scientist. How he was relevant to the end of prophethood, only the eloquent mulla could tell.

The participating mullas, despite their assurances to authorities, did not desist from attempts to provoke the local Ahmadi population. On October 15, a few dozen of them climbed up the hills of Darul Yuman, an Ahmadiyya neighbourhood, and shouted bad words. In groups, they made sorties after the morning service, to head for the Ahmadiyya graveyard and the bazaar, but were told by the police to go back. In the past, such people vandalized the graves and tombstones in Bahishti Maqbarah, a graveyard of special reverence for Ahmadis.

At about 21:30 on October 14, a group of clerics took to slogan raisings and headed for the junior Ahmadiyya seminary and the city centre. The police had to be firm with them to force them to retreat. The next morning they assembled at the Bahishti Maqbara, and had to be driven away by the Elite Force. At about mid-day some of the mullas went to Ahmad Nagar, a suburb of Rabwah, and urged the shopkeepers to remove Ahmadiyya products from their shops. They demanded from Ahmadi traders to display notices outside their business locations that they were Qadianis so that Muslim clients know their identity. These miscreants were reportedly from Sargodha, but they were in contact with the conference management in the Muslim Colony in Rabwah. Ahmadis reported the mischief to the police who effectively persuaded the intruders to leave. The police did a good job in preventing an ugly incident, but the question remains, why a Multan-based sectarian outfit is allowed to hold a conference in Rabwah where it has almost zero following.

In these conferences, the mulla is free to say what he likes, regardless of facts. Later, the press-release by the publicity men repeats the rhetoric for public consumption in the country. For example, following statements were fed to the vernacular press and published:

  • The mischief of the denial of end of prophethood is the handiwork of imperialist powers against the universality and truth of Islam.
  • The Qadiani evil, in order to cover up its disbelief, having succeeded in precipitating a Shia-Sunni bloody rift, intends now to open the door for poisonous winds of murderous violence and sectarian strife in the country through Deobandi-Barelvi rift.
  • Qadiani Dr Abdus Salam declared Pakistan to be a cursed state and disclosed national nuclear secrets to confirm his loyalty to the British. All Qadianis should therefore be removed from the nuclear establishment.
  • Dr Allama Iqbal stated that Qadianis were traitors both to Islam and the country. Qadianiat is only a copy (charbah) of Zionism and Judaism.


This report is based mostly on stories published in the vernacular pres, in particular from the daily Jang of October 15, the Khabrain of October 16 and the Ausaf of October 15 and 16. The mulla made the following demands, inter alia:

  • All Qadianis should be dismissed from the armed forces.
  • All literature published in Chenab Nagar should be confiscated forthwith.
  • Qadianis should be forbidden to use the Islamic creed (Kalima) and other Islamic epithets.
  • Qadianis should be removed without delay from government services like CBR (Revenue), embassies and education.
  • Minarets and niches in Qadiani places of worship should be demolished.
  • The national identity cards of Qadianis should be of a different colour.
  • The Islamists (Islamian) of Pakistan will powerfully resist any change to the blasphemy laws and the constitutional amendment regarding the Qadiani mischief (fitna).
  • A list of all confirmed Qadiani officials in the civil and military departments should be published by the government.
  • An approved plan should be made public that is designed to eliminate Qadiani influence over the media.
  • Shariah penalty for apostasy (death, according to the mulla) should be implemented.

Note:    In all, there were 20 such resolutions. This will give some idea of the so-called ‘implementation of Islam and Shariah’ proposed and demanded by mullas, who are quite unmindful of Muslim minorities that inhabit more than 100 countries of the world.

Apart from the above, the speakers indulged in other issues in this End of the Prophethood conference, for example:

  • Dr Aafia’s sentence and drone attacks negate national honour and sovereignty.
  • A Jewish doctor has acknowledged professional contribution of 600 Qadianis in the Israeli Defence Forces, in his book ‘Israel – a profile’.
  • Qadiani lobby is very effective with media and has succeeded in devaluing the Ulama Karam and madrassahs, thereby generating dissatisfaction over Islam in the new generation. The TV anchors and newspaper editors should play their role in exposing  anti-Islam Qadiani conspiracies and perfidies.
  • If Qadianis remain content with their rights as non-Muslims and stop opposing the anti-Qadiani Ordinance, no-one will deny them being part of Pakistan’s fair society (umdah society).
  • Qadiani community of Chenab Nagar had disintegrated into numerous factions.
  • The re-advent of Jesus (Hadrat Isa alaihissalam, the prophet) and the dogma of his (future) descent from the sky, is surely not inconsistent with End of Prophethood.
  • Asma Jahangir is a Qadiani. If she participates in (SCBA) elections a campaign will be launched against her.
  • On hearing the stories of Qadiani brutality and savagery against Muslims, the audience were in tears.
  • The martyrs of End of Prophethood offered their holy blood to boldly confront Qadiani feudal and cruel lords (zalim waderai) who tore apart this country in their drive to safeguard the honour of Prophethood.

The attendance varied from session to session, the largest was on Friday – approximately 7000. The audience had been transported from out of Rabwah in buses, wagons, cars and rickshaws. The press reported that ‘the organizers had requisitioned services of competent teams to provide meals that were lavishly served in Binori Park’. All this must have cost money, in millions. Who provides the funds?

Syed Munawwar Hasan of Jamaat Islami volunteered to attend and speak. He said, “Imperialists are threatening the people, the army, the geographical frontiers of Pakistan through drone attacks under the excuse of Taliban and militants. The Qadiani Fitna is creation of anti-jihad and imperialist forces. Hidden forces are destabilizing Pakistan in the manner of Afghanistan on behest of Qadianis to meet nefarious foreign objectives.” He also talked of American defeat in Afghanistan, Blackwater, drone attacks and Dr Aafia. The JI chief did not stay back for Friday congregation, and went back after midnight with his supporting and security squad of 12 vehicles and 35 motor-cyclists.

