The Mulla 2015

The Mulla


Mullas hassle the court
Kalar Abadi, Gujranwala; May 20, 2015:                On May 27, 2014, Ahmadis celebrated a religious day in their prayer center, and held a seminar. An ill-wisher reported the event to the police and persuaded them to register a criminal case under PPC 298-C, an anti-Ahmadi law. The police raided the center and arrested Mr. Mubashir Ahmad. Thereafter they registered a case on June 02, 2014 and named three Ahmadis, Mr. Mubashir Ahmad, Mr. Khalid Mahmood and Mr. Javed Ahmad in the FIR. They remained in prison for more than 4 months. Their case is however still active. On a hearing on May 20, 2015, the plaintiff brought approximately 25 mullas with him to the court. During the statements, when the mullas felt that the statements were going against them, they created much uproar. Meanwhile their lawyer told the mullas, “Catch them and kill them.” Many lawyers gathered there and they also supported the mullas. However the witnesses were whisked away discreetly. The judge was a woman; she took no action against the rowdies and remained uncaring. She gave May 27, 2015 as the next date of hearing.

Disturbing reports from Lahore
Khatme Nabuwwat (Training) Course: This course was advertised in the ultra-right wing daily Islam, scheduled for 24, 25, 26 December at Jame Masjid Begam Khan & Madrassah Rahmatulil Aalameen, 63-C Abu Bakr Siddique Colony, Band road, Lahore. One, Maulana Abdul Naeem of AMTKN sponsored it. It was announced that Maulanas Abdul Qayyum Niazi, Naeemuddin Mahmudul Hasan and Aziz ur Rahman Sani would be there.
Rally Khatme Nabuwwat: This rally was also advertised in the daily Islam on 20 December 2015, for 12 Rabiul Awwal at 1 p.m. in Gulshan Umar Colony, Green Town, Lahore. One, Pir Waliullah Shah Bokhari sponsored it representing World Pasban Khatme Nabuwwat and Provincial PML-N’s Ulama and Mashaikh Wing. The main promoter was named in the ad as Allama M. Mumtaz Awaan as the Quaid of World Pasban Khatme Nabuwwat and convener Tehrik Namus Risalat. This betrays the politico-religious interlink of this sectarian activity.
Shalimar Town, Lahore; November 14, 2015: Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat (AMTKN) organized a Khatme Nabuwwat Inam Ghar (prize camp) here. Maulvis Allah Wasaya and Aziz ur Rahman Sani participated in it. Prizes were distributed among the students of schools, colleges and madrassahs with reference to a sectarian Khatme Nabuwwat course. Approximately 200 participants were present in this program which lasted for three hours. Police were also present at the occasion. Such events were held in the past as well in Lahore. These result in greater intolerance among youth towards Ahmadis, as slander and hatred is an essential part of such courses.

Rehmanpura, Lahore: A non-Ahmadi friend of Mr. Arif Chughtai, an Ahmadi, told him that eight Ahle Hadith maulvis had visited Usmania High School (a state school in Samanabad) and asked the children to give them phone numbers of their Ahmadi acquaintances. “We intend to kill them, as directed by the chief minister,” they explained.
Ahmadis in Samanabad had to upgrade their security measures.

A conference and rally by the infamous Ahrar in Rabwah, the Ahmadiyya centre
Rabwah; December 24, 2015: Majlis Ahrar Islam took out a big rally in Rabwah at the occasion of the birthday of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and also held a Khatme Nabuwwat conference. This was no occasion to hold such a conference; numerous such conferences had been held here earlier this year including those in the preceding months of October and September. These Ahrar activities, as foreseen proved to be highly provocative and disturbing to the local population that is 95% Ahmadi.
Ahrar have come back to life in the recent past after a long interval of hibernation after their culpable role in the 1953 anti-Ahmadi riots in the Punjab. A high-level judicial inquiry gave the verdict at that occasion: “The conduct of the Ahrar calls for the strongest comment and is especially reprehensible. We can use no milder words for the reason that they debased a religious issue by pressing it into service for a temporal purpose and exploited religious susceptibilities and sentiments of the people for their personal ends.” p.259 of the Munir Inquiry report
Ahmadiyya central office wrote a letter well in advance to all the concerned authorities to not permit this rally. Ahrar do not take out a procession at this occasion anywhere else in Pakistan, authorities were told. Ahrar were still granted their request by the official quarters, although they had to employ a large contingent of police to ensure peace and order.
A publicity campaign was undertaken in the vernacular press to promote this conference: “Khatme Nabuwwat Conference will expose the Qadianis. They will be invited again to Islam at a rally on conclusion of the conference,” said Abdul Latif Khalid Cheema, the Nazim Ala (The daily Dunya, December 20, 2015).
Mulla Kafil Bukhari, the Deputy Amir of Ahrar wrote an article in the ultra right-wing daily Islam for this occasion on December 24, 2015. It was abusive and concoctive; “At the end of last century (sic) the Christian British rulers, in order to create disunity and disorder in the Ummah, selected a cursed fellow (Maloon), Mirza Qadiani, to accomplish their designs,” he wrote.
The crowd in the rally numbered 2500-3000 men. The conference was held prior to taking out the procession. The procession stopped in front of the Aiwan Mahmud in the city center where various mullas again addressed the participants and used foul language against Ahmadis and their elders. At this occasion the clerics harangued the crowd preaching extremism, for instance:
 Qadianis are apostates and destined for hell: Hamza
 Qadianis should mend their ways (Insan ban jain) otherwise we shall undertake a campaign that will wipe them off from the face of the earth: Hamza
 Boycott all Qadiani products and have no dealings with them: Syed Bukhari
 Qadianis are agents of the U.S; the UK; Germany and Israel; the entire funding of Qadianis is undertaken by Jews: Mulla Mujahid ul Hussaini

The public relations department of the Ahrar issued press release etc. which were given ample space by the Urdu press. Following extracts are reproduced from what was reported by the daily Khabrain and Islam on December 25, 2015:

Apart from the Ahrar leaders those who attended included Freed A Piracha (JI), JUI’s Abdul Khaliq Hazarivi, Mufti Muhammad of Jamia Imdadia, leaders of AMTKN and IKNM etc.

