The Society – 2013

The Society


Township; December 8, 2013:      Mr. Ishfaq Ahmad joined the AhmadiyyaJamaat in 2005. His brother Hamid Ashiq joined subsequently in 2011. A few days ago their father turned them out of the house for their Ahmadiyyat. On December 8, six persons including three uncles visited Mr. Ahmad’s house and asked them to recant and told Mrs. Ahmad to seek divorce from her husband. Upon her refusal one of them even hit her. These visitors were accompanied by a head constable. Thereafter these people met a mulla of the KhatmeNabuwwatband.

Foreseeing more trouble, the entire family immediately shifted residence to an undisclosed location.

Mazang:          Mr. NasirAtaulHaq, Ahmadi works in a local banquette hall. A mulla isalso employed there. A few weeks ago this mulla spoke to the colleagues and incited them against Mr. Haq for his religious beliefs. He did not meet much success in that. He, thereafter, consulted a high-ranking cleric in the neighborhood who advised him to have a police case registered against Mr. Haq on the basis of a video recording with him. The mulla, accordingly met the SHO of Litton Rd police station. The SHO sent for Mr. Haq who on arrival found the mulla sitting there. The issue was not settled that day, and the next day the police again sent for Mr. Haqstating that they are under pressure to register a criminal case. Mr. Haq did not go to the police station and absented himself.

Ahmadi elders contacted the proprietor of the banquette hall and urged him to dissuade the mulla from moving against Mr. NasirAtaulHaq. The mulla responded favourably to this approach, but the senior cleric is still to be persuaded to distance himself from this fabricated scrap.

Mr. Haq has gone into hiding in the meantime.



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