This and other such conferences cause a great deal of concern to Ahmadis of Rabwah. As precautionary measures the schools were closed, women were advised to restrict their outings, the bazaar was shut down, and hundreds of citizens remained alert to defend the town and its people against a possible attack by these unwelcome visitors. The authorities also had to remain vigilant. The state and society were exposed to great risk by allowing the mulla to unnecessarily congregate at Rabwah where they have no rational claim to assemble.

Following mullas also participated:

Akram Toofani, Yaqoob Rabbani, Ismail Shujaabadi, Aziz ur Rehman Thani, Sattar Taunsavi, Sattar Gurmani, Muhammad Irshad , Rauf Chishti, Masud Ahmad, Abdul Haq Bashir, Khalil Ahmad Bandialvi, Kafayat ullah, Ehsanullah, Haq Nawaz, Zubair Zaheer, Shabbir Usmani, Mufti Muhammad, Saeed Ludhianwi, Ilyas Ghuman, Manzur Rajput, Rashad, Fazal Darkhawsti, Kafayatullah, Majid Siddiqui, Ashraf Ali, Ahmad Hamadi, Hamid Haqqani, Khadim Dhilon, Muhammad Yusuf, Haq Bashir, Ghulam Mustafa, Ishaq Saqi, Faqir Akhtar, Naeem Rahmani, Rashid Sial, Hussain Nasir, and Nazar Usmani.


Another report from Azad Kashmir

Bhimbar, Azad Kashmir; October 2010: In Azad Kashmir, Ahmadis are persecuted, and the politicians do not conceal the fact that they are involved in the harassment. This encourages extremist elements, which include banned outfits, to openly harm and harass Ahmadis.

On October 8, 2010, opponents held an End of Prophethood conference in Dheri Wattan near Bhimbar. The event was organized by members of the outlawed Jaish Muhammad. The speaker urged that those who had joined the Ahmadiyya Jamaat should be made to recant. They passed a resolution to implement a boycott of all Ahmadi businesses. Accordingly Mr. Khurshid Ahmad who runs a clinic is experiencing a complete boycott. A fresh convert to Ahmadiyyat has been turned out of his home and separated from his family.

Jaish Muhammad have distributed anti-Ahmadiyya hate literature in bazaars and offices. This drive is backed by Pir Atiqur Rehman, a minister who finds it politically advantageous to support religious thugs and immoderates.

The hate literature carries the following UK address:

Khatme Nabuwwat Academy

387 Katherine Road        Forest Gate

London E7 8LT       United Kingdom

Phone: 020 8471 4434

Mobile: 0798 486 4668, 0795 803 3404



Report of a Khatme Nabuwwat Conference in Rabwah

A forum for indulging in political and sectarian rhetoric

Rabwah, February 28, 2010: The Ahrari mullas were helped by the authorities to once again hold their conference in Rabwah where they have no regular presence except an office and a mosque. They held a two-days conference here; the audience were transported to Rabwah from other towns. We translate below excerpts from a press report from the daily Ausaf of March 1, 2010:

Mirza Qadiani is a great liar

Those who love the Holy Prophet should boycott Qadianis.       Khatme Nabuwwat Conference

Qadianis are being beaten up everywhere; the struggle to safeguard the End of Prophethood has spread internationally:     Maulana Abdul Hafeez (Makki)

We shall trounce the conspiracy to repeal the Blasphemy Law: Qazi Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianwi, Maulana Zahid ur Rashidi, Dr Ahmad Ali (Siraj), Mahmud ul Hasan Nomani, Muhammad Aslam Alipuri (of Denmark)

Mirza Qadiani does not deserve to be called ‘human’. Maulana Zafar, Maulana Khaliq, Qari Abdul Waheed, Maulana Aziz ur Rahman and others address the conference.

Chenab Nagar (Special correspondent). …

  • Maulana Zahid ur Rashidi urged (the audience) not to lower their morale in the face of the White House and not to let their difficulties get the better of them.
  • Pakistan’s security and sovereignty is threatened on account of government policies. Its frontiers have been defiled by a series of drone attacks on Pakistani territory.
  • Frequent raids on madrassas have led to fear among students of Islam. Action is being taken to exclude Islamic teachings from the syllabus.
  • Muhammad Aslam Alipuri of Denmark stated that Mirza Qadiani is not fit to be called a ‘human’ (sic).
  • Mahmud-ul-Hasan Nomani disclosed in his address that a Khatme Nabuwwat Centre has been established at a cost of (Rs.) 20 million close to the Qadiani mission and center in Birmingham built with financial help from the European Union. This is a big blow to the followers of false prophethood.
  • One who tells lies cannot be a prophet, the Promised Messiah or a Mujaddad; he is only a liar and a Deceiver.
  • “We have come here not for a fight, but to convey the truth about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani.”
  • Dr. Ahmad Ali Siraj said, “We’ve come here to invite Qadianis to Islam, in a manner that they come under the banner of Islam and save themselves from hellfire.”

This is what was reported in the press; the unprintable rhetoric was more hateful, provoking and abusive.


Anti-Ahmadiyya Conference in Rabwah

Rabwah; September 7, 2010: A one-day ‘International Khatme Nabuwwat Conference’ was held at Jamia Usmania, Muslim Colony Rabwah. This ‘International’ open-air gathering was attended by no more than 200 participants, most of them boys from local madrassa. However, the lack of participants did not deter the organizers and the speakers from the usual slander, bad-mouthing and making shameless demands.

This time, the leading mullas failed to turn up. The reasons are not known. They had to stay content with a message from ‘Maulana Abdul Hafeez of Makka’. Qari Shabbir Usmani, the local leading cleric led the proceedings. Other participating mullas included Rashid Hijazi, Khalid Shabbir, Aasim Makhdoom from Lahore, Amjad Hussain, Qari Riaz from Lahore, Muhammad Najam, Zaman Bhatti advocate of Lahore, Irfan Barq, Ayub Chinioti, Qari Asif Rashid of Lahore, Muhammad Ashraf, Qari Abu Bakr etc.