• Demands of Tehrik Khatme Nabuwwat were displayed on decorative banners hung in various locations in Chenab Nagar (Rabwah) and Chiniot.
• Participants arrived in convoys; they were wearing ‘red shirts’ and white shalwar (trowsers). The ‘Red Shirts’ took out an unprecedented rally (faqid ul misal).
• When Qadianis were invited to Islam, signs of helplessness and desolation were visible on their faces.
• A book-stall was set up outside the venue of the conference; religious books, especially those on End of Prophethood were made available there.

 Sympathy for the (plight of) Qadianis is poison for Pakistan.
 Liberal, secular and Qadiani lobbies that are subservient to the international Satan and the regional enemies should be strictly monitored.
 The Saudi Pact is supported by the U.S. It raises a number of questions.
 Dr Farid Piracha (of JI) said that Pakistan was based on Islam; there is no room for secularism here. Etc.

 Pakistan’s participation in Saudi-led group is not acceptable.
 The government of Pakistan should neutralize American and European efforts to tighten the noose around Pakistan, in the name of ISIS.
 We condemn American demand to close down Deobandi madrassas.
 End of Prophethood should be made part of school syllabus.
 Qadianis posted in foreign missions should be thrown out.
 Shariah penalty for apostasy (death!) should be imposed.
 The blasphemy laws have effectively become non-operative; as such blasphemers are free to blaspheme; no blasphemer has met his legal end.
 Islam and End of Prophethood clauses of the constitution and law are under attack; the authorities should courageously and effectively defend these.

It was learnt that the police arrested the convener of another rally who had organized that one without permission. He was released thereafter.
It was mentioned in the press that Sheikh Abdul Wahid in UK and Syed Munir Ahmad Bukhari are supervising the activities of Ahrar Khatme Nabuwwat missions in those countries.

A terrorizing pamphlet
Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat Peshawar has issued a pamphlet in print and on social media. It names Ahmadi doctors of Peshawar and calls their murder ‘Jihad’. Extracts from the pamphlet are translated below:
“This infidel cobra of the false prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani continues to swallow the faith of the new generation. How can a Muslim remain calm by shutting his eyes and sealing his lips from these soul-tormenting heretic creeds and crimes?
“Who will rein in the out-of-control tongue of Qadianiyat?
“O Muslim brethren! Today there are some people in our ranks whose identification is necessary as they are misguiding you. They are trying to destroy your faith through fake healing. In reality, their punishment is death. It is Jihad to shoot such people in the open.
“They (the listed doctors) and their Qadiani infidel ilk are actively preaching their despicable heretic creeds under the cover of virtuous profession of medical treatment. They are corrupting the faith of our new generation – day and night. O Muslim brethren! Wake up to your obligations.
“Try your level best to come under the savior flag of the Prophet (PBUH) by completely boycotting them and their products.”
The pamphlet also states that “The Qadiani Shezan and the Bazeed Khaily doctor are in the forefront in supporting the Qadiani mischief financially. Every Muslim who drinks, buys or sells Shezan or gets treatment from the Bazeed Khaily doctor is rebelling against Islam and the Prophet (PBUH) of Islam.”
The pamphlet further warns: “Consider O Muslim! If death came to you while drinking Shezan or availing treatment from the Bazeed Khaily doctor, then what will be the consequences? How will you ask for salvation from Allah’s Prophet (PBUH)?”
The pamphlet provides the addresses of the named Ahmadi doctors and some Ahmadiyya businesses. At the end, the pamphlet gives the following details of the issuing organization:
Library Aalami Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat Aasia Gate Peshawar, 0315-59206165
News and Publication Department Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat Peshawar
International Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat Masjid Qasim Ali Khan Peshawar, 0333-9347034

This pamphlet raises the question of the level of commitment of the state and the KPK province to anti-terrorism measures as laid down in the National Action Plan.

