The Mulla

In Pakistan, mullas symbolize obscurantism, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, prejudice and uncontrolled violence against the weak. They use the Minbar (pulpit) to their great advantage to promote their personal agenda.

Mullas are no longer ignorant minions of the past: in Pakistan they now share political power that they wield with skill. In their relentless drive against Ahmadis, with the patronage of political lords in the capital cities, they have achieved success beyond their wildest expectations of the 1950s. In the process they have done great harm to the society they are supposed to serve. Pakistani society is not the type that Islam envisaged or promoted.

Although almost all that goes on against Ahmadis in Pakistan is entirely or partially attributable to the mulla, the contents of this chapter mention only those events in which the mulla is obviously and almost entirely the main instigator or participant.


Mullas exposed in press

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