The resolutions adopted were those that violated accepted norms of human rights and international covenants. They included the following, inter alia:

  • Qadianis should be banned.
  • Add column of ‘Religion’ to the national identity card.
  • Block the Qadiani MTA (TV channel).
  • Implement Shariah as proposed by the Islamic Ideology Council.
  • Change the name of Nusrat Jehan Girls College and school to Aisha Siddiqua, as Nusrat Jehan was the name of the wife of Mirza (Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian).
    • Note: These institutions were built and established by Ahmadis, but were nationalized by the Bhutto regime.
  • The administration of Kotli (Azad Kashmir) should handle firmly the thieves of the Khatme Nabuwwat.
  • This conference urges the respected Ulama to issue weekly statements in support of Khatme Nabuwwat and against Qadianism.
  • The American drone attacks in FATA should be effectively resisted. We condemn suicide attacks, but all this is American thuggery and a conspiracy to bring a bad name to Islam.
  • Quranic inscriptions written on Qadiani places of worship should be expunged.
  • Entry forms to educational institutions should have an affidavit concerning Khatme Nabuwwat.
  • The education syllabus should include the creed of End of Prophethood.
  • Qadiani religious endowments should be taken over by the state.
  • Ban the Qadianis’ newsletter – the Al-Fazl.
  • Dismiss all Qadianis from government services and the army.

Despite the low attendance at the conference, Ahmadis had to take appropriate precautions. The law enforcing agencies also remained vigilant.


Another sectarian conference under the promoters and sympathizers of terrorism

Chichawatni; April 3, 2010:    Majlis Ahrar Islam held a conference in the name of safeguarding the End of Prophethood, in Chichawatni and invited those to speak who are otherwise ‘banned’ for their terrorist and sectarian activities. A prominent speaker was mulla Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianwi, who is the leader of the banned SSP that later became the Jamaat Dawa; he now heads the Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat. Most of the other ulama who spoke in the conference are routinely placed on the list of clerics forbidden to enter various districts at the occasion of Muharram. However, in the fair name of Khatme Nabuwwat, these clerics vent their rage and hatred freely against Ahmadis by the permission of authorities. It is not too far-fetched to assume that amongst these there are those who plan, hire and handle murderers who kill Ahmadis for their faith.

The daily Pakistan, of April 3, 2010 published a report on the proceedings of this conference. We translate below the headlines and some excerpts of this press report:

The government is patronizing tyranny and unbelief while we are exercising patience – Maulana Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianwi

No effort will succeed to sabotage the Blasphemy Law in the name of constitutional amendment.  Ata ul Muhaiman

Religious circles and Tehrik Khatme Nabuwwat have their reservations on the meeting held between the Federal Minister of Religious Affairs and the Qadiani delegation.

The dogma of End of Prophethood is in fact the central point of national unity. Speakers at the Ahrar Khatme Nabuwwat Conference in Chichawatni

Chicha Watni (correspondent): …

Syed Ata ul Muhaiman Bokhari (Ahrar) said in his address that the US is accusing Muslims of terrorism in order to cover up its own barbarity and inhumanity. …

Shariah punishment (of death) should be imposed for apostasy. …

All Qadiani periodicals including the daily Alfazl should be disallowed publication. …

We shall not allow any changes to the Blasphemy laws and the anti-Qadiani laws in the name of restoration of the (1973) constitution. In case of such a conspiracy we shall also face bullets like the martyrs of the 1953 Khatme Nabuwwat Movement. …

Maulana Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianwi said, “The companions of the prophet (R.A.) are the pioneer custodians of the Khatme Nabuwwat. Safeguarding the End of Prophethood and Safeguarding the Honor of the Companions are our fortresses – and we are the soldiers of these fortresses.” He further said, “The accusation of terrorism against us by the US and the (local) rulers cannot discourage us.” …

Maulana Zahid ur Rashdi voiced the reservations of religious circles and the Tehrik Khatme Nabuwwat over the meeting of the Qadiani delegation with the Federal Minister. ‘Why was the meeting not disclosed to the media’? he asked. …

Maulana Abdullah Gurdaspuri said that … like Qadian in India, Rabwah in Pakistan is the centre of imperialist activities.

Muhammad Aslam Alipuri (of Denmark) stated that Qadianis were hoodwinking the entire world by appropriating Islam as title. …

Qari Rafiq Wajhwi said that … boycott of all Qadiani products like Shehzan is a matter of religious honour for us, etc. etc.

It is relevant to mention in this context that:

  • Although the government condemns sectarianism, it discriminates against Ahmadis and routinely permits such anti-Ahmadiyya conferences.
  • The organizers referred again to the ’10,000 martyrs’ of the 1953 riots; however the government failed to nail this lie against a previous government.
  • The alleged meeting between the federal minister and the Qadiani delegation is a figment of the imagination of these clerics and a fabrication.

The following mullas participated in this conference:

Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianwi, Ata ul Mohaiman Bokhari, Zahid ur Rashdi, Abdullah Gurdaspuri, Khalid Shabbir Ahmad, Kafeel Bokhari, Yusuf Ahrar, Hafiz Abid, Masood Dogar, Rafiq Wajhwi, Aslam Alipuri (of Denmark), Shahid Imran Aarfi, Hafiz Mugheerah, Akram Ahrar, Akhtar Ludhianwi, Jalil Raipuri, M. Awais, M. Ikram, M. Yusuf, Qari Tayyab, Abdus Sittar, Kalimullah Rashidi, Manzur Tahir, Qari Saeed, Atiqur Rahman, Shabbir Ahmad, Ahmad Hashmi, Aslam Bhatti, Abdul Ghani, Nazir Cheema, Mahmud Anwar etc.


A Khatme Nabuwwat conference in Qasur

Qasur; June 14, 2010: A Khatme Nabuwwat conference was held in the mosque Hasan bin Ali (a Deobandi mosque) after the evening prayers. Mullas indulged in highly slanderous language against Ahmadis. This conference was jointly convened by three sects, Deobandi, Barelvi and Ahle Hadith. They announced the formation of a United Khatme Nabuwwat organization.