Is the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) trying to incite genocide of Ahmadis?
Islamabad: Maulvi Sheerani, the CII Chief announced to the press in October 2015 that he intended to discuss the following three important issues in the Council meeting:
1. Deciding whether Ahmadis are non-Muslims or murtads (apostates)
2. Imposing Jizya (Islamic tax) on non-Muslim citizens
3. Determining which sects fall under Islam
The issue was important – very important, so some other shrewd and perceptive individuals and media outlets took notice. The daily The Nation was one among them. It published on October 31, 2015 an op-ed with the above title, written by Umar Ali. We reproduce below extracts:
…Ahmadis have faced persecution and oppression of the worst magnitude. And with statements like these, what is Maulana trying to imply? Everyone knows the punishment of an apostate is death in Islam (sic). Does he want all Ahmadis hanged? Although the position of Council is just a ceremonial one and has nothing to do with the law, even passing such remarks can provoke the religious zealots to kill people. Is Maulana Sheerani trying to incite genocide of Ahmadis?
Now that the NAP has been implemented to some extent, hate speech by sectarian organizations has stopped. Before the National Action Plan, sectarian organizations would roam around freely-apostatizing and killing the opposite sects and their followers. These organizations, often patronized by state for proxy wars, were given a free hand until now.
Under these circumstances, CII Chairman wants to debate which sects fall under the umbrella of Islam. Any sane person with a bit of concern about the country’s prevailing situation would know how vile the statement sounds.
Lastly, he desires to impose jizya on non-Muslims. They are already considered third-rate citizens here. With such despicable demands, Maulana Sheerani doesn’t help but makes things worse for them.
Pakistan is a democratic state and a democratic state treats all its citizens equally, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or ethnicity. Pakistan has been wrecked by religious intolerance, jihadism and religious terrorism. Instead of finding a way forward, Council of Islamic Ideology wants to impose medieval laws that have nothing to do with modern statecraft.
The recent statements by Chairman CII are deplorable and must be condemned by all. Maulana Sheerani also needs to realize if he wants to stay relevant, he needs to stop passing such controversial remarks on a regular basis.
We would like to add that mulla Sheerani’s mischief is far beyond the purport mentioned in the title. He is a Deobandi. By discussing and seeking a verdict on the third item of his agenda, his first targets could be Shia, who form approximately 18 percent of Pakistan’s population. If declared ‘outside Islam’ the next, question of this cleric would be ‘Whether Shias are non-Muslims or murtads?’ Imagine the consequences. Thereafter, he will take up the issue of Barelvis who in the opinion of most Deobandi mullas are Mushrik, worse than a common non-Muslim. They form 50% of Pakistan’s population, approximately three times the Deobandis. Opening the Pandora’s Box about their identity as Muslim would be catastrophic.
Mulla Sheerani is a member and nominee of the JUI (F). One of his party superiors reportedly said some years ago, “We are not guilty of the sin of creating Pakistan.” Sheerani, unwittingly or deliberately has played his role in suggesting a method to complete the unfinished agenda of his party.
Sure enough, despite advice and warnings from some politicians, media and academia, Sheerani raised the issue in CII meeting on Deccember 29, 2015. The agenda was a hot potato for many of the participants. So, hot words were exchanged and mullas Sheeranai and Tahir Ashrafi came to blows. This scene in the highest religious forum at the national level was indeed disgraceful. Later, TV channels showed the ugly scenes on their screens. The leading English daily, Dawn commented editorially on this brawl on December 31, 2015 and concluded, “ … Moreover if its members cannot behave in a civililized manner, it is all the more reason to wrap up the CII.”

Anti-Ahmadiyya hate literature distributed in Lahore
Lahore; July 2015: Anti-Ahmadiyya hateful brochure titled (translation): “This call is for the honour of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)”, was published and distributed openly in Lahore by ‘Shubbane Khatme Nabuwwat’ under the auspices of Mufti Muhammad Hasan. Contact numbers 0321-8823953 and 0321-4571912 were printed on the front page.
This pamphlet unequivocally promoted intense hatred against Ahmadis and exhorts Muslims to implement a social and economic boycott of Ahmadis. It carried an edict that calls Ahmadis apostates and infidels of the highest category. It declared any kind of dealing with Ahmadis haram (forbidden) and one who considers Ahmadis to be Muslims becomes himself an infidel, according to this edict. This brochure was a compilation of baseless allegations against the Ahmadiyya community.
The pamphlet urged the reader to boycott Ahmadiyya products like Shezan and told him that by consuming a Shezan product “He fills his and his children’s stomach with hell-fire.” It also posed the questions: “If you die soon after having drunk Shezan (juice), what will be your end result? How will you justify seeking intercession of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) on the Day of Judgment?”
The pamphlet gave a list of products, manufactured by Ahmadi-owned entrepreneurs.
Ahmadiyya headquarters wrote a letter to concerned authorities and informed them of the distribution of this hateful brochure despite the government ban on such activities. It stated, “The only aim of such activities is to spread hatred and prejudice in the name of religion and for this reason hostile activities like murders, prosecution, boycott and other harmful actions against Ahmadis are increasing by the day.” The concerned authorities were urged to stop such hate-promoting acts which destabilize the society.

Conduct of a mulla on state pay-roll
Lahore; April 2015: The daily Ausaf, quoting its representative in Chenab Nagar (Rabwah) entered 3-column headline news that reported the following statement of mulla Zahid Mehmud Qasmi who is “Member Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) and Secretary General of International Khatme Nabuwwat Movement and Pakistan Ulama Council”:
Qadianis are a colossal mischief (fitna): The World of Islam will have to unite to crush its head: Zahid Mehmud Qasmi
(He) said: Qadianis are a colossal mischief who are ever busy with the help of their masters, the US, Israel and other western countries, in their condemnable activities to misguide simple Muslims to spread disbelief and apostasy. The entire World of Islam (Aalam-i-Islam) will have to firmly unite to confront it in order to crush its head. Addressing the guests and talking to the media he said that ‘end of prophethood’ is the foundation of our faith and its essential part; we shall sacrifice all for protection of this belief and will not allow the slightest disrespect towards the honour of the Prophet (peace be on him)….
This sectarian mulla, in addition to being on IIC is an Advisor to the Punjab Government (in the rank of a minister). He is paid from public funds. He indulges in sectarian activities and thus violates state policy implemented through National Action Plan after the massacre in APS, Peshawar.
This raises many questions.

