The Mullah- 2016

The Mulla


Ahmadi missionary booked

Kotli, Azad Kashmir; January 2016:             One, Muhammad Amin telephoned Mr. Zeeshan Hameed the local Ahmadi missionary, shouted at him and insulted him. Amin acquired the support of Pir Ateequr Rahman, an anti-Ahmadi influential cleric, and got an FIR registered with the police against Mr. Hameed.

Amin stated in the FIR that Mr. Hameed called his nephew Zahid Iqbal and persuaded him to re-join Ahmadiyyat. Mr. Hameed asked Iqbal to narrate the translation of the Quranic verses no. 17 and 18 of Surah Maida. Mr. Iqbal showed his ignorance and said that he would consult his uncle Amin.

At this Amin telephoned Mr. Hameed and used foul language. He got the FIR registered. Mr. Hameed had to move elsewhere to avoid police action and arrest over a non-issue.

Sharjeel Mir of Rawalpindi – again on the prowl

Rawalpindi; October 23, 2016:          Sharjeel Mir is the local miscreant who prevailed upon the Rawalpindi administration and police to stop the worship of Ahmadis in their centre Evan-e-Tauhid. Not content with that mischief, he now strives for more restrictions on Ahmadis’ freedom of religion.

Ahmadis held a seminar in Evan-i-Tauhid on October 23, 2016 at 10.a.m. Approximately 300 participated. Mir arrived at the scene and had a word with the policemen and the ASI on duty.

The Ahmadi president told the police ASI that the administration had placed no restriction on Ahmadis except on their Friday worship in this centre.

Later the police SHO came to the venue and conveyed that he had received a complaint from Mir over the Ahmadiyya ‘unlawful’ assembly in the Evan-i-Tauhid. He was informed by Ahmadi elders that there were no restrictions on them for such purpose. The SHO stated that he was fresh in his appointment there.

The seminar continued, and at the end the participants departed quietly ensuring that no one was inconvenienced or disturbed.

A mulla on state pay-role indulges in open anti-Ahmadiyya slander

Faisalabad:  The daily Dunya published the following report in its issue of December 10, 2016 (extract):

Dr Abdus Salam was an enemy of Pakistan and Islam: Zahid Qasmi

Faisalabad (city reporter): Sahibzadah Zahid Mahmud Qasmi, the Central Secretary General of Pakistan Ulama Council and member of the Islamic Ideology Council, while addressing a Friday gathering in the central Jame Mosque Gol, stated that Dr Abdul Salam spent his entire life in enmity to Pakistan and Islam… . Mr. Nawaz Sharif the Prime Minister has approved naming the National Center of the Quaid-i-Azam University after Dr Abdus Salam; this is not correct per law nor is it Sharia-wise. The government should revise its decision….

It is very relevant to mention that in his capacity as Member of CII Zahid Qasmi is paid from public funds; also the Pakistan Ulama Council enjoys official support in many ways. In the above-mentioned statement he has directly opposed the evaluation of the Prime Minister on the role and position of Dr. Salam on the issue of his services to Pakistan. As Qasimi has openly indulged in lying and slander, he is not fit to hold the above-mentioned high positions. He should resign; otherwise he should be fired by competent authority for bringing discredit to the two Councils.

A training course in support of a sectarian cause

Chiniot, May 9, 2016:             The jihadist daily Islam published an ad in its issue of May 9, 2016. It advertised a 15-day training course, May 14 to 26 for volunteer students on the issues of 1. Safeguarding end of prophethood, 2. Prophet Isa remains alive 3. Other topics. It was organized by Idara Markazia Da‘wat o Irshad, Chiniot, a madrassa established by Maulana Manzur Ahmad Chinioti.

There can be no objection to the above if undertaken as a harmless religious academic activity, but the devil lies in detail.

The End of Prophethood organizations in Pakistan have continued to promote extremism and sectarianism – even violence. Those who attacked the two Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore in 2010 and killed 86 Ahmadi worshippers on that day shouted slogans in support of End of Prophethood during the massacre. Recently Mr. Tanveer Ahmad of Bradford (England) travelled hundreds of kilometers to Glasgow (Scotland) and stabbed Mr. Asad ul Islam Shah, Ahmadi to death, admittedly did so for “The cursed Asad Qadiani was a false claimant to prophecy and a blasphemer; his murder was perfectly licit and rewarding”. In subsequent inquiry and search the London police recovered a large quantity of End of Prophethood anti-Ahmadi pamphlets from the Stockwell Green mosque.