The speakers called Qadianis traitors, as the state had declared them infidels but they do not accept that decision. “They do not respect the constitution of Pakistan, and one who does not respect the constitution is an enemy and traitor to the country,” said the mullas. Qadianis wish the doom of Pakistan. Residents of Rabwah pray for the destruction of Pakistan, so they can shift their dead to Qadian.

A speaker alleged that Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan was murdered by a Mirzai. The massacre in Lal Mosque by Pervez Musharraf was a Qadiani plan. Pages of the Holy Quran recovered from a sewage pipe were also thrown there by Qadianis, according to a speaker.

A speaker said, “Bhutto is our leader, Bhutto is our hero. He did for Islam that no one else could do. In 1974 when he toured the US, he was told to leave the Qadianis alone, otherwise the US would cease its aid to Pakistan, but Bhutto was not cowed by their pressure”.

Another mulla alleged that Dr. Salam had leaked Pakistani atomic secrets to infidels, and told Pakistanis openly that their country was accursed. “Why did the government allow his filthy remains to be brought here for burial?” he asked. He demanded the government of Pakistan to exhume him, burn his remains and throw the ashes in the sea.

Another speaker further roused the audience by saying that Qadianis not only abuse Pakistan but also the Holy Prophetsa. “If you have an iota of self-respect boycott them fully, discontinue all transactions with them. Do not consume Shezan drinks, as a part of its income is used to defile Islam”, he said. The audience was told to stand up and give a pledge that they would completely boycott Ahmadis.

Mulla Abdur Razaq Mujahid from Qasur said, “O, Muslims! Do not forget, if any Qadiani preaches, distributes literature, or talks to you, pull his tongue out; and let me know, we shall get a police case registered.” Most of the mullas kept raising provocative slogans and agitated the audience.

Mulla Akram Toofani of Sargodha also participated in the conference. He said that all those who believe in Kalima (Islamic creed) were ready to die for the honor of Prophethood. “Anyone who pronounces Kalima is a Muslim; Nawaz Sharif is a Muslim, Zardari is a Muslim, our colonels, majors and policemen who are on duty outside and are listening to the conference are all Momin (faithful). The greatest claim on every Muslim’s life is that of the Holy Prophetsa. Qadianis are rebels of Islam and the country. We can not tolerate one who blasphemes the honor of our Holy Mastersa. We do not urge others to kill them; they kill them at their own initiative, as there is no need for such advice. Remember, two small children killed Abu Jahal on the day of Badr, nobody told them to do so. Rallies will not stop until they (Ahmadis) stop themselves. Americans can do no harm to Taliban-e-Islam. We require Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif to have no pity on them”, the mulla said.

One of the mullas asked, ‘Are we not lovers of the Holy Prophetsa?’ The audience replied in the affirmative. “If we are lovers of the Holy Prophetsa then deny them (Ahmadis) peace. We have no honor if we do not rise. The only cure for these Qadianis is the Kalashnikov. O’ people! Raise your hands, will you boycott Ahmadis?” he asked. The audience nodded that they would. “Qadianis are traitors, do not say Salam to them. Anyone who says Salam to them, his marriage will be annulled and his children will be made illegitimate. May God destroy Qadianis. May God crush America,” the mulla shouted.

Such is the level of rabid rhetoric in these conferences, and the state only maintains a record of this, oblivious of the consequences of its inaction.


Still another Khatme Nabuwwat conference

Sargodha; October 2010: The daily Nawa-i-Waqt reported on October 8, 2010 that the Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat held its 3rd annual conference in Sargodha. The press report, which is often drafted by the organizers of those conferences, is conveniently reproduced without much change by the vernacular press. A reading of the text shows that the mullas spoke on many themes but not on the Khatme Nabuwwat.

According the report, the Ulama Karam stated:

  • If the rulers amend the blasphemy law, the consequent drive will sweep away the government.
  • The moths of the lamp of Prophethood will tear the administration to pieces (eent se eent baja dein gay) without caring for their own lives.
  • Qadianis are declared enemies of the Muslims.
  • The rulers are nothing but American slaves.
  • All including the Governor who are considering the filthy plan (napak soch) of doing away with the Amendment (regarding Ahmadis) are not fit to be called Muslims.
  • The only way to set things right in Pakistan is to impose the Islamic system.
  • It is necessary to hold them accountable who talk of amending the blasphemy laws.
  • Qadianis should be removed from key posts forthwith.
  • Qadianis could be the sponsors of terrorist activities in the country.

etc. etc.

The mullas who participated, were:

Aziz ur Rehman Jalandhari, Sher Ali, Nasir Khakwani, Hanif Jalandhri, Ilyas Chinioti, Amjad Khan, Alam Tariq, Allah Wasaya, Abdul Karim Nadeem, Kafayatullah etc. Some of them belong to the defunct organizations, while almost all of them were those who are banned to move to other districts during the Muharram season.


A Khatme Nabuwwat Conference in Golarchi

Golarchi, Sindh; May 21, 2010: An End of Prophethood conference was held in Golarchi on May 21, 2010. The clerics used highly obscene language against the Ahmadiyya community, and led the crowd in raising slogans. Some of the participating youth were led to the Ahmadiyya mosque where they used offensive language against Ahmadiyyat.

At this, Ahmadis contacted the authorities and took defensive measures. Ahmadi youth were posted to protect the mosque and Ahmadis’ homes. The police cooperated in that they forbade the mulla the use of amplifiers and did not allow urchins to return to the Ahmadiyya mosque. This prevented escalation in the tense situation.


Harassment of Ahmadis in Multan

Gulgasht Colony, Multan; January 19, 2010: Multan has been a hotbed of anti-Ahmadiyya activities for a long time now. Three Ahmadis were murdered there in 2009, two doctors and a successful businessman. Several Ahmadi families relocated to the Gulgasht Colony of the city, but the mulla still pursued them. Ahmadi families lived there in fear and were exposed to harm all the time. Incidents in Multan were mentioned in the monthly report of December 2009.