An ad reveals a lot
Lahore: A huge ad (27cm x 16.5cm) in the daily Islam that was repeated over many days, informed the public at large that a Khatme Nabuwwat (End of Prophethood) conference would be held in Madrassa Abi Bin Ka’ab, Race Course Town, Lahore on Sunday March 22, 2015 after the evening congregation. The names of the advertiser, the sponsors, the patron, the presiding mulla and the numerous speakers were all given.
As the authorities have repeatedly stated their resolve after the Peshawar School massacre to uproot religious and sectarian terrorism and its sponsors and promoters, it is relevant to take note of this ad and the proceedings of this conference in the provincial capital of the largest province. Apparently there is an exception to the above mentioned resolve – the sectarian activism against Ahmadis. No wonder, Ahmadis continued to be target-killed.
The daily Islam which is an extreme rightwing Jihadist daily printed the following report in its issue of March 26 in press report on this conference, inter alia:
 The speakers at the conference expressed their resolve to offer the greatest sacrifices in defence of the ideological and geographical borders of the dear country. Also they will definitely continue to expose the manipulations of Qadianis who deny the end of prophethood and the (high status of) Respected Companions.
 Maulana Zahid ur Rashdi said that Qadianis are spreading violence in the country.
 Abdul Latif Khalid Cheema said that Qadianis are again being posted on important billets. Madrasahs, mosques and religious parties are playing their role fully to save the country. Aamir Rehman, a practicing Qadiani has been appointed deputy attorney general; this is most despicable favouritism to Qadianis.
 Maulana Muhammad Rafiq Jami, Orator of Islam, asserted that religious parties willfully support all steps taken to uproot the Qadiani mischief. He said that to associate terrorism with religion (as recently done by the state) is itself gross terrorism.
 Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad said that while they (the ulama) have continued to unite the Ummah, the worldwide imperialist forces are active in making the Muslims indulge in mutual fight.
Well, if the above is not promotion of religious and sectarian violence, what else is? It should be mentioned that the above statements are those that are printable; a great deal more venom was spit that was not included in the press report. Let’s now briefly examine the individuals involved in holding this conference – as mentioned in the ad:
 The conference was held under the patronage of Pirji Ataul Muhaiman Bokhari and under the chairmanship of Qari Muhammad Yusuf, both of Majlis Ahrar Islam. This party came to disgrace in precipitating anti-Ahmadi riots in 1953 in the Punjab, which resulted in the first ever martial law in the country. A high-powered judicial commission in its Report (Munir-Kayani Report) condemned the Ahrar as ‘they debased a religious issue by pressing it into service for a temporal purpose and exploited religious susceptibilities and sentiments of the people for their personal ends’. (p. 259)
 Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad, Khatib Royal Mosque Lahore addressed this conference. This mulla is on government’s pay roll.
 Maulana Zahid-ur-Rashdi, general secretary of Pakistan Shariat Council addressed the conference. This mulla travelled last year to South Africa and India in company of Saudi clerics and highlighted, in a newspaper article, the need and the steps in the Gulf region ‘to confront the Shia aggression’.
 Maulana Muhammad Ashraf Gujjar, general secretary JUI addressed the conference. JUI is KPK centric religio-political party that did not vote for the recent anti-terrorism Amendment No. XXI to the Constitution.
 Allama Mumtaz Awan, convener Tehrik Namus Risalat also addressed the conference. He is also the Nazim Ala of Pasban Khatme Nabuwwat. As apparent from his two titles, his full time job is based on Blasphemy and End of Prophethood.
 Last but not least, two of the speakers were Maulana Naeemuddin Shakir of Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat and Maulana Muhammad Rafiq of International Khatme Nabuwwat Movement. Both these organizations are steered by Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki (of Makka, Saudi Arabia) and Dr. Ahmad Ali Siraj (of Kuwait). These two clerics are regular visitors to Pakistan and participate and preside over such Khatme Nabuwwat conferences in the country, including those at Rabwah. That points to the sources of funds for such religious and sectarian activities.
The venue of the conference was the complex where Madrassa Abi Bin Ka’ab and the Main Mosque Khatme Nabuwwat is located. The big conference, the huge madrassah and the main mosque are obviously funded from the same source.
Faisal Bari, an op-ed writer wrote in the daily Dawn of January 2, 2015, mincing no words:
‘It is time to fight and take back at least some space that we have, over the last 30 odd years, ceded to self-proclaimed religious authorities, or interpretations of religion to oppress others. If this means taking some risk, so be it. After the Peshawar tragedy, we do not have many options left. Either we stand up and be counted or we remain on our knees – and still die. For most people, I hope the former is the path they choose’.
Would the government of Punjab take some risk, actually stand up and be counted? As for words, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif, the chief minister said only a few weeks ago: “Action should be taken against provocative literature without exception,” The daily Jang, Lahore December 28, 2014. Surely provocative speeches are as harmful as the literature.

Aggressive bigotry in the open – in Rawalpindi
Rawalpindi; January 16, 2015: Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad was on his way to the Ahmadiyya mosque on his motorbike. The road was blocked for a non-Ahmadiyya religious congregation at Chaur Square on Peshawar Road. He got through a space left for cyclists. When he was about to enter the street of the mosque, a mulla who was standing there asked him, “Are you going to the mosque of Mirzais?” to which he replied that he was going to visit a friend, and went ahead. The mulla came to the mosque, looked around and then went back to the congregation. He had a beard and carried a string of beads (Tasbih).

Mulla justifies his crime
Rawalpindi: Authorities are active at places to implement the National Action Plan promulgated after the Peshawar tragedy. The daily Ausaf published a report in this context on January 17, 2015 (translated extract):
“(Sources have reported that) In Rawalpindi the police raided different book shops and detained some persons for keeping literature pertaining to Qadianis. The Alami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat expressed their concern in this regard stating that the (anti-)Qadiani literature is not an issue as it is (published) only in pursuance of government decision that declared Qadianis to be a non-Muslim minority.”