While the ad for the course is carefully worded, it betrays the extremist and violent thinking behind this venture; for instance according to the ad the course aims to:

  • Promote the mission of the First Khalifa, Syedna Siddique Akbar. According to the belief of ilk of these mullas, the First Khalifa mounted numerous bloody campaigns against claimants of prophecy. In fact those insurgents had rebelled against the nascent Islamic state, taken up arms against it and initiated armed revolt.
  • Protect the foundational tenet of Islam: the End of Prophethood. The students are not told that Ahmadis also believe in the truth and importance of End of Prophethood; it is only the interpretation that is somewhat different. (The sponsors of this course also believe in the re-advent of Prophet Isa in latter days.)
  • To ensure the security and integrity of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Mullas claim this despite the fact that top Pakistani leadership have firmly and finally come to the conclusion that extremism and sectarianism pose serious threat to Pakistan’s security.

Mulla M. Ilyas Chinioti MPA (PML-N) and other professionals (Mahereen fun) will take the classes, according to the ad.

It is also mentioned in the ad, in fine print, that a one-year specialist course in rebuttal of Ahmadiyyat (Radde Qadianiyat) is also held. In addition to boarding, a stipend of Rs. 2000/- per month is also paid.

One may ask: Where do the funds come from?

This course is being held regularly for years. The authorities know that the students are indoctrinated in other ways than mere academics.

End of Prophethood is one of the few issues through which the mullas claim space to promote their violent, blood-letting, powers-seeking agenda. The authorities continue to concede.

 An extensive specialist course on a sectarian theme

Chiniot:           Idara Markazia Dawat-o-Irshad Chiniot, a madrassah run by mulla Ilyas Chinioti, a PML-N MPA advertised in the ultra-right-wing daily Islam a one-year long specialist course on Safeguarding the dogma of End of Prophethood, in its issue of July 18, 2016. The ad’s salient entries and features are translated below:

  • Admission to One-year Specialist Course in Tahaffuz Aquida Khatme Nabuwwat
  • Commencing on July 15, 2016
  • For scholars and women scholars

A few other special features:

  • Special attention to the art of rhetoric and debate
  • Under supervision of respected teachers competent in the intricacies of Qadianiat
  • On-the-job training on Internet (Khatme Nabuwwat issue)
  • DCA diploma in computer applications under supervision of IT Incharge
  • 2000/- p.m. stipend to participants
  • Avail of this great opportunity as only Idara Markazia Dawat-o-Irshad provides such specialist 1-year course in Pakistan.

Phone numbers and E-mail address are provided in the ad.

It is worth noting that it is often the mullas of the End of Prophethood faction who openly insist at public meetings that Ahmadis are Wajib ul Qatl (must be put to death). They are blatantly sectarian and preach violence. There is evidence that, in the past, youth were recruited for violent action, in similar Khatme Nabuwwat courses held in Chenab Nagar/Chiniot. How come this sort of activity is openly undertaken in the face of declared policy of the National Action Plan? Also relevant is the question: What is the source of funds required to run such a course?

Duplicitous modus operandi of the mulla under the cover of the End of Prophethood

August 2016:  Since long, mullas of the Khatme Nabuwwat (KN), End of Prophethood factions have craftily taken the line with the authorities that they are a group (or groups) who uphold a most noble and important dogma in Islam and have nothing to do with politics, sectarianism, extremism or terrorism. Under this fake presumption they demand and are granted all the space they need to indulge in all sorts of most objectionable activities against Ahmadis (who also believe in the End of Prophethood, with a slightly different explanation).

In the last few years, situation has changed radically in Pakistan, in that some groups are waging ‘jihad’ against the Pakistani state, in the name of religion. Two years ago, after the APS attack in Peshawar, almost all the political parties, present in the parliament agreed on a National Action Plan to fight and neutralize the extremist elements who indulge in terrorism and violence and those who provide support and facilitate them. As a result, the security establishment initiated Operation Zarb e Azb and other similar actions to effectively, although inconclusively, curb the violence perpetrated by the armed groups, but other pillars of the state remained shy in catching the bull by the horn and refrained from directly confronting and neutralizing religious groups who acted as nurseries of the terrorist jungle. So such, Khatme Nabuwwat organizations have remained free to preach hate, discard, violence – all in clear violence of the anti-sectarian and anti-extremism intent of the NAP. We mention below a few samples of what went on during only this month of August 2016.