In January 2010 provocative and hateful stickers were pasted on the door of an Ahmadi resident of the colony. These stickers exposed the malice of the mullas, and promoted hatred. The Ahmadi reported the incident to the police with the request that the culprits be stopped. The print on one of these stickers read: “One who does not strive to safeguard the finality of the prophethood and the honour of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is at risk on the Dooms Day.” This sticker also bore drawing of a dead man’s skull and leg-bones. The other sticker read: “One who has any dealings with Mirzais will be devoid of the intercession of Muhammad (PBUH) on the Dooms Day and will face grievous punishment of disgrace.” These stickers bore the address of the publishers as: Khatame Nabuwwat Youth Wing, Ferozwala, Pakistan. Their phone numbers and website address were also given in the bold: 0321-8852745, 0322-4669648 and The authorities remained unmoved.


A sticker against Ahmadis by Khatme Nabuwwat Youth Wing, Ferozwala, Pakistan.

A sticker against Ahmadis by Khatme Nabuwwat Youth Wing, Ferozwala, Pakistan.



Anti-Ahmadiyya activities in Sargodha

Sargodha is notorious for its mullas who thrive on anti-Ahmadi activism. It has a running history of Ahmadis’ persecution perpetrated by the clerics in league with the police and the administration.  On October 5, 1974 rioters had a field day here while Mr Hanif Ramay, the Chief Minister (PPP) was present in the city.

An anti-Ahmadiyya conference was held on 26 February 2010 at the occasion of the birthday of the Holy ProphetPBUH. As usual instead of speaking on the excellent example of the Holy ProphetPBUH the speakers railed at the Ahmadiyya community. They indulged in lies, slander and provocation. They took a pledge from the audience that they would not visit Dr. Sheikh Mahmood Ahmad (a famous Ahmadi doctor) for treatment and would not avail the services of Mr. Waqar (a reputed Ahmadi advocate in Sargodha).

Another conference was held in a village Chak 35-North in district Sargodha. They led a procession on the occasion of 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal and did not fail to abuse the Ahmadiyya community. Some well-wishers of the community from the Tiwana family tried to stop the marchers. This resulted in a quarrel. Police cases were registered against both parties. The marchers also implicated an Ahmadi in the case registered against the Tiwana family, accusing him of aiding and abetting the incident.


Tense situation in Layyah

Layyah; May 2010: The five Ahmadis, including four school-going children, who had been acquitted by the court, were unable to lead a normal life. There was mounting hostility against them. Although acquitted, they were unable to return to their homes for security reasons. According to reliable information, extremists held meetings and urged common Muslims to boycott all the Ahmadis of the area. They indicated their intentions to locate the acquitted Ahmadis and kill them. They exhorted, “The courts and the government are allies of USA. Ahmadis are agents of Jews. Lovers of Muhammad! sacrifice your lives, Muhammad (PBUH) is waiting for you.” A huge banner hung in the main roundabout of the city; “Stop the onslaught of Qadianis, otherwise we will confront them ourselves.” They also collected funds from the public for anti-Ahmadiyya activities. According to a report they demanded Rs. 2000 from every household, stating, “We need to prepare our combatants (janbaz) as the honour of the Prophet (PBUH) is at stake due to Mirzais.”

All this went on in broad daylight – as if with official permission, or, at least, approval.


Tense situation reported in Lahore – prior to the massacre of 28th May

Lahore; May 2010: The situation in Lahore remained tense. This was true, even before the massacre in Lahore on May 28. Mullas enjoyed complete freedom to incite sectarian hatred against Ahmadis. This was manifested in May 2010 in the Mustafa Abad area particularly. Hateful leaflets were distributed in this neighborhood. In fact most of these folders and leaflets were produced there. Shopkeepers displayed stickers: Qadianis may not approach here for shopping, and be gone. There was no town water available in the local Ahmadiyya mosque. The staff arrived to look at the problem, but was made to return by protestors who told them to go back or be prepared for police action. They went back, and the mosque remained without water.

Anti-Ahmadiyya banners remained in place at various locations in Lahore.


Provocation in Jhelum

Jhelum; November/December 2010: In the past few weeks, anti-Ahmadiyya promoters of hate have been active in District Jhelum. They chose the joyous festival of Eid-ul-Adha to put up hateful posters on walls in important streets. They did not miss out the Eid Gah Road that leads to the Ahmadiyya mosque. Posters were pasted at locations that are most frequented.

The poster was titled: Fitna-e-Qadianiat (The mischief of Ahmadism). It used highly insulting and provocative language against the founder of Ahmadiyyat. It quoted him out of context and in maliciously composed bits to allege that he blasphemed against Allah, the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the Quran and the Companions.

The posters and their display clearly violated the laws of the land PPC 295-A and PPC 153-A, however the authorities are least moved when these laws are violated by mullas of the majority community. The posters remained on display for weeks.


Don’t explain; don’t defend yourself – you are guilty

Rabwah/Lahore: Mr. Aamar Hanif and Mr. Azhar Bilal own retail shops in Rabwah. They periodically go to a big market in Lahore to buy wholesale. Over there when the traders came to know that the two were from Rabwah, they became inquisitive and asked them questions regarding their faith and beliefs. They told them that Ahmadis are not at all what the mulla describes them to be.

They asked to see Rabwah itself, and the two volunteered to welcome them. After the visit, the visitors were impressed, and amazed at the disinformation spread by the mulla. They went back and conveyed their impressions to other traders in the Market. The word spread, and mullas of the Khatme Nabuwwat faction came to know about that. They got very angry over the exposure of the reality.

The mullas acted fast, issued warning posters and affixed them all over the market. The poster conveys:

For Public Information


Azhar Bilal S/O Abdur Rauf and Aamar Hanif S/O Hanif Ahmad, residents of Chenab Nagar are Qadianis. They proselytize Qadianiat to the traders. Hand them over to the police wherever you come across them, and protect yourself against their evil designs.