A conference in Gujranwala
Gujranwala; November 22, 2015: Ulama of the Sunni sect held a conference here in which numerous mullas participated. Professor Dr Ashraf Jalali, Pir Zulqarnain, Hamid Raza, Pir Syed Zaheer ul Haq, Allama Ghulam Abbas, Dr Habib ur Rahman Rizvi and Khadim Hussain Rizwan addressed the participants. They paid tribute to Mumtaz Qadri, the assassin of Governor Taseer. Pir Afzal Qadri addressed the gathering on telephone and said, “Mumtaz Qadri has not killed any human but an infidel. He did a great job. We demand from the government to set Mumtaz Qadri free immediately, otherwise we will organize a long march. The government is coward. The court’s decision is wrong; we reject this decision.”
The conference lasted till 12:30 am.

Ahmadi suffers violence at the hand of mulla
Sadhoki, District Gujranwala; December 29, 2014: Opponents of the Ahmadiyya community often hold rallies and conferences here and incite the people. They call for the social boycott of Ahmadis. Mr. Faheem Ahmad works here in a medical store. On 29 December 2014, a mulla Ikramullah Rizvi of the local mosque went to the store and asked for a drug. When Mr. Ahmad was asked by the store owner to pass the medicine, the mulla said, “I have told you that I am not going to take medicine from the hand of this Mirzai dog.” Mr. Ahmad replied that he was not going to give him the item either. At this the mulla got furious and started beating Mr. Ahmad. The store owner intervened and the mulla went back only to come back with a gang of acolytes. The shop-owners didn’t allow them entry in the store at which they went back threatening Mr. Ahmad for life.
The incident was reported to the local police. The SHO called both parties to the police station and held the mulla responsible for the disturbance and warned him against a repeat.
In view of the hostile situation and probable violence, Mr. Ahmad decided to shift from Sadhoki.

A vicious mulla
Shaukatabad, District Nankana; March 9, 2015: A local mulla took to persistently seeking scuffle with members of the Ahmadiyya community. At times he hit Ahmadi youth while passing on motor bike, on other occasions he spits at Ahmadis and uses foul language while passing by. On March 09, 2015 an Ahmadi youth Muhammad Irfan was sitting in a shop in the bazaar. The mulla came there and asked the shopkeeper, “Why have you allowed this Mirzai dog sit in your shop,” and used bad words. Mr Irfan said, “I haven’t said anything to you why are you misbehaving with me?” At this the mulla caught Mr Irfan by his mane and was about to hit him with a hammer when some people held him back. The mulla shouted, “If I were to kill you here, nothing would happen to me. You are blasphemer to the Prophet.” Mr Irfan got up and left to avoid more trouble.

Plight of Ahmadis in Kasur
Qutba Jora, District Kasur; April 03, 2015: Mullas of Khatme Nabuwwat faction are very active here. In Qutba Jora they held conferences and conducted courses. Their activities are increasing with time. Marriage ceremony of a daughter of Mr. Muhammad Saleem Shahid, an Ahmadi, was held on April 3, 2015. On the day of the ceremony the opponents put up anti-Ahmadiyya banners in the street; these were removed with the co-operation of non-Ahmadi residents. Then they piled garbage in the street which was removed by Mr. Shahid himself. After this a local mulla tried to block the drainage so that sewage water would overflow into the street making it difficult for the guests to pass. At this the local people admonished the mulla that whatever he was doing was not permissible in Islam. Some non-Ahmadi residents of the area also joined in the Nikah ceremony; they were subsequently criticized by the opponents. “You people have eaten meal from the house of a Kafir (infidel)!” they were told.

Death of Malik Ishaque, head of the banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi
Muzaffar Garh (Punjab); July 29, 2015: National media reported the death of Malik Ishaque and 16 others of Lashkar Jhangvi etc. in a police encounter. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is banned and is militant wing of the banned Sipah-e-Sahabah. Both those organizations are relevant in the Ahmadiyya context as their leaders have frequently been invited to the Khatme Nabuwwat organization’s annual anti-Ahmadiyya conferences and meetings in Rabwah.
Headline reports from the daily Mashriq of July 30, 2015 are translated below for record.
Malik Ishaque, head of the banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and 16 colleagues killed in encounter with police.
The detained Malik Ishaque was being transported from Multan to Muzaffar Garh when terrorists attacked (the party) to secure his release near Shahwala. In the resulting encounter all terrorists were killed who had arrived on motor cycles. Six policemen were injured in the exchange of firing.

The dead include Malik Ishaque’s two sons Usman and Haq Nawaz and spokesman of LJ, Ghulam Rasul Shah.
Harassment spread in the area. Dead bodies removed to DHQ Hospital. High alert declared in the Punjab in view of tension.
Most of the terrorists belonged to banned organizations. The accused were required in various incidents involving terrorism. Most were aged 25-30. Three water coolers filled with dynamite, Kalashnikov, 12 pistols, 400 rounds and 4 hand bombs were recovered from terrorists: Police officials
Malik Ishaque, top leader of the banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi was himself a symbol of terror.
After arrest in 1997, Malik Ishaque was identified by the I.G. Police Jehan Zeb Burki, and Home Secretary Shehzad Hassan Pervez, both with covered faces.
Malik Ishaque had killed 102 men including police officials.
He was tried in various courts, but no witness turned up because of fear.
Malik Ishaque, a religious extremist was in prison for many years. He remained in detention as well.
He formed Lashkar-e-Jhangvi after differences with Sipah Sahabah. He was also accused of attack on Sri Lankan (cricket) team.
Malik Ishaque was Finance Advisor to the Government of Punjab in 2008.
This head of the banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi was in receipt of special funds from the government of Punjab, during incarceration: Report

The daily Mashriq took note of this incident in its editorial the next day. The editor wrote (extract):