Although KN organizations claim to be apolitical, they have deep and strong links with many political parties, and they promote their agenda and politics, both national and international in league with those parties. Most recently, they have joined a new group Ittehad Millat Islamia comprised of 7 parties, in Baluchistan. The group will include JUI (F), JI, JUI (S), JUP, Majlis Wahdat ul Muslimeen, Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith and Tehrik Khatme Nabuwwat (The daily Insaf, August 1, 2016). Obviously the last named is as much of a political party as all its other colleagues. Whither the claim of being apolitical!

The daily Ausaf of August 15, 2016 published a story under the following three-column headline, of proceedings of a rally by Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat (AMTKN):

We shall spare no sacrifice in support of the dogma of End of Prophethood and the dear country: Ulama Karam

The rally was reportedly held in the name of Safeguarding the End of Prophethood, and the Solidarity of Pakistan (Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat wa Istehkam e Pakistan). Note the camouflage. All the speeches were rabidly anti-Ahmadiyya.

All the speakers were members of the Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat.

One item quoted in the Ausaf report read: “…Unfortunately Sir Zafrulla Qadiani was appointed as the first Foreign Minister of the country; he refused to join the funeral prayers of the Founder of Pakistan. One who is a traitor to the Founder of Pakistan, how can he be loyal to Pakistan?” The mulla, Qari Shakir, of course did not tell his audience that Sir Zafrulla was duly present at the funeral procession of the Quaid e Azam, and the reason he did not join the prayer part is that it was led and conducted by Mulla Shabbir Usmani according to whom Zafrulla was a Kafir and deserved to be put to death for apostasy.

Right under this report, apparently as a part of it, the daily published a picture of a rally by Jamaat ud Dawa (JD) and its 8 speakers who spoke in Masjid Shuhada, Mall Road, Lahore. Mullas who spoke at the rally were Amir Hamza, Ibtisam Ilahi Zaheer etc. who are regular speakers in End of Prophethood rallies. JD is a well-known extremist organization. Its status as a banned organization is different with the UN, the US and Pakistan.

Maulana Ilyas Chinioti, an MPA from the ruling PML-N and a leader of the International Khatme Nabuwwat Movement made the following remarks in anti-Ahmadiyya rallies and speeches:

Qadianis are a joint enemy of Muslim Ummah; we shall have to be ever vigilant in crushing its head.

The daily Ausaf; Lahore, August 8, 2016

Qadianis’ illegal places of worship should be sealed: Ilyas Chinioti.

The daily Express; August 18, 2016

In another Khatme Nabuwwat conference following was stated:

Qadianis are more dangerous than Jews and Hindus: KN conference

The daily Ausaf; August 10, 2016

If the above is not ‘hate speech’, what else is? These mullas propagate, and the vernacular media like Ausaf publish that Qadiani, Jews and Hindus, all citizens of Pakistan, are dangerous.

According to the daily Ausaf of August 14, 2016, Maulana Qari Shabbir Ahmad Usmani, Central Deputy Amir of the International Khatme Nabuwwat Movement (IKNM) addressed a press conference in Chenab Nagar. The daily reported the event in the following three-column headline:

The Quetta tragedy is condemnable; we’ll have to rid of American bondage to save us from terrorism: Qari Shabbir/Qari Suleman

IKNM claims to be apolitical but it obviously uses the KN platform to indulge in national and international politics. It conveys to the Pakistani people that terrorism in Pakistan is as a result of bondage with the US (and not a result of religious extremism and corruption).

Mulla Abdul Hafeez Makki is a Saudi Arabia-based cleric of Pakistani origin and is the Amir of the IKNM. He spends a lot of time in Pakistan and promotes anti-Ahmadiyya vigilante activities. He carries a heavy purse. Recently he was quoted in the vernacular press, as:

Jihad is fundamental to Islam; if Maulana Sheerani calls it disorder (fasaad) that is his personal opinion: Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki

The daily Albiyan; August 10, 2016

If propagating and recruiting men for violence and bloodshed is now forbidden as a state policy, someone should take note of what this mulla from Makka is saying to the people and the press.