The two Ahmadis are now in a fix; they are unable to visit the market in Lahore. That has affected their business very adversely.

It is a very difficult situation for them.


The mulla at large

Deorhi, Safdar Abad, District Sheikhupura; January 17, 2010: On January 17, 2010 the only Ahmadi family in Deorhi, Safdar Abad was paid an unwelcome visit by a group of religious bigots.

Mullas visited the village on the morning of January 17, 2010. Some of them were armed. On arrival, they announced that all those who loved the Holy ProphetPBUH should assemble in the mosque.

There they started haranguing the villagers. They had brought along some bed-sheets, undergarments etc as displays and claimed that defiling words and blasphemous remarks against the Holy Prophetsa were written on them. They concluded that only Qadianis could have committed these crimes, as they recite the Kalima only to fool the village folk.

These mullas exhorted the villagers to implement a social boycott of Ahmadis. “Qadianis are confirmed infidels; their murder is perfectly legitimate vide Shariah – how come you tolerate them among yourselves?” asserted the clerics. They indulged in a great deal more, as usual.

They left after sufficiently polluting the social environment and peace of the village.


The unbridled mulla

Shorkot; February 18, 2010: An Ahmadi, Rana Nabi Ahmad Khan faced unwelcome intrusion by mullas. The following is his account of the incident.

“I am the local president of the Ahmadiyya community, Kaki Nau (Shorkot). I own a sales agency of fertilizer on Multan Road. A few mullas came to my shop. They talked to my employee and demanded that the Quranic verses and Islamic inscriptions exalting the Almighty Allah be removed from the premises, as they injured their feelings. They came again after a few days and threatened further action. Two mullas named Muhammad Hussain and Dost Muhammad went to the DSP and told him, “He (Khan) poses himself as a Muslim. He has Quranic inscriptions at his shop, erase them otherwise we will remove them forcibly ourselves.” The DSP told the police SHO to look into the complaint. The SHO came to my shop and found nothing objectionable except the Islamic inscriptions exalting the name of God. I also talked to the SHO and briefed him on the situation. He reported back to the DSP.

“After a few days some elders of the area approached me and asked me to erase these words from the shop. I told them that it is not possible for me to erase them, or ask somebody else to do it, or allow anybody to do that in my presence. A man named Luqman from the village offered to erase them. I reminded him that he had offered eight pilgrimages to Makkah; he should fear God’s displeasure. He said he would have it done by some boys.

“My employee came to the shop after the dawn prayers to switch off the lights of the electric board of the shop. He saw that mulla Idrees of Jamia Farooqia along with two children was leaving after erasing the Islamic inscriptions from the main board of my shop.”

Although Mr. Khan and other members of the community are disturbed after this incident, they have been instructed by the community elders to be patient and show restraint.

Muslims used to uphold God’s name; now some go out of their way to erase it.


Hostility in district Khushab

Quaidabad, district Khushab; 26, 27 March 2010: Mullas tried their best to disrupt marriage ceremonies of Ahmadis here. They put pressure on the invitees to refuse to attend the functions. They threatened a cook hired for the occasion, who then refused to report for duty. The transporters who were engaged for the occasion failed to turn up.  However, alternate arrangements were made and the ceremonies were a success.

A mulla named Athar Hussain played a key role in all this. He is always active against Ahmadis. He contacts influential people in the area and urges them to fire Ahmadi employees and implement social boycotts of other Ahmadis. He promotes sectarian hatred and religious extremism in the area.


A ‘Jihadist’ thief

Goth Muhammad Shafi, District Sukkur: An Ahmadi farming family lives in this village. A few days ago they came to know at night that a party of thieves had come to their field and were busy picking cotton. They intercepted the thieves, and there was an exchange of fire. An Ahmadi received bullet injury, while one of the thieves was also injured. Two of them were captured before others fled from the scene of crime.

One of the two detained persons was identified to be a mulla from a nearby settlement. This mulla had participated in the ‘Jihad’ in Afghanistan. He is known to be an anti-Ahmadi cleric. The captured thieves were handed over to the police.

There is a small mosque in this farm which was purchased by the Ahmadi family two years ago. The thieves have raised the issue of the mosque, and plan to give the incident a religious colour. Ahmadi complainants have to tread with care where a ‘Jihadist’ thief is involved.


Hostility in Kharian, District Gujrat

Kharian; May 21, 2010: Mullas led a procession against the publication of blasphemous caricatures on May 21, 2010. They enforced closure of all the shops in the city. They availed this occasion to raise slogans against the Ahmadiyya community.

There are some shops in the bazaar that belong to Ahmadis. Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad, an Ahmadi owns a shop, OK TV in the basement of the market. He also closed his shop. However, a man came to him and dragged him to the basement of the market, where others awaited him. They asked him if he was an Ahmadi. They told him to abuse “the Mirza” (founder of the Ahmadiyya community) if he was not a Mirzai. He replied that he had never abused anybody. At this they started beating him. Fortunately he was not severely injured. Some of the neighboring shopkeepers came over and rescued him.

Outside, the protest crowd converted into a conference, and local and external mullas made provocative speeches against the Ahmadiyya community and instigated the locals against them. A visiting mulla Qazi Amir Hussain remarked that the Qadianis were enjoying their protection in Kharian, otherwise his men would smash Qadianis and their mosques to pieces.


Provocation by a mulla

Basti Shadi, District Rahim Yar Khan; October 22, 2010:      A mulla, Rashid Madni is quite active against Ahmadis in this area. He delivered a Friday sermon against Ahmadis provoking the people against them, and distributed hateful anti-Ahmadiyya literature. The police were informed in time. They came before the Friday sermon, and did not allow the mulla to switch on the sound-amplifiers, and instructed him after the sermon to refrain from provocation in the future. The Numberdar (local revenue chief) and people of the village also told the Assistant Superintendent of Police that they had long been living with Ahmadis in harmony and had not faced any problem. They promised the ASP that they would not invite the mulla to their village again.