It is essential to dismantle terrorists’ network in Punjab as well
….. Former Federal Interior Minister, Rehman Malik used to accuse the Punjab Government that some of its elements were involved in providing support to the terrorists based in the southern Punjab; however this was always strongly denied. It is now learnt that Malik Ishaque was Finance Advisor to the Punjab Government in 2008; he was provided special funds even during his incarceration. This has been explained by the (provincial) Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah that the Punjab Government provided no financial help to Malik Ishaque; it only supported Ishaque’s family as directed by the court. It is also learnt that a Punjab politician (of PML-N) made efforts to dissuade Ishaque from terrorism and to join politics. Well, there is no point in referring to the past, as Malik Ishaque and his sons and colleagues have reaped what they sowed; but this incident does show that there still exists a strong terrorist network in the southern Punjab, which can pose threat to our security….”
The Mashriq published the following photograph on July 30, in support of the stories on Malik Ishaque:

A memorable photo with Maulana Tahir Ashrafi (left) and Maulana Ahmad Ludhianwi (right) on the occasion of release of Malik Ishaque, the head of banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (centre)

Note: Maulana Tahir Ashrafi (left) is chairman of Pakistan Ulama Council and is influential in official circles, while Ahmad Ludhianwi (of former Sipah Sahabah) is head of the Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat (right). Malik Ishaque is in the centre.

Khatme Nabuwwat organizations, Jihadis and terrorists share the same patrons
Washington: This story is based on a report in a book titled PAKISTAN’S COUNTERTERRORISM CHALLENGE published by the United States Institute of Peace, Washington DC. The book is edited by Moeed Yusaf and contains high quality research articles contributed by eminent scholars from Pakistan as well as abroad. Maulana Ahmad Sheraj (sic), a Khatme Nabuwwat activist and operative is mentioned therein in Chapter: Choking Financing for Militants in Pakistan. The text deserves attention and comment. The essayist mentions in the sub-section International Sources:
“The Pakistani madrassas and religious parties remain in contact with the scholars, who keep them on the list of the deserving and distribute the Zakat money among them. Scholars from these countries either visit these countries such as Pakistan themselves or send their representatives to investigate who is the most deserving of Zakat. Maulana Ahmad Sheraj, for example, a Pakistan-born religious scholar settled in Kuwait, visited Pakistan in September 2004. A religious scholar from Peshawar claims that Sheraj had brought with him Zakat money for Pakistani madrassas and organizations. Jihadi sources say an administration of leading madrassas, jihadi organizations, and religious parties sought to arrange meetings with Sheraj.
Militant groups and religious seminaries also send their representatives abroad to raise funds, especially in the month of Ramadan. They send their designated members not only to Gulf states but also to Africa and Europe …” p.159 of the First South Asia edition, 2014 of Pakistan’s Counterterrorism Challenge
Mulla Ahmad Ali Siraj of Kuwait, mentioned above is a regular visitor to Pakistan. He operates in Pakistan as the Secretary General of International Khatme Nabuwwat (End of Prophethood) Movement (IKNM) in league with mulla Abdul Hafeez Makki (of Makka, Saudi Arabia) who is its Amir. This organization is a sister organization of the purely Pakistani Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat (AMTKN). It was explained through vernacular press that these two organizations are in fact only named differently for the purpose of administration (read funding).
Extremist mullas from other organizations, including the banned one, are routinely invited to speak from the platform of Siraj Kuwaiti’s IKNM. Some of the speakers come from religious organizations that are tolerated, even supported by the government. Other invitees are those who are unabashedly sectarian and entertain foreign loyalties and prejudices. All these get together to promote a common agenda (End of Prophethood dogma is only the façade) and avail funds doled out by Al-Kuwaiti and Makki.
Vernacular press in Pakistan mentions Siraj Kuwaiti’s regular visits to Pakistan. He was in Pakistan in January and February this year (2015) and attended a Khatme Nabuwwat conference, a Khatme Nabuwwat course and a similar Ahrar Conference held in Ahmadiyya town of Rabwah on January 4, 2015. The daily Pakistan of January 16, 2015 mentioned in its report that therein a mulla Syed Kafil Bokhari said: The imperialist America and its allies have crossed the limit of transgression against Muslims; the Qadiani group is part of them attacking the beliefs of Muslims.
Thereafter, on February 26, 2015 a conference was held in Lahore which was presided over by mulla Ilyas Chinioti (MPA of PML-N) who thundered, “They (Ahmadis) must give up their faith and become Muslims or face consequences.” Ameer Hamza, a ferocious mulla said, “One of the reasons why they (Jihadists) wanted to wage Jihad against India was to demolish the graves of Ahmadi leaders in Qadian,” reported The Express Tribune. On that occasion also spoke Justice ® Nazir Akhtar who is the defense counsel of Mumtaz Qadri, in whose defense Akhtar insisted before the Supreme Court that “his client had no option but to kill Governor Taseer as a right and duty assigned by Sharia.” This conference was organized by Siraj Kuwaiti’s IKNM and was addressed by him and Hafeez Makki. That discloses the prime-movers and financiers of this event which unabashedly promoted hate and violence at a choice location in Lahore, the provincial capital.
A similar Khatme Nabuwwat Conference was also held in Chiniot, next to Rabwah. Last year also, these two foreign-based VIP mullas visited Chiniot and Rabwah and were shown the seminary, the head office, the mosque etc (apparently to show that the petro-dollars were being well-spent). At night these guests were feted at a ‘sumptuous dinner’. It was said in Chiniot that “Qadianiyyat is a major cancer; the entire ummah will have to make a joint effort to crush this mischief.” The daily Pakistan 27.2.2014
Two weeks later Ahmad Ali Siraj attended and addressed a clerics’ conference in Lahore. The daily Jang of March 10, 2014 reported this rally with the following 3-column headline:
“The US is promoting sectarianism. To crush Qadianiyat is the responsibility of the entire Ummah: Ulama Karam.” Hafiz Hussain Ahmad said that the U.S. was not spending thousands but millions of dollars to carry out terrorism in Pakistan.
The daily Mashriq, Lahore reported on January 17, 2014. “Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s (JUI-F) meeting with Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki the Chief Amir of International Khatme Nabuwwat Movement, in Makka”. The question arises: For what?
It is also relevant to mention that Ahmad Siraj was present in a Khatme Nabuwwat conference held in Cape Town, South Africa in December 2013. This event was attended by a contingent of mullas from Pakistan and India, and the three day get-together was organized jointly by the local Muslim Judicial Council and Siraj’s IKNM. Those who attended included mullas like Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianwi (of ASWJ of Pakistan, formerly SSP, banned for terrorism).
Activities of mullas Siraj Kuwaiti and Hafeez Makki warrant constant scrutiny under the National Action Plan.