The daily Insaf published an op-ed on August 4, 2016 and titled it: Qadianis are enemies of Pakistan. Its content is highly provocative.

There is a story elsewhere in this report on this op-ed with some comment, so we do not repeat it here, but we do point out: Under what policy or ethics, a community is subjected to such intense hateful propaganda in the Punjab? Are Ahmadis an exception to the policy stated in NAP?


The daily Ummat, Karachi of August 10, 2016 published a report of a KN conference under AMTKN in Ravi Road, Lahore, the capital of the Punjab. It was stated here as well, inter alia: “Qadianis are more dangerous to Islam, Muslims and Pakistan than even Jews and Hindus”. The speakers included Mufti Naeemuddin, Maulana Zahid-ur-Rashdi, Qari Jamil-ur-Rehman Akhtar, Pir Rizwan Raees, Maulana Aziz ur Rehman Sani etc.

It is ironic and interesting that mulla Zahid-ur-Rashdi who indulges in such sectarian activities and is on record for being involved in promoting inter-religious and sectarian strife was awarded last year the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz (Medal of Distinction).


In the light of the above is it not meaningless and dishonest to claim and accept that these activities of KN are not hateful and disruptive. But surprisingly this continues to be suggested and even accepted by the state at institutional level. For example, the following headline:

“The dogma of End of Prophethood and literature in rebuttal of Qadianiat (Radde Qadianiat) in no way falls in the category of hateful material: Mutahiddah Ulama Board, Punjab

“The police and law-enforcement authorities are not authorized to take action against the publishers, holders and distributors of such literature: Maulana Hafiz Fazal Rahim” (the President of this Ulama Board)

                                             The daily Ausaf; February 14, 2015

It is relevant to mention that this Ulama Board was established by the Punjab Government and enjoys powers well beyond what is lawful and appropriate.

According to a report in the daily Pakistan of July 18, 2016, mulla Allah Wasaya, Missionary End of Prophethood, recently wrote a book “Ek hafta, Sheikh ul Hind kay des mein; (A week in the land of Sheikh of India). The author dedicated the book to the well-known cleric Fazlur Rahman, the head of JUI (F), a religio-political party. According to the reviewer: “Although the book is titled, A Week in the Land of Sheikh of India, it is overwhelmingly anti-Qadiani.” The author, somehow or the other, continues to expose these robbers of prophethood. While discussing Qadianism, his pen is like a dagger or a sword (Saif e Chishtiai) – on this issue, no compromise, no relief.” Well, no complaint against Mulla Wasaya, but the fact that he dedicated the  book to Fazlur Rahman is interesting and suggestive.

Last but not least, whenever a major rally or conference is held by the End of Prophethood organization, a senior leader of Jamaat Islami is regularly invited and he participates in the proceedings including an address to the crowd. The role of JI and its founder Maududi is on record and is well-known in the context of violence in the name of religion and the concept of importance of use of force to establish a Hakumat Ilahya (the Islamic state).

Clerics of the KN have adopted the policy of paying lip service to the role of the army and the implementation of the NAP; however they move fast forward to continue with the extremist theme that is their raison d’etre and main substance.

The above is not a comprehensive review of the functioning of KN groups. It is limited in time to the most recent ground situation, however even this should leave no doubt with the authorities who are sincere about ridding the country of the evil of terrorism and extremism to hold these groups operating in the name of Khatme Nabuwwat accountable for their harmful pursuits and activities prejudicial to the security and well-being of Pakistani state and society.

Hate propagation – A l’extrême

Lahore:          The daily ‘Ausaf’ published an anti-Ahmadiyya article by a mulla Mushtaq Ahmad Qureshi in its issue of February 17, 2016. The article crosses all boundaries of decency and journalistic ethics.

The on-going National Action Plan aims at eliminating sectarianism and extremism from the Pakistani society. In this, it forbids dissemination of hate and slander through media and rallies etc. However, it appears that Ahmadis are an exception as targets.