When the mulla was expelled from the village and not allowed to visit again, he met with the ASP/SHO of Sadiq Abad. He complained to him that the Ahmadis of Basti Shadi had built minarets on their mosque which was illegal. He also presented him copies of the anti-Ahmadi laws. The SHO sent for the district president of the Ahmadiyya community. He met the SHO and explained him the whole situation. The SHO promised to co-operate and maintain the law and order situation in his jurisdiction.

When the mulla found no encouragement, he collected 70 or 80 men at a place outside the village and held a conference. He threatened, that if the administration did not co-operate with him, he would demolish the minarets of Qadiani mosques. Some of the participants indulged in firing shots in the air.

Nobody from the village attended the conference. Although the SHO is maintaining a semblance of law and order, the mulla needs a firm hand to deter him from disturbing the sectarian peace of the local community.


Hate promoting calendar

Lahore: The World Tahaffuz-e-Khatme Nabuwwat Council published a calendar for 2010 which carries provocative writings against Ahmadis. It carries a slogan: The only cure for Qadianis: Al Jihad, Al Jihad. It motivates the public to undertake the murder of Ahmadis. It asserts: ‘… they (Qadianis) have no right to live in Pakistan; it urges: “Cleanse your streets of Qadianis.” etc.  Several such hate-promoting pamphlets against Ahmadis are distributed throughout the country, regularly and systematically.

Attacks and hostile activities against Ahmadis result from the efforts of sectarian agitators and social anarchists who promote murder and violence in the name of religion and play a pivotal role in provoking communal hatred in society.

In 2009 when this calendar was published the Ahmadiyya central office wrote to the authorities to ban all publications that promote sectarian hatred, but they took no effective action. Consequently eleven Ahmadis were murdered for their faith in 2009 and almost a hundred have been killed in 2010.

In the prevailing crisis, the negative role of the print and electronic media further encourages extremist elements. These elements undertake violence against harmless groups in the name of religion, thereby harming the country.

Since 1984 when Ahmadi-specific laws were enforced, more than 200 Ahmadis have fallen victim to religious hatred and extremism. Edicts of murder against Ahmadis are routinely issued.

Despite prohibition, the publication of this calendar that promotes and prompts violence called for appropriate action by the authorities without delay, but no action has been taken.

The World Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat has boldly written its following address on the calendar and also offered free anti-Ahmadiyya literature:

World Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat Council

124/24 Alama Iqbal Road, Shadab Colony

Garhi Shahu, Lahore

Phone: 0334-4090965, 0300-8126070, 0321-4081955


Situation tense in Ahmadabad, district Okara

Mandi Ahmadabad; May 2010: Sectarian extremists in district Okara moved in an organized and planned manner to spread their message of hate and violence in the district. They belonged to the Khatme Nabuwwat group, and have targeted Mandi Ahmadabad with some success. Their potential for harm was considerable.

Khatme Nabuwwat activists of Okara visited Ahmadabad and set up a branch there. They organized and instructed the locals on how to spread hate and undertake violence. Soon, a campaign of social boycott of Ahmadis was underway in Ahmadabad.

The local extremists moved fast and distributed hate literature, leaflets, posters, stickers etc. School children were provided with stickers conveying that 1) Ahmadis are infidels, apostates, 2) They are enemies of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), so they ought to be boycotted, 3) Have no business dealing with them, and do not buy Ahmadiyya products, etc.

Anwar Ahmad, an Ahmadi sent his son to a medical store to buy medicines; the owner sent the boy back with a chit, “We do not sell medicines to Mirzais.”

Some days later, an Ahmadi elder went in the morning to open his son’s shop, Chaudhry Shopping Centre, but when he touched the lock, he was jolted by an electric shock. Some miscreant had connected the metallic door to a live electric wire.

A fortnight later, Mr. Ejaz Ahmad, an Ahmadi found that the metallic shutters of his shop had been electrically short-circuited by someone at night. He opened the shutter, during a power outage, so luck saved him. Later, when the electricity was restored, his lights remained off. On investigation, he discovered that the electric cable had been rewired to kill. Ejaz was lucky to escape this murder attempt.

The police were informed, but they shrugged their shoulders and advised that Ahmadis should attend to their security themselves.

The incident of murder of three Ahmadis in Faisalabad encouraged these criminals, and there was credible evidence that there was talk of an identical attempt in Ahmadabad.

Ahmadis in the town were worried, and turned to prayers.


Fake ‘ambassadors-at-large’

Lahore; March 12, 2010: Two mullas who never fail to display their Saudi and Kuwaiti links through their names are frequent visitors to Pakistan on clandestine missions, namely: Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki (Saudi Arabia) and Dr. Ahmad Ali Siraj (Kuwait). They call themselves respectively Aalmi Amir, and General Secretary of the International Khatme Nabuwwat Movement. They appeared in ‘Express Forum’ and the daily Express published their statements as a three-column news-item in its issue of March 12, 2010. The headlines and a few excerpts from this report will suffice to show the mischief these two propagate and promote in the name of Islam:

The Muslim Ummah will have to unite by setting aside secondary differences.

Infidels have declared a state of war against Islam. It was a great achievement of Bhutto to declare Ahmadis non-Muslim. The government should not waste the achievement of its Leader.

“Religious hatred is on the rise in Pakistan. Accountability is a must,” stated Dr Ahmad Ali Siraj of the International Khatme Nabuwwat Movement, in Express Forum.

