The Society – 2008



Unrest in a rural area

Chak 46, Chattha, District Sheikhupura: Two Ahmadi brothers who reside in this village with their families are in great difficulties because of the local mulla and councilor.

Wife of the elder brother Muhammad Yaqub died on December 9, 2008. The family took her body to the local Ahmadiyya graveyard for burial. The local Nazim, mulla and the Numberdar also arrived at the scene and told Yaqub not to bury his wife there. Eventually, however, the intruders permitted Yaqub to bury his wife there, but warned him that in future no further burial would be allowed in that graveyard. The graveyard already has eight Ahmadis’ graves.

Mr. Yaqub has reported that the opposition has made life difficult for the two Ahmadi families in the village. Their children have been forbidden to go to school. A social boycott is in place. Ahmadis fear getting implicated in some fabricated police case. The mulla is vocal on loudspeakers about Ahmadis being Wajib ul Qatl (deserving of death). He says that the one who undertakes the murder of an Ahmadi inherits paradise in the life hereafter.

The two families now live in an environment of fear and uncertainty.


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