In this article mulla Mushtaq Qureshi refers to a ‘video clip’ message doing the rounds on social media, prepared by an Ahrari mulla Matin Khalid who is known for his anti-Ahmadi foul language and insults. Even for his group Majlis Ahrar Islam, the prestigious high-level judicial committee, that inquired in depth in 1953 anti-Ahmadi riots in the Punjab placed on record: “The conduct of the Ahrar calls for strongest comment and is especially reprehensible. We can use no milder word for the reason that they debased a religious issue by pressing it into service for a temporal purpose and exploited religious susceptibilities and sentiments of the people for their personal ends.”

This video prepared by Matin Khalid is titled: “Qadiani Caliph Mirza Bashir ud Din Mahmood – an evil-doer (Qadiani Khalifa Mirza Bashir ud Din Mahmood – ek badkar shakhsiyat).” Qureshi himself describes the video as: “It is such a devastating clip that I tremble when I write this.” Here we mention only the outline and leave out the fabricated sordid details that were published in the daily.

The audio commentary by Matin Khalid of this clip has been reproduced by Qureshi verbatim in this op-ed, according to the latter. In this he refers to one Muhammad Hussain who is mentioned as an eye witness to ‘incest committed by the caliph’. Hussain is stated to have immediately lost all his body hair due to the shock suffered over this repugnant incident. Matin Khalid attributes having heard this from Dr. Asrar Ahmad. Dr. Asrar Ahmad and Muhammad Hussain are now both dead. All these individuals hold or held in great esteem clerics like Maulvi Rashid Gangohi who issued the edict: “To tell a lie for revival of Truth is permissible. One should desist from that as far as possible; however if unavoidable, one may tell a pure lie. Otherwise one should avoid. Signed: Rashid Ahmad”.  Fatawa Rashidia

Qureshi quotes Matin Khalid:  “Why have not Qadianis gone to court yet (over this accusation)?” These liars know that going to the court will provide them a greater opportunity to heap still more insults and garbage on the beleaguered community – by quoting witnesses, dead since long.

In the renowned 1953 Enquiry Report, the worthy judges referred to one of such numerous outbursts and observed: “If these words had been uttered in the presence of a member of the Ahmadiyya Community, we should not at all have been surprised if the result had been a broken skull.”

Sixty years later, the children of that generation continue with the same evil practices despite having suffered shattering consequences of tolerating and promoting the mulla. Against the Ahmadiyya community, marginalized more than ever before, the mulla, the bigoted vernacular press, the selfish politician, all take no notice of the ultimate form of hate propaganda and slanderous abuse. Although various clauses of the penal code, PPCs, 295-A, 298-A and 153-A amply and obviously apply, no high official feels motivated to invoke the National Action Plan formulated after the massacre of 134 school children in Peshawar.

Some people never learn their lesson and invite the wrath of destiny.

 Anti-Ahmadi conference in the neighbouring city of Rabwah

Chiniot; February 26, 2016:             An anti-Ahmadiyya conference under the title of “Fateh Mubahila conference” was held in Chiniot. Chiniot is situated only ten kilometers east of the Ahmadiyya headquarters town, Rabwah. The conference started at 08:45 p.m. and ended at 02:45 a.m. Approximately 900 men participated in it. It was presided over by Maulvi Muhaiyuddin Makki (of Makka) an anti-Ahmadiyya mulla based in Saudi Arabia.

As usual, anti-Ahmadiyya rhetoric was prolific, and foul language was used extensively against the leaders of the Ahmadiyya community. Maulvi Faizur Rahman Razvi of Chakwal said, “The land of Chiniot is honoured that a warrior of Khatme Nabuwwat, Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti was born here, who hoisted the flags of Khatme Nabuwwat in the entire world. He did not rest until got them (Qadianis) declared a (non-Muslim) minority.” Maulvi Shabbir Ahmad Usmani of Rabwah said, “Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti was the conqueror of Rabwah. He was an iron-man. He initiated the ‘Rebuttal of Qadianiat’ course. Qadianis would have prevailed if he had not stood up against them. I invite Qadianis to convert to Islam.” Maulvi Muhammad Ilyas Farooqi of Sargodha said, “We will not let the foreign culture seep in through Qadiani conspiracies.” Maulvi Tahir Masood of Sargodha said, “O Qadianis! Your refusal of Mubahila (prayer duel) shows that you are liars. The mischief of Qadianis will be cut short soon.” Maulvi Abdul Wali from UK said, “I’ve brought a message of ulama from the UK; we are united at the platform of Khatme Nabuwwat.” [This reminds one of the recent murder of an Ahmadi for his faith, in Glasgow.]

