The psyche of the right wing in the country

The psyche of the right wing in the country

May/June 2019:         Orya Maqbool Jan is a known Islamist and a leader of the ultra-right in Pakistan. He is a TV presenter and has a number of followers, some of them adore him. For his extremist views he has been denied visa to enter a few western countries. Last year at the time of national elections he was proposed by some in PTI to be the interim chief minister of the Punjab. Recently he tweeted the following that is fit for archives:

“Qadiani bataen keh Mirza Ghulam Qadiani kay peechay zalil ho kar kaisa lagta hei?…”

(Translation) “Qadianis should relate how it feels to be humiliated for being a follower of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani? …”

@Orya Maqbool Jan on May 26, 2019; 4:48AM

Jan seems now fully satisfied with the end result of the anti-Ahmadi campaign for humiliation of Ahmadis in the country. He, basking in the success, asks Ahmadis to themselves admit and comment on their disgrace and mortification. It is hypocrisy of high order to occasionally praise Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance and then to take satisfaction in humiliating ‘others’ through ‘Islamic’ laws and religion-based campaign. Also, an anti-West activist, who is quick to scold his adversaries from a high moral platform, to rejoice and celebrate the humiliation (zalalat) of a section of his own countrymen, is noteworthy. Is this the universal message of his Islam that he is so fond of propagating from his TV pulpit? It is indeed deplorable that while the rest of the world declares its commitment to Freedom of Religion or Belief, Human Rights, Dignity of Man, Rule of Law etc. Jan, the Islamist extremist, beats the drum to announce his success in denying all that to a small marginalized group in the country where he claims to represent the vast majority.

Jan boldly displayed his moral deprivation by deliberately naming the founder of Ahmadiyyat wrongfully as ‘Mirza Ghulam’ rather than Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. The omission of the word ‘Ahmad’ distorts the name in a big way.

One can only sympathize with the unfortunate millions who end up with people like OMJ as their religious and popular leaders.

Ahmadiyya response to Jan’s observation was best summed up by a tweet of one, Raja Ataul Mannan:

“What is it that you refer to our ‘humiliation’? Is it the ban on our prayers and calls to prayers, demolition of our mosques, or is it our Hijra (migration) due to persecution, or our martyrdom for the Kalima (creed). O transgressors, these sufferings and attributes lead us right to the feet of our master, the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be on him, and thus make us join the ranks of his companions.” (As received)

                             @Amraja75 on June 10, 2019

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