Threat posed by the prayer leader of Lal Masjid
Islamabad; November 16, 2015: The prestigious daily Dawn published an editorial, titled: Lal Masjid memories. The editorial takes notice of the latest announcement by Maulvi Abdul Aziz of a campaign for the ‘implementation of Sharia’ in Pakistan.

European Pressphoto Agency

Maulana Abdul Aziz, center, the radical preacher of the Red Mosque in Islamabad. The government limits his actions, but girls at a school attached to the mosque praised the Islamic State.
The Express Tribune, December 18, 2015

The editorial notice by Dawn of this still another grave threat to Pakistan’s society is very timely and wise. The mullas’ apparently pious campaigns like those in support of the Honour of the Prophet, End of Prophethood, and Implementation of Sharia etc. are in fact aimed at promoting their agenda to gain political power, and these movements eventually morph into violence, terrorism and even insurgency.
It is relevant to mention that the father of Maulvi Abdul Aziz, Maulvi Abdullah who was the first Imam to shift to Islamabad to take charge of the Lal Masjid was an activist of the Khatme Nabuwwat movement. He and his progeny continued to raise the slogan of End of Prophethood as and when required to strengthen their hold in Islamabad. In 2007 eventually, brothers Abdul Aziz and Abdul Rashid managed to challenge the state in a full blown insurgency.
The Daily Mail of London reported on December 4, 2015 that US officials handed information to Pakistani authorities linking Tashfeen Malik, of San Bernardino massacre, to country’s ‘notorious Red Mosque’. This woman according to press reports, had received education at the well-known Al-Huda campus in Multan and had taken oath of allegiance to the ISIS Khalifa Al-Baghdadi.

A Khatme Nabuwwat org leader’s utterances
Lahore; November 7, 2015: The ultra right-wing daily Islam, published an interview with Maulvi Allah Wasaya who is a leader at the central office of the Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat. Questions were put to him by the daily’s Hanzala Zamir Abbas.
Wasaya’s utterances were discreet, but they do betray some aspects of his organization’s policies, priorities and modus operandi. Some conclusions can be drawn from these about the cutting edge of its activities and finances etc. Questions are not repeated here nor the whole text of answers; only extracts of salient remarks are produced below:
 (As for the post-APS Peshawar NAP) None of our colleagues is facing any case (disciplinary action).
 (In foreign countries) Our Jamaat and the government have never kept quiet (to any criticism); in fact on all occasions our Jamaat and the government have fully represented the views of Muslims and of Pakistan.
 We have published the entire anti-Ahmadiyya literature of the past 100-150 years, in one compendium of sixty volumes. Similarly three volumes of anti-Ahmadi fatawa (edicts) issued by (the Muftis of) all denominations have been published.
 We continue to demand that Qadianis be removed from all key posts. (In fact there is hardly an Ahmadi in any key post in the government. ed.)
 The Islamic Ideology Council has recommended that Qadianis are not allowed to build their place of worship that may resemble a mosque.
 We have up-loaded 1000 books on our website. This is a well-organized activity.
 All praise to Allah, Qadianis have been reduced to a defensive position (abroad, in courts) while we now have the initiative. Allah has granted us success in all cases on all front. … Anti-Ahmadi laws have been promulgated in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Emirates and in some African countries. They (Ahmadis) are not officially accepted as Muslims.
 In the entire country, our missionaries are posted in all districts; they are performing their duties in a very organized manner.
(Note: The story titled “Khatme Nabuwwat organizations, Jihadis and terrorists share the same patrons” reported on page 99 examines the link between Khatme Nabuwwat organizations and terrorist elements in Pakistan and abroad.)

Milli Yakjehti Council (MYC) opposes a liberal Pakistan
Islamabad; November 22, 2015: Mr. Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan said in a conference on November 05, 2015 that the nation’s future lies in a democratic, liberal Pakistan. The clergy took the statement by storm and the political mullas condemned the idea of a liberal Pakistan. In an ‘all parties conference’ organized by Milli Yakjehti Council (National Alliance for Harmony) they demanded that the Prime Minister retreat from his statement of Pakistan being a liberal state. The MYC is an alliance of a few religious political parties with Jamaat Islami in the leadership role.
Extracts of the speeches made in the conference and published in the daily Pakistan of November 22, 2015 are reported below:

Pakistan is the name of an ideology and creed. Without ‘The honour of the prophethood’ the raison d’etre of this country comes to naught: Siraj ul Haq (JI chief)
The verdict of Supreme Court against Mumtaz Qadri is outside-Sharia. The ban on the media coverage of Jamaat ut Dawa should be removed: 11-point statement
Qadiani group is internationally active against ‘the honour of the Prophethood law’ in constitution: Siraj ul Haq
Ulama-e-Karam are the real heirs of this country: Siraj ul Haq

Speakers who participated in the conference included Abul Khair Zubair, president of MYC; Mulla Mohammad Amjad, JUI (F); Liaqat Baloch, secretary of MYC; Hafiz Muhammad Saeed; chief of Jamaat-ut-Dawa; Abdul Rasheed Turabi, Ameer JI Azad Jammu and Kashmir; Pir Abdul Shakoor Naqashbandi, JUI (S); Saqib Abbas of Jamiat Ahle Hadith; Mullas Abdul Malik, Ameen Shaheedi, and Abdul Jaleel Naqashbandi.
Zahid Hussain wrote an op-ed in the daily Dawn on November 26, 2015 and aptly commented upon the announcements and motives of the conference.
He questioned, “[T]he claim by Sirajul Haq that the remarks by the prime minister are contrary to the Constitution, the philosophy of Allama Iqbal and the principles laid down by the Quaid-i-Azam. How do concepts of political and civil liberties and religious freedom come into the conflict with Pakistan’s original ideology and the vision of the nation’s founding fathers?
He aptly argued that “In fact, it is an attempt to redefine Pakistan’s ideology that has harmed the country the most by widening the religious divide within its polity. The Islamist groups gathered under the banner of the MYC have been instrumental in fuelling sectarian differences and religious extremism in the country. One of the participants in the group’s recent meeting was Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed whose organisation is on the UN list of terrorist organisations.”
He further wrote that “liberal democracy was the core ideology of the foundation of Pakistan, something that was clearly articulated by Mohammad Ali Jinnah in an interview to Reuters in 1946. “The new state,” he said, “would be a modern democratic state with sovereignty resting in the people and the members of the new nation having equal rights of citizenship regardless of their religion, caste or creed.”
“Pakistan was never supposed to be, in the words of Mr Jinnah, a “theocratic state” that these religious groups strive for. In fact, the country has long deviated from this core principle. Theocracy is anathema to the modern democracy that the Quaid had envisaged.
“The country drifted from its ideals when the state got involved in religious matters, and with deciding who was and wasn’t a true Muslim. It went from bad to worse when the religious groups, many of whom are part of the MYC, took it upon themselves to determine the Islamic credentials of different sects. This has also been the major cause for the deaths of thousands of Muslims in sectarian violence in Pakistan.”
He concluded, “The country has suffered hugely as a result of religious bigotry and the wrong interpretation of Pakistan’s ideology. Pakistan was created to be a modern democratic state with freedom of belief and religion. It was not supposed to be an obscurantist state as the country is now being portrayed by assorted so-called Islamic groups. We must reclaim the original ideology of Pakistan if we really want to move forward and establish a tolerant society. Liberal democracy is the only answer to violent extremism and religious bigotry.”
The role of groups like MYC and parties like the JI and JUI deserves special notice and proactive policy initiative by the state in view of the National Action Plan and the war on terror.

Clerics warn against secularization
Lahore; November 25, 2015: The daily The News published a story under the above heading. As the clerics had assembled under the state-promoted idea of End of Prophethood, it is worth placing on record, as it lists the mullas and parties who joined hands in this anti secular/liberal campaign. Extract:
Clerics warn against secularization
HEADS of different religious parties have warned against a move to secularize the country in violation of the Pakistan ideology and imposing restrictions against religious parties’ seminaries and social welfare organizations, and threatened that it would evoke serious reaction from the society.
Addressing an All Parties Conference (APC) on Tuesday, held at the Lahore Press Club under the aegis of World Pasban Khatme-Nabuwwat (WPKN), they condemned the government for not withdrawing the notification of coverage ban against religious parties.
The APC was chaired by Pir Salman Munir, custodian of Sambrial Sharif shrine while noted speakers included WPKN chief Allama Mumtaz Ahmad Awan, Ahle Hadith leader Allama Zubair Ahmad Zaheer, trader leader Sh. Naeem Badshah, Pir Waliullah Bukhari., JI Punjab naib ameer Javed Kasuri, Allama Shoaibur Rehman, JUP leader Mufti Ashiq Hussain, Majlis Ahrar leader Maulana Yusuf Ahrar, Maulana Rajeeullah Khan, Prof Farooq Saeedi, Tehreek Hurmat Rasool leader Ali Imran Shaheen, JUI-F leader Hafiz Hussain Ahmad, Fiqah Jafaria leader Waqarul Hasnain Naqvi, Jamiat Ahle sunnat leader Qari Hanif Haqqani, Allama Ziaur Rehman Farooqi, Pir SA Jafri and others. They condemned the policy of secularizing the country and warned that it was an open violation of Pakistan Movement and the vision of Quaid-e-Azam and other founding fathers (sic).

A sign – involving a rabid mulla
It merits a place in archives.
Sialkot: Approximate two years ago mulla Abdul Hameed Chishti of Sialkot started a campaign to desecrate the main three Ahmadiyya mosques in the city, namely the Kabutranwali, Baitul Mubarak and Baituz Zikr. He demanded that their minarets ought to be demolished. He even organized and took out a sizeable rally. In his address to the crowd he indulged in a great deal of abuse against Ahmadi leadership.
The police got impressed and found it convenient to break and destroy outer minaret molds on mosque’s facade.
Later in September 2015 the mulla was accused of sexual assault on a boy and his subsequent murder.
The police arrested him and charged him of the heinous crimes. The people in the city are talking about the event and discussing their deductions.