Other mullas who spoke at the conference were Shahnawaz Farooqi of Gujranwala, Fazlur Rahman of Rahim Yar Khan and Mufti Muhammad Hussain of Raiwind.

Mulla Ilyas Chinioti led a rally after the Friday prayers in connection with Fateh Mubahila conference. It started from Chiniot and ended at Aziz Shareef valley on the bank of river Chenab.

A top cleric, government servant, calls for execution of Ahmadis

Lalian, District Chiniot; September 26, 2016:  Mufti Munib-ur-Rahman is the Chairman of Pakistan’s official ‘Ruet-e-Hilal Committee’. He is paid his salary from public funds. The daily Dunya of Faisalabad reported the following from Lalian, quoting this Mufti:

“According to the Constitution of Pakistan, Qadianis are deniers of Khatme Nabuwwat (End of Prophethood) and are hence outside the fold of Islam; since the penalty for violation (ghaddari) of the Constitution is death, this penalty should also be imposed on deniers of the End of Prophethood. He expressed this view in the annual Tajdar Khatme Nabuwwat Conference in Lalian. He told the youth to turn to madrassahs to escape from Qadiani maneuvers.

“….Twenty-seven ulama including Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani (ex-chair JUP) played key role (in 1974) to get the Qadianis declared Non-Muslims. Muslims should boycott Qadiani products….”

It may be added that Mufti Munib holds a position at the federal level, while the government has been accused of dragging its feet on the implementation of NAP in dealing with the top brass of sectarian and extremist elements like this Mufti. For instance:


  • NAP a gross failure; Quetta incident is Interior Minister’s failure: Khurshid Shah (of PPP)

The daily Khabrain; August 12, 2016

  • Laxity on NAP affecting Zarb-e-Azb: COAS                                   The News; August 13, 2016


Mufti Munib ur Rahman (Chairman Ruet Hilal Committee)


  • Hateful speeches totally unacceptable: Shahbaz Sharif (the Chief Minister of the Punjab)

The daily Mashriq; June 30, 2016

(Note:  Lalian is located in the central Punjab, and is 10 kilometers from Rabwah, Ahmadiyya headquarters.)

  • The presented facts show that there is contradiction in govt’s statements and actions. Justice JS Khwaja                                                                 The daily Mashriq; August 22, 2016

P.S:      Mufti Munib can be a part-realist at times. Sometimes back, while addressing a rally in Mirpur (AJK), he said, “We (the Muslims) are drowned in ignorance and misdirection (gumrahi); we’ll have to have pity on ourselves.” True, but he himself is unable to do that; it is unrealistic to expect the same of others.

Another outrage in Quetta

Quetta; October 21, 2016:      Fanatics of Khatme Nabuwwat organization are breaking new grounds in anti-Ahmadi activism. Mr Muhammad Akram had a very unpleasant visit from them.

Akram was seated in a restaurant when a few men who had come on an official vehicle approached him and told him that he had been sent for by Mir Nematullah Zehri, a local dignitary. They took him first to Zehri House, then to an office on the Arts School Road. There a few armed mullas were seated.

One of the mullas asked Akram what made him join the Ahmadi community. Having heard the answer, the mullas told him that by joining Ahmadiyya, one becomes an apostate, a kafir, and his marriage bond (Nikah) becomes void, etc. Thereafter the mullas harassed him greatly and told him to recant.

They took him to a mosque where a senior mulla Qari Abdullah Munir of Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat told him to sign an affidavit with text that condemned the founder of Ahmadiyyat. “At this occasion, armed gunmen were present who moved around as if they would kill me if I refused to sign on the dotted line,” told Mr Akram to his Ahmadi friends. “I did not sign voluntarily; I am an Ahmadi, by the grace of Allah,” says Akram.

The power imparted to the mulla in this ‘land of the pure’

Lahore; January 13, 2016:                The daily The Express Tribune published the following report that throws a flood of light on the state of ‘freedom of religion and faith’ in Pakistan for citizens in general. It should be on record.

