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The Hate-promoting mullas of Kotri

Kotri (Sindh): The Labour Colony of the SITE area Kotri has long been a volatile neighborhood on account of the resident anti-Ahmadi mullas. The mulla at the Phase I mosque is Qari Aftab Naqshbandi while the Phase II mosque is led by his father Arif Naqshbandi. Both have taken up anti-Ahmadi activism as their primary calling.

Recently these mulla invited other clerics to address their congregations on anti-Ahmadiyya themes. They have undertaken this before as well. They all indulged in abuse and diatribes against Ahmadi caliphs  and Ahmadi leaders like Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan  and others. Further, they distributed a slanderous book ‘Qadianiat Shikan’ on the cover of which is displayed the insignia of the U.S. the U.K. and Israel in order to arouse the common reader’s prejudices. They also arranged for the book to be delivered house to house for those who do not purchase it. They urged the people to undertake a social boycott of all Ahmadis.

These events caused anxiety for the local Ahmadis. They had to upgrade the security of their buildings and persons, and undertook special prayers for their peace and safety.

The two clerics reportedly have links with notorious mulla Hamadi of Tando Adam, and are his protégés.


Religious agitation in a village

Chak No.20 near Malakwal: The daily Nawa-i-Waqt, a newspaper now committed to the cause of extremist religious elements, reported the following in its issue of September 20, 2007:

Intensification in tension between Muslims and Qadianis in a village near Malakwal

Qadianis had a case registered against the Imam Masjid for illegitimate use of loudspeaker. Case registered against both groups on counter complaint.

Malakwal (correspondent): Communal tension became intense between Muslims and Qadianis in Chak No. 20, a nearby village. As per details, a few days earlier Qadianis presented an application to the local police against the illegal use of sound-amplifying equipment by the Imam of the mosque. The police thereby registered the case and arrested the cleric. This infuriated the local Muslims who then forwarded an application to the DCO Mandi Bahauddin that the Qadianis’ place of worship has minarets and the word Masjid is written on its door, as such criminal case should be registered against them under the (anti-Ahmadiyya) clause PPC 298-C. At this the local police sent for and registered a case against Raja Bashir Ahmad, Councilor, Raja Dildar Hussain ex-Councilor, Raja Muhammad Azam Nambardar, Muslims, and out of the Qadiani group Rafiq Ahmad their President, Khushi Ahmad and Allah Ditta. At this the village folk have protested strongly. Shahid Mahmud Gujjar Advocate has accused the police of supporting the Qadianis.

It is clear that the Ahmadis were greatly disturbed by the illegal and highly objectionable use of the loudspeaker by the village mulla (in fact, almost the entire population of Pakistan suffers from the noise pollution generated by the mulla), and they eventually had to report it to the police. The other party rather than toning down their amplifiers turned immediately to the anti-Ahmadi law to harass the Ahmadis. The administration, to appear even-handed, proceeded against both the parties, the complainant as well as the trouble-maker. Such is the plight of Ahmadis in Pakistan, on account of the notorious Ahmadi-specific laws and the resulting official attitude towards sectarian issues.


Tribal tyranny

Mori, District Nawab Shah: Mr. Mir Dad Chandio, Ahmadi had to pay a large sum to recover his family from his in-laws in August this year.

Mr. Chandio joined Ahmadiyyat more than seven years ago and developed into a practicing adherent. A few months ago he decided to shift residence in search of a better job. Prior to the shift, he decided to take his wife and children to meet her parents. So, a month ago, he took them there. His father-in-law happens to be a follower of Mulla Hamadi, and he hates Ahmadis. When the Chandio family wanted to leave after the visit, the father refused to let them go on the grounds that the Qadiani Chandio now had no right to take his wife and children away to reside with him.

After weeks of efforts, the father-in-law decided to refer the case to his tribal panchaiat. The elders decided that Chandio and his family should recant; if they don’t, they should pay Rs. 30,000/- as expiation.

Mr. Chandio paid the money and got his family released.


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