Lahore (Express Forum – Report)

At this occasion Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki said, “The Muslim Ummah need not despair in the face of the current situation. The infidels have nothing in common; but they do unite against Islam and Muslims. At present, these infidels have declared war against Islam under the cover of a war on terror. … Imperialism is in its death throes; the United States is soon going to break up in more chunks than the Soviet Union. … Saudi Arabia wishes to free itself from its bondage of the US and EU. It has pacts not only with India but with China as well. The people of Pakistan need not worry over (Saudis’) new links with India. These pacts will cause no weakening of brotherly love between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. … To declare the Qadianis a non-Muslim minority was an immense achievement of Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto Shaheed. Had he not done that, Muslims had no choice but to offer sacrifices. Now the government of the Peoples Party should not waste away the sacrifice offered by its leader, Shaheed Bhuto; as such the government should stop Qadianis from anti-Islam activities.” Dr Ahmad Ali Siraj said, “The World of Infidelity stands united against Millat-e-Islamia, and a web of conspiracies is being woven around Muslims to promote disunity … . ”


Lahore: Dr Ahmad Ali Siraj speaking in the Express Forum; Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki is also present.

Lahore: Dr Ahmad Ali Siraj speaking in the Express Forum; Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki is also present.

The views and self-contradiction of these mullas is monstrous. Their public statements and TV appearances promote nothing but hatred and animosity. It is about time someone took notice and inquired into their mission and financial sources – and whether they really represent Saudi and Kuwait interests. Conventional wisdom would suggest that a state which permits internal aggression against a small community, is bound to experience further aggression against other communities regardless of their size, resulting in some sort of implosion.


Another self-styled Saudi ‘plenipotentiary’

We reported previously two mullas who pose as ambassadors-at-large of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, while on their visit to Pakistan. Mulla Ilyas Chinioti, not to be left behind and to further encash his Saudi contacts, approached the Pakistani vernacular press recently and hinted equivocally on his sham status in that country. The daily Nawa-i-Waqt reported his trash as below in its issue of April 27, 2010:

Qadianis will not be permitted to enter Saudi Arabia through the back door

Travel agent who facilitated such entry will lose his license.         Maulana Ilyas Chinioti

Sargodha (Representatives)… Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Chinioti who is on a Tabligh visit to Saudi Arabia telephoned Qari Ahmad Ali Nadeem, the senior vice president of International Khatme Nabuwwat Punjab, and conveyed that Qadianis are non-Muslims; their entry in Saudi Arabia is forbidden; they are not allowed to enter the hometown of Huzur (The Holy Prophet), so any travel agent who tries to send them here will have his license cancelled by me. …

The Saudi government already faces many problems concerning its religious position and policies; it will do well to keep its distance from clerics of dubious reputation like Ilyas Chinioti. Its friends should point out this to the concerned authorities in the kingdom.


Counter-Qadianiat course and a comment

Chiniot; July 21, 2010: The daily Aman, Faisalabad reported the following:

Counter-Qadianism course commences in Chiniot at Adarah Da‘wat-o-Irshad

The course will last 15-days; Maulana Ibrahim and Ilyas Chinioti will deliver special lectures.

This course was started by Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti in his youth; it has been held regularly ever since.

“The students will become missionaries for Khatme Nabuwwat”, said Mohammad Sana Ulla, Nazim Propaganda Adarah Da‘wat-o-Irshad. He was speaking the other day to the media. He further said, “… Special lectures will be delivered by Maulana Muhammad Ibrahim of Mandi Bahauddin, a great polemicist, Maulana Ilyas Chinioti MPA, polemicist for Islam, Maulana Mushtaq Ahmad, and Maulana Mehr Muhammad of Mianwali. A large number of students are participating from madrassahs all over the country. …”

The course had earlier been advertised as a Counter-Qadianiat and Counter-Christianity course. Recently the police undertook a major operation at the Chiniot railway station and arrested some of the ‘students’ who had arrived from Sindh posing as participants. Obviously the authorities would not have moved unless they had reliable information that these ‘students’ had come with other motives in mind.


Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat – a religious body?

For years the Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat has put on a façade that it is a religious organization that concerns itself with the creed of End of Prophethood only, as such it is entitled to all the privileges under the law of Freedom of Faith.

The reality, in fact, is quite different. This organization is sectarian to the core and is a cover for extremist mullas who have a political agenda, both national and international. The leadership promotes and encourages violence in the name of religion.

For instance, in September 2010, these people targeted two Ahmadis, and urged their followers to murder them. Rana Nasim Ahmad, a manager of a courier company in Faisalabad, on September 22, 2010 found a poster on his car parked outside his office. The wording and threat conveyed in the poster is worthy of serious notice, its Urdu original is placed here with its English translation below.

O Muslim slaves of the King of Madina, the Seal of Prophets, the Intercessor for the sinners, Prophet Mohammad, the Arab, peace be upon him; Brothers


The cobra of the false prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani is advancing to devour the faith of our young generation. What kind of Muslim is he who sits idle, with his lips closed and eyes shut over these shocking, most disturbing heretic set of beliefs?

How come your sense of religious honour has gone numb?

Who will bridle the tongue of Qadianism?

O Muslim brothers, there are some people among us who are misleading us and they ought to be taken note of. Their penalty is death. It is indeed Jihad to kill them in the open.

Rana Nasim Ahmad (Qadiani Kafir) – Zonal Manager OCS (pvt) LTD Faisalabad

Majid Mubarak (Qadiani Kafir) – Manager OCS (pvt) LTD Lahore

Guarding the End of Prophethood, and Mohammad’s intercession (PBUH)

If you need the intercession of Muhammad, the Arab, PBUH, on the Day of Reckoning, and if you wish to stand under his (PBUH) banner, you will have to work for Guarding the End of Prophethood. You will have to confront the Qadiani gang; are you ready for that? (A statement of the Wise of the Era, Martyr of Islam, Hadrat Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianwi)

For references and photocopies visit:


The Publicity Division of the Alami Majlis Khatme Nabuwwat


The high political figures and police and administration officials regularly participate in the meetings and conferences of this sectarian group. They facilitate the activities of those who approve and promote intense communal hatred and sanction violence. It is reasonable to assume that the leadership of this organization is in close contact with the terrorist wings of other Islamist Jihadi groups who, for instance, killed 86 Ahmadis in Lahore on May 28 this year. The authorities need to revise their attitude towards these people and treat them the way they deserve.


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