 Interest in Ahmadiyya tenets makes citizen fear for life

Local maulvis threaten man with dire consequences

Rana Yasif

LAHORE: A citizen was compelled on Tuesday to move the district and sessions court after being cautioned against perusing Ahmadiyya literature.

Petitioner Bilal Munawar told the court that some individuals had threatened to kill him after learning that he was reading Ahmadiyya texts.  Munawar said he was a faithful, law abiding, enterprising and learned citizen. The petitioner said that he hailed from a moderate Muslim family. He said his elders had pledged allegiance to Jamaat-i-Ahmadiyya (JA) before converting to Islam in 1974.

Munawar said he had chanced upon some books belonging to his elders lying in his house’s store. He said he had come to acquire a great deal of knowledge about theology, freedom of speech, importance of prayer and its significance when offered alongside others by reading the books. Munawar said all the texts had been authored by one Mirza Bashirud Din Mahmood Ahmad (the second caliph of the JA).

He said his mother had counselled him to desist from reading any more Ahmadiyya literature. Munawar said she had told him to consign the books to flames saying that his parents had embraced Islam and the family had no links with the community. He told the court that he had come to discover that some of his elders, including his maternal grandfather and maternal uncle were noted orators and writers who had represented the community when it was in its formative stages. Munawar said scores of their books were still read the world over.

He said the great stature of his relatives had left an indelible mark on him and greatly stoked his interest in finding as much as he could about his elders and their accomplishments.

Munawar said this had left his mother perturbed who had reported his activities to Tahir, a local maulvi. He said Tahir had told on him to other “rabid” maulvis of the area. Munawar said Maulana Muhammad Naeem Qadri had then personally visited his house in a bid to prevent him from learning about JA founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, his teachings or Ahmadiyyat saying this would render him an infidel.

He said he had refused to accept Qadri’s counsel as it was devoid of reason. Munawar said he, as an independent citizen, had every right to learn, read, analyse and delve into comparative religion. Munawar said fanatical maulvis had turned against him on finding that he was taking great interest in Ahmadiyyat. He said they had made a habit of visiting his house time and again to coerce him. Munawar said he had also received threatening phone calls that had left him anxious and made him fear for his life.

He said he had then approached the relevant SHO and the CCPO’s office in vain to have an FIR registered against unidentified individuals. Munawar implored the court to direct police to provide him security, probe the matter and register an FIR against those who had threatened to kill him.

 An intensely sectarian hospital

Sargodha:       The daily Islam published the ad (reproduced below) of the Khatam an Nabiyeen (Seal of Prophets) Medical Heart Centre Sargodha.

We translate below some of the entries in the ad:

  • “Would you like that Muslim Ummah is saved from the clutches of social and welfare activities of the Qadiani evil (fitna)?(And) the lives and faith of thousands of poor and destitute patients are secure from the poison of Qadianiat?
  • (And), the Kalima remains at the tongue and the spark of faith in the heart of Muslims?

If yes; come forth and delay not becoming part of the End of Prophethood movement, and safeguard the End of Prophethood of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

Khatam an Nabiyeen Medical Heart Centre Sargodha

Avail it, and save your money as well as faith.

Sacrifice all sorts to prove factually your love for the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

 From: Muhammad Akram Toofani, Chairman Khatam an Nabiyeen Hot (sic) Centre Sargodha”

Note:  1. The managing mulla’s name Toofani literally means: “a hurricane; a great affliction …).

  1. One can perhaps safely claim that nowhere in the entire world such a sectarian and bigoted ad would be found to market a hospital.

Theft to implicate an Ahmadi missionary

Goi; District Kotli, AJK; September 2016:    The local missionary cleaned up his house and placed his books and community literature in the fenced veranda. Thereafter he went on vacations. Upon his return he found that approximately 70 books were stolen. This disturbed him greatly and he lodged an info report with the police station.

Some days later news was published in the daily ‘Kashmir Link’ on September 29, 2016, with headline, “Distribution of apostatical literature by Qadinais in Goi, Kotli”. Anti-Ahmadiyya statements of mullas were also published.

It is obvious that the theft was undertaken to steal the literature so as to subsequently accuse the missionary of proselytization, and then present the literature as evidence.